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RapidLogosPRO OTO

RapidLogosPRO OTO – There Is One Front End And Four OTOs ,, All Links Bellow And Details


RapidLogosPRO FE=>>RapidLogosPRO FE

OTO1 Plus Version=>>RapidLogosPRO OTO1

OTO2 Elite Version=>>RapidLogosPRO OTO2

OTO3 Reseller=>>RapidLogosPRO OTO4


OTO1 ;Plus Version

Access to Premium Logos + Developers License

OTO2: Elite Version

Every month 20+ new Premium logo designs will be added and made available inside the App and WP Plugin.
$97 option gives them access for 2 years.

OTO3: Reseller

Resellers license – sell RapidLogosPRO and keep 100% of the profits
(via a 100% commission bump starting Nov 18th, 2019; OTO4 is

What Is The RapidLogosPro

see the Demo

What Is RapidLogosPRO?
Must-have cloud-based APP + WordPress Plugin

With RapidLogosPRO, you can:
Create Professional-Looking Logos For Your Sites or ANY Business In Just a Few Clicks

Simply enter the name of your site or business
The software instantly generates 100+ different logos to choose from
Keep scrolling until you see the one you like the most
Customize logos further (if needed) by choosing a different icon or using different colors
Save & Use The Logo: download the logo to your computer or save to Favorites for later use
Developers License Included: Design logos for clients on freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.


Video review For Front End Only



rapid logos Pro review demo and two
thousand three hundred and fifty dollar
bonus hey what’s up guys this is art
from our to marketing blogger.com
and this is my rapid Lagos review I’m
going to do a little demo right here in
this video I’m going to have a full demo
a part of this video as always and I’m
going to tell you about this income

opportunity because this is exactly how
I got started online I started making a
nine break in 2012 I had no experience
no idea about how to make money online

and most importantly I didn’t have any
skills whatsoever and this is very very
similar to what I was doing I was
essentially using templates to deliver
logos posters flyers banners to people
and this is exactly what you can do and
you can charge anywhere from $25 to $50
per logo and as you’re gonna see in this
demo video you can create these logos
literally in seconds okay so there’s a
ton of money to be made my custom bonus
made for this promotion will show you
exactly how to make money as a
freelancer on fire and then on a bunch
of different websites so back in the day
when I was selling on Fiverr I I was
charging five to ten dollars per logo as
you can see now people are charging up
to hundreds of dollars per logo okay so

RapidLogosPRO OTO

let’s jump into it let me share my
screen and let me show you everything
you need to know about rapid logos Pro
as you can see I’m on fiber right now I
just went to the graphics and design and
a logo design category and as you can
see people are charging a lot of money
for these logos the lowest price that I
see right now is $25 and as you can see
you know people sometimes even put a big
gig together like I will develop your
company brand for five thousand dollars
but even just for a logo people are
charging you know $40 here $50 here with
unlimited revisions etc so you know
anywhere from I would say 15 to $50 this
is what you can start charging on Fiverr
and keep in mind fiber is one of these
websites that is really cheap you know
it used to be $5
it’s more
1015 $20 right now but it’s still one of
the cheapest options out there and you\

have a bunch of different websites where
you can sell these logos okay another
one out that I found and that I’ve used
in the past actually is 99 designs so
you can check it out as you can see it’s
quite expensive right here so the bronze
package for a logo is 269 euro which is
like $300 that’s the cheapest option
then we have silver $500 gold $900 and
platinum $1,300 so obviously have you
know different options right here but
again the cheapest option is $300 on
99designs dot-com you can check this all
out in your own time just go to 99
designs comm and another one that I
found is design hell that comes so I

RapidLogosPRO OTO

just typed in a buy a logo online and
you know these websites pop out and you
can see the fast track price options is
199 dollars so you know you’re gonna get
20 designs in return but as I’m going to
show you in this demo video you can
create logos with a rapid logos Pro in
seconds so you can do 20 design designs
literally in under a minute okay so as
you can see you have $400 $700 $1000 so
you get the point people are charging a
lot of money for these logos and
obviously first of all if you want to
create these logos for yourself you’re
gonna save a ton of money and then if
you want to deliver these logos to other
people sell them as a service you can
make a lot of money hundreds of dollars
okay now normally I would show me the
sales page right now but all I have is
the headline okay so I’m shutting this
review one day before rapid logos Pro go
live and the sales page is not ready at
all I have is the headline for you so
let me just read off the headline and
let’s jump into the members area okay so
as you can see it says must-have for all
marketers profitable logo maker new
cloud-based app creates
professional-looking logos that take
only seconds to make and bring profits
day after day using sites like Fiverr
and obviously I saw you I showed you
three different sites there are endless
number of sites that you can sell these
on so that’s what I have for you when it
comes to the sales page obviously you
know it’s self-explanatory this is a
logo creator and the inside of the
members area looks like this so let me
just tell you that you get actually two
different options right here so you have
the logo designer the cloud app that is
mentioned on the sales page but you also
get a wordpress plugin okay so you can
and start this plug-in on your WordPress
site and use it this way so it’s totally
up to you you can use the WordPress
plugin or the cloud-based app or both
you get you know with both of these
options included with this price so as
you can see we have the Welcome tab
right here then we have the logo
designer I’m going to show you this in a
second we have the tutorial so all the
videos will be right here then support
and everything else so this is the
members area and the logo designer looks
like this so I already typed in my brand
like here so you know all you have to do
is just type in whatever you want to
type in right here so I typed in art of
marketing then we have the secondary you
know text right here so I’m just going
to type in yeah let me just correct this
right here so you know whatever you want
to do this is what you will see
instantly okay and then the coolest
thing is that as you can see this is one
logo I just click a button and I am
getting another logo and I’m clicking
about it I’m getting another logos so
you can literally create thousands of
logos with a click of a button as you
can see you have different fonts
different you know designs different
formats so you can create all of these
logos literally in seconds now these are
the logos that you’re getting with the
main product and as you can see we have
the premium logos right here now the
premium premium logos will come with
like additional designs and then you can
edit the colors and everything else so
the premium logos are actually you’re
gonna unlock it with the first audio I’m
going to show it all of the audios and
upsells and pricing in a second but this
is how it looks like this exact
the same thing but you just have more
designs and they look different
and you just have more options okay so
as you can see you have the categories
here favorites we have one color
multiple colors we have I can move out I
can monogram and we have different
colors right here you can edit all of
the cars obviously then we have the
icons so you can search for the icons or
just use the ones that are right here
you can create hundreds of logos
literally in seconds just you know just
keep on clicking on this button right
here this will bring up dozens of
different logos okay so that’s how
simple this is that’s how you can
monetize it you know there’s not much
more to it than what I just showed you
you can actually create these logos in
seconds and do whatever you want with
them so again you can create them for
yourself you can sell them you can you
know work with your clients and see what
they want deliver like a full package of
logos totally up to you
you are the business owner you can do
whatever you want with these and you can
create these in seconds so that’s
essentially it and I just wanted to show
you the app sells and the pricing okay
so as you can see rapid logos Pro will
give you access to the cloud-based app
the WordPress plug-in and developers
license is included which means that you
will be able to sell these logos to your
clients and you don’t have to pay extra
for the developer’s license normally the
vendors sell the verbals license as an
audio and it normally cost like 97
dollars or up to four hundred ninety
seven dollars you’re getting it for free
so you can use this you know rapid logos
Pro software and make money as a
developer of these logos now rapid
loggers Pro Plus that’s OTO number one
and this is the premium logos that I
just showed you and that includes a
developer’s license as well okay so this
these additional logos the premium logos
that I just showed you this is what
you’re getting and unlocking with the
first OTO then we have OTO number two
rapid logos Pro elite and here you are
getting a twenty new premium logo design
every month okay so these will be added
and made available inside the app and
inside the plugin and you are getting it
for $97 and you are getting this for two
okay so you’re gonna get at least 24
times 20 so hundreds of logos for an
additional $97 or you actually have
another option which is audio number
free rapid levels Pro Elite monthly
which will give you the same exact thing
which is 20 plus new premium level
designs add it to the plug-in and to the
app but you’re gonna be paying 995 per
month instead okay so it’s totally up to
you $97 one-time price or 995 per month
and then we have audio number four which
is the resellers license and it will be
$197 essentially this allows you to sell
rapid logos Pro as your own product and
keep 100% of the profits on main on the
main product and all of the upsells so
obviously a part of this you will be
approved to promote it okay so not every
single affiliate will be actually
approved it will promote this as an
affiliate and get 50% Commission’s only
top affiliates are normally approved but
with this upsell you will not only get
approved but you will get 100%
Commission’s on the whole funnel okay so
as always I have a full written review
you can check it all out including the
funnel so I have the full funnel
breakdown right here on my blog with the
pricing so the awesome one is $37 as you
can see out to to $97 or 203 995 per
month and the resellers license is $197
and right now let me show you all of my
bonuses okay so these bonuses are custom
made and you’re gonna get them from no
one else but myself because most of
these are my own courses okay so first
of all I’m adding this custom bonus
that’s gonna get nowhere else but as a
part of this bonus package to wrap it
logos Pro I made this especially for
this promotion freelancing Bible which
will show exactly how to make money as a
freelancer on a bunch of different
websites so not only fiber but any other
platform that you can think of again
this is something custom made for this
was Pro Lounge and you’re also gonna get
fiber income secrets which is my double
yourself today awarded course everything
about making money on fiber and you also
get you’re also gonna get a fiber master
class which is my master class or making
money on fiber so you get the trifecta
here with the riser course another
doubles of the day and another fiber
course so you get free fiber courses
everything you need to know about
selling not only logos but a bunch of
different gigs on Fiverr I’m also going
to give you new be a traffic formula’ my
doubles of the day awarded course flip
me my top selling flipping course flip
me booster income and then resellers
lights to flip me as well that alone is
worth a hundred dollars
I’m also going to give you urgent
arbitrage cash and easy arbitrage
profits that to thousands of the day of
awarded courses blaze everything about
making money from free Facebook traffic
– traffic avalanche everything about
making money on YouTube a case study
about free traffic and then nine
money-making plugins affiliate advantage
plug-in giant plugin best sales page
writing software squeeze page creator
through tags I asked pop box sales bar
plugin and shortcode call-to-action and
on top of all this I’m going to give you
ten additional bonuses okay so you’re
gonna get out thirty traffic masters
Facebook live reaction Ison press face
zone vid builder press play ultimate
video player WP image and video
commenter so show post Auto poster and
slick pop and WP vide but now that’s a
total of 32 bonuses warf eight hundred
and fifty dollars but I’m not done
because you’re also getting my mega
bonus and my mega bonus is a total of
forty five-plus doubles of the day and
product of the day awarded courses now
my mega bonus alone is Wharf $1500 and
you’re gonna get it on top of all these
bonuses that I just mentioned which
means that that’s a total of two
thousand three hundred and fifty dollars
now you’re gonna get all of this for
free just as a thank you for
picking up rapid logos Pro through my
link and rapid logos Pro will be coming
life at 10 a.m. Eastern on October 18th
again check out my full written review
if you want to have all the information
right here including this sum up so let
me just read it off for you just to sum
up this rapid logos Pro review it
creates logos for you in seconds
multiple designs to pick from video
training included you’re gonna get the
cloud app you can use from anywhere and
from PC and Mac WordPress plugin is
included as well if you want to install
it on your side and use it this way you
can edit these logos however you want it
and obviously you can do this over and
over and over again so this is my rapid
logos Pro review I hope you enjoyed it
now if you have any questions you can
always leave me a comment right here on
my blog or on my youtube channel if you
are watching on youtube the first link
in the description will take you
directly to the sales page and the
second link will take you to my blog and
the full written review now if you’re
watching you too please give it a like I
really really appreciate it please
subscribe to the channel if you’re not
subscribed yet I’m always recording
review videos on making money online and
you know all the products related to it
and again I’m always here to help you so
if you have any doubts or questions just
leave me a comment and I’ll be seeing
you when rapid lovers probe goes live on
October 18th at 10 a.m. Eastern so again
this was my rapid logo’s Pro review I
hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in
the next review video of child

RapidLogosPRO OTO