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Remote Client System OTO 1: Marketing Power Pack


This Remarkable Package Helps You Achieve…

Rapid Set-Up Of Your Remote Client System Prospecting Machine
Cash-Sucking Tools That Explode your sales faster!
Moves you into the ELITE League of consultants!
​Adds More New Clients And Referrals With No Hassles!
​Brings You THOUSANDS of Dollars In Bigger Fees!
​Reveals All The Best, Most Powerful Shortcuts!
​PERFECT For Newbies Or Veterans!
​PERFECT For Part-time or Full-time!
Why Do 70% Get This Upgrade?
There’s a reason almost 70% of buyers pick up this new sensational upgrade designed to help you do nothing but..
The Answer:
Buyers are startled by how powerful this package is!

It’s totally different, so potent and compelling, and adds so much ammo to your marketing arsenal. This New Upgrade knocks weeks off your first client acquisition. As one local consultant said…

“This is EXACTLY What I’ve been waiting for!”

Sales are the lifeblood of every consultant’s business and and this Special Upgrade TRIPLES Your Client Leads and Never stops working!

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3 Top Services Whitepapers
($67 Value)
White papers are a fantastic way to pre-condition prospects to buy your services.

These professionally written white papers are what we send clients to demonstrate our expertise and credibility when it comes to Website Design, SEO, and Adwords.

These white papers will definitely help you seal the deal!

5 Of Our Highest-Converting Email Templates ($47 Value)
You’ll be able to get traction with Remote Client System faster than ever before using our proven high converting prospecting email templates.

Our templates are proven to convert!

Use these templates to turn on a steady stream of qualified prospects right in your inbox.

5 Social Media Posts ($67 Value)
More Power Here! These professionally-written social media posts will give you “something to say” on your favorite social networks, that also helps you sell your services!

No need to go through the hassle of thinking of what to say, creating posts, etc. Just swipe ours!

3 Marketing Hot Sheets ($47 Value)
Content That Sells! These Hot Sheets can be used on your website, or printed and handed out at networking events.

No writing – no effort.

4 Client-Attracting Blog Posts ($47 Value)
Content is king! These blog posts are perfect to feature on your agency blog, or you can even print them and send them to prospects and clients.

Or, use as opt-in bait for your autoresponder.

It’s content that will help sell your services!

3 Direct Message Outreach Templates ($47 Value)
Professionally written direct message outreach templates.

These will get prospects’ attention immediately, and help you get a response no matter how you’re reaching out (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
We’re Also Including….

The Number #1 Service We Sell
As An Upgrade To New Clients
You Get Everything You Need to Succeed…
Module 1
How to Talk to Businesses About Social Media Management
✔ Understanding what you’re offering
✔ Avoiding common mistakes
✔ Crafting your USP
✔ 10 selling points you need to know and use

Module 2
Pricing & Service Packages for Maximum Profits
✔ Determining your pricing
✔ Creating Your Service Packages
✔ Sample Contract
✔ Other Services for profit
✔ Raising your rates

Module 3
Power Prospecting
✔ Identifying your ideal client
✔ Crating your prospecting message
✔ Using social media to prospect
✔ Using Direct Mail
✔ With networking groups

Module 4
Delivering of Your Social Media Management Services
✔ Client On-boarding
✔ A Word on Deliverables
✔ Social Media Content Creation Guidelines & Resources
✔ Hiring a Content Writer (sample ad for hiring an outsourcer)

Templates & Worksheets Included
✔ Startup Business Checklist
✔ Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet
✔ Rate worksheet
✔ Sample service packages
✔ Sample contract
✔ 2 Sample proposals
✔ Ideal Client Worksheet
✔ Prospecting Message Worksheet
✔ Social Media & Email prospecting templates
✔ Postcard & letter templates
✔ On-boarding templates & intake form
✔ Social Media Resources
✔ Sample ad for hiring an outsourcer

Included at NO CHARGE!
Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme ($197)
✔ Initial Social Sumo Authority Agency Theme Setup (4 Videos)
✔ Social Sumo Authority Agency Website Setup (10 videos)

We’re Giving You All Of This!!

Super Charge Your Results With This Exclusive Remote Client System Marketing Power Pack…
We’re Giving You ALL The Shortcuts


OTO2: Path To Six Figures

You MUST HAVE to Build a Successful Digital Agency Today.

Here’s how it works:
Instead of training for months like a college course, we operate on the…
In other words, you’ll TEST what you’ve learned in the real world. What’s the sense of learning with no immediate payoff? What if you’re not even properly intaking the lesson? What if you’re missing the most important part(s)? It can happen, even to the best student!

We are taking it to the next level with point blank assignments and step by step plans that lead you from a to z.

Our approach totally breaks the mold of conventional online learning. Instead of separating the “Learning Step” from the “Action Step” they’re integrated with each other in a way not seen before!

After a short series of training sessions, you’ll APPLY what you’ve learned in a real, authentic situation and then report back with feedback. This is the step that will change everything for you and makes other types of training irrelevant.

This step will be with light accountability and not pushy but designed to get you in the right habits.

Now, with feedback, you’ll continue your training and then return to the field for the next action step…and then come back to training for reinforcement and then repeat the process until you’ve successfully completed each module. Thats why we say…
Yes, you read that right…as long as you do each module, INCLUDING the Action Steps and report back, your success is assured. We have built success into the formula at every step. The reason we get so excited for you is because, to our knowledge, this has never been done before.

What would it be worth to you to have step-by-step guidance, support, and advice from your own Internet marketing mentor and a private mastermind group?
– Are you looking for more passive income and long-term financial freedom?

– Would you like more free time to travel or pursue your passions in life?

– Do you want to give your family a better standard of living and lifestyle?

– Do you want to escape the rat race or finally tell your boss to shove it?

– Is there a cause or message you can share to make the world a better place?

All of these benefits (and more) can be yours. They’re all within your grasp…

IF you put aside doubt and take action.

You know us, and you know we stand by what we promise. Modesty aside, we have already built a successful local marketing machine and earn excellent incomes. If you don’t join, OUR lifestyle will be unaffected…
But It’s YOU Who Stands To Win OR Lose!
All we can do is lay out this opportunity. You have to seize it or it will pass you by.

Now is the BEST time to act on this, while its fresh in your mind and your have all the information at your fingertips. The road to a new financial life is just a mouse click away. Join Us!
Path to Six-Figures with Shark Alliance
Over $9,000 of Content
You Get Instant Access to EVERYTHING Below

The Path To Six Figures Mentorship Curriculum
Level 1: Baby Shark – Get Indoctrinated To Your Path & Get Your Pricing Straight
Level 2: Nurse Shark – Set Up Your Agency With A Professional Look
Level 3: Sand Shark – Craft A Prospect List & Identify Your Target
Level 4: Reef Shark – Pick Your Services & Get Your FITD Ready
Level 5: Zebra Shark – Land Your First 3 Clients & Prospect Consistently
Level 6: Thresher Shark – Sharpen Your Skills & Start Pre-Qualifying
Level 7: Hammerhead Shark – Follow Up & Build Client Relationships
Level 8: Bull Shark – Outsource Your Work & Start To Scale
Level 9: Whale Shark – Start Local SEO & Optimize For Inbound Leads
Level 10: Tiger Shark – Improve At Selling & Generate Recurring Revenue
Level 11: Great White Shark – Expand Your Services & Land Higher Paying Clients
Level 12: Megalodon Shark – Automate Your Business & Grow Beyond Six Figures
Here’s What’s Waiting For You In the Shark Alliance:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership
Welcome Intro video
Goal Setting Strategies
Profit First Foundation

New Monthly Content
Live strategy/coaching call on the second Wednesday of each month . We also release our “In the Trenches Trainings” and other goodies each and every month.
Giving you a HUGE bang for you buck!

Shark Alliance Exclusive Software Access
Google My Business Gunner (Only available to SA members)
Shark Leads (Only available to SA members)
SSL Sniper
Speed Sniffer
Local Fee Finder
New software added often

Private Members Only Facebook Group
Recordings of our FB live events are posted here.

Setting Up Your Business
Setting Up Your Business (How to)
Custom DFY Local Agency Theme complete with content CLICK HERE TO SEE LIVE DEMO
Local Fee Finder Sales & Marketing Power Pack
Hot to Add a Link to Your Appointment Page in Google
In the trenches training: Building Your Reviews

Website Design & Sales
Strategies for Effective Website Development
Setting Up Development Domain (online)
In the Trenches: Closing $5000K website deal
Website Profit Monster Closes $2500K website deal
Transitioning To SEO SALES From Website Design

Local SEO Training
Local SEO Shark Academy – A complete course on Local SEO
Cardinal Rule When Selling SEO
SEO Strategy Checklist
In The Trenches: Live Sales call $10K a year client (you get recording of actual call)
In-the-Trenches: Live Call – $100/Hr SEO Consulting
Over the Shoulder Press Release Training
Over the Shoulder Citation Building
Crafting Monthly SEO Reports

Proposals and Fee Setting Methods
Pricing Presentation
How to Write Effective Proposals
Mindset On Raising Your Prices
The Successful Local Consultants Guide to Pricing for Maximum Profit
Selling Through Email + Pricing Menu

Effective Prospecting Strategies
Strategies For Landing Your First Client
In the trenches training: Follow Up
Email Prospecting Crash Course
Effective Email Subject Lines
Find your Perfect Prospect
Prequalifying Prospects
Landing your first client
Prospecting – Putting It All Together
Strategies for Effective Prospect Meetings
Identifying Potential Red-flag Clients
Dealing With Tire Kickers
Recording of Actual Marketing Consultation of Nick with his client
How to Prospecting all Day
Scheduling Calls
Prospecting Tips, Tricks & Tools

Scaling Your Business
Hiring a Web Design Outsourcer
How to Hire a Copywriter For Your Website/SEO Projects
How to Outsource On-Page SEO
In the trenches training: Outsourcing on Page SEO
Building Business Relationships

How to Write Local Ad Copy
How to Write Local Ad Copy Part 1
How to Write Local Ad Copy Part 2
How to Write Local Ad Copy Part 3
How to Write Local Ad Copy Part 4

Messenger Bots
Chatbots 101
Case Study: MMA Event Promotion Strategy – Messenger Bot

Done-For-You Marketing & Sales Materials
DFY Marketing & Sales Materials
Email Templates
Done-for-You Agency Website with Content

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