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All Details About Resell Bots OTOs – And FE

Resell Bots FE

Launch Your Instant Software Store …Selling 9x Hot $400k Software Tools& Keep 100% Of The Profits & The Leads!

With Resell Bots, You’re Getting  6 Software Tools In 1
-Software #1Instant Software Store

  • Sell 9x Softwares that sold $400k+
  • Instant self-hosted website ecom store
  • No domain or hosting needed… ever!Pre-loaded HD videos for all 9x tools!
  • 5x pages with Homepage, tools, FAQ
  • Add your own autoresponder + buy codes
  • Plus, Freebie page for you to get leads!

Sotware 2 :Software Store WP Theme

  • Option to host on your own domain
  • Very powerful custom WordPress theme
  • All the features of Instant Software…
  • Plus add unlimited softwares to your store!
  • Add tracking codes, edit everything
  • Edit logo, site name, meta tags, ALL pages

Software #3 Traffic DB

  • Over 9,000 Traffic opportunities
  • 3,000 websites for the “IM” niche…
  • Thousands of ways to promote your store!
  • Filter by niche, age, traffic & backlinks
  • Search by 8 traffic opportunities…
  • Ads, adsense, FB traffic, email lists…

Software #4 Resell DB

  • Discover even more products to sell
  • Find over 10,000 resell rights to buy
  • Including software, training & more
  • Then add them to your own software store

Software #5 Rapid Video Creator

  • Create any video – by pasting in text!
  • Import text (and optional images/video/mp3)
  • Then click go, tweak as needed & render
  • THE fastest way to create videos for products
  • Then you add these to your software store!

Software #6 1 Click Voice Over

  • Turn ANY 1000 word script into mp3 – using Google WaveVoices AI
  • Simply paste your script… click… wait 10 seconds… and download!
  • Choose from 4x Voices – US Male, US Female, UK Male, Australian Male
  • Combine voices with Rapid Video to create videos with voice over in minutes!
  • Use these voices to create videos for new products you to add to your software store
  • Or… just use the voice overs for anything you want!


Resell Bots OTO1

Now, Here’s What This Is All About…

Feature #1: Resell Rights – Diamond Expansion Pack

As you know, the Resell Bots gives you a complete digital product store in minutes…

Pre-loaded with resell rights, to software tools, that generated over $300,000 in sales…

But wouldn’t it be great if you could expand the number of proven products included?
That’s why we’re giving our Diamond members resell rights to extra software tools… These software tools generated over $200,000 in sales… And they’re built right into Resell Bots Diamond Edition. Giving you a even more software tools to start selling, and collecting leads..
Instantly pre-built into your store, right out of the box… And doubling the potential of your new product store…
And it doesn’t stop there…

Feature #2: ResellDB – Diamond Edition

You’ll know that just one product can generate sales…
And the quickest way to create a product is with resell rights…
But how do you know where to find ALL the best products you can get resell rights to?
Well, that’s where the Resell DB PRO expansion pack comes in.
The pro version contains TWICE as many products in the database
Doubling the potential instantly…
And there’s more…

Feature #3: TrafficDB – Diamond Edition

Now, as you know, I’m getting tens of thousands of visitors every day…
And that’s why TrafficDB gives you a database of red-hot traffic sources to promote your new product store…
But… what if there was a way to instantly explode the number of available traffic sources?
Well, that’s where the TrafficDB Expansion pack comes in.
TrafficDB Pro gives you an extra 500 new websites… So you can drive even more profitable buyer traffic to your new resell rights store… It’s the easiest way to scale up beyond even other Resell Bots members… Sounds incredible, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Feature #4: 1 Click Maker – Crusher Elite Edition

Now that your digital product is live and getting traffic…
You’ll probably want to customise and brand it your way…
So wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own logo for your store…
Or even create unlimited logos for any website?
Well, thats where the 1 Click Logo Maker software comes in.
This tool lets you create instant logos for any website – including your new reseller store… Simply insert your website name or URL, choose a category and browse from the designs.. Then save your logo and quickly import it into your Reseller Bots store… Sounds incredible… but we’re just getting started…

Resell Bots OTO1 Resell Rights=>>Resell Bots OTO1