Retire with Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Outrage | Day 1

hey what is up everyone my name is Brent Peluso with and in this video I'm going to show you basically the start of my journey on affiliate marketing what I'm gonna do from the very GetGo and every single day you can watch me along my process what I'm doing so I've come across a mentor of mine his name is Steven Larson and Steven Larson used to work for Russell Brunson the owner of click funnels now if you're not sure what click funnels is I'm not going to get into too much in this video but basically click funnels is a way do design not just a website but I'm a series of pages to walk someone through lead to buyer so for example here is a page I made for a company that I work for the company I work for is the light seller and it's actually so far one of my favorite Jo B's I've ever had jobs just over broke and the reason why I say that is because I get to practice my skills in marketing and and so I can one day be my own boss which I want to do and make my own money online and I think affiliates is the best way to do that and basically what an affiliate is is you sell someone else's product and then that person is going to give you a some money for selling their product so say the products 100 bucks you sell it you might be get 20% so you might get 20 bucks you may get 45% 45 bucks so click funnels basically is again I'll get it more to detail in another video but here is a page I made so we had this plant walk that we wanted to promote and so discover the perfect solution if you want to be safe and confident while hiking in the wilderness even if you're afraid of how to survive in the wild and there's a little video that you can walk and you know this this person has this person that taught this class has helped over a thousand people achieve safety and confidence in the wild and here's a bunch of copy copier words on the page you know the who when and where and what other people are saying you know some testimonials so I made this page all within this program called clickfunnels and we can go onto the next page here I'm not sure if it's still active yeah again you know your name information enter that all in and now the cool thing about click finals is on the next page you can have a what's called an upsell so basically you know they've entered in their details to buy the course you know forty forty seven twenty five and then the next page we have a book I don't like maybe I can actually show you guys yeah here it is up here this is the the inside of clickfunnels I'm showing you guys let's see here so here is yeah so here wait your order is not complete this is a one-time offer only and basically we're selling a book to go along on their their hike their journey the edible and medicinal plants the Rockies so we you know describe the book book here like why you need this book why it's so important and then what people are seeing and they can add this to their order so a certain amount of people are going to you know to take this offer and so instead of your average cart value being six a they take it as forty seven dollars now it's gonna be forty seven dollars plus two twenty four dollars and twenty six cents so you're gonna make a lot more money off this one person again that's a really quick rundown of you know kind of what if what if funnel is I'll get again get more detailed in another video back to affiliate marketing so that's basically what I want to do is being to be coming so I want to take other people's products and sell them kind of like what I did here but I needed a game plan I like just didn't know where to start I've been in this game man for I'm 32 years old I've been I've been trying and dabbling I'm not sure if any of you out there can you know I feel this or I've been where I have been is where you spent all this money on course after course getting deeper deeper into debt I myself I'm over I think around $70,000 in debt I know that that's not all marketing stuff but you know some other stuff as well that you know made some bad choices but hey it's what it is you know I've spent tons of money going to school I've dropped out of school three times now I when I got out of high school I went to engineering you know spend tons of money on that I dropped out and then I went to school for business and a dropping out of you know two years after business school I dropped out and then I actually actually went into the trades because I'm like hey like I'm done with this internet marketing stuff it's not for me I'm like I'll get a safe secure job and I found out again the trades was it just wasn't fun I hated life I'm like this god be more to this there's no way I'm working a you know nine-to-five for the rest of for another 40 40 50 years and only having two weeks off holiday that just wasn't for me so I basically got fired like I just wasn't in I wasn't into it and so I'm like I'm gonna do it I'm gonna master marketing but I needed a game I need a game plan because I'm just all over the place so again it came across this a person named Steven Larson he used to work for clickfunnels and now he's on his own so he's launched this course it's called learn how I built my entire business and team online without boring a single dollar or using any of my own money ever and this program is actually and free and the reason why it's free is because he basically wants to teach people how to sell his products so he's gonna give I think it's I think it's 20 percent Commission's I'm not 100% positive so basically he has he preaches when you start off to sell high ticket item so he has a one program called funnel stash and that program I think is around three thousand dollars so you know you make a couple hundred bucks if you sell his program so he's gonna teach you how to sell all his programs but again if you don't want to sell this program you can sell other programs and I really recommend only selling people's programs that you've already invested and bought and already gone through because I don't know I just feel like if I haven't gone through that program how can I sell it I guess you can but anyway so this is called affiliate outrage so anyone can go and and do it it's again 100% free the one big thing is even though it's free still got to sell it and so basically I'm gonna walk you through so he does a great job of selling affiliate outraged rage here and I'm just gonna do a quick recap of day one because I'm gonna do day one day two day three day four I think there's around thirty days in here he actually um Russell Brunson actually came up came up with this book called thirty days calm and again you can be an affiliate for this it's basically what what what would you do if you lost everything so imagine even if you were like a top guru like Russell Brunson or like Steven Larson you lost everything and you know you got your in debt you had 30 days all you had was you know roof over your head internet connection and access to click funnels for 30 days what would you do step by step day one what would you do day 2 what would you do and he lost all your email list and you lost all your high status you you were a nobody and then so no one knew who you were what would you do so Steven Larson actually raised a chapter in this book so I haven't read it yet and I haven't read it yet but anyway back to affiliate outrage so the biggest thing everyone preaches in affiliate marketing is build a list build a list build a list your list your when I say list email list is your number one biggest asset when it comes to selling online and and I guess or offline and just to show you how important it is so with the street 3 types of traffic traffic again I'm going into a lot of stuff here but bear with me traffic that you own so that would be like your email list that might be like you know your your facebook group there's traffic that you control what you'd be like Facebook Ads so you know I spend some money I can send some traffic to a certain page and then there's traffic you don't own that's just maybe like PR maybe someone found out about you through someone else so basically you wanna the main goal is to get traffic that you own so your email list so this this class right here the plant walk class all we did was I don't even think I ran I might have ran a bit of Facebook traffic to it but like chuckle these sales here yeah like all these sales twenty forty seven dollars and then the upsell 28:31 you know 25:47 I think we actually had two upsells in this class you know I think I think we made a couple thousand dollars and it was all from just emailing our list our list we have wrote 3000 people it was at hey guys we have this amazing class coming up you know here it is and a certain number of people clicked on it went to went to this page and they proceeded through the funnel and ended up purchasing the class and the upsell the plant walk book so that's just the power of the list like it was it was free to do like all we did is wrote a one little email one email press send and sales just started pouring in I'm so that's why it's really important to have a email list um so in date day one yeah day one here you can actually go in here and unlock all the lessons like I have already done but basically he he walks through how important it is to area so you he walks through how important it is to build a list and offers so I'm gonna do a quick little recap of what he is saying here I'm just gonna go into paint so basically here are some pages and again you can go through his course it's much more detailed what I'm gonna say here but basically when you send traffic especially paid traffic you want to capture their email so um you want to go to what's called a bridge bridge page so this would be your page that you actually you actually own and then you can send them to the affiliate then you can actually send them to I can't draw your anyway you can actually send them to the affiliate site the affiliate offer so that would be for example in my case I'm going to use clickfunnels I'm gonna send people to click funnels or I might also send them to another program I purchase which is sphere of influence and then also to I used to write all the copy for this page I'm horrible at writing copy so you might get like a template of this but like the words on the page is what's gonna sell so I use a program called funnel scripts and Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards are are the cofounders of funnel scripts and basically you they ask you ask you some questions and you just type it in and then you press like build and it like builds the whole script for you I mean the other is some tweaking to do it but it's like the it's the coolest thing ever and I think it's a couple hundred bucks so again I'll be an affiliate for this final scripts and so I'll make it Commission these items aren't you know you know three thousand dollars like Stephen is talking about to to do because you get more more income but it's the it's a programs that I I trust and that I really like and then I'm using in in my company's business my community I work for so I'm I feel proud to to offer these and to be an affiliate I really think it was important if you're going to sell something like you should be proud of what you're selling and actually stand behind that person's product because that trust factor when someone doesn't trust you anymore it's really hard to regain their trust again and I think you need to be in this for the long run not the short like hey I'm here just to make a couple bucks and then leave like you know your your legacy is on the line here so I think it's really important to be upfront with everyone and be honest as possible so basically yeah so this is say this is the final scripts final scripts page final scripts page and also to I'm like I'm just winging this right now because I know how important it is to be making content and I just want to get it out there to you guys and because I know we can get stuck in this like consume consume consume consume mode and no this is not the prettiest video is not the most explained video but at least I'm doing something and I'm gonna get it out there I made a few other videos in the past that have earned me little bits of affiliate Commission's before I was in the crypto Bitcoin space like four years ago and I'm Bitcoin widow got coin chemo I think it came out a bit before that but anyway I made a video on how do I'm trade with with Bitcoin and if you sign up for my affiliate link you got 10% off on all trades through this one website and to this day I still make money I still make like a hundred bucks a month from doing that so I mean if I would has continued on with it oh I'd anyway so but the one thing that I didn't do is I sent people directly to the affiliate page I send them right to the the 10% off I send them right to the Bitcoin trading site they clicked on the link they got the 10% off by didn't cap their email so now I cannot remark it to them I can't send them email it's kind of like hey you should check out X what like there's this other cool website that might be better or not better not better but maybe offer something different or something unique that would complement there maybe it's a course on trading so now you've now your bitcoin trader but like you need to know the answer drope so you know this person in Chris Don has this amazing cryptocurrency course and you got to check it out so I can email those I can email those people because I did not create a list so it's I'm yeah it was a bad move on my part I just didn't know any better so basically you want to you want to build your list so one thing Steven Larson says on here list you know list building is offers so what does that mean so that means that you might be like hey use hey like hey it's Brent here I just became across this amazing program called funnel scripts and you know I might talk about how I use in my business and how it's helped me grow in my business and I think you should use it to you know put into your name and email and I'll send you over in my affiliate link and if you use this link you'll get let's see you'll get bonus one which might be something that complements maybe it's traffic maybe okay I got my like nice page with all my nice pretty copy on it now but I need to like get eyeballs on that page so I might have like a traffic's course or another course like bonus to bonus to I might have something bonus three so when someone might come to another person that's just you know here's here is funnel scripts you know you you know here get up whatever it may be it's like a 14-8 free trial I might say yeah here's a 14-day trial but you also get bonus one bonus two and bonus three I'm all these other things they're going to help you grow your business just once you purchase it take a picture of the receipt and send it over to me and I'll send you all these bonuses so who are people more likely to buy final scripts from the person that doesn't have all these bonuses or someone that does have all these bonuses probably someone that does have all these bonuses so now what you're saying and exactly what I had to say I'm like well I don't have these bonuses yet so what I'm gonna do so I'm not there yeah but hopefully I will get there Stephen larceny is gonna say like what happens if you don't have bonuses what can you do and that you can create your own bonuses or you can I'm sure there's some other things you can do right off the bat and then once you have them on the list you can start emailing them and not spammy emails but again like you know your your story like why how final scripts you know helped you out so much you know we had this we had this deadline we had this we need we had to sell this class we had no sales come in yet we had it we're gonna cancel this class and you know I got final scripts and I put all the kalbi together and you know sent out the email and boom we we ended up filling out that class and if it weren't for final scripts you know that would have wouldn't have happened I'm sure that story could have been a bit better the point is emails are so important and storytelling is so important this book if you don't have it I'll leave I'll leave my affiliate link down below it's called dot-com secrets and this book is absolutely amazing I'd probably actually get both books dot-com secrets and expert secrets and again I'm not going to go too much detail into it but the the email sequence it's called a soap opera sequence and it's a it was emails ago day one an email goes out day – Nemo goes oh and it's called soap opera sequence soap opera sequence and the person who kind of coined that term is an Andre shop Rome and actually he is someone I trust and like and I will be selling his I will be selling his sphere of influence program sir my alarm is going off because I'm dedicating myself to waking up and before I go into work to get work done on my my my personal business my side hustle if you will because I'm I'm just sick and sick and tired of like working for someone else I have all these I know it like deep down I know what I'm doing I know that I can I can create my own business I think anyone that has like Drive and passion can have their own create their own business too so they don't need to answer to someone else and I mean well we only live on this we only have one shot in this world I know it's kind of deep and and you'll in life isn't a rehearsal and there's so many things I'd rather do then I'm going to work and make some other my boss make him rich instead of make me wealthy so I can travel the world again there's some other programs are some other people's courses that I would want to become an affiliate for so anyway that was kind of that's kind of day if I didn't miss anything but that's kind of day one again go to Affiliate outrage comm check out day one list building and affiliate offers he does a way better job of explaining it again I just wanted to do this video because I want to be producing content and I want to let you follow me on my journey from $70 in debt to getting out of debt i means I don't know if any of you have 70,000 sorry 70,000 dollars worth of debt like it sucks you know you're always worried about making those monthly payments and you know it's embarrassing so she you know going out you see you know say me to meet a girl and you're going on a date and you're like I can't really afford to be spending money you know what happens you know I don't want time I went out and I pay for something on my credit card got declined and it was really really embarrassing and I just don't want that to ever happen and I'm sure that you would wouldn't want that to happen either it's really really embarrassing so yeah anyway affiliate outrage calm this is my day one video and I'm gonna do this like I'm going I'm going through the trainings every single day and I'm gonna learn from Steven Larson here again I would recommend picking one mentor I have trouble like every mentor has their own like different messages and it's easier just focus on one person that way you know he might say something in the person might disagree with them and then you'll get confused like what should I do and it's better if you to stick with one person so Steven Larson definitely is the man there are a few other people that I trust as well like Miles bechler he has the content and conversion column a membership site which I'm part of as well so you might be hear me talking about that and then I got the sphere of influence it's about basically marketing is that changing people's belief beliefs belief patterns clickfunnels is I will be definitely talking lots about click finals and getting people to sign up under clickfunnels as an affiliate and because they give 40 percent commissions so and also to its reoccurring so for example the basic package with clickfunnels is $97 so every month as long as someone's payment the $97 and you signed them up you're gonna get 40% of that which is what like 40 35 bucks 40 40 bucks a month you know that adds up you have a hundred people on there that's you know that's like $4,000 a month that's enough for me to let's quit my job and you know I start paying off my debt so you definitely want to have people get people on a monthly recurring basis that's why I really like the click funnels and plus I just love clickfunnels I love how easy it is to use I've used it I trust it and yeah so that is that and hopefully is how everyone has an amazing day and we'll see you maybe tomorrow the next day on day two so this was day one list building and affiliate offers okay guys have amazing day talk to you later peace

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