Season 2 Episode 12: Fish Fever (full episode) | H2O – just add water

This colored piece is really fantastic, Emma. It suits Hector’s eyes. Great, then I cut myself for a reason. Does he have colored eyes? -Of course. Look. You don’t get to know Hector easily, he’s a bit shy. Why isn’t he with the rest? -He’s getting another aquarium. It’s like I’m making a new neighborhood. It is really exciting. Okay, and what is this part? The shopping mall? What do you think, Emma? Everything good? You see what turned out. Yes, it is fine. Is that his food? Hector’s favorite, with anchovy flavor. I don’t give it too much so it doesn’t get fat. Is there no diet food? Emma, ​​can we talk for a minute? Yes of course.


Keep it a secret. -Of course. I’m making a romantic dinner for your dad because of our wedding day tomorrow. How sweet. -Yes, I cook lobster Thermidor. Really? My favorite food. Is it here? Yes, and it is also your father’s favorite. I want this to remain a surprise. Elliot overnight with a friend. And should I spend the night with Cleo? No problem, you don’t see me. What is that sound? -Sardines. Why are you bringing up sardines? Why not? See you soon, Hector. Hector? What is going on? Are you hungry? Hector? What are you a chunk pilot.


I’ll stay overnight with Cleo, or somewhere else. While Elliot and I are out, Mom and Dad are having a romantic dinner. Well … -They eat lobster Thermidor. Hi, Winfred. I hope I’m still romantic at their age. In the mood for fish? -As breakfast? Why not? I feel like tuna. Bingo. -What? Sprat. It is nice and crispy. Just pretzels. You too what? Salmon. -Emma? Do you leave something for the customers? Sorry. You know what? I am going to swim. See you soon. Don’t look at me because I have no idea. I can’t believe I won these tickets.


I never win anything. When you mentioned a date, I thought of something romantic. This is romantic. -If you say so. How about the ‘train-under-volcano’ ride? Guys. Isn’t it a beautiful day? I thought so too. Sardines? No thanks. What do … – Goodbye. You should have been there. She was acting very strange. Emma is very sensible, she will be fine. Hector doesn’t. What is he doing? Look. Step back. Oh dear. What is that all about? -No idea. None of my fish ever did anything like that. Maybe he’s hungry. I have been feeding him all morning, but he continues to eat. Look at his scales, they turn white. I’m worried, Rikki. Hold on, Lewis. -Where are you going? Not too long, I made a plan. A plan? -There are many attractions. To do them all, we have to follow my plan. Mom, a mermaid, come quickly. Kylie. -Really. A mermaid. Time for the dolphin show.


But it had a tail and everything. A real mermaid. She’s down there. I can’t get her out, she’s not listening. I kept everyone away, but … -I’ll stay here, go. Sorry, you can’t get in there. There was a flood. It is very dangerous. But I recommend the roller coaster. Cleo? -Hay, Charlotte. What are you doing here? -I work here. Not today, but sometimes I just like to walk around here. And you? -I have a date with Lewis. Really? I hope it goes well. Lewis had to watch out for this. Where is he? No idea, maybe he dumped you? He wouldn’t do that. He must be down there. No, I think I saw him walking towards the chair lift. Hurry up if you want to catch up. Emma. -Here, Emma. This way, Emma. We can’t keep people out of here. Lewis, right? Laurie. Everything good? What are you doing? -We feed the sharks. Good. Can’t you feed them later? -We feed them around the same time. Oh, that’s really cool, and interesting. And … -Laurie. Cleo, are you all right? Have you experienced anything? No, everything is fine. Is it feeding time? I’ll help you.


We have to lure her upstairs. Come with me. Emma. You have a fish. -Yes. Yeah, and when you get out of here it’s yours. We need more fish. As if she’s possessed. Bizarre. It is not a full moon. What is going on? Whatever it is, it is disgusting. How can she eat so much fish? I’m thirsty. -I’ll get a drink. Emma? – Stop it, Emma. What are you doing? That’s better. -Well done, guys. Emma, ​​what’s wrong with you? No, those white scales. Hector had that too. Who? -Hector, her new fish. He behaves just as strange and is always hungry. I do not get it. Why would Emma behave like your sick fish? The piece of coral … Emma cut herself to a piece of coral. I’m worried about Hector. He looks bad. Fresh water works wonders. Do you think it is toxic? Coral is strange. I have no idea. And Laurie? He is an oceanologist. He can investigate. -Good idea. Lewis’s cell phone. Hi, Charlotte.




No, I only recorded for him. He’s not there, he’s … He’s on the waterfront. He didn’t want his phone to get wet. I have to go. Day. Just keep quiet. -More fish. Fish? Just forget it. Okay. I’ll be right back. Did you know … that palytoxin is one of the most toxic substances and is found in coral? Laurie … Cleo’s fish is also her soul mate.


She would really appreciate it if you can check it out quickly. Okay, I’ll do my best. Hi, Rikki. What is it? -She’s gone. We have to find her. Cleo, where’s Lewis? How should I know that? -You had his phone. I haven’t seen him in a long time, maybe he’s home. How bad you can lie. Do you want to ruin it for us? What? No. I have searched him everywhere and only meet you. Charlotte, I have more on my mind. Day. This antidote should reverse the effect of the coral. In how much time? – Immediately … if it works. Hi, Charlotte. We went to that volcano ride, right? There I am now and …


You may not understand me … and … you … out … I believe he is getting better. Great, so the antidote works? But the sooner you administer it, the better? Yes, otherwise the scales will continue to mutate until it is too late. I think we were just in time. A little longer and he was dead now. I have to go. Feeding time. I’ll take some of this stuff for other infected fish. Go ahead. Mom, I want to see that mermaid again. Kylie, if they had a mermaid they would make it known. Mermaid. Hey? Hey? Mermaid? A monster. They also have sea monsters. Mom, come and have a look. Whatever you do, Cleo, stop it. Listen, Charlotte … -I don’t want any more excuses. This was a date. Tell Lewis I went home. She’s cute when she’s mad. If you run you will catch up with her. Emma? -No, Charlotte. Maybe later. Emma was in the pond during feeding time. Was she hunting for fish again? -Yes, but now she’s gone.


Where to? Neil, is it you? Neil. It’s you. Everything good? -Yes fine. You look fantastic. It’s our wedding day. Come with me. I prepared a romantic dinner. Your favorite food. No lobster after all? Are you sure you’re all right? -Yes. How wonderful to have the house to ourselves. What was that? I should have said that, but I didn’t want to worry you. What? -I thought I heard something. As if someone is inside. Who is there? -Neil … Don’t mind us. We just walk by. Yes, Emma had forgotten something. There was someone here. And they brought the lobster. We’re going to get Emma’s stuff. -No, wait. I’m going to check the house first. Okay, we’re following you, Mr. Gilbert. Do you look in Elliot’s bedroom? I look into Emma’s. Okay, watch out. Lewis, I’m scared. Poor Emma. We must try the antidote. Lewis? Did you find anything? What is it? -Do not come in. Come on, girls. Open that door. Open the door. Where am I? That’s why we’re here.


Emma accidentally fell asleep. Yes, Emma. And we wanted to take her … so that you and your wife could enjoy a quiet evening. Emma. You don’t have … Do you think your parents will ever celebrate their wedding day again? Maybe, but I’ll never eat a lobster again. Luckily Hector is completely normal again. You will have to make up for it. -They also. Going to the marine animal park again? -Something romantic. Yes, Charlotte. -They rent out gondolas on the canal. Gondolas? -Yes, for a moonlight ride. Do I have to paddle? Believe me, Hector is much more normal than the two.