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What is Secret Email System  ?

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The Secret Email System is a counterintuitive approach to creating an running an online business, specifically the freedom life-style business model, that allows you to build a sustainable and profitable long term business that gives you the freedom, fun and adventure.

We achieve this by creating a “business machine” that works for you 24/7 where your only job is to oversee the system, not to create products, services where you have to chase new clients or deliver to them.

And as a result…this free’s you up to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you – this is the Secret Email System.



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hello everyone marty bostic here with a product review for you today around a brand new ebook from matt baysack that’s really going to knock your socks

off this thing um he’s put a lot of work into it and he’s packed in a ridiculous amount of bonuses into it plus if you’ll stay tuned in this video i’m going to

show you the custom bonuses you’re going to get with me as well if you decide to purchase through my link so let’s go ahead and dive right in and and

talk about what the product is so it at the time of this video it’s launching in you know just under 24 hours as you can see from the countdown timer if you’re seeing this video later it’s already launched if it was after

the 28th at 11 a.m eastern time so give me just a moment to cover the bases here we’ll do a little bit of housekeeping and uh and we’ll go ahead and get started so my name is marty bostick i am a um i’m an internet marketer

entrepreneur i.t nerd a variety of things but if you guys have followed me for any amount of time you um you know that i like to to really dive into these

these reviews of these products find ones that really are a good fit for people and things that i would use myself okay things that i’ve tested i know that

they work this particular one the reason i’m promoting it before the launch like this is i’ve i’ve gotten many many products from matt basak over the years

and they’ve never steered me wrong and his last one that i i got involved in was the 5001 profit producing emails i can’t tell you how many commissions

i’ve made affiliate commissions from using his emails that were the same ones that he used over his his time as an email marketer and and having

the ability to take those swipes and use those and make them my own was was invaluable so he’s really put together a nice bundle for you with this particular

product so this one is called the secret email system and he wrote the ebook to try and help people whether you’re a beginner all the way up through an advanced marketer to help you get off the fence and

start making money and do it the right way doing email marketing the right way and i’m a huge proponent of email marketing i would say 60

maybe even close to 70 percent of my online income comes from my emails that i write i always learn something from other other marketers other

email copywriters and and i plan on picking this up as soon as the doors open tomorrow so right now it is the 27th of september at 11 34 central time so

like i said in less than a day when this countdown timer expires then the offer will be live and you can pick it up using the link either below this video or if you’ve seen it in a blog post or another location there will be a link

present for you to go take a look at it i’ve actually got a review page set up for you to walk through that will give you a a good idea of what this thing looks

like the page that you’re seeing here of course the video that you’re seeing right now we get pasted here as soon as we’re done recording it and let’s talk about who matt bassack is for just a minute so he’s an email marketing expert

he’s been around for you know over two decades online he gives away a lot of his products he actually gives them away either free or at a just a pittance during a launch because his goal is to help you succeed and in return he

succeeds by you going along and being successful in him teaching you the right way so what he’s done is he’s put this this culmination together

into this ebook and he’s bundled in some really great bonuses that in my opinion are worth you know 10 times more than what the actual product cost

i mean it’s just it’s crazy during the launch period if you’re lucky enough to see this and get in on it as soon as the doors open you’re going to be

able to get the e-book for 5.60 that’s just stupid crazy and i could tell you his um his products the the price does go up and they’re worth every penny i

continue to sell his products at the full retail price once the launch period is over if you can get in here you know just for what it cost for a goofy mcdonald’s meal or something you could go pick up this particular ebook now i

want to talk to you about the funnel here in just a moment so you see what is inside the funnel which in my opinion is is invaluable training in and resources that he gives you so inside of it you’re gonna get the ebook

you’re gonna get his irresistible offer video guy which is really cool a lot of a lot of the sales pages if you’ve ever seen them the way those are laid out he does it in a very simplistic fashion but the videos that he puts on there to

help you make a decision are are second to none so you’re gonna get that that actual guide on how he does that and show you how to pick high converting offers um really good ones that work and apply that same methodology

to his video guide that he has here so moving on um he’s also got a checklist so this is a great compliment that goes with the secret email system

ebook where the checklist is going to walk you step by step and make sure you didn’t miss anything because missing i can’t stress it enough how having holes in a system or holes in a process really screw up the whole thing for

you i mean it’ll all unravel and fall apart if you don’t follow everything you don’t do everything that’s that’s involved to set this up correctly so any system that that you follow it it’s got potential if you do all the steps you can’t

skip steps so the secret email system checklist is what you’re going to get with that particular bonus that comes with it now his three times formula calculator i’m not really sure on that one i don’t have enough details on it

yet um let’s see based on his description the profit equation profit equation i use to break down subscribers clicks earnings per click okay so that’s his his approach to how he measures profitability of a campaign based on the

clicks would it cost you to get those clicks and you want to ultimately turn those from cost per click or cpc into earnings per click per click or epc so when the earnings per click means you’re making money on every click

because of the conversion rate on the offer so you’re also going to get his email swipe file which you know right here are a thousand of his

emails and i told you before that he’s got another product this 5001 profit producing emails which i’ll also include the link down there for you to pick that up

if you’re interested in it it’s full price now it’s not the discount during the launch period anymore but a thousand of his profit producing emails right here are gold i’m telling you i use them all the time i grab them if i need quick

content to work from i’ll just change them up to suit my offer throw them out there and i get really good results from them so his legion template this

is the same one that he uses that he gets he’s had over a quarter million basically a third of a million leads from his lead gen templates they’re very

straightforward simple to the point but you know what you’re doing at the time you get to the end of it and you want to put your email address in there

i mean it’s hypnotic almost but you’re going to get that same template that he uses as part of your simple purchase for the the core product here now his

master class is his master classes when i’ve done his affiliate training i’ve done his email marketing training and going through this i’ve learned so much

from being able to do that and and i’m always trying to figure out where does that fit into what i do and how do i apply it and his lead generation

formulas his lead generation process and his master class is it’s worth its own product all by itself right there but you’re going to get that as well now the secret of millionaire’s book um i’m not exactly sure what you’re going to

get inside of that one because it it’s not launched yet and i can’t see that one yet but um but i’m sure it’ll be a good bonus if it’s like any of the others

that he includes now his gigantic swipe file book he’s got a bunch of headlines he’s got a lot of stuff that he’s tested if you if you know matt you know

that he split tests the crap out of all of his headlines and subject lines and he looks for the ones that are winners so you get the you get the advantage of being able to pull from a lot of that that he’s already spent the money

on he’s already tested he’s already done the legwork for you to know what’s converting so a lot of that’s going to be plug and play to you and

you’re going to get access to that also as a bonus inside of this product so let’s talk for just a minute about the custom bonuses that i’m giving you if you

purchase through my link so being an email marketer myself i have my own products i have my own things that i’ve put together over time and i’ve paired those up to be a good match for for matt’s product during this launch so

i’m going to give you power words that you can use in your email so it’s a pdf file that you’re going to get with a list of all the power words psychological

triggers and things that you want to do to get somebody to open that email to get somebody to pay attention to what you’re saying because you

keep them engaged and it and it’s that’s the whole purpose behind using power words in the right places so i teach you how to do that inside of this

one now the second bonus is i show you how to write those subject lines so they’re engaging and i don’t mean crap-tacular junk that you see that

has nothing to do with the emails that come across i like to connect in a story mode type fashion i like to connect with the reader and i like to take current

events i like to think things that are going on i like to to mix and match those and make a connecting point in my story telling emails so i show you how to write those in the subject line guide that you’re going to get here next i’m

going to give you five tips that i follow myself that are proven for me things that i’ve done to get higher conversions if you’ll implement these tips if you make

sure you follow these principles with whatever your approach is if you will adhere to these they will help you get higher conversions and and they work or

i wouldn’t be doing it in my email marketing and the resource guide finally the resource guide here is to show you how to get

ideas for content i i alluded to a little bit of that in the subject line one um but inside of this one i’m going to show you how you go find new ideas for

content how you find things to write about how you do things that are engaging where people are reading that they like what they see and you don’t have to ask for the sale because when you have this going on these people

see the content you’re not saying click here click here click here they’re going to get it and they’re going to look at that and they’re going to make a decision on

their own and this helps them get off the fence and it makes it entertaining and engaging in the same process you’ll be able to get to those bonuses inside after your purchase so in warrior plus after you’ve purchased the product

if you go look under your order details you’ll see an option there to access your affiliate bonus i’ve got that tied in there you’ll go put your information

in there and you’ll get instant access to those bonuses after you’ve completed your purchase so anywhere you see this red button you can click here and it’s going to take you over there to to make the purchase and buy

the secret email system so inside the funnel i i know i danced around just a little bit i wanted to show you um his ultimate email marketing package is

is it’s a huge bundle of extras that are going to help you get off the fence and help you be more productive with a good bit of training in there some templates in

there and some others as a one-time offer now he does have a lesser down sale that it’s not as big of a bundle but it is available to you as a down sale for about half

the cost i would say if you can do it if you can go ahead and go for it you’ll start vaulting this information and using this ongoing so so build

a treasure trove build you a treasure chest of stuff and tools that you’re going to use so if you can go for the 97 upgrade for yourself i would highly recommend it because if he were to sell his his upgrades and his

one-time offers if he were to sell those as their own products they would they would sell like hot cakes so his mastermind um his secret email

mastermind you can buy a yearly membership or you can get a monthly membership where there’s gonna be new training there’s gonna be

new steps to help you along the way uh you’ll get some um you’ll get some personalized coaching inside of there a lot of his his training stuff is delivered

within facebook groups and um and they’re like gold because you get to ask questions you get to interact and get answers that you need okay

so that pretty much sums up the funnel and again this launches if you’re just seeing this video uh at the time that i’ve recorded it shortly after it was

about a day to go before this thing goes live i’m picking it up soon as the doors open i’m getting the whole funnel everything i need to be successful

with matt’s products all of his other products they’ve been like gold to me they’ve not steered me wrong and i use them regularly so i would

encourage you as soon as the door is open for this go ahead and pick it up if you’re seeing this video after it’s launched go ahead and jump on it even if it cost a little bit more go ahead and get on it pick up your copy and um like

i said during the launch period it’s only five dollars and sixty cents to get started but that price will continue to go up as time goes on during the launch period so i hope you guys really enjoy matt’s products they

um uh they’re second to none in my opinion i don’t like doing reviews of products that i can’t recommend or rely on but i can tell you that that you won’t go

wrong with this one so you guys take care again down below there’s gonna be uh some links information if you’re seeing this on youtube maybe you’re

seeing it on social media somewhere there will be a link present for you to get to the uh to this review site it may be the blog article that i wrote to go

with this where i talk about the same thing i talk about a little bit more behind the scenes and in either place you’ll be able to get to it and pick up your copy here so you guys take care i will see you at the top


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