SendSnap Review and Demo

Hey everyone, this is a quick demo video for sand snap world’s most potent cloud-based messaging.

a platform that combines the power of messenger boards, Instagram SMS, and email all under

One central dashboard, so without wasting any more time, let’s start. Once you’re inside the dashboard, you can see all the leads you have generated through.

messenger or Instagram or your uh or your opt-in forms the phone numbers you have collected and the source of that subscriber your subscriber’s activity everything is there so

First, let’s start with importing an account. Go here, click login with Facebook, and it will ask for a few firm permissions assign the page click on next and

done your page is connected to send snap now once the page is added, click on enable bot connection, and the page will be added to your account so

let’s start with email marketing so all your contacts and leads will be and here this contact section so first of all if you want to create a group or segmentation for your contact

Go here and click on the new group. My first group connects on save close if you want to upload contacts to this list; click here if you’re going to add one by one, go here, enter the phone number and select the contact group and click.

On save, this is one by one process, and if you want to import in bulk, go here, select your content crop and upload the CSV file here and click on import. All of your contact phone numbers will be uploaded.

to send snap without any approval or moderation process okay, so let’s start with email marketing go to create email campaign give it a name my first campaign give it a subject you can select the risk text editor or drag

and drop editor, so in this text, this is HTML what UC is what to get editor so you can enter your message customize the fonts and uh assign it a hyperlink here

customize it with your first name last name uh and unsubscribe link here you can even highlight the uh the bold text italic and stylize however you want there are a lot of options there and once you have created

You can even save that as a template and use it later for a new campaign. Select your SMS email API that you can select from sand grid amazon sc. There are multiple apps, and you can integrate any sm email API with

Send snap if you want to add some attachment like any image or video; you can upload it right here. You can select a target multiple or a single group from here, and it will show the total number of subscribers in that group. You can even

Target all of those customers according to the page. For example, if someone is added to a group and the lead you acquired is from the messenger, you can select the page uh select button label or include or exclude and sort them according.

to gender time zone and locale so you can pinpoint and uh target them precisely so uh so the chances of the convergence are higher and you can

Build a better connection and a better interaction with them. You can send the message right away, or you can schedule it according to a specific time.

And click on create a campaign. That’s how easy it is. The same process applies to SMS campaigns. Just give it a name type your message so personalize it with the first name.

The last name selects your SMS API, which can occur between you or other SMS APIs. It will show all the contacts and um numbers here. You can target them according to the Facebook page and country code. Here you can upload the

CSC from here too and create a campaign so you can send SMS campaigns from this dashboard for next there is facebook automation so let’s start with uh auto comment you can see all the posts

hereof that your page click on you can enable auto-reply auto comment or leave a comment, for example, hi testing comment click on create comment and you can check that comment here hi trying analysis one minute ago

so for the rest and if you want to send

 a non-promotional broadcast to all your subscriber of the page click

 on creating a campaign and here first

campaign select your page non-promo or 24 hours promo according to Facebook, you can only send a promotional message to all your subscribers within 24 hours of window you can sort them according to the gender time zone

locale send them to text for example, hi and click on create a campaign you can see the report here you can say this is completed and let me check it here I got the message so you can send campaigns from here if you want to set

up a chat, board go to bot settings click on up no click on add butter plug for example first bot keyword for example if you type price here so if someone

messages you with the keyword price in that it will send an automated reply you can send text image audio video or there are a lot of options

for example, the let’s personalize it, hey the price is 17 okay you can add more replies here click on submit okay so for instance, if i send a what is the price and enter so it will automatically reply with your set chatbot and you can connect

your favorite autoresponder, either it’s Mailchimp, send in the blue active campaign and other here so you can collect those leads directly inside your autoresponder without any external tool, or you can set the

getting started messages if someone messages you for the first time what you want to send them if you’re going to set some icebreakers, you can put them here you can change the action buttons for

For example, if you ask for an email and when they reply with the email what you want to send them for phone number birthdays or chat with the human option, you can set a persistent menu here so there will be

a default menu like faqs or your gallery or your product catalog you can show them here so they have to click on that link from the menu and you can show them your desired result you can even set up a messenger or an SMS campaign

too so you can send add a sequence send them an email every uh after 24 hours you can select your messages that you can set from the chatbot templates after one minute five minutes 15 minute hours or daily there

have been a bunch of tutorials here for every step. You can find them here; there have

been some bonuses, and you can ask us any question if the tutorial doesn’t solve that, so there is a lot of features inside the app, and we are excited to see you inside