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Serp Scout Upsell

Serp Scout OTO

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Serp Scout OTO

What is Serp Scout ?

The Demo

Serp Scout is a revolutionary client prospecting software. Instantly scan websites in Google & The Yellow Pages for sites that are missing The Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Schema, SSL, & other key indicators. Then use our automated reporting function & email outreach system to quickly contact business owners. It’s a client prospecting tool on steroids.

Video Review For Front End Only

Text From This video 

Hi there every body this is Aaron Xavier from Texas and thank you for tuning into my Srpska analysis now there could also be a very good chance if you are on this video you would have a common concept of what the application is however you’re watching to get just a bit bit extra detail and i will probably be completely satisfied to guide you however earlier than we do I wish to provide you with just a little small print regarding the bonuses that i’m gonna have for you so if you happen to supply me one 2nd and i’ll put it like this if I offer you a pair of boxing gloves would you be as excellent as Muhammad Ali no bigger than the various search engines Cal as that the boxing gloves they are

Or what search engines like google like google Cal is is a application that is going to aid you become a member of with different companies nevertheless you will get a endeavor plan and that is what my bonus right right here create a positive promoting and marketing plan from scratch goes to furnish to you you’re gonna get ebooks pics squeeze pages designs free advertising and advertising tools that you’re gonna need in your corporation as excellent and likewise you simplest get that in the event you solely buy by means of my link nevertheless now let’s get into the precise evaluate now I do have a evaluation copy of this however the article is the content fabric creators themselves simply did the style of fine job of going through this that they’ve certainly bought me on it so i’m gonna enable them to take the lead on that section and we’re gonna run by way of the application itself to be able to with equal aspect put within the correct

Here find it irresistible says plumbers Dallas Texas I did chiropractors Dallas Texas prior this morning March 25th and what I did used to be I chosen pages two by way of five all proper I did not ought to do sorry I completed click on on one after which three four 5 considering that i don’t easiest desire to look at all of the guys on page one they may not want my help as as quite a bit as the other guys achieve this I decide upon two three four and 5 after which I did the scrape and i am gonna load the effect here and now what you see correct here is it determined 35 websites however and what it can be is that this suggests you here it looks for emails cell numbers whether or no longer the SSL is satisfactory whether or not they’re making use of Open Graph whether or not or now not or not to utilising Google Analytics Google tag supervisor which can be a trademark Google AdWords fb pixel or now not schema or now not after which

A facebook net web page after which don’t hold in intellect that’s exactly but so what we do right here is that if we like what now we have seen so or you understand straight comes back simply proper we’re ready to only without problems do it a do a different deep analysis on this it can be gonna supply us back some further day about this internet website online nevertheless the very first thing we ought to do earlier than we do that’s we quality wish to prefer all the web websites with e-mail addresses now when you consider that we’re doing the email promoting that we have got to exact we don’t spend our credit score and our power on looking at internet web sites that we’re not capable to contact until you are doing cellphone you could say ok will only supply me so it is a double click on on there so I could say provide me mobilephone so these are the ones with all of the telephones files if you desire to go that route and and and simplest most strong control

Those that you’re going to call then you can do that as good however in this specific instance i’m gonna associate with these with have an e mail and then let’s simply say I easiest desire to work with folks that that have a bad SSL so I so I put an X double-click on SSL now I get no SSL certificates with e-mail after which i might be competent to send these over here to deep evaluation and i’ve already executed that so i will stroll over right here to deep evaluation now obviously you without difficulty assess my checkbox after which synod deep analysis adequate so then what you try this and lead you to this net web page appropriate here deep evaluation now you will see that here’s the 2 that i chosen and what we also have this is it does a cell-friendly scan and crimson so that’s a just right is also a just proper aspect you wish to have to communicate to them about is making their web page cellular-pleasant their net page velocity seems beautiful quality on their score so that you respect i with ease proven they’re doing simply right they is also schema validation just means that numerous web sites could have schema on them however conveniently what this tells you is that if it can be legitimate or no longer considering the fact that schema with errors does you no just right so if they’ve mistakes of their schema that you just could

Exhibit them that say we ought to restore this and easy it up so Google will likable Google’s no longer gonna like a signal with schema mistakes adequate and the other factor have correct right here is unclaimed GM B’s if this web page has an unclaimed GMB this shall be read now one element I favored you to fully grasp is recognize is that the unclaimed characteristic right right here is handiest to be had in the pearl reinforce you will discover unclaimed GMB proper here that implies that in the occasion that they shouldn’t have the legit variant then they will not be equipped to see whether or not or not or now not their unclaimed or not we suppose like this can be a very very foremost function considering that if any individual has a that has an unclaimed GMB record and that you’d be able to let them recognize that they have got acquired to assert it it aid them declare it then you have got acquired a better shot of them trusting you and possibly getting

Them to enabling you to help them getting their Maps was carried out after which over right here we’ve their social insights that mean you can be aware of if they may be doing any social media advertising and advertising possibly you desire to have to aid them in that discipline in order that proper there offers you a lot of skills about

The buyer for individuals who in the event you believe like working with this food plan which you could create a report so it is a very very fast drag-and-drop so what i’ll do right right here is I want to add some containers that is simply construct a record nonetheless you see fit i’m going to add about 5 of those correct here ok so now i’m going to add their internet web page working out so we are going to fully grasp what about correct here possibly I have got to do some personalized HTML proper here and then say blah blah blah i am so-and-so i’m proper here to aid you appear at the show up on the template under and i’m going to showcase you what’s flawed at the side of your website online you are able to do all

Your detection suitable correct here say k you do not need an SSL you are not in Google Maps these appear beautiful excellent you shouldn’t have you are now not even do any fb advertising so that you would sale this yr possibly you wish to have one other textual content material field right here it can be as a lot as you simply nevertheless you wish to have to position this right right here which that you can put their dependable p.C. In here if it may be you recognize effectively take a show up at its web web page velocity something beneficial or no longer ok no they’ve now not they’ve no longer they’ve a excellent simply correct web page velocity rating you may also no longer need to tell them that or you can too wish to like provide them some props for what they could also be doing proper so you would assemble this nevertheless you want to have in ranked key terms can also be very cool add some textual content above this blocks and also you could say whats up these are these are the key phrase phrases you are rating

For and these are these are the keywords and that i will probably be competent to support you with so that you simply would customise this nevertheless you want to have which you might even roll on this key phrase you would just simply do away with it that you’d be competent to that you may make this best three keyword phrases and showcase them hi there there is also three keyword phrases their estimated visitors valued at is is excessive this one i don’t see a sort of estimated visitors worth inside nonetheless countless instances a type of occasions you are going to to find internet websites they could also be on page two and three which have a specifically colossal estimate of traffic price they usually

Do not even have an understanding of it so helping them transfer from net web page two to internet web page one as all people is aware of is mammoth okay so rank key terms is also very most important it’s in the professional variant of this product and that i endorse all people get it which you can additionally on the conclude on the conclude also you need to say click right here to get to the bottom of those disorders now what we have here is we are equipped to click on this and go to our default net page however we additionally have got to personalize this that you’d be ready to position your possess redraw Acula you in most cases have your possess for you need them to fill in your possess contact web page on your possess web web page to your possess discipline that you simply’d however them go to then that’s satisfactory should you if you want ours you could exchange what it says correct right here something you wish to have which you can alternate the form what i’m going to showcase you the next role with the form images

Type heading and type textual content material so this can be a very customizable report it may well you are capable to do something you want we even have some extra settings over here which you would mess around with that to set your theme and do all this avoid wasting differences and stuff like that so I bought pick the subject or to save it i’ll put it aside nevertheless yeah so if that’s telling me that I would not have any HTML proper proper here however no giant deal however let me show off you what the web page appears like genuine speedy so if we clicked into the contact base so that’s the stuff that you’d be ready to moreover alternate if you want if you find it irresistible go in conjunction with it if you want to exchange this

Image header or whatever thing it as so much as you alternate it up however that is that what I without problems showed you is sincerely the document that any person you’re going to ship to when your autoresponder so that is file campaigns campaigns is you recognize in case you in case you desire to create a campaign for someone and you might be in deep analysis and you developed the file after which you’re like okay now i will create a crusade so that you’d be able to you guys decide upon a internet web page sorry about that choose a internet site create a campaign and also you want it strikes into the campaign builder then you definately develop to be with

Whatever like this crusade builder for press and force chiropractor you in actual fact without problems comply with the bouncing ball that you could be connected as many comply with-up follow-up emails as you desire to have I hooked up two on this exact sequence with my templates and then you definitely most likely simply ship away you run it and it tells you when it ran what set what’s open and what’s click that you can set as many of those emails as you need in a sequence to follow-up sooner or later two day three day four day 5 day when you realize someone’s already been contacting you you would additionally take away them from the crusade all proper cool stuff there here is the templates again so that you could go forward and make preset templates that you simply would set in other phrases preset email campaigns where you are capable to do the predominant email says whats up these are your problems 2nd

E mail says hello i do know she failed to just comply with up with you I become aware of you failed to you realize click on on this i ponder you have an understanding of anything you want to have got to do there in your sequence you aren’t capable to those proper right right here if this template campaign wishes to be about then with our SSL this Tipler campaign can even be about serving to them with their facebook promoting this template right proper right here can also be about helping them with whatever k you see so that you could add a bunch of today’s templates so it makes it moderately easier and fast so you might be now not recreating the equal messages over and over and over you effectively readily create the templates and in addition the templates

Include brief codes and all that neat stuff so that you might you recognize insert their name insert to record URL all that stuff pretty usual why labeling within the respectable version is lovely cool real that you simply would that you would be equipped to hooked up your possess area for the record URL if you don’t like our document URL you could use your possess for branding all right this is the rank continues it in official variant that is some thing that I showed you prior that you can which you could provide your own area let’s assume you had been simply speaking to any one at a bar and you might be like hi there if my internet site is this and that you will be like hi there just right let me run a record on your field and tell you what your complete you can do all of it that you could be that you would be able to enter single subject for all of this

Stuff proper correct here through coming into just conveniently Adam and going for walks the experiences so correct now this right here says this area already has this run you can additionally get more stand up to a thousand so you could click this and that you would be able to inform it to provide you with four three hundred extra and get key phrase phrases now what it does is the deep evaluation ran the primary hundred now we’re gonna run just a few hundred additional key terms for their ranking for these distinct these targeted key words we are able to load all of them proper right here we are in a position to look he purchased beautiful harmful search engine optimization he simplest has three D in operate four via ten and the leisure are manner down within the hard there so this man might generally use a type of help with search engine optimization but very cool stuff there is a

Lot of concern to utilize rank key terms to your capabilities and i defined some thing slightly bit earlier once more unclaimed GMB can also be in the authentic version it indicates up in deep deep evaluation if they’ve received the reputable variation the importer just allows you to get a record of URLs from someplace else in Portal and do what you have got to do deep evaluation search can your keywords all that stuff you would import your possess knowledge set from yet yet another supply you on the whole have it and an effective way to Springs me to the sub Scout lead sources

Which is known as the elite gain knowledge of what we now have now proper right here is the tls cannon this comes from the lead supply comm which is most likely one in all my different merchandise however what we did is now we’ve constructed-in into the lead supply calm and just made it to be had right here in any other case you the same way field of interest key words begin to go looking and then what it does is it goes into our database is over sixty five sixty five million firms which will also be up to the moment continually with their abilities and ancient zoom in readily extracts all of this capabilities from that database and you will see correct right here to do the function of the important thing phrase LinkedIn profile Twitter profile Instagram profile mobile friendly or not WordPress

Shopify credo paid advertisements Yelp stars Yelp depend fb stars fb rely Google experiences Google depend and then so stuff I went over previous to so it is the identical exact thing just an extra information supply on the grounds that numerous contributors all people there’s a quantity of tools available in the market they may be perpetually correcting the equal individuals over and time and again so what we what we determined to do is it probably extra necessary to appear at yet another data give to get exact organizations to no longer simply those which might be determined on the first few pages of Google as a rule get would or would probably not counting on the area of interest without doubt for those who go after the those which are most original then absolutely these guys are fitting scraped and hit a lot more than you might suppose equal thing correct here it may be one other information source from yellow phone book is the equal specific element simply not Google phone book nevertheless exists wacky suggestions often called it also has 1000s of corporations in there that can or will not be on Google that doubtless want relatively numerous help as excellent so the elite variant we even have the best reward on this funnel is the developed coaching for company training from mr.

David hood I’ve recognized David hood due to the fact that round 2012 he began his agency in 2011 he does about 1/2 of a million bucks a year by the use of himself with no a workers he’s bought just a few VA s internationally but however nothing heavy in any respect he knows what he’s doing he is aware of learn how to to seek out purchasers he is aware of how you can close customers he knows gain knowledge of easy methods to fulfill patrons so we offered David in I’ve recognized him like I acknowledged for my part for decades he lives now not too a long way from me only some miles up the road we hold round we speak he is an engineer by means of alternate he’s very very good knowledgeable he used to work for Texas instruments in his uh prior than he bought into web advertising and advertising and marketing and seo and agency and all that stuff super high-satisfactory man tremendous clever man and that i do know that your humans will be trained rather somewhat from him so we brought David in to do a lot of our pleasant coaching on the nice strategy to get your company up and jogging so we

Think he’s valuable for this path and very priceless to all of the participants involved so that’s notably it in a nutshell guys i hope you love it hope you experience it and we would quite prefer to seem your board and get your patrons worried with this considering we are aware of it is an extraordinarily hindrance that’s all i’ve correct now nonetheless we will be able to communicate once more all correct so who is this for and the way a lot does it rate if you are a industry that furnish offerings like social media promoting organizations establishing internet sites optimizing websites piece of email lists whether or not or not you fairly reward any form of digital provider to a alternate this product is surely for you since it is going

To be competent to exceptionally goal what designated enterprises do or won’t have and you are gonna have entry to thousands of corporations let on my possess the regional up to world corporations so it is going to surely put you forward of the curve of your rivals and like I acknowledged earlier than this is a pool that’s going to furnish you with plenty of firepower nonetheless whilst you purchase via me totally you are gonna have that promoting plan that is simply gonna furnish you with much more energy so you’re gonna get free advertising and marketing devices you’re gonna get images and ebooks internet site devices matters like that so now let’s transfer over to the price my best advice entrance conclude can be just as simply right sufficient if you are smaller if you probably have a company new trade and you haven’t really bought to the scaling component i don’t see any cause to upsell the whole approach up

To the hundred and sixty-seven but if you find yourself a extra headquartered industry like a social media promoting and advertising and marketing company or digital advertising and advertising enterprise you could must bump as so much because the 167 however once more that part’s gonna be as so much as you do not let me discontinue you now there could also be gonna be two links within the description that the video one goes to be the hyperlink that’s gonna have your advertising bonus in there and another is just going to be a technique with the intention to contact me when you have each other questions about service scout or readily any of the matters that we included mostly or you usually have any type of technical difficulties that you simply might reach out to me and i will probably be more than pleased to support you on that so we’re gonna go ahead and wrap this video up thank you for looking at my service account overview video that any price please like subscribe and supplies me a remark and let me realise what’s what are you most excited to make use of on this process o.Ok. Now i’ve


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