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Set and Forget OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5, 6 Links bellow Plus Discunt , Set and Forget OTO you well get One Front End and Six OTOs’ Options . . The Product Created By Brendan Mace

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Set and Forget OTO Details

Set and Forget OTO

What is Set and Forget ?

Set and  Forget is a passive income breakthrough system that uses simple custom pages to generate revenues, with no maintenance required.

That means no content creation you need , no updating, and no manual effort at all after the initial set up (which can take less than 5 minutes).

It is exactly how it is called: “Simply SET up the system and you can FORGET and leave without further attention as Set and  Forget system handles the rest for you”

Unlike other complicated system, you can fire up your money-making machine within 3 basic steps:


Use it in 3 simple Steps

1- Login


3-Activate the free traffic


If you’re not interested in creating products and  building eCom stores, investing in flashy software, or learning complicated skills, but just want a simple, fast, and consistent way to bring in daily cash. In my opinion, Set & Forget is exactly for you.

Set and Forget is an unbeatable combination of “simplicity and next-level income potential”.

Inside the member area, you will tap into a truly free way for cleaning money online without paid ads, complicated ad designs, and especially, budget for traffic. It provides you a hoard of free traffic that you will need to turn your Set & Forget pages into a money-generating machine.

Apart from that, this method works in ANY NICHE.

No more being limited to three  massively oversaturated niches, Set & Forget works in any category. You just select any niche you want, then this system will fully automate everything and gives you the power of income diversity.

Particularly, Set and  Forget is COMPLETELY beginner-friendly. You no need to worry about whether you can use it or not, everything you need to get up and running is covered in step-by-step video training included.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s buy it now to build your own online business.


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey guys richard here for the school of nomads so in this review i want to go through a product called set and forget by brendan mason diego hernando which is due to be released on wednesday the 27th of may at 9 00 a.m eastern now in a nutshell this is a product that promises to deliver multiple done-for-you funnels that will allow you to make money on autopilot so today’s review topics i’ll go through the product we’ll go through the members area i’ll take you through

some of the points on the sales page we’ll talk about the upgrades i’ll tell you what’s good about this product what’s not so good about this product and i kind of give you my summary so just before we start guys my name is richard darby this is the school of nomads if you want haven’t been over to our channel before please go ahead and hit the subscribe and notification bell and i’ll let you know as soon as i release new videos and guys if you want to learn how to build a business online go ahead and check out the link in the description below over to the school of nomads and we’ll take you through the whole process it’s completely for free step by step [Music] so i’m going to give you a brief overview of the sales page so essentially they’re going to give you four passive income streams

they say you can set this up once and you get paid daily you’ve got 100 free traffic built in there’s no monthly fees there’s a hundred percent automated it’s five minutes to set up and it’s perfect for everyone so this is going to be really good so let’s jump over to the actual members area itself and check this out so over the 7 forget members area now first thing that came to mind is this looks remarkably similar to another product by the same vendor that was released probably a month ago and this product was called one page profit if you look at one page profits this interface on the left hand side is pretty much the same interface and essentially this is the same product again all they’ve done is laid it out slightly differently and what they’re doing is giving you a bunch of done-for-you funnels that will allow you to go ahead and promote clickbank products so come back to set and forget itself so you see on the left-hand side you got campaigns you got instant traffic you can upgrade to platinum there’s high ticket commissions

here unlimited traffic license rights and support these are all upsells this is where you actually go ahead and build up your campaigns one issue here is i can’t see any training on this interface anywhere so whether they’ve got to add that to the actual site once it gets launched i’m not seeing any training here but obviously i know what’s supposed to be do what we’re supposed to be doing because it’s the same as one page profits so i’m going to come back to campaign we’ll go to create new and what you have here is basically a bunch of campaigns that you can go ahead and promote now if you manage to see my one page profit review this is exactly the same thing i’m

going to say here these are a bunch of clickbank offers that you can pretty much go ahead and do yourself go over to clickbank and get your link and once you have your link from clickbank you can promote these in exactly the same way as you’re doing on this page all they’re doing is bring them into one interface so you’ve got a number of offers here you’ve got see clickbank passive income ted’s woodworking three week diet acne no more the big diabetes lie not sure why they’ve picked a lot of these stuff because the gravity on on some of these is really low really poor so um this one what is a very very popular product it’s got a gravity 186 but these are very low gravity really but anyway so they picked these particular offers out for us or we can go ahead and have a custom niche now on the on the sales page they’ve got 638 niches that you can potentially get a template for so you would select this and these are all of the niches that apparently you’ve got a template for so if i just preview this alcohol one this is the page that you would have a niche for and you need to fill all of this in with your own details so these templates aren’t even filled in for you they’re just templates if i go and select that down below here you would have to fill in all of your own details for these particular mini sites and then go ahead and say publish and once you have your clickbank and the idea in there you can go promote that particular link so that’s not newbie friendly at all because how would you know exactly what you’re supposed to be building you’re you’re actually building up the the sales pages and the squeeze page contents here within this software so it’s not very good is it so it doesn’t seem like it’s very newbie friendly to me so they’re the two ways you can get campaigns now if i go into the manager campaigns here none of the campaigns i’ll be doing so far are saved again i’m hoping this software actually works by the time they actually