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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hello guys, how does making 261 dollars just by sharing this special link sounds to you? If that sounds amazing, then I want you to watch this video to the end because in this video, I’m going to show you how you can Share ‘N Earn OTO get paid up to 25 every time you share a special link. Imagine all you ever have to do is to share a special link online, and you get paid now

I’m going to show you exactly how this whole thing works in the next few minutes, but before then, we discover three secret platforms that allow you to get paid every time you share a unique link so we then went ahead to create an amazing platform that automates the whole process, so you never have to do any technical stuff and let me introduce you to this amazing app called to share and end.

Share ‘N Earn OTO Lins above

and as you can see from the name of the app it means when you share the special link you earn money online it’s very very simple and straightforward okay so what is share and end share an end is a unique app that allows you to get paid to share special links from three secrets major platform with over 20 million users now you’re not just earning from a platform you’ll be any from three major platforms and this software automates the whole process for you so it’s very very simple and straightforward

now I’m going to log into my account to actually show you how this powerful software works continue okay so here is the share and end dashboard as you can see we have the overall statistics here you can see the total audience list the dom for your content the monetized contents and here we have a training video where you can watch the training videos as you can see share an end works in just three simple steps

and you start getting paid every time you share this special link now the step one is the ai contents creator as you can see we have the ai content creator here so in just one click the artificial intelligence creates multiple unique contents in any niche just by typing a keyword Share ‘N Earn OTO once you’re done generating the content the next thing is to monetize your link using any of this secret platform and the third step is just to share this link to our secret traffic source and you start getting paid easy peasy very simple, so the first thing to do is to click on the ai content creator then you click on create new contents so here you can

Share ‘N Earn OTO upsell

manage your existing content, and here you can see your monetized content, so if you click on create a new content, it’s going to bring you to this page as you can see so we have a ai content creator now you need to give your content a title so here I can say something like so can you see that how to make money online using your Share ‘N Earn OTO smartphone or computer needed then you select the category so here I’m just going to select let’s

say you can see we have various categories that you can select from, so yeah I’m just going to select make money, and then you enter your keywords; these are the keywords that the ai we used to create your content, so yeah, I’m just going to type something like making money online make money with your phone so can you see that you can type as many keywords as possible just to ensure that it’s a keyword per line and once you’re done with that the next thing is the word count how long do you want the content to be so if you want 300 you input

300 if you want more than that you just type in there the ai is going to create unique content for you in just a single click so the next thing is just to click on generate article and as you can see in a single click the ai has created an article for us how to make money online using your smartphone or computer needed so if you want to view your content you can just click on the view button here so I’m going to

Click on the view button can you see so it’s going to you can see the content so now let’s say so you can view your content that way you can as well edit the content in case you want to edit the content yourself and add more stuff to it you can see its content is editable so Share ‘N Earn OTO aside from that you can as well delete the contents so once the content is generated as you can see the next thing we need to do is to get a monetized link this is the link you will now share in order to make

Share ‘N Earn OTO upgrade

money i remember in the beginning i told you that you’ll be able to monetize your content with three secrets platform so i’m going to click on monetize contents now in order to access our special links as you can see this is the original contents link and here we have the three secret platform that has monetized our link automatically as you can see there’s a Share ‘N Earn OTO monetize link from one platform this is also another monetized link from another platform, and this is from the third platform, so all you need to do is now

to share this link which we are also going to show you how to share this link so that you can get paid so the next thing I’m going to do now is to show you how the monetized links look like, so i’m going to right-click on the first one and open it so you can see how it looks like so as you can see the first link is going to show adverts here, and also you can see some adverts here so the user

we need to either take action on the advert or keep the ads, so it’s going to take them back to the main content, so that’s how the first link works so let’s check the second link so I’m going to right-click and open this as well can you see there’s a short advert that appears before you see the original content so just click on get a link so as you click on get links to show ads in tabs like this and then the original content is also opened as you can see so that’s how you actually monetize your

link so the next thing now is to share your link so how do you share your link all you have to do is just go to the share content menu and then the first thing to do is to find leads so just go to find leads so once you click on find leads this ai lead finder is going to build an audience for you in just one single click so let’s say our content is centered around making money so yeah your keyword could be make money it could be any topic based on what your content is all about or what your link is all about so in this video our content has to do with make money so yeah i’m just going to type make money

Share ‘N Earn OTO upgrade

and then click on find audience and in one click there is going to generate tons of email leads for us so you can see we have 26 here, and if you want more, you can always click on add more leads, and it’s going to Share ‘N Earn OTO add as many leads as possible to this specific audience, and once you’re done, and you have enough audience you can click on the export in CSV, and it’s going to download the leads to your system as you can see the leads have been downloaded so once you are done

with that first step, the next we need to do is to go to leads manager then you click on create a new list so that we can upload a new list there so you can give your list a name here I can say make money list then you select the file you just downloaded select this okay and click on save lists can see our list is saved automatically you can export your leads you can delete your list so once we are done creating our list the next thing

to do is not to share our link to this list so you can just go to blast list and then blast out the link to your audience and anytime they view the link you get paid just like i showed you so now you can select from the done for you templates we have already done for you emails that you can just use and edit see your tastes you can see as i selected that one it’s going to add the subject and the body automatically so all you have to do is just to edit the content if it relates

to the link you’re trying to promote so, you can just edit the content and then click on the send button so here or you can select let’s say it has to do with weight loss I’m just going to select this you can see the subject has changed and the body has changed as well and you see all the board area where you need to add your links to so then you

select your list as well so here I’m going to let’s make a money list so then let me select this again I’m going to select that then the from the email you can input your email here you see that then here I’m just going to edit this and put my link there so you can put any of your monetize link so I’m just going to come here monetize link so you

can use any of the three monetize links so Share ‘N Earn OTO yeah I’m just going to copy this then go back to my content add my links click on ok you can see my link has been added you see that so and then you hit the send button as you can see that’s how to share your links to your audience and you get paid anytime they click on that link to view your content thank you for watching bye

Share ‘N Earn OTO