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Shortify OTO  –  What is Shortify?

The Demo

  • The Shortify is an over-the-shoulder tutorial showing YouTubers are making an obscene amount of money using the latest trend.
  • These are videos that go viral because YouTube is competing with TikTok for the “short video” space.
  • It also comes with leading-edge software that will enable customers to create stunning “Video Shorts” from which they can earn straight away

Shortify OTO – what about the OTOs’ Details?

✅ The OTO 1: Shortify Gold – ($27/ $17)

In this upgrade, we spill the beans and reveal additional methods for the buyers to double their profits with the “Shortify” system.

  • Over the shoulder video training
  • Advanced Tips & Tricks
  • List building methods are never seen before
  • Our niche-finding software will do the heavy lifting for you. 


✅ The OTO 2: Shortify DFY – ($47/$37)

Put your hands on my best high-converting campaigns. Copy/paste these battle-tested campaigns to save your time and increase commissions.

  • Full access to my EVERGREEN ‘DFY’ campaigns – Review video and bonuses to giveaway included; use them as your own with our rebranding system.
  • My best follow-up sequence to increase engagement and promote additional offers.
  • Step-By-Step training on how to get the most out of this, so you bank money on autopilot.
  • Push-Button monetization of the Shortify system.
  • Access to world-class support.


✅ The OTO 3: Shortify Unlimited Traffic – ($97/$77)

Get Unlimited Traffic By placing your FB/Google pixel on all of our pages to gather a HUGE re-targeted audience and take advantage of laser targeted traffic for dirt cheap penny clicks. We have also included advanced traffic training for All traffic sources.


✅The OTO 4: Shortify Reseller License – ($77/$57)

Steal “Shortify” and sell it as your own – This product has taken months to develop, and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material, tens of hours spent to record all the videos. Buyers of this upgrade will enjoy guaranteed affiliate approval and automatically 100% commissions bump on this awesome high converting funnel while we handle the support.

Awesome package for new marketers who are struggling to get approval on affiliate offers.


✅ The OTO 5: Shortify Profit Blast OFF  – ($77/$57)

Real Done With You System – Jump on a live call with one of our team members so that we can do all the hard work for you. Customers that are tired of doing it alone will love this upgrade.


✅ The OTO 6: Shortify VIP Bundle – ($39/$27)

Access to some of our recent best-selling digital products with a 1-time low-cost opportunity.


  • Bankroll
  • Dynamic
  • The Secret
  • Influx
  • Influx Reloaded


Shortify OTO Bonuses


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Shortify OTO Okay, so hi guys um and I’m here, bringing another review video to to you guys, um. It’s actually currently raining outside. So if it’s a bit noisy, I do apologize, and so what I’m reviewing today is actually this product called um shortify, and before I get into it, it is that it is going to be releasing on the 8th of July.

At um 10 a.m. Eastern standard time, so do make sure you check out the first link down in the description box below in order to get a copy of Spotify, and so let’s get into it. So what is um Shopify, um um? Actually, so what Spotify is is that it is an uh over the shoulder tutorial showing YouTubers, um, who are making an obscene amount of money using the latest trend.

So the latest trend that is being used right now, as I’m sure that you probably know, is some youtube’s short, so so it’s, sort of like I’m, taking inspiration from tick-tock And how each of the videos tends to be like a minute long, and so these are videos that go viral because youtube is competing with for the short video space, as you can see, and so Shopify also comes with a leading um edge shock software that will enable customers to it’s, stunning video shots, um from which they can earn straight away.

Shortify OTO – Where the links?

All links above

So this basically um shorty will um simplify Shortify OTO the process, so so they are able to make money much much more quickly and so so um before I actually get into all of that um. Let me just talk about the bonuses that I actually have for you, and before I actually get into the member’s area, I’ll just be going through each of the bonuses that I’m, giving you because each of these bonuses Are very powerful and – and I do not want you to miss out on it – so do make sure you check out the first link in the description box below so bonus number one.

It will be, um, get an online entrepreneur. So this is a product by uh by jonah Armstrong himself, and it will actually teach you how, as the name implies, you can be your online entrepreneur and basically um be able to do this wherever you are, you just need a laptop and wi-fi which, which Is um, it tends to be very easy to find so so this will actually help you to drive traffic and will teach you like the whole system on how you can actually be an online and entrepreneur.

So this will um complement shortify, which um, which will um. Then enable you to make better youtube ads, which will be very useful later on, and so a bonus number two would be learning how to make um effective copywriting, so copywriting um, so like um just doing copywriting is um is a field that not many people are aware of, and it’s, one of the most powerful, I feel in my opinion because when you have a good like um header and a thumbnail and so uh part of it, which is part of uh copywriting, this will enable you to have the edge over your competitors and therefore enable you to actually rank better in your youtube shot and therefore also make more money.

And then there is a bonus number three, which is Shortify OTO uh Jono’s, bing ads hack. So something if you, if you do not know already, is uh competitor to google, it’s, a search engine as well, and so you’ll, be using um bing ads as well.

Instead of ad works by google, and so you are actually, um, takin

Shortify OTO – where the review?

the review Above

g this a growing platform – and you will be posting your ads in this so that our people will be brought into your youtube shorts video.

So so this is why I’m. Providing you with this bonus and so bonus number four. Okay. Now this one is a bit important, so do pay close attention to it, so this is called um access stealth day, and so you’ll only be able to access this for the first 24 hours of uh of this launch, so on 9th July at 10 a.

Shortify OTO

m: an eastern standard time, I will be taking this down, and it won’t be available anymore, and so let me just briefly tell you what stealth this is about. So this is how we are going to be um able to get into uh people’s inboxes using um Gmail ads.

So so, for example, let me just show you, so I actually just typed Gmail ads over here and then um. If I go to images and uh yeah there you go so for this thing um, you know how you get this kind of ads um and then it actually writes and decides uh the message itself.

So so you will be doing this and getting into people’s ads, so you’ll, by showing them your youtube, shots and just promoting overall. So so this is a way to actually get traffic, and because there are so many uh emails around the world, there are around five billion emails, so you’ll be able to tap into it and just um uh literally you’re.

Shortify OTO – is it have a discount?

Going to be um, how? How do I say what’s? Shorty OTO the correct word: you will be sort of uh. This would be. This is a sort of overpowered method, so so what this basically does. So what stealthy does is that you know how normally you will actually have to build a website and then to land pages.

Then you have to collect all of their emails and addresses and then in order to actually lend um and bring the people to your landing pages. You need good traffic, and then you also need to link um to an autoresponder, and then you also need to write up your follow-up emails to say like thank you for doing this, and it’s a very troublesome process.

So what stealth d does is that you actually bypass all of this you bypass all of this and you don’t have to do um this long list building process, so you would be um able to get access to stealth the and into an In Jono himself, who has created this product around last year, um in the May of last year, uh, we will actually show you how you will be able to do this process, and he will go through all of the training for you, and so um Bonus number five will be all of the vendor bonuses that um dan um Ashan Dorothy himself has actually provided you with.

Who is a creator of this product, and then so so do make sure that you actually check out the first link down in the description box below, and this bonus page will expire in 5 days 15 hours? So after this amount, I will be taking this down for good and and and and the countdown timer will run out, and so whenever you are actually purchasing um this product.

Shortify OTO – what the OTOs and upsell mean?

So you, after you, enter all of your details in warrior, Shorty OTO plus you can just click on the access your purchase button in order to get access to Shopify and then by clicking on the button below which says uh access affiliate bonus.

This blue button will actually bring you to the four bonuses which I’ve listed, especially the stealthy, which is probably my favorite one. It’s such a good product and given the and given the fact that you’re.

Getting it for free, I might as well say it’s a steal, and so um. Whenever you click on any of these buttons, you will be brought to the sales page, so uh, click here to secure your copy and your bonuses.

So you can click on any of these blue buttons, which you see, and then it will bring you to the sales page. But what I want to focus on is the member’s area, and I won’t delay anymore. So this is the member’s area which you see right now.

So this is the dashboard, and it actually shows you the video list and then the videos which you can create, and it has to be within one minute, because this is a youtube short, and that is the niche that you will be covering.

And so there is also the video suit, so you can actually download videos as well. So there are some videos um that you can actually um find on youtube. So you just have to, um, enter the video URL, and then it will.

Actually, you just will click on the find video button and Shorty OTO. You will be brought to the page, and then there is also the video editor. So so you can actually upload a video that you have already made so, which is within one minute, and it can be whichever niche you are.

You want to go into and then um, the video editing software will open up, and you will be able to edit it such that you can actually fine-tune it and make it much better and therefore reach a better audience, because, like more people will like It and then um.

Shortify OTO – what bonuses it has?

Therefore they will, they themselves, will be promoting it and like just sharing it with your families and our friends, and then there is, of course, the last one which is a video list, and – and this is what wait give me a second.


Shortify OTO