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Shotoku System OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5 you well get one front End and Five OTOs’ Options . Shotoku System OTO all links bellow with discount .Created By Brendan Mace

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Shotoku System OTO


What is Shotoku System ?

it is a massive done-for-you package we’ve done for you assets done for you lead pages sales pages , lead magnet and even a traffic module so you can instantly share these and get traffic , Make Sales and money ,Build Your List and make some money.


50+ “Done For You”Shotoku Assets

1-50 montized pages

2- 50 lead pages

3- 50 Lead magnet

Forget about “creating assets” from scratch.

Select from our large catalogue of assets in a wide range of niches.

1-Click Monetization

Add MonetizationTo your assets with a “single click.” Select either a focus on generating leads or commissions with our included landing pages.

20 “Done For You” Shotoku Traffic Taps

Gather traffic easily with our push button interface. Select from our popular traffic options, and “blast away”


50 Assets

20 Traffic Sources

2 Monetization Choices

Point & Click Interface

1100+ Campaign Variations

Shotoku DFY Tutorials

Upload Your Own Assets

MMO Training With Brendan

Agency Rights

Top Support Team

10 Campaigns

80 Lead Magnets

60 Minute Training

40+ Extra Bonuses

30 Day Guarantee

FE ($17.97) –  Our software creates a full “Business in a Box” with 50 DFY assets that can be monetized in “1 click”OTO 1 ($37) – The “Platinum Edition” of the software remove all the restrictions

OTO 2 ($197) – DONE FOR YOU 

OTO 3 ($97) – The Source – Gives people “Source” access to all of the 50 DFY assets to modify them however you see fit, with full license to everything. 

OTO 4 ($197) – “UNLIMITED TRAFFIC” –  Become a member of our “VIP” traffic group.

OTO 5 ($167) – Licence Rights to sell “Sotoku System” as your own product

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Whats up guys Richard here so on this evaluation I wanna go via a product called shutter Co approach now that is due to be launched on Friday the third of July at 9:00 a.M. Jap so in a nutshell this allows for you to construct landing pages and download pages that you can monetize by means of your possess affiliate hyperlinks so stick around i’ll go by way of the revenue page i’ll take you by way of the individuals discipline which is proper right here i’m no longer going to give you my view after I believe this product is valued at your money and time so that you could be extra advised before you go ahead and buy so guys as usual these studies are headquartered on my own expertise situated on many decades purchasing products similar to this one online working out what works and doesn’t work and the goal of the studies is that you get more know-how earlier than you go ahead and make a decision to buy so just earlier than we begin my name is Richard Darby this can be a school of nomads um you recognize to our channel earlier than please go forward and hit the subscribe the notification bell and i will will let you know whenever I released reviews just like this one and guys if you’re looking to construct a real lengthy-term sustainable trade online go ahead and verify out the hyperlinks within the description under and that i take you via the entire method step-by-step [Music] so shot a ku approach now hope i’m announcing that correct that is a cool name correct it is the income web page looks excellent adequate there may be mr.

Mace who’s the creator of this product and also you come down and clearly what that is is a 3-step process they’re saying it can be all achieved for you it’s one-click on monetization and it supplies free site visitors which which you can faucet and profit now it comes right here and says there isn’t any funnels no BOTS no movies no facebook commercials however when you seem at this this can be a type of funnel when you consider that they may be the lighting you create landing pages and download pages so that’s part of a funnel the other factor i noticed on right here they said there is no need to have a auto responders good how can you create landing pages except you bought an auto responders so i do not understand this sales web page straightaway because two of the things that they said you don’t need you clearly do and but the more thing in regards to the income web page fascinating there’s no income proof and there isn’t a form of over-the-high claims on here so I don’t know whether or not this first sales page just is not finished cuz i am seeing this two days before the actual launch but it surely’s kind of a very impartial income web page it says whats up omit about spending a small fortune on shiny objects with Zuko you don’t want any of the opposite crap so i’ll flip to the products and i’ll exhibit you around right so this is the product itself now in essence what it permits you to do is there may be a video coming there so I cannot see any coaching on here but i am I count on that they’re going to add this to the specific account you might have a bunch of digital property now what they’ve given you is a load of achieved-for-you lead magnets which might be very very very low excellent PLR style lead magnets and the intent i do know that is when you consider that I’ve genuinely started studying a few of them and so they learn very strangely in some circumstances and one very very brief instance i can give you is this one which is the planning your possess retirement one and as he says here nonetheless while a long way again as an organization in 1940 the software has been plagued by controversy and debate in 2008 the software is expected to pay out about 600 and ten billion in order that tells me that this lead magnet is over thirteen years historical and that is when I simply learn it for a couple of seconds right so these are very very low quality lead mothers so I come back right here and the concept is i have all of those genuine digital property that i will come along and choose so there’s all of these distinctive subject matters right here and let’s look at this parenting via Devore I want to opt for out and say I want to use that and i will either put that right into a monetized page and in addition i can put that into a lead page so the very first thing I wish to do is go ahead and put it right into a lead web page now come over right here I do not need all of these lead pages i will be able to opt for from but these are so affordable and cheerful it can be unreal that this isn’t very good excellent so that you may go forward and if I desired to head ahead and opt for this lead page i would pick it I press construct and once I return to my pages I come all the way down to my pages and edit it after which by way of this I could truely share this via the general public URL right here so these don’t seem to be my simplest pages these are without a doubt lead pages which can be being hosted on this platform that’s fairly by and large a bad thing considering that if this instantly goes missing if in case you have bought lead pages on this platform they may be just going to vanish after which you may have bought no control you can put your affiliate hyperlink in there so I must to find something that is congruent with parenting by means of divorce you come down right here and you could trade the headline that you may exchange one of the description the tag traces here and then you definately need to join your autoresponder so on the front web page where it can be at a giant pass on autoresponder you need an autoresponder so that you would be able to virtually attach them so far as that is involved Aweber or crusade monitor that you would be able to come down right here and get some thing the authorization code is which again is the way in which we’re nice in an effort to go ahead and fasten it to a weber and you then save changes and you could view the web page of a column of view the page if I put my electronic mail in right here it could send me off to the second pages of the monetization page and that might be where I down load my particular asset which is here apparently by means of divorce which is that this real low-cost awful piece of PLR nonsense this is able to take you through to your affiliate present so if anything affiliate present I had my dad and mom in by way of divorce affiliate offer congruent affiliate offer i would click on that and that might take me off to my affiliate present and that is the product that is it the opposite factor I’ve observed on here is they’ve instantaneous visitors which you could share your pages too so that you prefer the page you need to share a mobilephone will share beauty-surgery and seem on the immediate site visitors the instant traffic is actually social media site visitors and it will provide you with no traffic it’ll be non instantaneous visitors if you happen to’ve acquired a colossal following on social media i’ll repeat myself after a hundred times I’ve said this on reviews if you happen to’ve obtained a gigantic following on social media and also you this i might never share whatever of this fine to someone that I virtually wanted to do business with and truly spend cash however should you did then that’s the only means you’re gonna get visitors to any person of your hyperlinks it really is should you cared something about your purchasers you might under no circumstances share any crap like this to them you quite would not so that you would be able to absolutely come alongside here and alter for those who’ve got this improve this is among the enhancements i’m going to let you know about that you may go forward and change the actual articles with this source code improve so which you could go ahead and adjust those articles and there is some more upgrades right here which again i’m going to talk you via that you may click on on there and that relatively is it if once more if I come back to the digital property that you would be able to come and have a look at making candles at dwelling for money i’m going to go forward and preview that and once more it is only a few garbage PLR stuff would you truthfully want to share that with people that you rather like just gobsmacked this is fairly poor product it can be a shame quite in view that individuals are in reality gonna purchase this I believe they’re gonna earn a living with it and you’re now not only a rapid thing on the touchdown pages as well if you have acquired an autoresponder then most your autoresponder this present day good if you do touchdown and download pages so just for an illustration if i’m going to my own autoresponder which is get response get response has all of these extraordinary templates i will be able to use for signal up and registration merchandising download sales about me webinars that is wholly at no cost up to a thousand subscribers so you probably have your possess autoresponder simply gonna use that and then if you are gonna use PLR go and purchase some PLR from a night a excellent PLR vendor that’s first-class or at the least better first-class than this i do not like PLR anyway more often than not however in the event you do need to purchase that or simply make it yourself make anything nice yourself have a word record on a PDF after which simply give that away to your customers however as this stands this can be a very incredibly low pleasant product um I should not say i am greatly surprised however i am so once more they’re saying that the should you purchased all this separately you want to reinvent the wheel the 50 shot coup shutter COO belongings are traditionally announcing that incorrect they say they’re worth 100 bucks each they are no longer worth a buck each and every it can be just now not that is simply nonsense 30-day again warranty right here guys you can go ahead and take hold of that what you are getting right here is for the sunshine version you are going to get five property 5 visitors sources which is that social media isn’t exhaust his whole monetization alternative in 30 day warranty and then the other one you get the 50 assets i’m gonna bounce into the OTO do you guys hear the OTO is the front in 1795 our software creates a full business in a field with 50 don’t few assets that can be monetized in one click OTO one is the Platinum adaptation of the application cast off the entire restrictions anyplace they are OTO two is a finished-for-you provider $197 OTO 3 is $ninety seven the sauce offers people sauce access to the entire 50 don’t for your property to modify them however you see fit and whole license for the whole thing OTO for $197 unlimited site visitors end up a member the VIP traffic team and OTO 5 is 100 and sixty-seven greenbacks license rights to sell the suck to Co procedure as your possess product so guys as I said it starts offevolved a overview that is based on my possess opinion you already know you go ahead and do your own research seem at every other reviews i will let you know that if the giveaway bonus is to sell this to then you definitely you want to begin question who you are following to give experiences for the reason that this is not a satisfactory product in any feel and it will not give any kind of beginner on-line or anyone online any real assets to absolutely go ahead and and make any variety of money so guys my identify is mr.

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Darby this can be a university of nomads in case you ever been over China before please go forward and hit the subscribe a notification bell and i’m going to help you recognize each time proposal experiences similar to this one and guys an all poor and as I mentioned the based on my possess opinions and in case you are eager about building a real lengthy-term sustainable industry online go forward and determine out the links in my description under and i will take you to the whole system step by step except next time guys take care [Music]

Shotoku System OTO