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Shotoku System OTO Details

Shotoku System OTO


What is Shotoku System ?

it is a massive done-for-you package we’ve done for you assets done for you lead pages sales pages , lead magnet and even a traffic module so you can instantly share these and get traffic , Make Sales and money ,Build Your List and make some money.


50+ “Done For You”Shotoku Assets

1-50 montized pages

2- 50 lead pages

3- 50 Lead magnet

Forget about “creating assets” from scratch.

Select from our large catalogue of assets in a wide range of niches.

1-Click Monetization

Add MonetizationTo your assets with a “single click.” Select either a focus on generating leads or commissions with our included landing pages.

20 “Done For You” Shotoku Traffic Taps

Gather traffic easily with our push button interface. Select from our popular traffic options, and “blast away”


50 Assets

20 Traffic Sources

2 Monetization Choices

Point & Click Interface

1100+ Campaign Variations

Shotoku DFY Tutorials

Upload Your Own Assets

MMO Training With Brendan

Agency Rights

Top Support Team

10 Campaigns

80 Lead Magnets

60 Minute Training

40+ Extra Bonuses

30 Day Guarantee

FE ($17.97) –  Our software creates a full “Business in a Box” with 50 DFY assets that can be monetized in “1 click”OTO 1 ($37) – The “Platinum Edition” of the software remove all the restrictions

OTO 2 ($197) – DONE FOR YOU 

OTO 3 ($97) – The Source – Gives people “Source” access to all of the 50 DFY assets to modify them however you see fit, with full license to everything. 

OTO 4 ($197) – “UNLIMITED TRAFFIC” –  Become a member of our “VIP” traffic group.

OTO 5 ($167) – Licence Rights to sell “Sotoku System” as your own product


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey guys Richard here so in this review I wanna go through a product called shutter Co system now this is due to be released on Friday the 3rd of July at 9:00 a.m. Eastern so in a nutshell this allows you to build landing pages and download pages that you can monetize through your own affiliate links so stick around I’m going to go through the sales page I’m going to take you through the members area which is right here I’m not going to give you my view when I think this product is worth your time and money so that you can be more informed before you go ahead and purchase so guys as usual these reviews are based on my own experience based on many many years buying products just like this one online understanding what works and doesn’t work and the aim of the reviews is that you get more information before you go ahead and decide to purchase so just before we start my name is Richard Darby this is a school of nomads um you know to our channel before please go ahead and hit the subscribe the notification bell and I’ll let you know whenever I released reviews just like this one and guys if you’re looking to build a real long-term sustainable business online go ahead and check out the links in the description below and I take you through the whole process step by step [Music] so shot a ku system now hope I’m pronouncing that right that’s a cool name right it’s the sales page looks good enough there’s mr.

Mace who’s the creator of this product and you come down and basically what this is is a three-step system they’re saying it’s all done for you it’s one-click monetization and it provides free traffic which you can tap and profit now it comes here and says there’s no funnels no BOTS no videos no Facebook ads but when you look at this this is a kind of funnel because they’re the lighting you create landing pages and download pages so that’s part of a funnel the other thing I noticed on here they said there’s no need to have a auto responders well how can you create landing pages unless you got an auto responders so I don’t understand this sales page straightaway because two of the things that they said you don’t need you actually do and but the other thing about the sales page interesting there’s no income proof and there’s no kind of over-the-top claims on here so I don’t know whether this first sales page just isn’t finished cuz I’m seeing this two days before the actual launch but it’s kind of a very neutral sales page it says hey forget about spending a small fortune on shiny objects with Zuko you don’t need any of the other crap so I’m going to turn to the products and I’m going to show you around right so here’s the product itself now in essence what it allows you to do is there’s a video coming there so I can’t see any training on here but I’m I assume that they’re going to add this to the actual account you have a bunch of digital assets now what they’ve given you is a load of done-for-you lead magnets which are very very very low quality PLR type lead magnets and the reason I know that is because I’ve actually started reading some of them and they read very strangely in some cases and one very very brief example I can give you is this one which is the planning your own retirement one and as he says here however even as far back as an association in 1940 the program has been plagued by controversy and debate in 2008 the program is expected to pay out about six hundred and ten billion so that tells me that this lead magnet is over 13 years old and that’s when I just read it for a couple of seconds right so these are very very low quality lead mothers so I come back here and the idea is I have all of these actual digital assets that I can come along and select so there’s all of these different topics here and let’s look at this parenting through Devore I want to select out and say I want to use that and I can either put that into a monetized page and also I can put that into a lead page so the first thing I want to do is go ahead and put it into a lead page now come over here I don’t have all of these lead pages I can pick from but these are so cheap and cheerful it’s unreal you know that this is not very good quality so you can go ahead and if I wanted to go ahead and select this lead page I’d select it I press build and once I go back to my pages I come down to my pages and edit it and then through this I could actually share this through the public URL here so these aren’t my only pages these are actually lead pages that are being hosted on this platform that’s quite often a bad thing because if this suddenly goes missing if you have got lead pages on this platform they’re just going to disappear and then you’ve got no control you can put your affiliate link in there so I have to find something that’s congruent with parenting through divorce you come down here and you can change the headline you can change some of the description the tag lines here and then you have to connect your autoresponder so on the front page where it’s at a big cross on autoresponder you need an autoresponder so you can actually attach them as far as this is concerned Aweber or campaign monitor you can come down here and get whatever the authorization code is which again is the way we’re best so that you can go ahead and connect it to a weber and then you save changes and you can view the page of a column of view the page if I put my email in here it would send me off to the second pages of the monetization page and that would be where I download my particular asset which is here apparently through divorce which is this real cheap awful piece of PLR nonsense this would take you through to your affiliate offer so if whatever affiliate offer I had my parents in through divorce affiliate offer congruent affiliate offer I would click that and that would take me off to my affiliate offer and that’s the product that is it the other thing I’ve noticed on here is they have instant traffic you can share your pages too so you select the page you want to share a cell will share cosmetic-surgery and look at the instant traffic the instant traffic is actually social media traffic and it’s going to give you no traffic it’s going to be non instantaneous traffic if you’ve got a big following on social media I’ll repeat myself after a hundred times I’ve said this on reviews if you’ve got a big following on social media and you this I would never share something of this quality to anybody that I actually wanted to do business with and actually spend money but if you did then that’s the only way you’re gonna get traffic to any one of your links it really is if you cared anything about your customers you would never share any crap like this to them you really wouldn’t so you can actually come along here and change if you’ve got this upgrade this is one of the upgrades I’ll tell you about you can go ahead and change the actual articles with this source code upgrade so you can go ahead and adjust those articles and there’s some more upgrades here which again I’ll talk you through that you can click on there and that really is it if again if I come back to the digital assets you can come and have a look at making candles at home for cash I’ll go ahead and preview that and again it’s just some garbage PLR stuff would you honestly want to share that with people that you really like just gobsmacked this is really poor product it’s a shame really because people are actually gonna buy this I think they’re gonna make money with it and you’re not just a quick thing on the landing pages as well if you have got an autoresponder then most your autoresponder these days well if you do landing and download pages so just for an example if I go to my own autoresponder which is get response get response has all of these different templates I can use for sign up and registration promotion download sales about me webinars that is completely for free up to a thousand subscribers so if you have your own autoresponder just gonna use that and then if you’re gonna use PLR go and buy some PLR from a night a good PLR vendor that’s quality or at least better quality than this I don’t like PLR anyway most of the time but if you do want to buy that or just make it yourself make something nice yourself have a word document on a PDF and then just give that away to your clients but as this stands this is a very extremely low quality product um I shouldn’t say I’m shocked but I am so again they’re saying that the if you bought all this separately you want to reinvent the wheel the 50 shot coup shutter COO assets are probably saying that wrong they say they’re worth a hundred dollars each they’re not worth a dollar each it’s just not that’s just nonsense 30-day back guarantee here guys you can go ahead and grab that what you’re getting here is for the light version you’re going to get five assets five traffic sources which is that social media is not exhaust his whole monetization choice in 30 day guarantee and then the other one you get the 50 assets I’m gonna jump into the OTO do you guys hear the OTO is the front in 1795 our software creates a full business in a box with 50 don’t few assets that can be monetized in one click OTO one is the Platinum Edition of the software remove all the restrictions wherever they are OTO two is a done-for-you service $197 OTO 3 is $97 the sauce gives people sauce access to all of the 50 don’t for your assets to modify them however you see fit and full license for everything OTO for $197 unlimited traffic become a member the VIP traffic group and OTO 5 is one hundred and sixty-seven dollars license rights to sell the suck to Co system as your own product so guys as I said it begins a review this is based on my own opinion you know you go ahead and do your own research look at some other reviews I’ll tell you that if the giveaway bonus is to sell this to you then you want to start question who you’re following to give reviews because this is not a quality product in any sense and it won’t give any kind of beginner online or anyone online any real assets to actually go ahead and and make any kind of money so guys my name is mr.


Darby this is a school of nomads if you ever been over China before please go ahead and hit the subscribe a notification bell and I’ll let you know whenever idea reviews just like this one and guys an all negative and as I said the based on my own opinions and if you are interested in building a real long-term sustainable business online go ahead and check out the links in my description below and I’ll take you to the whole system step by step until next time guys take care [Music]

Shotoku System OTO