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Hey there, thanks for joining us. SiteMoviePro OTO Be sure to watch this entire video, as we guarantee it will be worth your time.  Mark Dwayne from here.This is my Sight Movie Pro review. So, what exactly is Pro Site Movie?

Pro? Is this a brand new app that creates automated affiliate, Netflix, and Amazon Prime-like websites in less than 60 seconds, and we’re in the members area and on the dashboard? And I’m going to give you an OV demo of Sight Movie Pro. But before I go through the demonstration that I’m going to go through, I want to let you know that it starts out with this demo video, which I’m not going to play, but I put a copy of it in a link down below this video. There are two links there: one that says “Site Movie Pro review bonuses” and then there’s another one that says “Site Movie Pro demo,” and this demo video is inside the link that says “Site Movie Pro demo.” So if you want more information about Site Movie Pro, I strongly recommend that you watch that demo video—that’s in the link down below this video, so anyway—and the next thing I want to show you is the type of sites Site Movie Pro creates.

SiteMoviePro OTO Links here

This is the site that I created, and it creates these sites very quickly. You will have to have some information, and you will have to be an Amazon associate in order to collect affiliate commissions and put this banner up here. It is not included in the site movie.Pro is a part of my bonuses, and it’s a special bonus that I put in during the product launch. So you can only get this during the product launch anyway, and it does two things: it sends them to an offer and it adds them to a push notification list, allowing you to remarket to them and send them anywhere.

If you want, you can send them to a YouTube video, a bonus page, an affiliate offer, or a sales page. You can send them anywhere. You can do whatever you want, but in this case, I got Amazon Prime for half the price, and then I got to start your 30-day free trial.Now, if they push Start now, it’s got my affiliate ID on it from Amazon, and if they start the 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime, then I collect an affiliate commission. So anyway, I’m going to go back to the site, so you can see the rest of the site, and if I scroll down, you can see the rest of the site, and it also has a banner on here that I put on here, and if they click that and they purchase, then I collect an affiliate commission, and when you put your Amazon ID in these movies here, it says missing an action.

SiteMoviePro OTO


So if I click this, it sends them here, and if you click Watch Now, it sends them here, and, as you can see, it has my Amazon associate ID on it. So if they purchase it, then I collect an affiliate commission. This website is just filled with different ways to collect affiliate commissions off of Amazon, so I’m really impressed with this program. I don’t want to be too salesy, but I think they’ve got a really nice programme here. So anyway, I’m going to go back to the home page, so you can see the rest of the site.

So I’m going to scroll down and make some really nice sites, and it does this very, very simply. You just have to be an Amazon associate. So that’s what the sites look like, and that’s how they work. So I’m going to go back to the members area, and we’re back in the members area. Before I go through the rest of the demonstration, I want to show you the hand-picked bonuses. I purchased a site movie Pro.

Okay, here are my hand-picked Site Movie Pro bonuses, and I hand-picked these first nine to help you be successful with Site Movie Pro, and you’re not going to get these bonuses anywhere else, and I also put in here my exclusive traffic-getting software. So I cloned my $1500 per day affiliate site here, and if they push to gain access, it redirects them here.This is a bonus page with this software. You can send them anywhere you want; you can send them to a YouTube video, a bonus page, or an affiliate offer, but in this case I send them to a bonus page that’s an affiliate cloner, and if they purchase this through Get Started, then I collect an affiliate commission. And it does two things: it sends them to the offer, and it puts them on a push notification list. So I’ll return to my bonus page and give you these first: nine plus you get these and my mega hidden bonus package.

So, with my Mega Hidden Bars package and any additional bonuses, it’s well worth much more than $5,932.91.And how do you get these bonuses? Simply click the link below this video.You’ve arrived at my bonus page.

You push the button on my bonus page to purchase the program, and then you’ll get access to all my hand-picked bonuses. Well, anyway, those are my site’s movie Pro bonuses. So now I’m going to show you the prices and the upsells. Okay, here are the site movie prices and the site movie Pro upsells, and the front end versions are 17 and ot01. 67 and Oto2 have unlimited access.

The pro version is fifty-seven dollars in Oto3. The advanced versions are 67 and Oto4. The done-for-you edition is 297 dollars and OT05. The automation edition costs $97 and 06 cents.The agency edition costs $297.Well, anyway, those are the movie Pro prices on the site for movie upsells.

SiteMoviePro OTO

So now I’m going to go back to the members’ area. Okay, now we’re back into the members area of Site Movie Pro, and it makes these sites very, very quickly, and in order to create a site, you simply go over here to where it says, “Sites” on the sidebar drop-down, and you go to “Create a Site.” Push this button, and you need to name your site and pick a category, so anyway, These are the different categories that you have to choose from; they’re all movie categories. Okay, I’m not actually going to create another site. I’m going to show you the site that I created, because it’s in the next section, over here in Manage Sites.

Then you need to enter the name of the website that you want to create, and then you put a description in here; scroll down; then you can upload a logo and you can add a favicon, and this is on the bottom of the page, and when you’re happy with it, you just push submit. If you want to reset the page, you just push reset, and after you create the page, it’ll be over here in Manage Site, and you can see it. This is the site that I created earlier. I’m just going to push this so you can see it again. You see, it’s the same site, and you can edit these sites, publish them and edit them, or update site settings.

You can use your own custom domain, you can delete the site, and you can get traffic to the site. So I’m going to, uh, not publish it because I don’t want to publish it.I’d like to visit the update site.So if you want to change it from adventure to, let’s say, animation, comedy, crime, SiteMoviePro OTO or different categories, you can do that. So anyway, I’m going to go back to managing sites. Okay, that’s how you update the site, and then you can do the site settings, which is where I put my, uh, special traffic, getting software uh code.

So I’m going to push this, and this is where you’ll add a meta title. I didn’t add all this stuff to that site. It’s just a demo site for you guys. So you can add a title description and put meta tags in here for search engine optimization. You can put your Google pixel code in here or, uh, your Facebook pixel code.

SiteMoviePro OTO Upsells links

You can put your live chat script, your Google Analytics code, and our third-party script—this is the code for the um traffic. Getting software. You can put the Amazon ad script in here. You can put a banner title (subbanner title: “watch now”) or URL and put footer text in here. You can enter a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn URL here.

You can put a banner in here, and this is where you put your Amazon associate ID. So this is how you collect commissions if they push the “Watch Now” button. That’s in the different movies! That’s how you collect an affiliate commission, because you’ll have to be an Amazon associate. SiteMoviePro OTO Then you put your affiliate ID in here so you can collect an affiliate commission, and then you just push submit.

So that’s how that’s done, and anyway, I’m going to go back to the dashboard. Some of these items in here are upgrades, and you have to go through the funnel in order to get the upgrades now. What I do when I go through a funnel for a programme is stop it from playing. What I do is ask if there’s an upsell that I think I might want. I bookmark it because I’m not sure if I want it now, but later I might. So what I do is bookmark it.

So it’s in my browser bookmarks, so I can go back to it. So if I think that I might want to go through the funnel, I just bookmark it, and then later on, I decide I want that upgrade. Then I can go back to it and purchase it through that sales page for the upsell, so this is an upgrade. If I create a blog, it’s going to say, “Let’s upgrade,” so anyway, that’s part of an upgrade lead: it’s an upgrade, huh? Here’s where you add banners to the site and create a banner. Select the site, or Dwayne, select your position.

SiteMoviePro OTO Upgrades bonuses

This is the various positions, top footer.Main upload: an image. Then you can put an affiliate ID on here, and when you’re happy with it, you push submit. I’ve already added banners to my site, so they’re in the manage banner section, and then here are the different sites that you have. So you can see the different banners here. Are there affiliate links? You can edit these by pushing this button here and changing the banner if you want to anyway; that’s how that works.

So now you have integrations, which is another upgrade.You get resell. It’s an upgrade bonus, according to our user part of an upgrade reseller stuffs.These are vendor bonuses. These are not my bonuses, and you also received training.

I have review access, which is why there SiteMoviePro OTO  are no bonuses in there, so anyway, here’s the training, and I highly recommend that you watch it because there may be something I missed, so anyway, FAQs, and here’s where you can upgrade.But again, I do recommend that you go through the funnel and then bookmark the page for me. That’s the best way, and then you can go back and get it through the funnel page.That is the basic idea behind Sight Movie Pro. I’m really impressed with this program. I think they’ve got a really nice programme here.

So, if it looks like something you might be interested in, or if you want to take advantage of my hand-picked bonuses, all you have to do is You can get to my bonus page by clicking the link below this video. The button on my bonus page lets you purchase the program, and you’ll get access to Site Movie Pro and my handpicked bonuses. And if you like my videos, don’t forget to share them, subscribe, push that notification bell, and make a comment. Thank you for watching. Stay safe. I’ll see you next time. So if you want to get the best possible deal, please check out the link below.