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SiteTravelPro OTO

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SiteTravelPro OTO  –  What is SiteTravelPro ?

SiteTravelPro Is The First-To-Market 1-Click App Creates A Completely Automated Travel Affiliate WEBSITE In Less Than 60 Seconds…

Instantly Load 700,000+ Hotels, 4,000 Airlines, 40,000+ Top Places To Visit, 100,000+ Car Parkings in just a click

You can SELL Your Visitors Your Own Products Or Affiliate Offers, Place Banner Ads, Generate Income With Adsense, PropellerAds & so much more…

Build A Completely Automated Travel Affiliate Website In Seconds.
Web-Based App, So There’s Nothing To Install.
Loaded With 700,000+ Hotels, 4,000 Airlines, 40,000+ Top Places To Visit, 100,000+ Car Parkings
Monetize Your Travel Website With Hotel Booking Affiliate Program
Monetize Your Travel Website Using Banner Ads Or Google Adsense
Automatically creates blog posts for your site using our DFY Blog Builder Module
Also, come with a WP Plugin to build travel content on your WordPress Site.
Add Your Own Blog Posts To Your Travel Site
Series of in-depth training videos shows all the ins and outs of the software.
Special Bonus: Get Reseller License If You Purchase Today.



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OTO #1 SiteTravelPro Unlimited ($47)

Unlimited site license – users can create as many passive income travel affiliate sites as they want
INCLUDES commercial rights – users can create & sell travel affiliate website to client
Place Live Chat and Facebook Comment Box On Your Site
Place Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel On Your Site To Retarget Visitors.
Unlimited Reseller License

OTO #2 SiteTravellPro Advanced ($67)

Place a fancy popup on your site to automatically collect leads
Auto-capture email leads to your dashboard
DFY Content Pack: Get 100+ Targeted Travel Content Sources To Your SiteTravelPro Account
Setup push-notification on your travel site

OTO #3 SiteTravelPro StoreStream ($37)

Instantly Adds Another Income Stream To Your Travel Affiliate Site And Get Trippled Income From Your Sites
An Upgrade Builds A Ground-breaking Store Loaded With 12 Million Amazon Products Under 36+ Categories To Your Travel Affiliate Site

OTO #4 SiteTravellPro Done-For-You ($97)

Work 1-on-1 With Our Support Team and We Will Setup and Build DFY Travel Sites For You.
Marketing ToolKits Included

OTO #5 SiteTravelPro Agency ($197)

Create Unlimited SiteTravelPro Accounts For Your Clients
Agency Kits Included



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hello and welcome to my site’s travel pro review on this site. I’m going to be showing you inside the members area and showing you how Site Travel Pro works. I’m going to show you how to create a site. I’m actually going to be creating a site for you and I’m going to be showing you what it looks like, so um. What is site travel pro? Site Travel Pro is a cloud-based app. It’s a cloud-based application. You don’t have to put anything on your computer, it’ll

It allows you to create a self-updating travel website in less than 60 seconds, and it’s completely powered up by affiliate offers, so it has 700,000 plus hotels in it. It’s got 4,000 airlines, 40, 000 top places to visit, and 100, 000 car parking spaces in just a click. Just one click and it’s loaded with your affiliate offers. So you enter your affiliate IDs for those sites, and then when someone books a hotel, an airline, or a parking spot, you get paid. You are going to get commission for it, and not only that, but there are other ways of monetizing this as well. There’s an upgrade that will allow you to put Amazon products on there, such as luggage or handbags or anything travel related. There are

There is also an upgrade that will allow you to, uh, put in a lead, so where you can put in an opt-in form. It’s a pop-up or allow you to put in an opt-in form, and it will allow your visitors to put in their email address. And you will collect your leads that way, but those are completely optional, so I’ll go through all of that later, but for now, I want to take you inside site travel pro. So this is Site Travel Pro inside the members area and it looks like there’s a lot going on here, but there really isn’t. It’s really very simple, actually, because it does all the heavy lifting and hard work for you. On the left hand side, it appears to be similar to a WordPress dashboard. So all we need to do is to create a new site. We’re going to go ahead and create a new site right now and you will just need to uh, This is under the dashboard here, and you just need to build a new site. Just click on this button that says “build a new site,” and it’s given us three options, and these are amazing options.

It gives us here because it gives us the option to create a website just under the site with the domain, which is a subdomain under theirs. It gives us the option to put it in under our custom domain name, which is a domain that we would have bought elsewhere, such as namecheap or Godaddy, and will allow us to put it on another hosting provider. Here’s an option for us to put it on WordPress-and it’s really really cool, because all you would have to do is just download a plugin and a theme and connect them, and it’s all on your WordPress website. So you can put those on your custom domain names, either custom domain names here, which would be uploading files to your web host, or on wordpress as well. But for the sake of this demo, we’re going to go ahead and click website name, and we’re going to name this.

Let’s see what we can name. This is um, travelers, so we’ll name it That’s going to be our web address! Travelers

Then we’ll hit submit, and it’ll be finished.

So sitetravel and let’s go ahead and I’m going to open this in a new tab and I’m going to show you what it looks like. This is our new site. It’s really, really cool and all of this stuff is customizable. By the way, I’ll show you that here in just a second, so we get a beautiful looking website here and we get options. Let me scroll down a little bit, so you can see it.

We get options for social media. On the left hand side, we get options for booking hotels. Now, like I said, once you put in your affiliate links in here, you are, if somebody clicks on this and they, uh, book this, you’re going to get an affiliate commission for that. It’s got Uh, travel destinations, places to visit, and flights.

You can book flights straight from this website, and once again, if somebody books a flight from this website, you are going to get an affiliate commission, so if somebody clicks it, it takes them to another website. Your affiliate, your affiliate id, is linked to that, so we have a cool uh web menu up here. This will take us to our home. This is a hotel search, a flight search, a travel place, and car parking. We can get a weather report.

We can get a blog and, if you purchase the optional upgrade from the Amazon store, you’ll get a page up here on this topic. It’ll say: store, that’s not available to me, but if you do make that optional upgrade, you’ll get that store right here. So, going back to our SiteTravel Pro main dashboard, we’re going to go over to Website Settings now that we have created the website. We just need to tweak it up a little bit. So let’s go ahead and find our website here.

Travelers.Sitetravelpro.Com and we’ll go ahead and click on the edit button, and here we choose our logo. For the sake of time, I’m not going to upload a logo, but I just want you to see that it’s here, so we’re going to upload it. We can upload our logo here.

We can put our contact email here. We can put a short description of our content. Here’s where we put our Facebook profile, Instagram, Twitter, opt-in, and form to generate code to opt-in form code to generate your leads. If you have the optional upgrade to do that, your site title, description, and website favicon. So I’ll just put this on the travelers’ site just to see if it changes, so we’ll say website. I’ll have to fill out something info at travelers, dot, site, travelpro. Com, okay, and then we’ll refresh just so that you can see that it updated. Okay, travel or site, okay, and that’s where we do all of our website settings. We can manage pages here if we want to add pages to our site, so we can do Any type of page that you want affiliate disclosures just like this one is set up to be.

Not that this is set up for a different site, of course, but these pages are set up. So if you wanted to set up pages like this, you could do that. Affiliate settings: this is where we would put all of our affiliate ids in here at

This is for our news API key. This is from and the reason why we want to put that in is because there’s a blog section and we can automatically pull blogs or articles from news api and stick them into our site. So it’s constantly uploading fresh content and here’s the option to disable the subscribe pop-up if we did go ahead and purchase that blog campaign, so we can do blog campaigns here. So if we do, if we could create a blog campaign, let me click on that and show you that we can actually put in RSS feed urls, so you can go and find RSS feeds from all over the internet.

If you want to throw something in here, you can use the rss feeds database. Now, This is an upgrade and I’ll show you that here, in just a second, of all of these uh, RSS feeds that you can use for anything from them or um. You can search by keyword. This is by using the news newsapi.

rg, and it’s completely free.

Org is free to join if you haven’t joined already. So if we go to manage articles over here on the left-and we can create our own articles, just one by one and just click-create your own article and as you can see, you can choose the feature image, you can put the body in We select the website that we want, we do travelers, and some put in the title description and then your featured image and, uh, let’s see, ad manager, so we can put in banner ads if we want. So we can add advertisements to that little button up there. We’ll add advertisements and we’ll go to the website list and select travellers and advertisement positions. We have all kinds of positions and it gives us the exact sizes that we need to use, and then we can put in the script codes or the banner image and the banner target link. So that, in a nutshell, is site travel pro.

Let me go over the upsells for you very very quickly, so the front end is just loaded with everything that you need, unless you need more than 10 blogs, because this gives you 10 site licenses. This will load you with the 700 plus hotels, 4,000 airlines. You have 40 000 places to visit and 100 000 car parks you can put in the affiliate program. You can use banner ads or Google Adsense.

If you want, this does the dub of the plugin, so the other one is an unlimited site license. If you want more than 10, it includes certain commercial rights. It’ll allow you to place a live chat and a Facebook comment box on your site. It’Ll allow you to use a google pixel and facebook pixel on your site to retarget visitors and it’s an unlimited reseller license as well. Oto number two allows you to put the pop-up on your site to collect leads, and it provides you with the 100+ targeted travel content sources I showed you. You can also set up push notifications and Oto3 will instantly add the content.

The other monetizable aspect of it is the Amazon store, which gives you access to 12 million Amazon products. You can put luggage, you can put carry-on bags, you can put all kinds of travelling gear on there, and oto4 is one-on-one support. Umm. It’s a done-for-you type of thing where they will go in and do everything for you for free. For you, they will go in and do everything for you, but, like you said, as you saw from my demo, it’s not hard. So if you need anything, everything is in there in the tutorials, but if you need more help, you just need someone to walk you through how to do it.

Watch this video again and once you pick it up, go back and watch this video again and I’ll go through it. All marketing tools are included, and oto5 is the agency package, where you can create unlimited accounts for your clients and agency kits are included, so that is site travel pro. If you have any questions about Site Travel Pro, hit me up down in the description or in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before purchasing. I hope this video had helped you to make a purchasing decision today. If it did, please click like below. If it did not, click down, uh, click down thumbs down.

Let me know that it did not help you and make sure you subscribe for more videos. Just like this. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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