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Skilexa OTO

Skilexa OTO – There Is One Front End And Four OTOs Options . OTO1 is The Platinum Version , The OTO2 Is The Agency Version , OTO3 Is The Skilexa Whitelabel , OTO4 Is The PlayPix Special Offer

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About Skilexa 

see Demo

New App Puts Your Content on Amazon Alexa in Front of Millions of Listeners in Minutes

01. Contact

Decide on a niche for yourself. Or let your client know they can get their business onto Amazon to reach new customers and keep their current ones up-to-date with promotions and news.Alexa marketing works for any business including “brick and mortar” businesses, blogs, eCom shops, Podcasters, and more.

02. Create

Begin uploading content to Skilexa to make into a Flash Briefing to send to Amazon. These can short, helpful tips in the form of text paragraphs, audio snippets, videos, and more.

The best part is, you don’t need to create the content from scratch. Curate text or audio from previous blog posts, podcasts, and more using built-in content creation tools inside the app.

03. Schedule

Schedule briefings to send 30 days in the future so your Alexa channel users always have a fresh stream of daily content.

After you’ve uploaded your content, hit “Send” and Skilexa will send your Flash Briefings right to Amazon with no complicated coding required for new listeners to find.

04. Profit

Sit back and relax as thousands of new leads start joining your list and buying your product

Charge a monthly fee to keep your client’s Alexa channel updated each week with fresh briefings.

Skilexa OTO And Upsell

FE Skilexa Commercial –

Clients can use this cloud app to create Alexa Flash Briefings and Alexa Podcast Briefings with the ability to schedule them to Alexa in the future. It also includes the Commercial Rights to sell as a service to clients.

Skilexa OTO1 – Skilexa Platinum 

With this upgraded edition of Skilexa, customers will be able to create more campaigns and more briefings. It includes the ability to schedule 100 days in advance (instead of only 30 days). It also includes advanced text-to-speech feature to convert your written text into spoken audio for Flash Briefings, DFY drag/drop landing page templates to capture Flash Briefing listeners, and even more.


OTO2 – Skilexa Agency

With the Agency version, customers can add clients with their own login and allow them to create the briefings FOR them. They can charge any amount they like for access. This allows them now to manage multiple Amazon developer channels if the client wishes to have full control of their flash briefings and Alexa channel.

Skilexa OTO3 – Skilexa Whitelabel – 

Skilexa Whitelabel 50 Licenses 

Skilexa Whitelabel 100 Licenses 

In a rare opportunity, users can resell Skilexa 1.0 services with agency accounts with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.


OTO4 – PlayPix Special Offer 

Finally, customers can get access to the popular PlayPix software to create marketing videos alongside their Alexa services at a heavily discounted price. This drag-n-drop video creator lets anyone create studio-quality videos in minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed. 


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Video review For Front End


TEXT From This Video

as-salaam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you oh no worry everybody this is
say there once again I have a very very
kind of different product in front of me
it’s called skelux I just want to do a
review of this new product called sky
LexA by Ben and Karthik so what is is it
can you would have guessed it more skill
excites but off like you know it’s to do
with Alex you know Alex like millions of
people are using around them like you
know us as well as around the world can
see it’s this is Kuno what is this it’s
like scalex is an app cloud-based app
that helps anyone quickly and easily
create Amazon Alex our flash briefings
if you using Alexa you will be knowing
in if not what is this actually so Alex
were using these kind of these devices
they they have this option called what’s
Alexa what’s the news I like flash
briefings when as soon as they when
somebody says this voice command and it
automatically the Alexa tells about
today’s news like small kind of snippets
kind of voice notes its talks about
today’s kind of you know even it could
be weather it could be like whatever
depends upon what they’re you know what
you’re really searching for how to lose
weight or you know home tips how do we
know save kind of you know electricity
or whatever they were looking for you
know that kind of like small snippets
like voice notes it’s been recorded
within that excuse me a sound it’s
somebody has moved next door and they
have been you know doing repairs so this
is this the idea behind is to do with
Alexa briefings this app will be able to
send those kind of briefings to Amazon
Alexa and people will be able like it
will it can reach millions of people who
are using Alexa so that’s what this is
all about yes it is amazing Alexa is the
number one opportunity today
get easy traffic and leads years wide
that’s right see amazed Alexa and flash
living skills is the biggest in the best
opportunity to get new traffic and leads
for online marketers today that sounds
like a pretty big claim but that’s what
exactly yeah you could have heard Gary
talking about this not just care you
know you think about future what do you
think you know many people like it’s
people or like everybody using city you
know it’s a wise command you think about
bricks be these are all going towards
voice command like people really I
myself think you know will there be a
mobile phone in the future I don’t know
you know people just just saying command
something and it comes up to the eyes in
the front of the screen it you know
voice comes up and it automatically
plays throughout your house it’s it’s
like a voice recognition kind of thing
you know that’s what the future looks
like you know that’s what Gary also says
so he really bets a lot on LXi is
thinking like you know same like a it’s
gonna be like a huge opportunity it’s
now at the moment it just houses imagine
it could be it could come into the car
Skilexa OTO
it could come into offices like wherever
like you know people might be required
you know these kind of voice services
this can come into that’s what you know
you see this this is Alexa device if you
don’t know one of the one of the style
of device there are different styles did
you know that using something called
Alexa flash briefing skills or short
audio snippets reports Alex are users
can receive each day on their like say
device this like one of the features of
Alexa when somebody they user ask like
Alexa what’s the news Alexa play my
Skilexa OTO
flash briefings it automatically plays
these things so what is the opportunity
behind this is the local companies who
are there like who can use these kind of
services to reach them you know what I
mean like they can provide like tips and
tricks of how to you know kind of you
know like depending upon what service it
is like like it depends upon a CEO its
upon HVAC or is plumbing they can give
some kind of tips and tricks like you
know to their customers and end of the
end of the like after the briefing they
can provide
they’re links and it will take them to
wherever they want to you know if
they’re if the people like to buy it
they can buy it or you know they will
contact that company saying that this is
this tips and tricks are provided by
so-and-so this company so you know if
they like it they are going to come to
you and you know for any future services
they are going to call you so that’s the
potential of this it’s like it’s it’s
it’s it’s on a growing stage you know as
soon as I I just show you you know how I
just as soon as I heard I wanted to
review this product I just went inside
fiber you show how a fiber that’s the
place like you know I was just thinking
oh this could be a kind of a very good
service then I just went and typed in
Olivia I mean I I didn’t think you know
there could be something people are
doing you know as a service as soon as
they heard this one I thought how could
discount can monetize this or how can we
provide as a service as soon as the type
brain you know there is like five a pro
service you can see this sorry no I
don’t want to sign it now
just excuse me I just storm because this
is a PC I don’t use it for anything
other than huh okay so as you can see
this I didn’t even think there was a
service being provided something like
this this is completely I can see it’s a
small each level to seller there’s only
to serve to two people like you know two
reveals so there’s a potential that such
services can be provided creating Amazon
echo I likes a flash briefing skill so
these people are gonna provide these
services for hundred dollars imagine
their potential this is just you know
imagine contacting like new local
companies and making sure that they can
reach these audience this is gonna be
really immense you know I didn’t think
there was somebody using providing the
service so there is like chances are
there there it is coming up you know it
is the future and people are started
doing such services as well so I’m just
I just thought of it I just searched it
it is still it is like you know I can
see that it is coming up okay so let’s
jump on to this if something is of
interest you can like this is let me
show you this is like if this is
interesting you you can click these
green links and if you take to the sales
page you can see this evolutionary new
cloud app drives insane free traffic
from a totally untapped ocean of buyers
its what at the moment if you see that’s
I can see that no doubt about it there’s
a huge potential with Alexa there’s no
doubt about this is – this is app the
way they have done is trying to help the
local companies or who I want to to
reach that bridge the gap this app can
help them bridge you know to reach those
buyers you know the inside the home
inside the home listening to their
services I mean when I say you can’t
just go and just say that do you know
buy this buy this you know it’s right
trying to giving them trips you know
imagine you are a company you’re
providing kind of a loose like you know
kind of health health supplements or
something you know just providing them
tips every day how to lose weight you
know in a different you know every day
like tips today step says on how to lose
weight you know so if you keep providing
such you know
servile value you know which can help
their health surely they’re gonna like
it and they’re gonna come back to you
and there’s gonna buy it from you know
whatever you provide trying to provide
you know that’s how it works you know so
this is that’s the potential of this tap
into 40 million LXi users make one click
flash briefings no coding skills that
needed sell to clients content
Skilexa OTO
generation tools built in so you can go
through a sales page you can see this
yeah this is Gary is telling and
exercise the potential to kill google
skills are the beach friend property
vacation it to be discovered and booked
by their masses this is what he’s
talking about skills okay welcome to the
world of voice you can go through it
it’s really they are really telling you
about the potential of Alexa how it can
be a future you know future potential
how it can reach lots of people you can
see this any business globally or
locally can profit easily with flash
briefings marketing agencies Fitness
website landscaper landscaper sorry baby
products what cost honor so it’s like
everybody has the potential to reach
inside the house you know how you know I
mean through these briefings that’s what
the idea behind it you can go through
this I’m just gonna show you inside the
product now but I also add the entire
demo by pin so he tells you exactly what
can be you know whatever potential and
stuff sorry here it is yeah
this is how it looks like so what is
this gonna help us you’re gonna put that
content here and this is this app is
gonna help you get this content into
their Alexa briefings so when somebody
searches for that keyword something like
you know lose weight so these are all
gonna play around or you’re gonna
provide something like roaming tips or
you know something like that it will
grow these flash beams gonna play so you
can see this there are options like this
here either you could get it like you
can have a flash briefing here it also
can be through a podcast podcast should
be three RSS feed or custom interaction
so let’s go with the flash briefing
first skill name whatever it is you know
how to lose weight something like that
I’m just telling you an example but a
proper Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
I’m gonna add the demo so he explains
everything so how we wanted frequency I
think the front end as option of getting
your content up for 30 days like
everyday continue need to provide at
least for 30 days these I think the
front an awful provides it I think there
is up cell which can like you can upload
up to a hundred days content as well so
this front end is there for 30 days
Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO
headline news you can choose which
category here like you know let’s see
anything to do with health and fitness
your health and fitness keyword you know
losing weight or something like
so next step so again you can see this
it asks you any images to have it or
feed the image do you want Alexa to say
from your skill name how we want to say
it as well before before I place yes
from you know so-and-so company then you
can start trying to say whatever it is
in this skilled directed or does it
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
target children under age these are all
basic things so what I’m going to do is
I’m going to add the demo fit I myself I
don’t know how to really show you like
you know the product actually so this is
what the product looks like so I wanted
to show you inside it so this is what do
you need to fill in and there’s like
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
option of either you fill it like this
also what they have done is they have a
truths like this you can have your voice
record basically that content which
you’re going to provide or the tips you
have to provide otherwise snippets or
whatever you provide even if you can add
the video it will take the audio out of
it so the text which you provide here it
will be read by that Alex voice over so
if you want your voice record you can
also provide your voice recorder as well
she can be also you can be uploaded from
Amazon s3 or you have also this content
generator that option is there where you
can just upload your URL it will take
from your URL the content itself the
main content base in URL from where you
want to extract the feed click on the
Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
generate content copy paste a briefing
content into your skill feed and did the
content on power you want to so that
also option they have it doesn’t mean
that you need to search for it and also
an audio library so let’s go into like
you know same way for podcast you need
to have a RSS feed that’s what I heard
podcast name if you have like existing
podcast you can upload it headline news
and again same thing you can choose it
there was a I remember I think it’s for
custom interaction again it’s it’s looks
almost the same like for all the three
headlines you can see which headlines
well I’m gonna add the demo guys for you
so you you get to know more about before
you in think of buying it you know what
it’s what it contains and what did what
what it can do yeah yeah this is what I
was telling about so because for podcast
you need to enter their RSS URL so it
can pull the content from that you know
so you can see this copy or copy RSS
feed from your podcast like you kno
Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO w
wherever you’re trying to get it and
paste it here it will pull the content
out of it so this is what I was telling
so this has a third step which is like
you need to pull that you need to add
the URL for podcasts so I’m gonna add
the demo of this so you get more idea of
what exactly so I’m sure overall you
understand what it is if you’re using
LXi you might be doing it they have this
feature up there like what’s the news
today I like play the flash briefings so
then when somebody asked this one it has
a potential of playing whatever it has
to might be they armed the preferences
like it might be to do with the plumbing
services or to do with how to lose
weight or you’re talking about or like
whatever they are interested in now so
if they are to search for it you have
the potential that you can pop it and
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
then you a continue come up so you have
the potential of getting like local
customers local clients get their
content their company so today’s tips
and tricks by you know you know plumbing
companies some company and they can tell
about their trips to to the customers so
you’re basically reaching inside the
house of the you know like the people
and there is a good chance they will end
up turning into a customer buying
customers so that’s the idea behind this
software actually so that’s it guys I
mean I just want to do I give you a
brief idea what it is you know I for me
it’s also its new ok I would never
remove the product which is something
you know to do with Alex I it’s the
first time I’m you know really going
through as well so I’ll add the demo so
you get an idea what it is like okay so
apart from this so if you like it you
can click these green links it will take
new sales page and the price for the
Skilexa OTOSkilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO Skilexa OTO
front end which was talking about it’s
like starts with $27 up to $49
you can use the cloud app to create
Alexa flash briefings and podcast
briefings with Emily due to schedule
them I think this is only to 30 days
content you can schedule and that’s why
there’s a platinum version which scan up
to hundred days basically like you are
putting all the contents for them for 30
days and this is upsell as a your
ability to add like hundred days content
so it’s like you’re done with you know
one like for three months or so and it
also includes advanced text to speech
feature to convert the written text into
spoken audio for flash briefings then
for you drag and drop landing page
templates to capture flash briefing
listeners and even more so there’s some
extra features with this then this
agency version with the easy version
customers can add clients with the own
login and follow them to create the
briefings for them they can charge any
amount they like for access this allows
them you saw the pricing range in in
fiber Pro so imagine that potential is
really good
I mean centella per channels if the
client wishes to have full control of
the flash briefings and Alex a channel
okay that’s for $97 agency license then
there’s also a white label version of
this one which is for 50 and 100
accounts 129 and 197 rare opportunity
users can resell this skill X version
one services with agency accounts with
their own logo on don’t mind okay that’s
interesting so you can have your own
logo it like for the selling this
product has your own product and also
has the own don’t mind this allows them
to start their own profitable fully plan
and software business they get full
updates okay that’s like it’s kind of if
this product becomes your own product
with their own logo and they own do mine
as well normally they don’t do that with
the domain but looks like you can have
your own do – well as well and sell it
as your own product and the last one is
play peak special offer I don’t know
what is this $19 finally customers can
get access to a popular play pick
software to create marketing videos
alongside the Alexa services and heavily
discounted price I don’t know it’s kind
of some Simon some some video creating
services software sorry play pics is a
software I think it’s their own product
they wanted to sell as an upsell for $19
it’s really a very less price for a
create for a marketing video software
okay I think it should be the one
software which they are trying to
provide with you they will provide you
it’s for $19 that’s the price so or
totally you can see this themselves I
think the first one seems to be a good
one the Platinum one $49 apart from that
it’s up to you guys I mean it’s like
whether you like it you know when such
new products come don’t get like first
try only the front end you know I always
suggest you know when products which is
very unique or different always just get
it try it if you like it then you can go
for upsell so no urgency in buying the
upsells try it out if you’re happy
satisfied if you think this is going to
be really good and potential is there
then you can go for the upsells so
always you can try the front end always
that’s always good for you so if you
liked it please click these clink below
these ones these are the green links and
it will take to the sales page and I do
get commission if you buy it from my
link these are all my affiliate links so
I want to give you some bonuses first
and foremost is always to do with the
traffic so this these kind of services
you need to promote it you know to get
those clients so this the Facebook ads
is the best way to start with and this
is a software I promoted which helps you
in scratch like basically an app which
gets you like if you just search
chiropractor or you know plumber in
Chicago it will give you all like its
crafts all those details like with the
contact number email id in everything so
these are people you have a good chance
to you know promote these craft services
it’s a paid one so I taught it’s a paid
one if it’s up to you if you like it or
not you can buy it I don’t know if if
you want me to give it as a free I don’t
have a version with me I can buy it for
you if you get any audios okay that’s
the only way I can give you icon if not
I don’t get much out of it so if
something if it like you if you really
interested in such local man just go
through the review video if it’s
interest you and if you’re gonna get
some any upsells hit me up on the
messenger I’ll get this for you if
it’s up to you you can buy it on your
own as well okay I just wanted to give
you some extra idea how to you know make
use of this software so this is an extra
app plug-in where you can share across
eight social sites and as I said fiber
could be the best way to start you know
kind of please see how the potential is
whether you know flash Alexa flash
briefings promotions you know we can try
and see how it works out then lots are
there like you know not just five a
concur freelancer up for so many places
where you can promote such services then
this is like a three edition traffic
source I learned from Jono I’ve added
that as well so these are all my extra
bonuses to go with this product apart
from this there is also some extra
bonuses I can give you if you like to
join my facebook group it’s here it’s
all about make money online niche so all
these bonuses will be delivered you
could see this excess affiliate bonus
this is where it be delivered that’s it
guys if this is something of interest
and if you’re all about Alex why not try
this single skill X okay so if like
please like and share and subscribe and
hit that Bell notification button so I
can bring you some cool amazing
different different kind of products
almost every day thanks a lot for time
and take care bye in this demo we’re
gonna see how easy it is to get your
content on Amazon Alexa to reach
millions of new untapped potential
customers using the skill Alexa
cloud-based app through services such as
the Amazon echo dot millions of Alexa
users will be able to find your content
and listen to it each day in the form of
a flash briefing or podcast briefing
flash briefings are short informative
pieces of recorded audio containing news
tips advice roundups or how-to
information on any topic this content
could be promotional in nature tube like
a special deal happening on your site
this week simply ask Alexa what’s the
news or Alexa play my flash briefings
and your device will play your flash
briefings while you’re waking up having
breakfast taking a shower relaxing at
home etc for example I subscribed to the
Gary Vaynerchuk 365 flash briefing skill
and my Alexa device in by saying those
magic words my echo dot will play the
latest flash briefing available like
Alexa play my flash briefing here’s your
news from garyvee 365 I think you just
helped a lot of parents okay Alexa stop
so I’ll get a brand new tip or promotion
for that day from that particular flash
briefing skill pretty amazing right so
let’s dive into how to use skill exa to
make your own flash prefix and reach
millions of Alexa listeners just like
that to get started log into the
cloud-based dashboard and navigate where
it says create skill and choose if you
want to create a new flash briefing
skill channel or a series of daily or
weekly informative audio bites a podcast
skill channel or the audio from any
podcast RSS feed syndicated as an Alexa
channel or a custom skills channel that
can work with your own app or sites API
now for this example let’s just choose
flash briefing to create your new flash
briefing skill just follow step 1 and
step 2 providing the needed information
such as what you want your skill name to
be for example if you were making this
for a local plumber company you’d want
to create a household repair tips type
flash briefing it gave tips about fixing
issues including water ones in a home so
choose if you want your flash proving to
be updated hourly daily or weekly choose
a genre category and add some keywords
so Alexa users will be able to find it
when they search for new skills and
flash briefings to subscribe to in the
app then hit next step and finish
filling out all the basic information
when you’re done hit save skill and for
the sake of time I’ve already created a
flash briefing you can see all your
flash briefings podcast skills and
custom skills on the main dashboard here
then to start adding your custom content
click on actions and hit add feed here
you’ll be able to create your daily or
weekly content for that particular flash
briefing Alexa listeners will hear first
enter a title and then choose which type
of content you want text audio or video
choosing text will allow you to just
paste in text and the Alexa voice will
read it back to your listeners however
if you want your own voice or custom
audio then choose audio if you choose
video than the videos audio will be
extracted to you
then create your read more URL this is
the URL listeners will get at the end of
the flash proofing update prompting them
to learn more about your brand and the
update they received for example it’s
can be your site a blog post your store
an affiliate link that will help
listeners take action on their computer
or phone finally you can choose to
schedule when you want that particular
flash briefing skill update to happen
instead of logging in each day or each
week to create a new audio update simply
schedule when you want that particular
update to happen and hit add then when
you’re ready to submit your flash prefix
go to Amazon for Alexa listeners to
begin finding just hit submit for review
and wait as skill Alexa does all the
hard work and coding needed to get your
Flash breathing to be approved and show
up in the Alexa app and no time at all
it’s that easy to create a flash
briefing skill and works the exact same
way for podcasts girls and custom skills
too now the only difference is for
podcast girls you need to enter the RSS
feed of your podcast and each podcast
episode you do will automatically become
an Alexa audio update for custom skills
to enter the API information about your
software or invention to have it show up
as a custom skill in the Alexa app plus
Alexa comes with built-in tools to make
the flash briefing content fast and easy
first there is a built-in voice recorder
which will allow you to record your
flash briefing audio update right there
in the app to use simply give your audio
recording a name and hit record you can
go back and trim out any mistakes and
download the audio as well also skill
Alexa connects to your Amazon s3 buckets
allowing you to download any previously
recorded audio right in the app to use
center your API information you’ll be
able to pull audio from any s3 bucket in
no time
it also pulled content from URLs in
seconds to use as a txt flash briefing
just paste in any URL you want to
extract the core content from click
generate content and then copy and paste
it into your skill feed now you can
create tons of content from different
blogs in seconds this is great when
you’re working with clients and you’re
in a time crunch as you can see it only
takes a few minutes of work to tap into
an unsaturated audience of millions of
people who get their content via
a voice first basis and keep in touch
with your existing audience through
their Alexa devices each day Amazon
Alexa and voice first is clearly the
future and now everyone can join this
revolution thanks to the amazing skill
Alexa software Skilexa OTO