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Skola OTO  –  What is Skola ?

This is the base software for running Virtual Events. It includes a wide range of features that help users to sell, create and manage virtual events.

Front End$197 Virtual Events by Skola
This is the base software for running Virtual Events. It includes a wide range of features that help users to sell, create and manage virtual events.


Upgrade #1$47/pm Virtual Events — All Access
This incredible upgrade includes a host of features that transform your virtual events into refined profit pulling machines. You can also create engaging, interactive Virtual experiences people love to buy again and tell their friends about.


Upgrade #2$97 Virtual Events — Professional
This upgrade includes 7 additional features to enhance the base level package of ‘Virtual Events with Skola’. It includes additonal customization options, features such as ‘Evergreen Events’ and more.


Upgrade #3 $47 Virtual Event Summit
Customers are invited to join our LIVE Virtual Event Summit. Over this 3 day action packed event customers will learn about how to make money with Virtual Events.

There will be guest speakers and the entire event will be recorded and available in a private members area to customers.



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

OTO School, Hello everyone, Adam here, and today I have something extremely special to share with you. It is brand-new software that was recently published, and I can assure you that you will benefit much from it. One in particular excites me since it is something that will genuinely help. You have everything you need. Now I’m going to continue, and in a few moments I’ll show you the software program’s trial version. Before I go any further, I want you to look at the Skola OTOlink below this video to see the amazing additional offerings available. If you choose it via me, that’s OK, so let’s get started and look at the example in this post. I’m going to teach you how to build a successful online event in three easy stages using a world-first software tool. Please enjoy my video clip since it has been really beneficial to my YouTube network.

Okay, if you purchase using my link below, you will get a special discount from the scholar provider. This is about [,] advantages, incentives, perks, and special bonuses. Outsourcing mastering life is number one. On this occasion, it is completely given for you. You can rename, alter, and start promoting tickets using exclusive funding number two. The scholar service provider’s Skola OTO is a recurring cash site. You get admission to the Persistent Money Site Summit, a three-day event that is completely done for you.

The million dollar affiliate top, which teaches you how to earn a lot of money in affiliate marketing, is the third unique feature.

You may earn by marketing a simple life event as your own and keeping 100% of the proceeds. To live an outstanding life, you gain total white label civil freedoms. “Million Dollar F Layer” is a software. That brings us to special advantage number four: VIP tickets were created and sold five times. Exclusive award number 5 for your first successful digital event in less than seven days. Sam Becker owns the scholar, therefore special bonus offer number six applies. from a professor

Skola OTO Upgrades

In your 2022 leadership skill plan, you’ll learn how to generate money from virtual events and how to put up your own strategy for dominating your specialty with online events. So, let’s go to the sales page right now. This is the Scholar software selling page. Okay, here we go. It discusses the selling of virtual event tickets. This is the three-step action: You start by making a page lead.

This is a virtual event with a landing page, and you have two options: either purchase a basic ticket or upgrade to a VIP ticket afterwards. It will surely bring you a Thank You webpage, as well as the last item that will undoubtedly bring you to your virtual online event. Okay, so here is the scholar site, and it argues that three ways may provide a benefit. The first method is to organize an online gathering. With Giveaway, you can generate leads for free via digital events.

The second is that you may make money from paid virtual events by selling tickets to them as well as profit methods. Because you may provide your event in the future, it is referred to as a virtual occasion shipment. Scholar provides an interesting, engaging, and entertaining virtual experience for Skola OTOparticipants. Please be patient. I’ll show you the demo, as well as a video on the software program, and then I’ll go. Hello, this is Sam. I’m the inventor of Scholar, and today I’m delighted to show you around our digital events using the Scholar user interface, as well as show you how we create a rapid campaign and release our live or pre-recorded events right now. We designed Scholar primarily so that you may sell, provide, and expand your business via courses, e-commerce, and product introductions using an older model. That’s quite inefficient, and nowadays, people don’t want to simply sit and watch classes.

Skola’s upsell

They want to attend events. So here are three short steps to take: First, create your project; after you’ve done that, you can start working on your campaign. Making your initial sales event offer in order to close the transaction Select “Create Channel” from the menu. You’ll be transported to our funnel planner right now. You’ll then get a detailed outline of our tried and true sales.

Channel Begin by going into each web page and modifying it, beginning with your main offer page. Add your own header statement and either delete or add your own video clip to your message. When you’ve finished editing and improving, go to each of the pages in your offer and modify them. Then save and publish your channel isSkola OTO, which is now live on your domain, and you’re ready to start selling tickets to your online event as you advertise it. After that, you can start creating your virtual event by first adding your virtual occasion. Personalize your digital event by offering a preview look as well as several sessions that your attendees may sign up for in future messaging announcements.

Guests will surely be able to acquire admission to the entrance hall seven days before to your event and see your announcements.

Depending on whether you’ve pre-recorded or pre-scheduled video clips to broadcast or you’re utilizing an online streaming service, sync their calendars with your event and also network with one another when your event goes live. Your target market, software applications such as Zoom, is on the increase right now. They’ll be able to follow that connection as it appears, as well as browse through it and see it unfold in real time. This is only the beginning of what virtual gatherings with academics may achieve.

Demo of OTO Skola

The year 2022 will be the year of online events, and if you want to be there from the start, ready to earn as much money as possible, here is your chance. To get started, fill out the form below. OTO school. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside. I’ll show you right now.

The upgrading auto for the scholar automobile implies Okay, the scholar’s front end is a digital event. This is the most effective software for conducting virtual events, hence this is the first update. The current exchange rate is $97. This is an online event.

The upgrade adds seven new features to the package digital event’s basic level, such as soda pop upgrade number two or auto number two. The cost is $497, and you will get the company for a digital event. As a result, you may rename the agency control panel and advertise upgrade number three or automobile number three to your clients. The cost is $47. This is a digital event, and the fourth upgrade costs 197 dollars. This is a fully automated selling system. I think update number four is fantastic since it only adds 400 new sports activities and allows you to create an automatic marketing campaign. This is the vehicle, and I believe the internet events are related. This is a brand-new feature for 2022, and it allows you to construct a checklist while still marketing your software. Go ahead and click if you wish to investigate this further.

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The web URL below ensures that you enjoy and subscribe to this video clip. Thank you for taking the time to watch, and I hope to see you in my future testimonial. Video Thanks: Thank you for watching this demonstration. I really hope you like it. Keep in mind. OTO School!

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