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SmartWriterr OTO  –  What is SmartWriterr  ?

The Demo


It’s Smart A.I. Software that Generates ‘Hypnotic’ Sales Scripts within Seconds To Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales and Subscribers

Front-Ednd SmartWriterr CommerciaL Product Features:

1. Sales Letter – Get 10 templates in various categories
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5. The Social Media Captions
6. The Email Campaigns
7. VSL Scripts – 6 VSL Templates in Six different niches
8. Web Banner Ads
9. The Short Video Scripts – create instagram stories
10.Get Cold Calling Scripts
11. GetStep-By-Step Training
12. Gwt Commercial License (sell to your clients)
13. Complete Automation
14. Unlimited Scripts and Combination
15. 100% Customisable & Combination Scripts
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18. Social Media Ready
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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

SmartWriterr OTO Hello, everyone – this is Seth with parliament, and I’m. Doing a review on this tool called smart writer, so smart writer is an ai tool to generate emails and follow-up emails to help maintain your professional presence.

So, overall, it is a place to help with your outreach and create personalized emails. So what we’ll be doing today is we’ll, be talking about the pricing, and then we’ll, be going into the dashboard to see if this is a tool for you.

So here are the pricing plans, and you can do a 14-day free trial, no credit card required, and cancel any time. We have the basic plan, the popular plan, and the pro plan. So, overall, with the basic plan, you are getting full access to all the ai tools, as well as the other pricing plans; you will get an ai email generator, a LinkedIn, personalization outreach, and amount of words and outreach credits.

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You will get unlimited projects and export ai contact, as well as the chrome extension access with the popular plan. You will get a credit swap allowed as well, and you get more word and outreach credits with this tool.

With the pro plan, you will get more words and credits, and outreach compared to the other pricing plans. So let me go ahead and go into my dashboard. So here is how the dashboard looks, and here is a and, as I mentioned, smart writer ai a place to create high-level professional content for emails for social media platforms, etc.

So their main focus is emails, but they do have other SmartWriterr OTO options as well, such as Linkedin, Instagram, and other places to create content for, and so here is your personal personalized outreach section. We have LinkedIn, Instagram, cool, and Gmail right here.

You have your email content. You have your Shopify landing page for those who don’t know. Shopify is a place where you can create drop shipping websites. So this is helpful for those in the Shopify field.

You have blog content as well. You have a content expander. Some growth ideas, ads landing, page marketing strategies, social media content, and that is pretty much it, so, overall, you are getting quite a bit.

One note that I would like to make is that smart raider does say that it is geared towards the email in terms of the first landing page that they show us. So I did expect a lot more with the email category.

So let me scroll back up to that. So I expected more with the email content because they made it seem like this was focused on email, but I do appreciate the other features because they are still helpful.

I would just appreciate it if the website conveyed that message. So, overall, you’re getting quite a bit, and you have different social media platforms such as Instagram, youtube, google quora, you have Shopify Gmail as well and LinkedIn, so you’re.

SmartWriterr OTOs upsell

Getting quite a bit so let’s run through one of these examples. SmartWriterr OTO To show you how it looks so I’m going to choose the email content since they are focused on that. I did want to note that I have tried the blog content, and it did take me quite some time while I was recording this video.

So I did a new recording, and I decided I’m going to focus on email content. So hopefully, the time that it takes to generate the email content should be a lot quicker. So I’m, going to click on the catchy intro lines.

So let’s. Call this project name test run since this is a test run and we’re just gonna hit start. So here is how the setup looks in general. The other features do look the same in terms of the setup, but of course, they will ask you different questions depending on the feature.

So here is the email subject line and let’s, see the test run with the smart writer. That’ll be my email subject line, and my audience will just be. I’ll just call them researchers because that’s. The first thing that comes to my mind, an email topic, um, let’s – see video review to see if this is alrighty.

So that is something quick. Yes, it’s a bit messy, um. So I apologize for that, but I just wanted to put in some information. So let’s, go ahead and generate a copy and see how long this takes, all right.

So that was super fast, and I did want to mention that earlier we talked about the credits, so, on the right hand, the side you will see how much a feature will cost in terms of the credits, and they will show you the total credits that you have Right here, so they go based off of copy credits and outreach credits depending on the feature, and it is divided based off of per month.

So if I want to use one of these, they will essentially cost, so it’s almost as if you’re, creating a personal inventory where you have to purchase things, but it is based on credits. So you’re not actually paying any money directly on your dashboard.

SmartWriterr OTO discount

It is through your pricing plan. Of course, here are the two catchy intro lines that the smart rider tool gave me. As I mentioned before, I did do a blog content, one that did take a lot longer, so I did want to mention that it might depend based off of how much content you’re asking for depending on the length it could have been because I was recording the video that it took longer, but this took less than minutes, so I did want to make a note of that, and once you decide you will download this and utilize it.

If you want to, you can also copy it depending on it, and SmartWriterr OTO the charge will go towards your account. So that is pretty much it in terms of the processing using the features on spite rider, smart writer.

They will ask you to input a certain amount of information, and then they will use that information to generate whatever you need. So, in general, the processes are the same. I’ve used the email section, and I’ve used that blog section. There’s another one.

I use that. I can’t quite remember, but overall they were all the same setup, and the process was the same. It was just the amount of time it took to generate whatever I needed so from there. You do have projects that you can make here.

Is my test run that you just saw that we did? You can create a project directly from here, and it will take you to the features you have the email, verification to verify emails to see if they are verifiable.

So a lot of times, there are leads that you will get that that is not verified. They either are expired, or they’re just non-existent. I guess you can say so. This is a great tool that they have, and here is the integration section.

So the integration section is basically Shopify, and that’s pretty much it. Then you have a refer and earn, which is basically to refer someone to earn a certain amount, and you have your profile section other than that.

SmartWriterr OTO review

That’s pretty much it in terms of the smart writer. So I did want to go ahead and talk about it and give my opinion and suggest that if you do have any opinions or if you have an alternative tool that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment down below.

So here is what I would have to give in terms of smart writer, so smart writer is overall an efficient tool. In my opinion, there is that integration section that they only have Shopify, so I feel like they should have a few more apps before they call.

SmartWriterr OTO reviews bonuses

It integrations, in my opinion, um, but then that I think that’s, pretty much it. I did want to mention in terms of an ai tool, they are supposed to work a lot faster and be more efficient for you to quickly gather information and sometimes depending on the feature you ask, for it might take a bit of time, so other than that.

I think that’s pretty much. Again feel free to comment down below if you have any other opinions, and thank you for watching.