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The OTO1 :Unlimited Version

5x Accounts, across the 4 Social Media Platforms

The OTO2 :20X: Done for You Blogs with DFY SmashTraffic Setup

20X: Done for You Blogs with DFY SmashTraffic Setup

The OTO3 :Agency and Resellers License

Agency and Resellers License

The OTO4 :DFY Traffic Module

access to The  traffic source.

the vendore have spent years building this gem.

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The SmashTraffic OTO

What is SmashTraffic ??

Its is a brand new software, that fully leverages on helping you to tap free traffic from a platform With almost 20 million unique visitors per month and about 150 million pageviews without having to pay for ads.

It finds traffic from a powerful social network full of proven buyers…

Then drives these targeted visitors anywhere you want – whether it’s your WordPress posts, affiliate links, your offers and anything else you can imagine.

It’s the EASIEST method for getting traffic we’ve EVER used.

So imagine… exposes your posts or affiliate links to the most interested users in your niche.

So for ANY offer that you have you will ALWAYS have plenty of Takers!

You also get to share your content across 4 other 4 other networks, keeping them engaged with relevant content.

That’s not all…

With Smash Traffic, you can also schedule your old and new content with just a click of a button and blast them all through Reddit and 4 other TOP social networks with 2 billion users combined?

That’s what SmashTraffic does, and more!


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hi folks welcome to this video segment and today I will acquaint you with a stunning WordPress off to you this WordPress programming is called crush traffic crush traffic is the WordPress programming that can assist you with sending your blog entries legitimately from your WordPress site to all soon with their record with only a single tick so that is to debut in only a subsequent I’m going to appear

you precisely how this functions in a bit by bit strategy alright folks so as should be obvious I’m as of now signed in to my WordPress site dashboard and I as of now have my crush traffic WordPress programming introduced so it appears ok here on my sidebar SS mass traffic so I’m demonstrating how this functions in only a second so I’m going to tap on crush traffic directly here and better believe it thinks of this mass traffic dashboard so folks this will be this mass traffic dashboard and as should be obvious naturally my offer restore is handicapped so before I can share any a blog entry out as a matter of first importance and naboo my offer in sculptures so I can do that by tapping on these parts different associate with or more sharing and afterward I’m going to state alright so this will peruse by your thought tones green which as should be obvious this will be this is it my sharing status is currently empowered presently down here you can see that I have my main 5 meters blog entry

on my sites an offer symbol directly close to every single blog entry that permits me to share that specific blog entry to all my online life accounts so folks before I can share any blog entry to my web based life accounts I need to most importantly interface my internet based life records to this specific a wordpress or tree so I can do that by tapping on the social stages directly here on the sidebar you would now be able to interface your reddit account your Twitter account your tumblr accounts or your Flickr account so folks right so we are going to gain experiences accounts by tapping on this closure no-limit that is directly here when I click it thinks of this spring up screen that permits me to associate crush traffic to my reddit account so I’m going to approve folks this is hello Franklin Isaac crush traffic might want to interface with your reddit account simply need to descend here and click on permit OK so folks as should be obvious my reddit account is associated you can likewise interface with any observed predator of your decision by tapping on this

Goodness bread it’s a discretionary right here when you click on subreddits it carries you to this page where you would now be able to look for any subreddit of your decision and interface with it so as should be obvious I’ve just associated the Netflix of Reddit you can too interface with any subreddit of your decision via scanning for it on this pursuit bar directly here okay so suppose for example you need to associate with a relationship subreddits you simply need to scan for relationship on the inquiry bar directly here and it thinks of number of determinations that you would now be able to browse so these are the connections of reddit’s better believe it so you would now be able to look over any of these choices you have administration counsel relationship sheep images relationship guidance again and connections on the remainder of them we should simply pick the relationship exhortation the first so associate and you can

additionally disengage in the event that you need to so you can see it appears ok here as relationship exhortation I have Netflix as of now before now so how about we proceed with I’m going to make my Twitter account with simply a similar Presidio better believe it you click on the Sign In button directly here the pop opens up again and the how about we sit tight for it to stack up alright you begin to click this catch directly here that says auto ascend OK folks as should be obvious my Twitter account is associated I will interface my tumblr account simultaneously OK sign-in button spring up comes up and you need to tap on the permit traditional here alright folks as should be obvious my tumblr account is associated let me associate my Flickr account likewise click the Sign In button the purple screen comes up OK simply need to descend here and click on the catch that says OK I’ll approve it no doubt so we should give you some an ideal opportunity to associate OK folks so as should be obvious my Flickr account is associated OK folks so immediately I will return to my crush traffic dashboard and offer a specific blog entry and they need

to perceive how this functions so before I can share any blog entry above all else I’m going to show you all my internet based life accounts so you folks can see that I’m not shared and they post as of late so folks this is my reddit account and as can see I’ve not shared any so this resembles a new record so this is my Twitter account also Kassadin my most recent post here was made on April fourth so this is my tumblr accounts whose was only this one this is my Flickr records and they my last post was only this one so I will return to my crush traffic dashboard and here we are I’m going to share this subsequent blog entry directly here by clicking this photograph directly here so when I click it says would you truly like to share unique crushed traffic off on now I’ll tap on alright and we should trust that this will stack up okay so folks as should be obvious it says pull

effectively shared so folks how about we return to our web based life accounts and furthermore revive and we should perceive how this functions simply invigorate it simply invigorate it simply invigorate every one of them and how about we perceive how this functions so this is my reddit account alright folks as should be obvious this is it this post was shared a little while ago crush exceptional crush traffic offer posted a few seconds ago so let me go to my Twitter records and show you all what we have here alright folks this is it I’m in my coach accounts right currently I’m going to look down and give you what we have alright better believe it so here it is folks as should be obvious this present it’s this uncommon crushed traffic offer and it was posted one moment back definitely one moment prior and this is my tumblr account alright folks as should be obvious this is it directly here this is it directly here at the top yet is it unique crush traffic offer this is the post directly here no doubt with somewhat too right gracious ah lake hares so folks this is it I think something very similar up to my Flickr account so folks I said I see by clicking this year symbol directly here it’s the post was shared to each of the three records simultaneously so folks I’m going to show you folks another extraordinary element at this unique spot or three hands this and it is this one here right here this is the double assignment alternative so folks suppose for example you simply made a blog entry on your site and you would prefer not to see it quickly you can utilize this choice right cata sees Chris new

undertaking to make a specific errand that is will send this specific blog entry to atmosphere media accounts at it picking time and a picking day so suppose for example I need to plan this specific blog entry to be sent I simply need to tap the make ask choice toward the end and they when I click it permits her to choose a date and a period that I need the assignment to be to be posted suppose I picked this 29th and an it’s no clock now you simply need to click this Chris assignments choice right here so when you click it says pass effectively made so folks in Mullaney gets to that specific picked time and day this blog entry is sent to all my internet based life record and I think this element is additionally stunning and it can help keep your online networking crowd especially connected so folks I just need to scold you all to proceed to get this specific controlled press or three and this will assist you with expanding your site traffic and furthermore keep your web-based social networking crowd connected so another astounding component to show you folks is this present we should just

return to one of my the post I sent to my Twitter accounts alright folks take a gander at this processor to my Twitter account so immediately you can see that the post has a connection joined to it so folks this is a connection that drives each specific crowd back to my sites tune in for Easter somebody ran over this post on my internet based life record and suppose you read to this point you need to peruse the total blog entry you need to click this one of a kind and this connection drives you back to my wordpress sites blog simultaneously expanding my site traffic so suppose for cafés let me simply click it and show you folks what we have so it goes to another table and an opens up the blog entry so I think this helps increment the traffic that goes to our site yes so as should be obvious this is another stunning component that drives our crowd back to our sites so folks not simply by sending this blog entry down to expect media accounts in only a single tick it additionally prompts media crowd back to your site OK folks that will be supportive of today thanks and I’ll see you on the following one

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