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Soci Jam Upsell

Soci Jam OTO

Front End ==>Soci Jam FE

OTO1 ==>pro Version

OTO2 ==>Soci Jam Extreme

OTO3 ==>Agency Version

OTO4 ==>Reseller version


Soci Jam OTO

OTO1 ==>pro Version

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OTO2 ==>Soci Jam Extreme

Done For You Templates, Save Posts, Automated Social Sharing & MORE…



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OTO3 ==>Agency Version

Unlock Your Agency License & Enjoy

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Agency Back Office

Everything is smooth, slick and easy to use, just like the SociJam tool!  Just copy/paste and you’re ready to profit

Account Creation

You’ll be able to keep your clients happy by letting them have their own professional and clean login area

Easy Copy/Paste Reg

Choose the member level and give them the link we provide for easy, handsfree delivery and registration

Charge Your Own Price

Selling social media as a service? Increase your prices and value. *Prices must be equal to or higher than ours

Customised Dashboard

Show your own message when your new customer/client logs in or even add a personal welcome video

Viral Client Builder

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OTO4 ==>Reseller version



Soci Jam OTO

What is Soci Jam?

The Demo


More likes, clicks and sales IMMEDIATELY on any Facebook ad, post or comment

Do you remember when your biggest expression on Facebook was to ‘like’ something?

And how crazy the Internet went when Facebook FINALLY added emoticons?

If you were one of the lucky beta testers you’ll know the HUGE flood of PM’s and comments from people asking “OMG!!! HOW?!?”

Well, get ready for round two – because Soci Jam is about to revolutionise self expression on the Internet’s biggest social network!

You’ll finally be able to BOLD words, add emphasis (and a whole lot more!) making your posts, your ads and comments get noticed.


Video review for front End only

Text From this Video 

Hello what is going on on every body it’s Jonah right here from John OH – Armstrong calm welcome to my OC jam evaluate now i’m here inside the Scioscia dashboard and in the course of this video i’m gonna offer you a full demo of exactly how soci Jam works now in a nutshell Sochi jam is gonna allow you to add things like bolds underlines italics strike throughs and emojis into no longer best your facebook posts your fanpage posts and in addition facebook commercials as well however for those who get the professional version it will

Offer you access to be competent to do all of that inside a ton of alternative social networks like YouTube Instagram Twitter Linkedin blogger and and this is gonna permit your posts or your web publication pages or your YouTube movies to get seen much more on account that you have got bold in there italics underlines all that form of stuff which you are not able to traditionally do inside of these social networks so if this sounds like anything that you’re eager about then keep on with me for the duration of this evaluation as i’m going to be revealing exactly how this works in element I’ve additionally put collectively a ton of customized bonuses for those of you that want to select up

so see gem through my hyperlink which is down under within the description of this YouTube video if you click on on that link you’ll be able to come by means of to this web page correct right here that is my bonus page the place I host all of my bonuses for socie jump and if you would like to buy so see Jama at any time throughout this evaluation video all you need to do is click on the hyperlink down under within the description of this YouTube video come by means of to this bonus web page scroll down click on on any of these blue links mmm that’ll take you through to the revenue page which looks like this the place you’ll be able to be capable to buy so see Jam however

you can ought to do this earlier than this countdown timer runs out if you want to qualify for my custom bonuses considering that one this countdown timer does run out all of my bonuses will expire along with this page and that’s some thing that I quite don’t need you to miss out on as I spent a long time growing these bonuses with the intention to really get the nice out of socialism as viable now all of these bonuses be created by myself this means that they may be exotic to me they may be now not going to be on hand by way of any individual else’s hyperlink apart from mine now having said that go and store around see what different affiliates are

Offering in phrases of bonuses considering that recollect you can continually come back to this page once you will have realized that my bonus is a method better and more priceless than what anybody else’s supplying so my first custom bonus here i’ll show you how you can build your facebook following super speedy why am i supplying you with this well in order to use saucy Jam you have to be making use of this in your fb posts in an effort to get free visitors now it’s vain you doing this except you’ve gotten a just right facebook following

of people which can be in this stuff that you are selling inside of your distinctive niche now if you happen to do not have already got that you then have got to be building that up as quickly as you can now inside of this bonus i’m going to show you how one can construct up that facebook following of humans that are keen on stuff that you are promoting are promoted into selling within your target area of interest okay and i will exhibit you the way to do that very very quickly that is inside of a bonus number one so very nearly it’ll exhibit you how one can make revenue from free visitors from fb bonus number two i’ll exhibit you how you can monetize that visitors with stuff you could sell to them now that is something that is not discussed or shown to you inside of

So see soar so I put together my own customized training showing you how one can earn a living from so see soar when you consider that if you are anything like me you need to buy a software like this understanding that you would be able to earn cash from it later on k bonus number three i will exhibit you how one can get entry to affiliate hyperlinks get assured affiliate hyperlink approval it is a roadblock that a lot of inexperienced persons come upon after they first get into affiliate marketing okay they wouldn’t have any variety of revenue historical past they playfully a link and they come to be getting denied or simply not noted through the seller on the grounds that the seller wants to see that they’ve some type of income history in order that they understand that they are desirous about

Advertising okay now you it’s problematic to get permitted from a dealer if you haven’t any revenue historical past so i’m going to exhibit you inside of this bonus how one can ruin that vicious circle and begin getting your hyperlinks approved so that you would be able to start building up that earnings historical past so that you will not have this hindrance anymore k that is all within bonus quantity three bonus quantity four i’m going to show you how one can write killer headlines for your fb posts so that you would be able to get seen that you may get persons attractive together with your posts and which you could to earn money from them bonus number five i’ll give you access to the entire vent all the

Bonuses that the seller is given to me to give to you guys now i am guessing that this is what most of their affiliates are going to be offering to you as so far as bonuses are involved now I’ve gone over and above that through delivering you my own customized tutorials these 4 bonuses that I’ve made myself but just to make sure that you are no longer lacking out should you do choose to purchase via my link i’m going to provide you with access to all these vendor bonuses – now these are going to incorporate WP viral and restricted plug-in commission fireplace developed video path facebook advertisements domination video charges fb Stampede video rate iteration Z and what it means for you marketing social ebook market in advance

advantage ebook the whole immediate marketing process video charges feel free to pause the video if you wish to see what that is all about site visitors blitz traffic machine e-book and traffic unleashed so you are going to get all of these from the vendor on prime of my customized bonuses now all of those are going to be thrown in absolutely gratis and to say them all you need to do first of all is click the link down below within the description of this YouTube video come via to this bonus page scroll down click on on any of those mild blue buttons to go through to the revenue page the place that you can purchase so see rattling now as quickly as you will have completed that and see as quickly as you may have long past by way of checkout and comfortably

must go to your jvzoo account k at the prime correct hand aspect the page that’ll say looking to your purchases click on on that click on so see damn and then you definitely come to a receipt page that appears anything like this with just a little blue button at the bottom which says bonuses from jonno adequate that’s the place all of these vendor bonuses and all of my custom bonuses are going to be waiting for you absolutely free of charge and instantly as quickly as you might have gone by way of checkout so in the event you do click on any of these blue buttons you can come through to this sales web page right here breakthrough application turns free traffic into the simplest approach to profit with fb 1-minute hack makes a simple facebook publish immediately 500% more beneficial what is the video to peer this groundbreaking

pattern interrupt approach in action so investigate out the earnings video right here on the revenue web page whole step-by way of-step method plus software replica and paste simplicity works on all important browsers and gadgets use bold italics underline emojis and more on facebook boost engagement on your posts in seconds works in publish featured post comments agencies and even fb commercials now this is the quite a hundred% facebook compliant limitless submit advertisements of comments visually entice your visitors to take action nothing to install our hosts all executed for you within the cloud no designing our

Coding abilities required a hundred percentage newbie friendly plus get our step-through-step training on the way to earn a living with a simple facebook publish this approach is so easy that any one can do it higher but the visitors is one hundred% free ok now come and check out this revenue page on your own time you are going to seek out testimonials from top entrepreneurs you’re gonna find testimonial movies you’re going to find examples of how this works so you can see down here here’s a submit that Gary made without making use of so see Jam you will see it can be pretty simple and this is person who he made after making use of so

see bounce you will find there’s daring in there there’s underlines as italics there is emojis and it stands out a lot better so here’s significantly better danger of getting some engagement on this submit else from this submit you will discover the change okay there is some revenue proof on there as good come and assess this out in your possess time i’m not going to move through this entire revenue page with you considering it’s beautiful lengthy and that you would be able to go and examine this out in your possess time by way of clicking on the hyperlink down below in the description of this video coming through to my bonus web page after which scrolling down clicking on any of these mild

Blue links i’m gonna leap into the dashboard now and exhibit you precisely how this works butwe father I just wish to exhibit you the place i’m proper now i am in Bali i am on the beach and son oh I obtained my wife here subsequent to me she’s performing some modifying and that is her mattress there and then in the market is just a little pool and then you may have got the seaside and some surfers and a beach club down there so it’s a gorgeous notable position that we’re at it’s called commune simply outside sun are in variety of Southeast Bali but yeah we’re just right here for a few days simply chilling out and making some movies and stuff anyway this is the dashboard now how do you utilize this you would easily go to instruments you click on on so see Jam device okay and then you definately

go and clutch your little bit of textual content that you want to be utilizing for this k go and duplicate it and then you definitely paste it into right here i’m simply going to clean it up a little bit and which you can do that inside facebook for those who just make a fb put up and you try to use bold and underline and italics emojis i do know that you should use however balls and underlines and stuff you can’t do that inside of facebook since it uses something which is called the Unicode now Sochi damn when you put your your text within here and you then start bolding and italic in and underlining and something you need to do while you click on the subsequent button it’s going to run it through the application and it is going to spit out Unicode which fb recognizes and it will enable you to do these bolds underlines

it can be hallux and strike throughs and stuff like that now nowhere there isn’t a other software that makes it possible for you to do this inside of facebook so it is pretty powerful stuff and it’s beautiful innovative stuff as well now the upgrade allows you to use this form of stuff inside a ton of unique social networks as well we will exhibit you in a second but k so my put up is finished I simply click on subsequent after which it says magic publish created click on subsequent step to repeat to clipboard so I’ve copied that to the clipboard ok so all i would must do is go through to fb okay i’m gonna make

a brand new publish and i am just gonna paste and one can find I’ve received bold in there I’ve acquired underlines I’ve acquired emojis I’ve bought strike throughs and all that sort of excellent stuff now i’m no longer clearly gonna put up this i’m just gonna cast off it but that you may also do this in YouTube as well so if I just go to circulate now you will discover and i could genuinely use this within the description of my YouTube video if i go to the outline area down here then i can try and try and paste this in and you’ll discover we now have received daring we acquired underlines we obtained a strike throughs and we bought emojis as well how cool is that so okay let me just return now this works with the front end this works handiest with facebook in case you get the supply you are going to be equipped to make use of this with Instagram Twitter Linkedin YouTube Google+ medical doctors blogger Skype I feel this

is I forgot the name of it Pinterest what’s up line flicker WordPress and a ton of alternative places as good which is super considering that there is no different there isn’t any different tool that allows for you to try this within of those social media posts so it additionally comes with some training too so you get selling understanding with publicity are you chasing the holy grail building your fan page tutorial sharps you to focal point timing is everything choosing teammates and browsing styles of women and men you get these training movies as good as good as a training video by Gary who’s going to exhibit you the right way to make affiliate fee’s from free fb traffic now i will speak to you concerning the costs and the upsells right now the whole thing that I simply confirmed you on the front finish it is gonna cost $17 now that is going to go live in these days which is the sixth of September 2018 it can be gonna go are living at eleven a.M.

Japanese typical Time so if you wish to pick this up for 17 greenbacks then you must get in there as soon as just about 11 a.M. Japanese a while as viable it is going to go as much as 27 bucks toward the top of this launch which were around five days time okay now on the entrance end you get entry to so see Jam which you should use best inside of fb now the professional variant is $27 it’s going to go up to 37 dollars by using the end of the launch and that is going to allow

You to free up the entry to 30 plus delivered suitable provider from Skype to YouTube and plenty of extra plus emoji use and code entry to this can be a fairly relatively useful instrument to be equipped to do all of these things ok and i fully advocate it Bob’s on number 2 associate associate Jam Xtreme that is $27 for this they will offer you a Rolodex of swipe records templates and assets to get a finished-for-you treasure trove okay that is going to be for fb posts it’s going to be for fb ads they will give you the advert content they will give you the textual content that you have to publish into your advertisements and stuff like that and

A rolodex of stuff to make use of that’s $27 absurd quantity three associate Jam company this is going to allow you to make use of so see Jam on behalf of consumers so that you can promote this as a provider on Fiverr that you can make daring and italic and emojis and stuff inside folks’s posts that is going to allow you to make use of so see Jam on different people’s web sites and that it will rate $ninety seven the reseller license is $197 for that in case you bought that then you can just effortlessly send your site visitors to this sales web page and if any of your visitors bar any of these rate facets you get to maintain 100 percentage of the price factor k so for those who bought this for best $97 and certainly one of your visitors purchased the whole funnel you’ve got already as a rule made your money back and then some so it can be with ease which you could call this your possess trade

i guess on account that you get to keep 100 percentage of the profits now recall there’s also a demo video on my bonus web page which is that you may access it by way of the link down beneath in the description of this video you come by means of to this web page you scroll down keep on scrolling keep on scrolling after which you can in finding the video there this is going to give you extra information about so see gem and a rapid demo of how it works as good if I didn’t go into adequate detail okay also remember to investigate out my bonuses when you consider that I did spend various time making these to be able to get the quality out of saucy Jam aside from that that’s it for me i am hoping you loved this so see jam evaluation and i will converse to you on the next one the entire quality take care see ya

Soci Jam OTO