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What is Social Biz Box

Social Biz Box is our complete step-by-step system showing full video instructions and tools for helping your students build, grow and manage their very own social media agency business.

We’ve generated over SIX FIGURES in sales by leveraging social media and connecting with influencers and partners, and Social Biz Box helps your students understand exactly how to copy our success for themselves.

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Video Review For Front End Only


in this video you’re going to learn how
to choose the right social media
platform for your business let’s get
hey guys Angie with a Z Andrew come here
and I want you to address a question
that I hear over and over again from my
customers and from my course students
and so I teach social media marketing
and I teach small business owners how to
grow their business with social media
and one of the main things that I stress
is that you need to narrow your focus to
one social media channel now there’s a
lot of reasons for this and I go into
them in more detail in two previous
videos so I’m going to have a link down
below to both of those videos one is the
five social media myths that are hurting
your business and the other is a simple
five-step social media strategy for busy
entrepreneurs so check those videos out
and in each of them I go into more
detail as to why you need to narrow your
focus to one social media channel and
again links are below in the description
to access those videos so when I share
that and I teach that concept I
inevitably get the question of well how
do I choose the right one how do i
narrow my focus how do I know which
channel is going to get me the best
results for my business so we’re gonna
talk through that in this video today so
when you’re trying to narrow your focus
there’s three main questions that you
need to answer in order to choose the
right channel so the first question is
who is your ideal customer and where do
they hang out this is so important and
it’s really important to know this for
all aspects of your business but in
order to find the right channel you need
to know who your ideal customer is what
they look like and where they’re hanging
out so you can make sure that that’s
where you’re at that you’re hanging out
in the same place and then the next
question is which channel fits your
style I’ll go into this in a little bit
more detail later on in the video but
it’s really important to not only know
where’s your ideal customer hanging out
but you need to also be on a channel
that makes sense for you as well because
if it makes sense for your ideal
customer but not for you you’re not
going to be consistent and you’re not
going to have good results with your
efforts and then the final question that
you need to ask is which channel can
help you achieve your goals
now this is one that a lot of people
forget and they overlooked and when you
are doing social media marketing for
your business you need to understand
what your goals are with social media
marketing a lot of small business owners
just jump into social media they jump
into all the channels and they just go
nuts and but they don’t really know what
their ultimate goal is with those
efforts and then they’re ending up
spending so much time on social media
and maybe they’re not even achieving
what they truly want to be achieving and
getting the results that they really
need and desire for their business so
it’s important to sit down and figure
out what goals do you have and what is
your purpose for engaging on social
media so let me walk you through four
different steps that you can go through
to help answer these questions so the
first step is to know your ideal
customer and this is so important for
every aspect of your business everything
you do to market your business revolves
around your ideal customer and knowing
who they are in the marketing world we
call this a buyer persona now this is an
example of a buyer persona worksheet
that I’ve created for the students in my
Pinterest marketing 101 course and when
you build out your buyer persona it
gives you a good visual and a good idea
of who your ideal customer is and then
once you know that you can then start
attracting more people just like them
and so when you’re building out your
buyer persona there’s some different
strategies that you can employ in
different resources you can use to build
this and I’m not going to go into that
in this video because we don’t have time
for that but I do go into it in depth in
another video so I will put a link down
below to that other video where I walk
you through building out your buyer
persona and how to do that so once you
have this buyer persona built out it
gives you a good idea of who your ideal
customer is including their demographics
so their income their age their location
marital status their education those
types of information and so once you
know that about your ideal customer then
it’s time to jump into the different
platforms and discover the demographics
of each platform so I’m working with my
graphic designer to create a really nice
infographic of the demographics of each
social media platform so you can see
them in a snapshot but you can also just
jump out to Google and do a Google
search and see what the demographics are
for each platform you’re gonna find data
about you know is it primarily male or
female what’s that percentage split what
countries aren’t the majority of the
users from and how many users from each
country you’ll discover you know what’s
the average age range with within that
platform so there’s a lot of great
demographical information that you can
find out about each platform and what
you want to do is try and figure out
okay so I know my ideal customer
so which platform has the biggest
audience of my ideal customer so if your
ideal customer is a female in her 30s
and 40s then you can take that
information and look at all the
different channels to figure out which
one has the largest audience of females
in their 30s and 40s so you want to
marry your ideal customer information
with that demographical information of
the platforms but it’s important to not
just focus on just the demographics in
your customer it’s also important to
focus on yourself and by that I mean
knowing your strengths and weaknesses is
so that you are setting yourself up for
and this means looking at the format and
the frequency of each channel and what I
mean by that is with format you know
some channels are all about video like
YouTube it’s all about videos others
it’s more about text and image posts and
sharing articles so LinkedIn is really
great for sharing articles blog posts
news Pinterest is also really great for
sharing articles and helpful how-to Xin
tutorials and educational type content
Instagram is really great for images and
very visual and personal type content so
you need to know the format that works
best on each channel and make sure that
it’s a format that you are comfortable
with because if you’re not comfortable
with the format you are not going to see
success on that platform it’s going to
overwhelm you it’s going to probably
even scare you where you just don’t want
to touch it at all and I’ve seen this
with a lot of small business owners that
I’ve consulted for in the past where
they thought you know they really wanted
to grow their brand on a specific
Channel I put together a detailed plan
for them on how to do it and they never
touched it and it’s because that channel
that they selected was not a format that
was comfortable for them so make sure
that you’re comfortable with it because
you’re never gonna see success no matter
you know how many of your customers are
on that channel if it’s not a format
that’s comfortable for you and then the
next piece is the frequency so some
channels it works great to post once a
week or once a day other channels you
need to be posting multiple times a day
to see results with your efforts and so
you need to be aware of the frequency
and make sure that the frequency that
works best on that channel is a
frequency that you can maintain over
time and it’s sustainable for you as a
small business owner because again if
it’s not something that you can maintain
consistently over time you are not going
to see results and then the final step
is to know your goals with your social
media marketing efforts so for some
people their goals are to attract new
customers and to drive traffic and leads
to their business now a lot of the
social media channels are not ideal for
this so when we look at a channel like
Facebook they are getting very limited
organic reach if you want to attract to
new customers you need to pay for ads
now if you’re wanting to build a
community and connect with your existing
customers and build stronger
relationships with them
Facebook is great for that because you
can create a Facebook group where you
connect with your customers on a deeper
level and you provide them additional
value and additional support which I’m
gonna put in a quick shameless plug here
I actually have a private Facebook group
called team of one business owners where
I would love to have you come join me
and it’s a great place for you to
connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
other small business owners ask
questions get advice get feedback and be
part of a community of like-minded
people so I’d love to have you join me
and over 4,000 others over in that
Facebook group so I’ve got a link down
below for you to access that now before
we wrap this up I want to talk about
some good goals to have with your social
media marketing so of course there’s
attracting new customers driving leads
and sales and all that but I have to
tell you those are not great goals to
have for traditional social media
marketing so channels like Facebook
Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn are
considered more traditional social media
channels and those are really great
channels to build deeper relationships
to connect to socialize with your
customers they’re really great for
connecting with your existing customer
on a deeper level and building that know
like and trust establishing your
authority your credibility and really
positioning yourself as the expert in
your field that’s what those channels
are great for now if you’re wanting to
attract new customers to your business
you need to be focusing on search engine
type marketing so YouTube and Pinterest
are actually search engines and less of
social media channels so if you’re
wanting to attract new customers and
that’s your ultimate goal more than
then you need to be placing your focus
on either YouTube or Pinterest okay so
those are the four steps you need to
walk through in order to answer these
three questions so first who is your
ideal customer and where are they
hanging out second which channel fits
your style and then third which channel
can help you achieve your goal
once you can answer those three
questions with confidence then you
should be able to find a channel that
fits all three of those and works best
for your business I hope you found this
video helpful if you did please like it
and then comment down below and let me
know your comments mean the world to me
and they power me to keep providing more
helpful videos for you and then make
sure that you subscribe to my youtube
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new video to help you grow your business
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and finally make sure that you head over
to my website at Angie Gamescom or I
have a bunch of free resources that you
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tips to help you grow your business well
that’s it for today
I’ll see you in the next video