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Inside Social Biz Box ADVANCED, you will get advanced strategies with “cash magnifiers” to help you get started with your social media agency business even faster.

Advanced students also get access to completely free and low-cost tools that help them manage their social media businesses faster, with complete video instructions.

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Inside ListWarrior ADVANCED, you will get several “done-for-you” style packages that do nearly all of the work for them. These package allows you to start getting new customers onto their e-mail list at absolutely zero additional cost, or as an additional premium service their social media clients.

Advanced students also get access to additional bonuses that enable you to get other people to do all the work necessary to grow their e-mail list for them, without lifting a finger.

This bonus also includes additional resources to help your customers get instant distribution and tap into even more case studies and tools to help them quickly get more e-mail subscribers, plus traffic to any sales page, website or offer that they want to target.

OTO3:Unlock 100% Resale Rights

The final upsell is the right to purchase 100% commission rights across the entire Social Biz Box funnel, including the OTOs and Downsells. This allows you to have your own proven, ready-made funnel that generates long-term cash flow, as if it was all their own products and sales pages. The 100% commissions are activated for customers one week after the launch ends.


What is Social Biz Box

Social Biz Box is our complete step-by-step system showing full video instructions and tools for helping your students build, grow and manage their very own social media agency business.

We’ve generated over SIX FIGURES in sales by leveraging social media and connecting with influencers and partners, and Social Biz Box helps your students understand exactly how to copy our success for themselves.

Additional videos and tools that we have personally used are fully included and can be copied with the advanced version.


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Video Review For Front End Only


in this video you will figure out how

to pick the correct web-based social networking

stage for your business we should get



hello folks Angie with a Z Andrew come here

also, I need you to address an inquiry

that I hear again and again from my

clients and from my course understudies

thus I encourage internet based life promoting

also, I show entrepreneurs how to

develop their business with online networking

furthermore, one of the principle things that I stress

is that you have to limit your concentration to

one internet based life channel currently there’s a

parcel of purposes behind this and I go into

them in more detail in two past

recordings so I will have a connection down

underneath to both of those recordings one is the

five web-based social networking legends that are harming

your business and the other is a straightforward

five-advance online life system for occupied

business people so look at those recordings

also, in every one of them I go into additional

detail with respect to why you have to limit your

center to one web based life channel and

again connections are underneath in the portrayal

to get to those recordings so when I share

that and I instruct that idea I

definitely get the subject of well how

do I pick the correct one how would I

limited my concentrate how would I know which

channel will get me the best

results for my business so we’re going to

talk through that in this video today so

at the point when you’re attempting to limit your core interest

there’s three primary inquiries that you

need to reply so as to pick the

right channel so the principal question is

who is your optimal client and where do

they hang out this is so significant and

it’s extremely essential to know this for

all parts of your business yet in

request to locate the correct channel you need

to know who your optimal client is the thing that

they look like and where they’re hanging

out so you can ensure that that is

where you’re at that you’re hanging out

in a similar spot and afterward the following

question is which channel accommodates your

style I’ll go into this shortly

more detail later on in the video yet

it’s extremely essential to not just know

where’s your optimal client hanging out

be that as it may, you have to likewise be on a channel

that bodes well for you also in light of the fact that

on the off chance that it bodes well for your optimal

client however not for you you’re most certainly not

going to be steady and you’re most certainly not

going to have great results with your

endeavors and afterward the last question that

you have to ask is which channel can

assist you with accomplishing your objectives

presently this is one that many individuals

disregard and they neglected and when you

are doing internet based life advertising for

your business you have to get it

what your objectives are with internet based life

showcasing a ton of entrepreneurs

simply hop into web-based social networking they bounce

into every one of the channels and they simply go

nuts and however they don’t generally have a clue what

their definitive objective is with those

endeavors and afterward they’re winding up

investing such a great amount of energy in web-based social networking

what’s more, perhaps they’re not by any means accomplishing

what they really need to accomplish and

getting the outcomes that they truly

need and want for their business so

it’s critical to plunk down and figure

out what objectives do you have and what is

your motivation for connecting on social

media so let me walk you through four

various steps that you can experience

to help answer these inquiries so the

initial step is to know your optimal

client and this is so significant for

each part of your business everything

you do to advertise your business rotates

around your optimal client and knowing

who they are in the promoting scene we

call this a purchaser persona now this is an

case of a purchaser persona worksheet

that I’ve made for the understudies in my

Pinterest showcasing 101 course and when

you work out your purchaser persona it

gives you a decent visual and a smart thought

of who your optimal client is and afterward

when you realize that you would then be able to begin

pulling in more individuals simply like them

thus when you’re working out your

purchaser persona there’s some extraordinary

techniques that you can utilize in

various assets you can use to assemble

this and I’m not going to go into that

in this video since we don’t have time

for that however I do go into it top to bottom in

another video so I will put a connection down

underneath to that other video where I walk

you through working out your purchaser

persona and how to do that so once you

have this purchaser persona worked out it

gives you a smart thought of who your optimal

client is including their socioeconomics

so their pay their age their area


conjugal status their training those

kinds of data thus once you

realize that about your optimal client at that point

it’s an ideal opportunity to bounce into the extraordinary

stages and find the socioeconomics

of every stage so I’m working with my

visual fashioner to make a truly decent

infographic of the socioeconomics of each

internet based life stage so you can see

them in a preview yet you can likewise just

bounce out to Google and do a Google

search and see what the socioeconomics are

for every stage you’re going to discover information

about you know is it fundamentally male or

female what’s that rate split what

nations aren’t most of the

clients from and what number of clients from each

nation you’ll find, guess what

the normal age run with inside that

stage so there’s a ton of incredible

demographical data that you can

get some answers concerning every stage and what

you need to do is attempt and make sense of

alright so I know my optimal client

so which stage has the greatest

group of spectators of my optimal client so if your

perfect client is a female in her 30s

what’s more, 40s then you can take that

data and take a gander at all the

various channels to make sense of which

one has the biggest group of spectators of females

in their 30s and 40s so you need to

wed your optimal client data

with that demographical data of

the stages yet it’s essential to not

simply center around simply the socioeconomics in

your client it’s likewise imperative to

concentrate on yourself and I mean

knowing your qualities and shortcomings is

with the goal that you are setting yourself up for


what’s more, this implies taking a gander at the arrangement and

the recurrence of each channel and what I

mean by that is with design you know

a few channels are about video like

YouTube it’s about recordings others

it’s increasingly about content and picture posts and

sharing articles so LinkedIn is truly

incredible for sharing articles blog entries

news Pinterest is additionally extremely incredible for

sharing articles and accommodating how-to Xin

instructional exercises and instructive sort content

Instagram is extremely incredible for pictures and

visual and individual sort content so

you have to know the configuration that works

best on each channel and ensure that

it’s an arrangement that you are agreeable

with provided that you’re not happy

with the arrangement you won’t see

accomplishment on that stage it’s going to

overpower you it’s going to most likely

indeed, even alarm you where you simply don’t need

to contact it at all and I’ve seen this

with a ton of entrepreneurs that

I’ve counseled for in the past where

they thought you realize they truly needed

to develop their image on a particular

Channel I set up together a definite arrangement

for them on the most proficient method to do it and they never

contacted it and this is on the grounds that that channel

that they chose was not a configuration that

was agreeable for them so ensure

that you’re OK with it in light of the fact that

you’re never going to see achievement regardless

you know what number of your clients are

on that channel if it is anything but an arrangement

that is agreeable for you and afterward the

next piece is the recurrence so a few

channels it works extraordinary to post once a

week or once per day different channels you

should post on numerous occasions a day

to get results with your endeavors thus

you should know about the recurrence

what’s more, ensure that the recurrence that

works best on that channel is a

recurrence that you can keep up finished

time and it’s practical for you as a

entrepreneur on the grounds that again if

it’s not something that you can keep up

reliably after some time you are not going

to get results and afterward the last advance

is to know your objectives with your social

media advertising endeavors so for a few

individuals they will likely pull in new

clients and to drive traffic and leads

to their business now a great deal of the

internet based life channels are not perfect for

this so when we take a gander at a channel like

Facebook they are getting constrained

natural reach on the off chance that you need to pull in to

new clients you have to pay for promotions

presently in case you’re needing to assemble a

network and associate with your current

clients and construct more grounded

associations with them

Facebook is extraordinary for that since you

can make a Facebook bunch where you

associate with your clients on a more profound

level and you give them extra

esteem and extra help which I’m

going to place in a snappy improper fitting here

I really have a private Facebook gathering

called group of one entrepreneurs where

I couldn’t imagine anything better than to have you come go along with me

also, it’s an incredible spot for you to

interface with similar business visionaries

other entrepreneurs inquire

questions get guidance get criticism and be

some portion of a network of similarly invested

individuals so I’d love to have you go along with me

what’s more, more than 4,000 others over in that

Facebook gathering so I have a connection down

beneath for you to get to that now previously

we wrap this up I need to discuss

some great objectives to have with your social

media showcasing so obviously there’s

drawing in new clients driving leads

what’s more, deals and all that however I need to

let you know those are not extraordinary objectives to

have for customary online life

promoting so channels like Facebook

Twitter Instagram and LinkedIn are

thought about increasingly conventional online networking

channels and those are extremely extraordinary

channels to fabricate further connections

to associate with associate with your

clients they’re extremely extraordinary for

associating with your current client

on a more profound level and building that know

like and trust building up your

authority your believability and truly

situating yourself a