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Socignitor OTO – There is Two Front End Option  And Four OTOs. OTO1 is the Socignitor Pro  , OTO2 Is The Socignitor VidInflux and FB Live Engager  , OTO3 Is The Reseller , OTO4 Is The Socignitor DFY ,, 

Socignitor FE=>> Socignitor FE

Socignitor OTO1 Pro=>> Socignitor OTO1

Socignitor OTO2 Vindlnflux And Live Engager=>>Socignitor OTO2

Socignitor OTO3 Reseller=>> Socignitor OTO3

Socignitor OTO4 DFY=>> Socignitor OTO4


All Details About Socignitor OTO And Socignitor Upsell

About The Peoduct FEwhite line

SocIgnitor is an revolutionary ‘all in one’ Facebook Fan Engagement, Lead Generation, Marketing and Messenger software, that allows users to collect leads directly from Facebook and send bulk messages to their leads and FB Page Members.

It’s combined of suit of tools includes: 
  • FB Messenger ‘autoresponder’ which allows users to send bulk messages and automated responses to their leads and Fans directly through FB messenger (which is 100% inboxed)
  • Multi Lingual content curator with 1 click posting of content to increase Fan engagement and for marketing to page members and prospects.
  • Call To Action Poster that attracts and harvests leads that can be marketed to through FB Messenger.
  • Carousel and Slideshow poster to post these eyecatching elements across multiple pages simultaneously
  • Cross Poster that lets you post videos to multiple pages at once.
  • Full Analytics and reporting of performance of all your campaigns
  • And so much more
Socignitor FE=>> Socignitor FE


Socignitor OTO1:Pro Version

  • SocIgnitor Pro Software –​100% newbie friendly, cloud based software that enables you to turn your website into a Messenger marketing machine. It will integrate the following features seamlessly into Socignitor to infinitely increase your authority, following, leads and profits:
  • Website Lead Extractor– ​On the surface, this is a simple ‘message us’ button that appears on your website, but ‘behind the curtain, it’s a sales and lead generation monster. The magic of this button is that when someone clicks it, they automatically become your lead that you can market to (and make money from) over and over again.
  • Bot Generator – Bot Generator is a tool which automates your Facebook marketing, via Messenger. Set keyword parameters which dictate which automated reply is given to your leads. Use this tool to automatically reply to comments, reply to comments with private messages and obtain automatic likes on your post comments.
  • Chat Box  – Chat Box is an unlimited Messenger Live Chat Service, which you can add to your website to instantly increase your reach and build a better brand. With chat box, there are no limits to the amount of campaigns, messages or pages you use it on, giving you unlimited reach to generate clicks, leads and sales. Anyone who uses the chat box is automatically added as a messenger lead. The chat box also converts prospects to customers and sales on the spot, which is at the point when they are most likely to buy. This infinitely increases your bottom line.
  • Auto Inbox  – Enables you to manage all interactions across Facebook and Messenger in 1 place. The notification manager will inform you of all interactions with your pages so you can maximise the ROI of all your facebook marketing without having to login to numerous different systems.
  • Messenger Ad Generator – As you probably know, Facebook Messenger is a fantastic platform should you choose to do paid online advertising. Our Ad Generator module enables you to combine multiple messages and use them as Messenger Ads, saving you a huge amount of time. In addition, Facebook now enables you to communicate directly with your customers, maximising ROI from these automated ads.
  • World Class Training – Full step by step training on how to implement everything covered by this upgrade, to ensure you succeed in getting wildly profitable results for your business.
  • World Class Customer Support – Our support team are on hand to help and assist if you have any problems at all with SocIgnitor. Simply raise a ticket and our support team will send a prompt response to you.
  • Agency Licence (Worth $497) – For a limited number of buyers who take action today, we’re including agency licence so you can use SocIgnitor Pro for your clients and charge them for it.
Socignitor OTO1 Pro=>> Socignitor OTO1


Socignitor OTO2 :Vindlnflux And Live Engager

Get instant access to two of the best selling Facebook Marketing Tools ,that work hand in hand with SocIgnitor, sending your online profits into overdrive…


it  is a cloud based software that well creates captivating, viral Facebook videos in less than 60 seconds, with a few simple clicks of Your  mouse… This software turns “normal boring videos” into engaging content that showcases your logo, brand or key message to hungry prospects, These videos turn standard fan pages into into profit pulling powerhouses… It works perfectly in any niche and importantly, you do not need any video editing skills to use it… And for those of you keen on the laptop lifestyle, the VidInflux dashboard will do everything for you, so your video produces traffic and sales for you 24/7…\


FB Live Engager creates an engaging ‘live’ videos for Facebook pages… Facebook rewards ‘Live’ videos with 10X more traffic than regular videos, meaning more traffic, engagement and profits for your business

Socignitor OTO2 Vindlnflux And Live Engager=>>Socignitor OTO2


Socignitor OTO3:Reseller

Make an Additional Income Stream with Socignitor, This is the EASIEST Way Possible

  • Hijack Socignitor For Yourself…
  • Keep 100% Of All The Money…
  • You’re Only 1-Click Away From Plug & Play Commissions…
  • Leverage Our Proven World-Class Funnel In 1-Click That’s Cost Us $5,000+ To Build…
  • 100% Newbie Friendly…
  • Scale Up To Multiple 5 Figures A Month…
  • Finally Breakthrough To A Job Replacing Income…

Socignitor OTO3 Reseller=>> Socignitor OTO3


Socignitor OTO4 :DFY


A Complete Money-Making System That Pull’s In Huge Done For You Sales & Profits… Use This With Socignitor For Hands-Free Income… At Last Experience Financial Freedom…. Provide For Your Loved Ones With Confidence… Earn Online With Certainty & Predictability… Quit Your Job And Enjoy Life To The Fullest… Scale to $3K, $5K, $10K Even $20K Per Month…

Socignitor OTO4 DFY=>> Socignitor OTO4


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Socignitor Review Video For Front End


TEXT Fro This Video

Hey are you sick and tired of your
Facebook ads not converting well enough
well you should be I was too until I
found this keep watching and I’m sure
that you’ll thank me after that
hello friends hope you guys are doing
well in this quick video I’m going to
show you a short demo of our brand new
product named so signature submitter is
the revolutionary world’s very first
most powerful and complete facebook
messenger marketing software with this
application you will be able to send
bulk messages to your Facebook page fans
or messenger leads and not only that in
fact it is combined of Suites of tools
for generating messenger leads so let’s
take a short tour of it right now you
are seeing the login portal of so
signature this is completely a web
application and you just need a regular
internet connection to use it so here I
am going to login to my so signature
account and after login he will land on
this dashboard first of all you need to
set up and connect your Facebook account
with signature which is very easy
because so signature is pre-approved by
Facebook app verification team so you
just need to press this button and have
to log in with your Facebook account and
he will immediately get this message
your account has been imported
successfully so our account is connected
and you can see all my Facebook fan
pages are imported here now let me show
you all the innovative features of
searching later so clicking on new
campaign and you can see all the
features like auto connect it be poster
carousel poster cross poster CTA poster
and connect fans etc and I will explain
each and every feature one by one now
let’s start with the Auto Connect
feature so signature allow you to create
fresh content for an English you can
fetch viral articles for any keyword
automatically for your AP post for an
example here I am writing benefits of
green tea and when I hit the search
button you can see all the articles
related to green tea are fetched here
these articles are copyright free under
Creative Commons license so you can use
them so you can just pick any one from
them and she can edit the final content
from here you can also change the
default language of the content we have
all the languages are listed here like
here I can change the article into
Arabic or say Spanish you can see the
article is not changed into Spanish or
say Japanese you can see the content is
changed into Japanese all right now
let’s say I need content on benefit of
SEO so I’m just changing it to SEO so
you can see all the contents along with
the useful text are in listed here you
can also create viral hashtags for your
post to gets more traffic you can use
this hashtag generator which will give
you the most viral hashtags based on the
keyword selection you can easily copy
the generated hashtags with the copying
button ready
alright now come to the next feature our
next feature is AP posture this smart
feature allows you to post content on
multiple Facebook fan pages that can be
simple messages links images or videos
so you do not need to open each and
every fan pages and post on there
manually you can immediately or schedule
posts to unlimited number of Facebook
fan pages that you want all you need to
do is compose your post set intervals
select your pages and post and we will
take over from here
let me post a video from here so first
of all you need to put a campaign name
and then you can write the post body
from here I have already copied a
content from auto content feature which
I am pasting here and now I am uploading
my video you can see the video is start
uploading and once it finished you can
also watch the video preview from here
now select your Facebook fan page where
you want to publish this video you can
select multiple fan pages for now I am
selecting one of my sample page and
clicking on create post button and
within a second he will be redirect to
this report page you can check the
status showing the video is published
already it’s just like a magic in a
blink of eyes you can publish videos to
your multiple Facebook fan pages you can
see my video is published successfully
on the selected fan page along with a
video description and all the hashtags
alright so coming to the next feature of
social network the next one is castle
poster with this feature you can create
a post and schedule two type of castle
post for your multiple Facebook fan
pages now it is Facebook castle post is
a viral marketing and promotional tool
regarding Facebook marketing let me show
you some example from a sample page here
you can see with a carousel you can show
as many as five images or product in
this sliding format and not only that
you can add links on these images you
can add buttons and all the popular a
companies are now using carousel
features for their product promotion and
now you can easily get the benefit of
this awesome features by using our tool
and not only image carousel but you can
also create video slideshows for your
Facebook fan pages just you need to
create the campaign
set the time duration for each slides
said the transition duration upload your
images and you can easily create this
type of slideshows videos for your
Facebook fan page slideshow ports are
really very eye-catching an attractive
ways to easily showcase your product and
detail your stories which signature
slideshows can be easily created in just
minutes and these are more engaging than
steel image posters so now coming to the
cross poster feature so signature allow
you to create cross posting which is a
way to use videos across multiple pages
let’s say you have post a video on one
of your Facebook fan page and now you
want to publish the same video on your
other friend pages – you don’t need to
manually upload the video on each of
your fan page 18 energy with
cross-posting feature you can do that
job with just a single click you can see
here is my video which I just published
a few time ago so now all I need to
click on this cross post button and you
have to select my other fan pages from
this drop-down list and once I click on
this submit button the video will start
uploading on this selected pages so this
is about cross-posting feature and now
coming to the next feature named CTA
poster with this feature you can create
call-to-action posts on your Facebook
fan pages this powerful tool collect
messenger leads and motivates your
Facebook visitors to send you a message
let me show you example first of all
just put a campaign name put the message
party here
you can also put your website link here
all right now select your fanpage from
the drop-down list and click on the
create post button and within a second
your post will be publish on the
Facebook fan page you can see that a
report by clicking here and by clicking
the visit link you can directly open
your created Furby poster like here you
can see my post is published
successfully along with a send message
CTA button and this feature work as a
lead generating machine all you do is
sit back and watch your list grow
exponentially whenever a new fan will
click on this button he or she will can
directly interact with you and not only
that he or she will immediately add to
your subscriber list so related you can
directly send them promotional messages
promotional links etc and obviously I
will show you now how you can do that so
that being said now I am introducing the
most vital feature of so chic knitter
that is called to connect friend feature
but before that let me tell you our last
but not in the list feature of such
here you can see that I am login with
one of my Facebook account
but signature Socignitor OTO allow you to connect your
multiple Facebook accounts so if you
have multiple Facebook accounts and each
account have multiple Facebook fan pages
you can manage them all under single do
all you need to do is go to the insight
Socignitor OTO Socignitor OTO
option then log out from your Facebook
account if you already have one account
opened on the Socignitor OTO browser and then log in
from another account share I am logging
from another account now clicking on
this log in with Facebook button
and you can see my other Facebook
account is imported here with all the
fan pages you can also check the current
insight report of any of the Facebook
fan pages by clicking on this icon so
now coming to the connect event feature
you can automatically broadcast messages
to your entire it B leads with justic
single click all you need to do is visit
the fan base option and open the import
fans option from here you will see all
your connected Facebook fan pages just
open the page from which you want to
import leads or subscribers let’s say
this one just click on the scanned page
inbox button and it will immediately
start spending your fan page and you can
see I have import total 3421 dates from
this Facebook fan page now these are my
own page fans who interact on my fan
Socignitor OTO Socignitor OTO
Socignitor OTO s Socignitor OTO upsell
page inbox or say this one so again I am
clicking on scan page inbox button and
it quickly import total of 1266 page
fans and with this leads you can also
create defined proofs based on their
behaviors or based on their location or
based on your niche etc and you can also
check all your fans at once by visiting
the fan list option alright so now to
Socignitor OTOSocignitor OTO
interact with your fan just open in the
connect fan option so from here you can
create multi page campaign means you can
send messages to the multiple Leafs from
your connected fan pages or you can
create multi group campaign means you
can send messages to multiple groups
which you have created on the fan base
option or you can create custom
campaigns by which you can send messages
to your individual leaves or subscribers
let me show you an example of multi page
campaign Socignitor OTO upgrade
seit a campaign name we write down your
message and you can also insert your
promotional link or website link you can
also see the message you preview from
here now select the fan pitch from this
drop-down list and also you can exclude
some specific leads to get your message
and also you can set a delay time for
each message sent to avoid spamming and
also you can put unsubscribe link inside
your message and she can also shedule
your message or can immediately send it
so once you have done this just click on
create campaign button and you can see
all my seven subscribers from the
selected page are already kicked the
message let me show you from my
assistants Facebook account who is in my
subscriber list and you can see he have
already got the messages with the
promotional link so in this way you can
send bulk messages to all your fan pages
leads at once so guys these are the most
exclusive feature of soo signature also
you can check the report pages from
where you can check each and every
report and status of your created
campaigns and not only that from the
dashboard option you will get a detailed
statistics of your created campaigns
like number of subscribers total message
saints completed campaigns and
Socignitor OTO Socignitor OTO
subscriber lists etc so as these are all
about so signature but you will
definitely get a lot more once you get
hand on it plus you will get tons of
extra features on our upgraded version
so make sure to  Socignitor OTO check them and also we
have all the step-by-step training
videos inside the membership area so
that you can easily set up your social
network Socignitor OTO account but in case if you face
any kind of issue just email us or
contact us Socignitor OTO through our help desk and we
will resolve your issue immediately so
that’s it for now thank you for watching
the video and I’ll see you inside thanks
for watching I hope you got a lot from
it and Socignitor OTO Socignitor OTO
don’t forget to click the link below for
my special discounted price