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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

SociRobotic OTO Hey guys, if you like this content, I would greatly appreciate it. If you guys liked the video and subscribed to my channel, it helps us make these videos worth it going forward. What’Sup guys, it’s Altcoin Sherpa here with the crypto market review. As always, this is not financial advice; I’m not an expert. Do your own research, okay!

So today, I just want to review BTC used on a daily uh right now, we see a potential breakout of this range. That’S been uh here, like price, has been in this range for the last several months.SociRobotic OTO All the way since many don’t know if you can really call this a bullish market structure, yet I mean typically uh price is usually in a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or arrange consolidation. In my opinion, this is just like an overall range. I don’t really think you can really call this uh a high.


I mean, you could maybe make the argument. This last move right here was the last significant uh high that price made, and you could maybe also make the argument that this is like a higher low than what was established back in late June, uh right here at this lower uh 28.3 k or whatever it is for 20.6kso. If you want to make that argument that this was the last high in June uh 15th uh or any of these types of moves that we saw back in uh mid-July like, I don’t really consider those a high like as crypto cred says, highs and lows are very distinguishable on the chart.

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As you can, kind of see like back uh before, like these were all pretty distinguishable highs that price made and, don’t really know if you can call this a high back in June but. If you do, then you can maybe make the argument this is now bullish. Market structure on the daily, which would be significant because we haven’t seen that since uh April, and again, I’m a little bit conflicted myself personally believe this is still just a SociRobotic OTO range. I don’t really think this is a bullish market structure – quite yet. As I said, there are usually three different stages of a market trend, and the price is usually in one of those three stages to me: this is still just the range now. With that said, I still believe that price is bullish up until 50000.


There’S a lot of reasons for that number. Unlike everybody got wiped out on this big move. Down. Don’T really think there were enough sellers to push the price down to new lows from that range: um, on the high timeframe, charts of course, like price like you, know tapped these lows like quite a bit, but they never broke through and uh, I believe, there’s just a lot. Moreuntapped liquidity up near fifty thousand dollars volume profile shows as well that there’s a lot of trading activity around 50k, which is where people like to transact.

So that’s like an area that you know, I think the price will go towards after that I actually have no idea where the price is going to head after that point. I don’t know if the price is going to, you know, go up even higher, like 60 000 certainly possible, then break down price. Could group to 50 000 and SociRobotic OTO then start to break down what I kind of expected and what I was looking for, and this is for months now honestly, I really thought that price was going to break up in like June, but I was like totally wrong on the timing of It I mean prices needed to shop around for quite a bit more time than I thought my personal opinion. I think the price goes up. To like 50 000 uh comes back down and then like make some sort of like higher low on like higher time from charts and then like.


We see some sort of uh lower high higher low type of uh. You know consolidation and prices continue to chop. Around think that’s kind of like what I’m predicting right now like. I would be surprised if price like pushes down to like the 20ks, but I’m still holding. True to that, like I’m so open to that idea that, you know.

SociRobotic OTO

Maybe this is still just like the beer market in general, and the price goes. 50 000, you know, starts hitting some support levels, but like lower highs, and then then, we see like some nuke down to like twenty thousand dollars. Uh, if this were to happen, then uh the entire market will just like obviously get destroyed um. All coins will get annihilated even; big caps will get annihilated unit swap [ __ ] coins or BSc or nuts. Those will all get annihilated um.


That’S like a doomsday scenario for me. I don’t think that’s what’s really SociRobotic OTO going to happen. Personally, I think like the midterm lows are in myself; like I don’t think that 30k will get broken, but I really want to see the reaction. To like. 50.

000 um, that’s kind of what I’m expecting. Let’S go to lower timeframe charts. I actually think that everything looks really healthy, unlike an ema standpoint on the four hours as was, saying in other videos like this 200 empathise red line. If there’s a large gap between price and the ema, as you can see, right, here the first tap of this ema – is usually good support or resistance level. Another example would be the 200-day ema for support that we saw with many all coins.


Those were really good initial buys that we saw before and, as I said before, there was a large gap between price and the premium. Those were good support levels beforehand, uh. Alternatively, this is now a solid resistance area. Around June 15th this was, like you, know, resistance and, as you can see, this 200 ema on the four-hour wash, you know. Obviously, ema’s are lagging behind these.


This area usually is a resistance. Area until. You see a lot of consolidation with price when. You see consolidation with price and price. The ema starting to flip bullish, meaning that you, see these uh, the faster ema starting to bullishly cross, uh, the lagging ones like the 200so like you’ll, see the 50 100 and stuff like that crossing, the 200

That’S usually a pretty good sign that things are looking good, and,SociRobotic OTO, as I said before, this is the first time that we’ve seen this entire range that this red ema is now flipped up bullish, meaning that a price is above it now we didn’t really see a test of this 200 emawe Got close to it around 37k, but as of right now price, looks pretty good.


I mean, there is still, pretty good healthy volume. Coming cinemas look strong and, in my opinion, uh, what I said before. There is a lot of untapped liquidity. Higher the 200-day ema additionally has been flipped. Well, that’s another important thing to see this red line.

SociRobotic OTO

Uh, was resistance a few times in May and, then June, and then now it’s hoped to support but be careful because, during these types of interactions, you’ll often see lots of flip-flopping, as you can see in 2019 and uh. You know some parts of 2020we saw that this 200 ema was flipping support and resistance breakout OTO all throughout this, like kind of ranges. It wouldn’t surprise me to see something similar to this, where you see like-kind of some chop with this 200-day ema, but um, you know for now like it’s. It supports so, like you, know it, wouldn’t surprise me something like this. The group goes trade below the 200-day ema like trade here trade above it; you know something like this like would make uh sense to me.


Nowhere. Are we contextually like it? Is this still like a bull market? Is it a bear market? I mean this to me, it doesn’t look super healthy in terms of the higher time frame.


Charts like those two like weeks were price. Nuked back in may SociRobotic, OTO was obviously pretty devastating. You could maybe make the argument that this is like making like a higher low um, because lows take along time to form, as I said before, like let’s just look at another like bitcoin chart here. So here’s like a coinbase chart um, as you can see here like lows, take a long time to form they’ll. Take several weeks to develop.

SociRobotic OTO