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Users can send up 10 broadcasts per month to unlimited contacts for 12 months. Includes full commercial license and all the powerful traffic, social media following and conversation features.

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Finally, users can sell any kind of product right inside the inbox. Users get access to our SociSell and SociMail features.

SociSell allows users to create a built in checkout with Stripe and Paypal and broadcast products to contacts making sales in the inbox.

SociMail allows users to import email lists and the software will find and add those contacts from Instagram. These 2 features are a world first with SociSend.

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This is exactly what it says on the tin. Unlimited users will be able to send unlimited broadcasts to unlimited contacts across unlimited Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Members of SociSend Masterclass will get access to a detailed program which will teach how to use all kinds of free and paid traffic sources to build huge social media following.

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Tools That Help You

Build Huge Social Media Followings, Import & Export Leads & Broadcast Rich Media Messages To Unlimited Contacts On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Import Unlimited Leads
Import unlimited contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even your email subscribers.

Send Broadcasts Everywhere
Send rich media broadcasts including images, videos and call-to-actions to all of your contacts right inside their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram inboxes at once. NEVER been done before!

Build Your Following
Create highly engaging posts and messages that automatically add people that engage with them to your marketing lists.

Connect Lost Leads
Instantly reconnect with people that have engaged with your posts in the past. Never lose another potential customer.

Powerful Integrations
SociSend comes with built-in powerful integrations for some of the most popular marketing integrations. Export leads to Mailvio, use images from Youzign and post videos from Create by Vidello to name a few.

Sell Products In The Inbox
This has NEVER been done before. Our Elite upgrade allows users to sell products right inside the inbox using a built in checkout.

Built In Analytics
SociSend comes complete with fully detailed analytics. Always know exactly is working and what isn’t for your business.

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Video Review For front End Only


as Salam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you all how are you guys this is
say there once again as you can see
today’s product is called so cease and
so what is this all about it’s it’s
basically about it’s it’s a I can say
it’s kind of messenger marketing tool
it’s a cloud-based app where you’ll be
able to send message to Instagram
Facebook as well as Twitter three
platforms you’d be able to directly send
messages to your list straight to the
inbox when I say inbox it’s basically me
direct messages like in to the messenger
and it is Twitter direct messages as
well as the Instagram direct messages
basically you know that private message
what’d he do chatting that’s what I’ve
taught you so this is through this
software you’ll be able to send direct
messages to your list in facebook
Instagram and and Twitter that’s what
the association is all about there are
lots of like no cool features are there
let me go through it so if you like it
just click the link below you will not
on this page you can see this this is
the page let me go through other from
the top you see this get your messages
to all the top so she’ll be the end box
with just one click sky rock to your
open rates they always say you know the
email email is you know going email open
rates are going down the messenger like
you know nowadays people are using to
sports you know messenger BOTS like
manna chat and stuff the reason is
people do you know they use Mobile’s a
lot and when it comes to messenger the
the keeps you know it the message keeps
popping up on their phones because
people all the time in Facebook and
Instagram and when the messages come it
comes keep popping up on the phone and
the open rates are really really high so
it’s like you’re instantly people do
open and see them read the message
that’s why the open rates are high and
there’s a good chance we can send them
very very cool messages like any cool
offers the idea behind so she send is
you are able to send offers inst like
directly to the inbox and we are gonna
get open rates and your you could also
make them you know click the link and
direct them to
with all four he was trying to set
that’s the idea behind it this is the
page you’ll add and there’s a proper
demo this actually you can see this is a
demo of this but still I will show you
inside the product there’s a full demo
of this product here but you can see
this you can see this is one idea
because facebook Messenger marketing has
80 10 to 80 times per day engagement
then email I mean what I’m trying to
tell is email is not dead but still what
I’m saying is the open rates are more
high in in messages our direct messages
like inboxes let’s just give you an idea
what’s this all about before taking you
in just giving it yeah this is this is
you can see how powerful this is people
do you know 2.27 belay keeps increasing
guys Facebook and other people see they
say the traffic is like you know they
don’t know where to find traffic how to
drive traffic this is where the traffic
is you know Facebook Instagram or
Twitter people are hiding out there you
just need to go and present yourself in
front of them and like you know not just
once in a we go once in a blue moon you
need to be there each and every day and
it’s that’s the place may you be able to
present the offers and you’re very very
good chance you’ll be able to get in no
sales that’s through social media play
when we when we dissociation what is our
idea is you’ll be able to hit them
directly inside the inbox you know
people do tend to open the inboxes so or
like open rates are really really high
and when they open the messages if your
messages are gonna be really cool really
interesting really attractive people do
click OK you can see an example of what
can be done you can see this such a
message with the image or a video can be
done from this app and hi it see this we
have a great sale on the moment 50% down
to our stores visitors unlink you or you
are Philly it link or whatever the link
and then you get a click Buy button as
well you can click it and it will
Carrick them straight to their offer
very water so this is an example of a
message which you can send
that’s the most important feature of
this product broadcast message okay send
all top social media box which
when I say sending messages not just
like sending Facebook sending inside you
can send like with one click you’ll be
able to send to Facebook Instagram and
all three lists whichever you are having
you know you send rich media broadcast
include images videos and calls to
actions to all of your contacts right
inside the face propagate so this is a
cool feature actually so never lose the
lead again basically this is a feature
where in case if we have a Facebook
group of so a Facebook page where you
add an engagement like long time back
and if you want to get them back you
know all those people who are commented
you can get the Facebook post ID and add
it to this software and it will try to
retrieve all those leads and you can
start sending the list to that that’s
the messages to them that’s another cool
feature and they have some cool
integrations like you know these are all
the previous softwares no you should
heard about male vo it’s a one-time or
two responder video Robo or these are
all like you sign these are all cool
software’s which you can integrate with
powerful integration with with
association and analytics that’s that’s
always okay that’s jump on the product
directly I’ll just show you inside
quickly to get an idea of what it looks
like sorry guys once again so this is
the software I can see a get an idea I
have only a demo access which I don’t I
have not integrated any of my accounts
reason is it’s like we can’t really use
my accounts actually they have added it
actually just give you an idea what it
is you can see there first of all they
can see my accounts you’ll be able to
get an idea like add your accounts and
stuff like you can see the seven icons
have been added that’s cool as well you
can add any number of accounts
that’s what I like it you know I should
tell you guys the reason is top
marketers if you see they do have not
just one account they do have multiple
accounts yeah I do have multiple
accounts but I use it for different
purposes not for like you know there’s a
different topic okay you can have my
empty number of Facebook accounts
Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts
but for a personal that is different but
for selling and for selling purposes as
for you know that’s different thing you
know trying to get social syndication
you do have and I do have multiple I
thought since it’s different topic I
have talked about before about social
syndication that’s where you get lots of
social signals where you get backlinks
that’s the difference to read but I’m
saying for this for this product you can
have multiple you can add multiple
Facebook accounts Twitter account so
that’s one thing some top some of them
are upsells okay let’s the main topic
your main important part of the entire
thing is broadcast that’s the core of
this product so basically you come
inside this product you can see this it
shows you 14 created 11 sent people who
are clicked fight click throughs to
errors to pay pending you know 1 cancel
so you can see this the adjuster sample
here hi this is the message you’re
sending Isis you deserve a treat that’s
why we are letting you know about the
fantastic sales just click here you know
with the link that’s that’s one of the
message I get school thing actually you
can add your your leads first name
there’s option to add that high with the
first name we are a vibrant and quality
product which may be of your interest
now at a cheaper price basically you’re
sending such messages direct to the
inbox that’s the power of it ok just
give you I’ll give you an idea let’s go
and just try it out this ELISA reports
let’s show you a new broadcast you can
see new test ok so basically these are
all the accounts just been added like
Instagram Twitter Facebook whatever your
add a bit whatever it is under that you
will have list okay I’m just choosing
the list this list I’m choosing this
list in Twitter I’m choosing this list a
Facebook its each and every Facebook
you’ll have pin fan book Facebook fan
pages that’s where you’ll be able to
send them okay not to your personal
thing okay you should have a Facebook
page this doesn’t have this okay this as
a list okay I’m just this is a sample
which has been already added I just did
it okay once you added it new okay and
then I just go here and then I just
press proceed so you can see this is
really broadcast audience this block
we’ll be sent to 15 audience this list
has to list as nine zero whatever it is
okay looks good
proceed so once it’s added and it shows
here these are the platforms you’re
sending to Instagram accounts to
Facebook accounts to imagine how much
powerful like you know even if you I
think you’ll have a agency license I’m
not sure I’ll show you if they have a
agents license you can do this for your
clients you know sending direct messages
to their you know clients account like
you know clients followers that’s really
gonna be really really powerful
broadcast I tell something you noticed
again this if you say what I’m typing
here you can see it just appears how it
looks like hi this is the best offer
something like that I’m just gonna show
you this is you can see on the right
hand side how it looks like this is the
best offer and this is the place where
you want to add or not
do you want a call to act it is button
yes if you press s you can make it as
sign up or buy now or you know learn
more you know something like that
learn more something like that you know
it’s a call to action button and this is
the place where you’ll be able to put
your affiliate link out like the offer
or the landing page or the opt-in page
where you want them to take to opt-in
page really will be a very very cool way
imagine all those lists inside your
facebook messenger can be directed
towards to your email list
always remember email is the only thing
they have more control of like people
you have no control of nothing else you
know in the online your website might be
hacked or your face buckles can be shut
down your Instagram can be shut down but
when you have email list it’s a good way
you save it you know you have an email
list on your account even if one or one
auto responder doesn’t work and I
imported and put it on an account a
responder so building an email list is
always important but I know I’m talking
about open trades which are less and
stop on a tour and trying to say is
diverting these people to your email
list through an opt-in page and I know
taking the email ID and sending them
their offer is a really good idea
okay so you just giving an idea of it
you know how powerful
use of such software for such purposes
actually I’m just putting
okay then whether you want to send now
or schedule this is something crude
which imagine every week imagine you
want to say you can really plan that for
the next four weeks I’m going to do like
for broadcast and you can share you
later keep it really cool feature when
you keep your and just put a date
eighteenth or something like that you
know 18 and it could put a timing on it
then send broadcasts that’s it so it’s
like enter your I didn’t okay I didn’t
enter this message this is something you
need to enter as well you can see this
this is a cool feature from what you say
you can personalize the name hi sorry
sorry sorry
you can see this the message comes here
hi first name and then you can say
please check out there’s this offer okay
something like that you know very good
food feature and you can also there was
an option to add yeah already see this
this is what I like it there’s option to
add media and you can see the if you go
there’s option to add a media beep or
video or like a beep image that’s that’s
really really powerful feature that’s
something I need to show you
that’s what is important one actually
okay let me move this one when this if
you want to do a media message broadcast
in case if you don’t know what to add
and stuff this is an extra added feature
where you just click that magnifying
glass and you come here you’ll be able
to find images from Pixar base Flickr on
you side whether it is images templates
or gifts this is my favorite one this
will be a very good attractive in tips
people see their mobile and they see
these gifs you know give sorties they
get attracted you know just go and just
search like money you know something
like that you know just you search and
it comes up with all those crazy images
with money or what depending upon
whatever the topic you’re trying to sell
a product go and get it you know just go
get it and add this through the image
and it is gonna be attractive dog you
know just giving an idea how what like
it’s good to have there added this
inside the
inside the what he called such dog so is
it good they added this feature inside
it so that when people see it on the
mobile people do tend to watch it for a
few seconds you have grabbed their
attention you know then when they read
it down there’s a good chance you have
you can add it okay so from here you can
actually you can copy the URL of the
jiff and you can add it here on this one
you can see this entire URL can add it
here it will be added that’s what it is
so let me go back to the text that’s a
very good feature guys I really like
that option of first just this is the
button you search and we will get the
message then you press come here then
send broadcast then it would be
broadcasted on the scheduled date this
is the most important feature of the
overall so she said okay but I know I
need to you can go through the demo
video or the speech on the first link
and you can watch all the other features
you can see all these features on there
but the most important is this one this
is also the Association and Sochi
traffic or the upsells actually yeah
actually this is an absolute Europe
Sochi traffic which I think I’ll
cross-check I think I remember this was
part of the upsell but anyway I’ll just
give you an idea these are all like you
know this is like list like which of the
Facebook basically all those all those
accounts which was Instagram or Twitter
or Facebook all those people who have
been under your page or over here you
know you can be added to this place this
what is called either way there is a
disk to the list or the Facebook list
you be able to say just give me an idea
you can see this this is one of the
Instagram account and under this you’ll
be able to come here you can manage this
account in this account they have like
nine contacts like in this account if
they see great you have like 10 10
contacts in this
ecomp is like under 13 contact these are
all those buyers or those lists or the
customers within your within your thing
if you want to go and manage its press
manage you’ll be able to see it all
those people’s name as well as the tag
the sorry the user name so these are all
the people you if you want again like
you know this is basically this it has
pulled it all those information from
that list
so that’s imagine how much powerful it
is so you be basically you’re sending
messages to these people in their inbox
that’s the idea behind the product okay
that’s what it is to do with lists then
audience yeah this is something I need
to tell you guys I think there’s a
feature in this where you’ll be able to
I’m not sure exactly with the Twitter
followers or Instagram yeah this is this
year this is basically this is the place
where you be able to add the page and
you’ll be able to import that list from
that account that’s these features here
and the lead magnet Instagram lead
magnet yes yes I think this is the one
let me show let me show you some
features here actually I’m not sure
actually there is a feature in this
setup default okay it’s not added here
okay because actually this is an account
which is like they have added the demo
accounts I can’t add my account but you
know there’s like demo access not my I
can’t add this one okay there’s a
feature in this I’ll tell you what’s a
feature actually you’ll be able to go
and search any of your favorite
celebrity or somebody and you will be
able to pull in all those people who are
following them imagine how powerful is
that you’ll be able to type in anybody
you know any of the favorite stars or
favorite movie people followers like
Instagram account name and like you will
be able to pull in all those lists from
that account those people are following
it in my but there is a there is a like
like a limit because if you are pulling
all those people’s information actually
the reason is reason little bit you know
they they might say you so reason is
you’re not given the permission to pull
their names but you have pull this list
all the lists will be there inside so
she said but don’t think that you’ll be
able to mass send the image what they
have done is they have done in such a
way they have put a limit on it because
the reason is you can’t spam the reason
is we have pulled those people’s lists
inside so she sent lists and you will be
able to market to them but
is gonna be like like I think there’s
going to be a little bit of ten or
twenty one lead messages like person you
can send single day like ten to fifty I
think I’m not sure that I’m sure it is
in the demo watch it I think there’s
like you’ll be able to set for 50 people
I think 50 or something reason is
because you’re gonna pull in lots of
people’s lists and you can’t stand them
okay reason is they are not accepting
you or like you know like you didn’t get
that permission to add them to your list
but you know there’s a feature you’ll be
able to add it but when you send the
message you’ll be listing I think 50 per
day I think 50 per day there’s a limit
so that you don’t spam that be so that’s
a feature is there check it out I think
there’s in the demo so you’ll be able to
really make use of this software very
good okay
so that’s that’s it is guys I mean you
can watch it demo here I think I’ve
taken too much time of yours watch it
here lets me jump on to the price first
all those features will I told you are
the main features it’s gonna be forty
seven dollars okay I’m alright yes so
she said Pro yeah yeah it’s forty seven
dollars users can send up to ten dot
cash that’s okay very less okay imagine
you know if you would really I think
that’s what these marketing is all about
so they will make you buy the upsell now
okay let’s see the alike version finally
users can sell any kind of product
inside the involve using a text see this
this is what I’m telling you there’s an
access to so she sell and so she mail
actually if there’s a mailing feature as
well what so she sell is allows user to
create a built-in checkout with stripe
and PayPal that’s cool guys you’ll be
able to add stripe and PayPal within
your that messages to integrate and
broadcast products to contacts making
making sales in the inbox so that’s a so
she sell okay that’s that’s the extra
feature I told you right so she mail
allows use it in put email lists and the
software will find and add those
contacts from the Instagram these two
features are the world’s first okay
that’s cool these two are the extra
features which is going to be part of so
she sent in the Allied features and also
there is a limit
ten broadcasts on the front end that’s
very very less okay
many wait that’s how they make you buy
guys I don’t know it’s up there guys I
don’t know what stage are you in if you
think you’re not gonna send so much
messages you can stick to the front end
but I think at least a light version I
think there’s an I’m not sure whether
this has a full unlimited one it says
there’s an extra feature let’s see the
other one $27 per ma this is exactly
what it says on that okay the third one
is what is for unlimited users will be
able to send unlimited contact sport
okay okay so looks like the 3rd upsell
that is $27 per month that is what is
unlimited okay so I can’t help you guys
okay so it’s up to you you can test it
out and also remember this is wrong the
absence of they in your in your like it
will be on the membership area you can
always come back and buy it when you buy
a new software you could always test it
if you’re happy satisfied come back and
buy it but if you can afford it go and
buy the upsell number 3 this is $27 per
month because it’s unlimited broadcast
that’s really a very good feature but
they made it like per month version I
don’t know I can’t that’s what that’s
how it is and the last one is the master
class for $49 it’s well I don’t think
really that much and there’s a agency
license for 297 user can select read
unlimited account for unlimited clients
well this is what I was telling imagine
using this software for your clients and
there are cons you can pull all those
list people and send them messages
that’s gonna be powerful guys imagine
you’re gonna manage like a social media
for management for your account for your
clients you can pull in the accounts
information get all the lists into the
marketing list and send them abroad
casting messages that’s going to be like
a cool way like any offers any Christmas
offers any new year off verse they can
keep sending messages sorry guys
so I feel it’s up to you guys at the
water a light seems to be really good
as well as there are few products where
they make you such a way that you end up
buying more upsells actually but it’s up
to you guys I don’t want the company on
anything it’s your money you need to
decide but to my knowledge I feel it’s
it’s all about broadcasting is a mostly
what we teach the third one seems to be
the most important one and the second
one if you really like this stripe and
PayPal feature like within the Inbox
if not you can direct them straight to
your opt-in page and then you can sell
it as well it’s up to you guys I mean
it’s it’s like an extra feature where
you’ll be able to add this type of paper
within it so people always in the more
public if they don’t need to be directed
towards a different website and then
make them buy it you can make it within
the Inbox that’s the extra feature it’s
totally up to you you can decide whether
you like it or not okay that’s what it
is guys that so she said seems to be a
promising one but as I always say when
here then you watch when you get a new
software buy it and test it you have
this 30 days you know testing you know
what I call the Karen T stuff we can
test it out if you like it buy the
upsells okay that’s it guys that’s so
she said boy if you like it click the
link below and get it and I also added
some cool bonuses it’s all to do with
affiliate marketing actually I can see
this out Takeda pro-law offer a flip
marketing you know this is one of the
best you can get and this is where I
learnt everything who do you mean you
get free access to it this is to do with
Amazon it’s like complete range of all
these cool products since this is my
second link but you no need to bother
you just link click the first link to
buy it and all these bonuses will be
delivered instantly inside or a place or
JB so I think see me so if you see this
this is where it will be delivered this
product all these if it means a little
bit to you so you know if you any doubts
click here through my perfect group or
through direct to me contact me or
comment below I’ll reply to it okay and
most of all they don’t buy the product
for the sake of bonuses if you like the
product buy it
get bonuses I know I made the mistakes I
know I’m guilty of it but having said
that bonuses are there just to you know
because when you click the link below
and buy it I do get come
so I just wanted to give you something
good bonuses that’s why it’s okay so I
appreciate that I’m gonna buy through my
link but it doesn’t mean like you know
if you don’t like it if you check the
demo fully watch it if you like it buy
it and then if you if you like the
upsells buy it
test it out and if you’re not happy you
know I’m sure you know looks like a
promising software I hope they keep it
like you know hope this is gonna be
helpful for you guys I think I’m sure he
can you know you know you drop me a
comment below and let me know how we are
going on with the software and if your
first time watching this make sure you
click the two buttons one is subscribe
button and the Bell notification I can’t
that’s the way I’ll be able to be in
touch with you guys thanks a lot see you
in the next v

SociSend OTO

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