Speaq OTO – 1st ,2nd ,3rd And Four links for upsell

Speaq OTO

Speaq OTO – There Are two Front End Options And Four OTOs . All Links And Details bellow


Speaq FE=>Speaq FE

OTO1 PRO Version=>>Speaq OTO1

OTO2 expansion package=>>Speaq OTO2

OTO3 resellers package=>>Speaq OTO3

OTO4 Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)=>>Speaq OTO4


OTO1 :PRO Version
You can upgrade to unlimited videos, hosting, renders, agency rights and more. you also are able to upgrade to be able to share their bot link an unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB pages, Groups, YouTube etc). 
you also get their own client management dashboard, front-of-the-queue rendering (VIP faster rendering) as well as training and templates for finding, pitching and closing clients!
You Well get
Unlimited Videos & Hosting
Unlimited Renders
Share Your Bot Link Unlimited Times (Paste Anywhere!)
Unlimited Agency/Client Rights (Unlimited Video Selling)
Shareable Links Work Inside Messenger, FB Pages, Groups, YouTube and more (Traffic Expansion Pack)
Sub-User/Client Management Dashboard
Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)
Training on How to Find & Sell Speaq to Clients
Email Templates for Selling Speaq to Clients
OTO2 :expansion package

The second upgrade is an expansion package. This upgrade will give you extra video designs, longer video designs (if they want to create videos up to 1 minute instead of shorter videos), extra video formats (such as FB cover video designs) and anytime new video designs are released, your customers will have them automatically added to their accounts.

| Extra Video Designs (25+)
| Longer Video Designs Added (Create Longer Videos Up to 1 Minute)
| Extra Video Formats (FB Cover Designs) |
| New Video Designs Automatically Added to Accounts When Released

OTO3 :resellers package

The third upgrade is a resellers package. Your customers will not only be able to create Speaq videos for themselves and sell videos directly to clients – with this upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as they ability for them to integrate their own payment processor so they have control over their sales.

| Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos |
| 50 Licenses | 250 Licenses | 500 Licenses
| Customer Management Dashboard
| Sales Page Included
| Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

OTO4 – 3 Extra Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

| Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| All 3 Sales Pages Included
| All 3 Sales Videos Included
| Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand


What Is Speeq ?

See The Demo

It’s impressive that Speaq can create videos from a simple conversation. But there’s something else he has up his sleeve!

Inside their Speaq account, your customers will get a shareable link. When clicked, this nifty link will open Speaq.

The result?

Your customers can share this link with THEIR customers/clients and Speaq will create a perfect video based on their exact answers – and get PAID in the process! That’s complete automated fulfilment!

Speaq allows your customers to sell videos on autopilot!

Share a simple link with clients
Client answers Speaq’s questions
Client pays for their video INSIDE the conversation
Client has a video EXACTLY how they want it
Your customers’ clients can create their own videos:

Without any experience in the field
No more frustrating revision requests
No more phone calls in the middle of the night saying they hate your video
Just share the link and let Speaq create his own personalized video EXACTLY how the client wants it.

This means your customer can spend more time finding clients, then sharing the link so they can create their own videos, and they get paid each and every time.

Commercial rights are included on the front end so this is a HUGE conversion factor for the launch.


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Video Review For Front End only



look I get it you’re tired of software
platforms claiming to make videos easier
than the one before but Oliver and I
didn’t want to make just a video
platform we wanted to make a video
platform that made making videos more
user friendly sure but also a video
platform that built delivered and
received payments for you it’s very own
video marketing machine you see most
video platforms out there focus on just
one part of video marketing that is the
making of the actual video sure it’s
cool and all but where’s the part that
makes you money and brings leads to your
business well it’s quite simple it
didn’t exist so while you might have
made cool videos using those template
builders did you really get loads of
traffic or make money with him probably
not this is the huge problem we spotted
and began working on something top
secret that could totally take over the
video marketing space I’d like you to
meet speak he’s our employee well he’s a
bot but he works 24/7 365 days a year
creating videos for us when we log into
the speak platform we chat to speak and
with his AI tech guidance by the end of
our chat we have an incredible marketing
video ready for all of our social
platforms ready to go he also gives us a
very special unique link which we share
to YouTube Facebook we email it to our
email lists and anyone who clicks that
link is able to have their very own
conversation with speak but get this he
builds that person a video based on
their conversation he delivers the video
to them and receives payments from them
before they can download the video so by
sharing just one link we’re removing
having to interview our clients and
customers for what they want in their
video having to make the actual video
for them having to send them a payment
form having to make revisions having to
deliver the video to them and that’s a
grand total of five steps we are
automating simply by sharing one link
and you can do the exact same thing with
your speak accounts either create your
very own marketing videos simply by
chatting to speak and answering his
questions or usual unique link and share
it everywhere speak we’ll handle the
automated creation delivery payments
everything for anyone who clicks on that
link now creating videos is not the only
easy part of video marketing making
money is hand your link to clients and
let them build their very own videos and
watch your email as speak sends you
checks now obviously we’ve got an
amazing results by automating video
creation delivery and payments by
putting it into just one shareable link
but speak isn’t just a one-trick pony he
has over 60 handcrafted video designs he
works on all mobile devices so you can
create videos from your phone he has
tens and thousands of images you can use
he can even create a video by you simply
pasting in any website link no-one can
struggle with video marketing anymore
speed makes it as easy as having a
no tedious features or complicated
templates necessary he is a marketing
machine and he can be yours too once you
make your simple single one-time
purchase he works for you forever for
free so scroll down below and sign up
for speak he’s heavily discounted for
the next few days as part of our initial
launch and thank you for your time and I
will see you on the inside
Speaq OTO