Speaq OTO – Upsell OTO1 Pro ,OTO2 expansion package,OTO3,OTO4

Speaq OTO

Speaq OTO – There Are two Front End Options And Four OTOs . All Links And Details bellow


Speaq FE=>Speaq FE

OTO1 PRO Version=>>Speaq OTO1

OTO2 expansion package=>>Speaq OTO2

OTO3 resellers package=>>Speaq OTO3

OTO4 Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)=>>Speaq OTO4


OTO1 :PRO Version
You can upgrade to unlimited videos, hosting, renders, agency rights and more. you also are able to upgrade to be able to share their bot link an unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB pages, Groups, YouTube etc). 
you also get their own client management dashboard, front-of-the-queue rendering (VIP faster rendering) as well as training and templates for finding, pitching and closing clients!
You Well get
Unlimited Videos & Hosting
Unlimited Renders
Share Your Bot Link Unlimited Times (Paste Anywhere!)
Unlimited Agency/Client Rights (Unlimited Video Selling)
Shareable Links Work Inside Messenger, FB Pages, Groups, YouTube and more (Traffic Expansion Pack)
Sub-User/Client Management Dashboard
Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)
Training on How to Find & Sell Speaq to Clients
Email Templates for Selling Speaq to Clients
OTO2 :expansion package

The second upgrade is an expansion package. This upgrade will give you extra video designs, longer video designs (if they want to create videos up to 1 minute instead of shorter videos), extra video formats (such as FB cover video designs) and anytime new video designs are released, your customers will have them automatically added to their accounts.

| Extra Video Designs (25+)
| Longer Video Designs Added (Create Longer Videos Up to 1 Minute)
| Extra Video Formats (FB Cover Designs) |
| New Video Designs Automatically Added to Accounts When Released

OTO3 :resellers package

The third upgrade is a resellers package. Your customers will not only be able to create Speaq videos for themselves and sell videos directly to clients – with this upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as they ability for them to integrate their own payment processor so they have control over their sales.

| Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos |
| 50 Licenses | 250 Licenses | 500 Licenses
| Customer Management Dashboard
| Sales Page Included
| Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

OTO4 – 3 Extra Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

| Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
| All 3 Sales Pages Included
| All 3 Sales Videos Included
| Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand


What Is Speeq ?

See The Demo

It’s impressive that Speaq can create videos from a simple conversation. But there’s something else he has up his sleeve!

Inside their Speaq account, your customers will get a shareable link. When clicked, this nifty link will open Speaq.

The result?

Your customers can share this link with THEIR customers/clients and Speaq will create a perfect video based on their exact answers – and get PAID in the process! That’s complete automated fulfilment!

Speaq allows your customers to sell videos on autopilot!

Share a simple link with clients
Client answers Speaq’s questions
Client pays for their video INSIDE the conversation
Client has a video EXACTLY how they want it
Your customers’ clients can create their own videos:

Without any experience in the field
No more frustrating revision requests
No more phone calls in the middle of the night saying they hate your video
Just share the link and let Speaq create his own personalized video EXACTLY how the client wants it.

This means your customer can spend more time finding clients, then sharing the link so they can create their own videos, and they get paid each and every time.

Commercial rights are included on the front end so this is a HUGE conversion factor for the launch.


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Video Review For Front End only



have you at any point made a video utilizing a

video manufacturer downloaded it and thought

to yourself now what how would I really

utilize this video to expand traffic and

benefits you’ll need to pay close

consideration regarding this we have the appropriate response on

instructions to not just mechanize video creation

be that as it may, how to benefit from it regardless of whether you

try not to need to make recordings to make

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numerous perspectives your recordings are getting ever

again and we think making an extraordinary

video is incredible yet you’re not going

to profit on the off chance that you don’t have a clue what to

do with the video after it is made you

see all video stages propelled up

as of not long ago have just centered around that

one piece of video advertising the creation

of the video and even that had its

constraints any of this sound recognizable

go through hours finding a layout repetitively

fill in various content fields and cost

focuses transfer pictures alter hues and include

a foundation sound track twofold check

that your substance fits and doesn’t

cover anyplace hit render and expectation

nothing covered in the video really

it would appear that the format invest more energy

on difficult alters and updates after

downloading it and in case you’re advertising

these recordings to customers good karma these

same past video devices have you in

for a rollercoaster generally night irate

calls innumerable amendment demands and in

most cases an interest for their cash back

imagine a scenario in which you could make a video for.

your very own business by having a straightforward

discussion or for customers without

meeting your customers and

clients for what they need in their

video making the real video

for them sending them an installment

structure making corrections having to

convey the video to them all by sharing

one connection we’d like you to meet talk

talk not just makes recordings better

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devices by managing you through a

discussion he changes video making

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stress over how to manage your recordings

once more

talk tackles the main issue 90%

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innovation video creation and promoting

into one stage Oliver and I collaborated

to build up the world’s first completely

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man-made consciousness innovation the

result makes it simple to make showcasing

recordings for any battle or specialty basically

by having a basic guided discussion

with your own one of a kind shrewd bot rather than

adjusting your task to a layout

based programming attempting to design your

offers to one-size-fits-all layouts

transferring various content fields pictures

also, sound tracks figuring out how to utilize

specialized altering apparatuses for recordings that

look a lot of like those made by each

other client of a similar programming or

paying several dollars to authority

imagine a scenario in which the product adjusted to your.

venture by figuring out video

creation now a basic discussion turns

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that you can redo easily and

you never need to pay video makers

again welcome to talk easy video

creation from one connection and one

discussion talk is pristine

innovation that puts the full intensity of

video promoting in your grasp

sign in from any gadget to the

cloud-put together programming for with respect to request video

creation anyplace whenever even from your

cell phone boost traffic from both

search and social stages with recordings

enhanced for all stages make completely

custom recordings just by noting a couple

short questions and picking the structure

style spare time with the full auto mode

where talk improves your plan for

you transform any web URL into a top

changing over video just by sticking the

interface into the product talk isn’t simply

here to make video creation simpler for

you it’s your answer for driving as

much video traffic as conceivable over

all stages the beta analyzers have been

utilizing it for

furthermore, keep on getting astonishing outcomes

you’ll see on this page in light of the fact that talk is

so natural to utilize it structures makes and

renders recordings for you with zero

specialized aptitudes required if this opens up

a monstrous auxiliary pay stream utilizing

the product to make recordings for

customers so included with your entrance our

business rights to the product for

100% automated revenue talk business is

the main framework that robotizes deals

conveyance and installment for you simply share

your safe connection with possibilities so that

they can evaluate the product themselves

they have a basic guided discussion

with the AI purchased to easily

make their own recordings which they can

review and reexamine as much as they need

at that point when they’re glad to download

their video they pay you in advance from

directly inside the discussion you

actually do no work your clients and

customers make their own recordings utilizing

talk no forceful selling possibilities

can attempt before they purchase and you get paid

for just sharing one connection talk

rethinks detached online pay and your

benefit potential with the included

business rights is off the graphs

interest for video creation is way higher

than supply video experts charge

at least hundreds for precisely the kind of

enlivened promoting video speed makes

the product takes every necessary step the updates

what’s more, gathers installments so you can acquire

basically by imparting a connect to possibilities

talk is your response to all the video

traffic you’ll ever requirement for your own

battles and a unimaginably simple approach to

create genuine repeating easy revenue

online currently there’s significantly progressively under the

hood including a huge library of

sovereignty free pictures for redoing your

recordings accomplished for you foundation sound

tracks total customization highlights

thus substantially more so look at the

subtleties item demo and client

tributes underneath perceive how this brand

new innovation makes driving video

traffic and benefits simpler than any time in recent memory

prior to conceivable

at that point rush to snatch your permit at this

steeply limited one-time cost we’re

so positive about the product dependent on

results from beta analyzers and our own

crusades that there’s completely zero

hazard for you to give a shot represent


get the product and complete

preparing by clicking beneath and appreciate it

hazard free for the following 14 days on the off chance that you

need assistance our well disposed help work area has

you secured

be that as it may, if in the profoundly far-fetched occasion

you’re not totally excited with the

programming simply let us know and we’ll

discount your little interest in full

if it’s not too much trouble know the talk is just being

discharged at this early on cost for

a couple of brief days the subsequent this dispatch

parts of the bargains far up

you definitely realize video is the response to

online traffic talk makes it simpler

quicker and more gainful than any other time in recent memory

previously so check the subtleties underneath observe

the demo and see the stunning scene’s

first innovation for yourself at that point hit

the catch for your selective rebate

look I get it you’re sick of programming

stages professing to make recordings simpler

than the one preceding however Oliver and I

would not like to make only a video

stage we needed to make a video

stage that made making recordings more

easy to understand sure yet in addition a video

stage that assembled conveyed and

gotten installments for you it’s own special

video promoting machine you see most

video stages out there center around just

one piece of video showcasing that is the

creation of the genuine video sure it’s

cool and everything except where’s the part that

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business well it’s very basic it

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manufacturers did you truly get heaps of

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also, started chipping away at something top

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meet talk he’s our worker well he’s a

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making recordings for us when we sign into

the talk stage we visit to talk and

with his AI tech direction before the finish of

our visit we have an unfathomable advertising

video prepared for the majority of our social

stages all set he likewise gives us a

special extraordinary connection which we shared

to YouTube Facebook we email it to our

email records and any individual who snaps that

connection can have their own special

discussion would talk yet get this he

manufactures that individual a video dependent on

their discussion he conveys the video

to them and gets installments from them

before they can download the video so by

sharing only one connection we’re expelling

meeting our customers and

clients for what they need in their

video making the genuine video

for them sending them an installment

structure making modifications having to

convey the video to them and that is a

fantastic aggregate of 5 stages we are mechanizing

basically by sharing one connection and you can

accomplish precisely the same thing with your talk

accounts either make your own one of a kind

showcasing recordings essentially by talking to

talk and responding to his inquiries or

regular one of a kind connection and offer it

wherever talk we’ll deal with the rest

mechanized creation conveyance installments

everything for any individual who taps on that

interface presently making recordings isn’t the main

simple piece of video advertising making

cash is hand your connection to customers and

give them a chance to manufacture their own special recordings and

watch your email as talk sends you

checks currently clearly we’ve gotten

stunning outcomes via computerizing video

creation conveyance and installments by

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be that as it may, talk isn’t only a one-stunt horse he

has more than 60 carefully assembled video plans

he deals with every single cell phone so you

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tens and thousands of pictures you can utilize

he can even make a video by you essentially

gluing in any site interface nobody can

battle with video promoting any longer

speed makes it as simple as having a


no dull highlights or confused

formats essential he is a showcasing

machine and

Speaq OTO