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SPECTRA OTO Links + Huge Bonuses


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The Software Uncovers Top Native Ads Running on top Native Ad Platforms….While Our Premium Over the Shoulder’s Training gets you the right targeted traffic that engages with your offers or content and helps you generate your first results with Affiliate Marketing.

This is Best Native Ads Spy Tool for affiliate marketers or advertisers, who are always looking for ways to increase their return on investment in Media Buying or Driving Traffic.

Spectra is our newest software and training that helps advertisers or affiliate marketers, make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful. Get comprehensive data on profitable native campaigns.

By far this is the easiest and most affordable way for businesses, affiliates, or ecom store owners, of all sizes and budgets to reach more customers with greater precision than ever before.

Solution: We’ve made it easy for anyone wanting to learn how to run successful native ad campaigns. With our app and built in features you’ll spend less time searching through irrelevant content and more time creating targeted ad campaigns that deliver real results! And together with our easy step by step training on maximizing results as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s offers for high return on investments easily, while building a targeted list easily.


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Spectra Fast Pass VIP Bundle – $197
What is Spectra VIP Exactly?
The Spectra VIP bundle is ideal for the serious affiliate marketer This is ideal if you want to build your affiliate business using our Spectra Tool with Everything Unlocked. As a bundle you get this deal right now.

All features and all training for all upsells will be available for you once you get inside Spectra. You will be able to track and split test your campaigns, revealing winning widgets and sites that are bringing you sales. This is needed when you’re going blind at first, you could be spending a lot of money on data. We help you eliminate that money, and time, by helping you pinpoint what works right now.


A much needed upgrade for your journey with Native Ads. Our tracking and Split testing tool will allow you to pinpoint which sources are bringing you sales, so you can focus on maximizing results based on the data you will be getting from our Tracking. You will also be able to split test, up to 6 offers, or landers.


In this package users will get the following delivered inside the main training area :

40 DFY Clickbank Pages
DFY Ads with Winning Offers to Copy No Second Guessing what is converting. Use the ones that converted for us.
Swipes Rolodex From Competitors
Top Sources To use in your Campaigns (top performing websites for each platform (Revcontent / MGID)
Spectra DFY Landers & Campaigns

20 DFY Clickbank Pages
Including DFY Ads with Winning Offers.
Spectra DFY Landers & Campaigns Lite

In this package the users will learn more advanced training, to get higher ROI and Conversions . Users will also get monthly case studies, delivered in the inner circle group. Questions and Coaching available through the Private Inner Circle Group, which will be on going. Revealing winning offers first.

Also included are Blacklists and Whitelists to use in your campaigns, so you don’t spend more than what you have to when testing. I’m giving you blacklists to use for Health Offers and Weight Loss Offers.

Only advanced users get these blacklists, by testing and spending money. Save your money let me get the info for you.

10 DFY Websites In Specific Niches For Native Ads (including Content) this alone costs me about $200 to create.

Advanced Hacks that No one else is showing you , for Higher ROI, Higher CTR. Native Ad Secrets Revealed.




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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Spectra OTO Spectra: Welcome to my Spectra review. This is Simina Lilian. Thank you once again for watching my video, and if this is your first time, you are welcome. I invite you to subscribe to my Marina Voice World YouTube channel, which is all about affiliate marketing, product reviews, SPECTRA, OTO, and making money online.So if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you will not be disappointed because you will receive information about, uh, digital software and digital products that will be released very soon.

These are the products I will try to present to you.So what are you waiting for? Subscribe and let me see you subscribe. Thank you so much. I’m already happy to know that you are watching this video. Thank you.

So much and again, as I said, we are going. I’M reviewing spectra so in this video i’m going to talk about spectra, i’m going to show you all the bonuses that is that are coming with spectra and again i’m going to show you in the sales video so that you can listen more to the uh. You can listen to the information in the sales video as well, so i’m also going to show you all the um prices that are coming with this product, so spectra is launching to on the 19th of august 2022 by 11 a.m. Eastern daylight time and you don’t want to miss it and again it’s coming with a special offer.

The launch comes with a special offer. So you don’t want to miss this, so watch this video till the end so that you get all the information and mind you, Spectra is coming directly from the desks of Demetrius Papadopoulos and Alex Crowley, and these are great gurus in the software industry. So this is a very authentic and fantastic product with all the opportunities embedded in it. You don’t want to miss it.

I know that is why you are watching this video. So, let’s go and see more about spectra. Spectra is a unique software and a system built to give you massive roi from eastern native ad campaigns that are already proven to convert, so, like I said before, if you find this product to be interesting, you are going to get the link to our spectra in the description section of this video. If you click on that link, it’s going to take you to the sales page. So here is the sales page. As you can see, this is revolutionary spy software. So that means Spectra is a spy software and traffic system.


Spectra OTO makes a mix and then 288 dollars in passive commission daily. So this is a software and a traffic inc, a traffic system, so it is one software and with two uh personalities, so one is aspire and one is traffic, so the this fireworks whatever it needs to be spy so that it can convert traffic to uh to A more suitable and um direction, so all these push together will make you a lot a lot of money.  You know so like, as you can see you have on this software, uncover high converted ads on most popular native and traffic sources, on cover height, converted landing pages, to replicate, using free building tools and copy find us promoting affiliate offers from networks like clickbank, max bounty.  Countless hours of research, uncovering the secrets of native advertising, and so on and so forth, have resulted in templates for you to use right away.So please watch this and hear from the horse’s mouth commissions, with Clickbank or other places like Max Bounty, Maxweb DG Store, Amazon Associates, and more using native ads.

This is the exact system that helped me generate passive commissions with affiliate marketing with a huge ROI. The truth is, most people struggle with affiliate marketing. They can’t get the right traffic to their offers and they struggle with conversions, let alone high ticket commissions. It fears somebody promoting a high ticket offer. They don’t believe somebody else will click and purchase a hundred dollar plus offer that you are promoting. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be really easy with automated tools and a step-by-step blueprint to follow and implement.

Hey, I’m Demetrius, and I’ve been a full-time digital marketer since 2012. My main goal in my online business is to provide users with automated solutions and premium training, always tested for months by myself, for myself. First, to help the new affiliate, marketer, and advanced, but also that one person that wants to learn how to drive traffic to any website or offer and help them monetize these sources for a passive income online. It’s time for users to finally get results with affiliate marketing using native ads. I started using native ads with affiliate marketing a few years ago because you can start turning.

Penny clicks into buyer leads and generates 100 plus commissions daily, and the fact that native ads offer the opportunity to connect with the right buyer traffic easily makes it a great choice. It’s also affiliate-friendly. You won’t get in trouble like some other well-known platforms: Facebook ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. I’ve created my own proven three-step blueprint strategy for you to follow and implement, which basically reveals to you How do I find my high ticket offer that solves the problem and I’m able to match it with a premium traffic source where I’m paying no more than 30 cents per click, which results in high roi conversions?


But in order to generate these results myself, I had been testing my method for months and wanted to automate this for my business as well. So I met with my software partner, Alex, and explained what I needed to build. The software whichSPECTRA OTO eliminates guesswork and discovers winning ads that your competition is running on 12 popular native ad platforms in less than 60 seconds Spectra does what nothing else does. It spies on your competition in any niche, then delivers the exact ad titles, landing pages images, and offers, while also revealing the exact native app platforms to run these ads on and the ability to discover many other similar offers on hundreds of other affiliate platforms. So within minutes you can have your own lucrative done-for-you campaigns running for a massive roi. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, first-time user, or have been making profits in as little as two hours.

This is also perfect if you’re an experienced marketer looking to scale or open up additional income streams, because the system includes industry-leading tracking and split testing tools that make scaling push buttons simple. Let me show you how easy the software makes generating traffic leads and commissions from absolute scrap. You can see some of the quick results from the results that I had, and I’m also showing you the actual offer using my software. So what I’m doing here is searching by the keyword of the dendotox. For example, of the offer thatSPECTRA OTO, I generated results, and my software goes out and searches all the ads that are running for this specific offer, and it also tells me which ad network it’s running on, so once I see where this is running, I choose the image or the ad or the lander, and it’s very important to see what the affiliates are doing. This has to do with the specific offer, so I go out and I replicate this landing and the traffic.

Then I head over into my ads and I create specific ads based on what I found. Once I start running the ads and using the exact titles that I’m getting from the specific offers or whatever I’ve chosen. I test these results, and then I start making sales, and then I know where I’m making the sales from and from the specific ads that I’m running, which widgets on which sites, but this offer and the split testing are upgrades. What you’re getting on the front end is finding the ads, the titles, the landing pages. You’re also getting a little tool to help you find images based on whatever you are using. We’re also giving you the ability to find the same kinds of offers on multiple other affiliate networks based on countries and categories and networks, so you’ll be able to expand your research with spectra. Now, spectra will tell you which ad networks you’re going to be able to find. So all this, if you wanted to go and promote something on MGI, you’re going to look for ads that are running uh-dandy on MGI, but you can actually just use this as any keyword for anything that you want.

So you can go out and keep on finding ads that are bringing people hundreds of dollars using affiliate marketing. Isn’t that great? You too can generate high-ticket commissions from multiple affiliate and cpa platforms. Our included step-by-step premium training and secret native ad formula make it easy and fun There’s nothing technical to learn or figure out. The software automates 99 of the process, and we walk you through the rest. Below this video you’ll see real user results. It’s working for us, and it can work for you right now.


You can get a lifetime access for a one-time fee, but you must hurry because soon the price will jump to a monthly subscription you’re, also getting several profit. Boosting bonuses included with your license: we’reSPECTRA OTO. So confident you love spectra that you’re covered by our no questions as money back guarantee test drive it yourself for 30 days and if you don’t like it, your money back. It’S that simple. If you’re ready for a real traffic solution grab your license now, while the one-time special price lasts.

So thank you for watching that video. So here are the prices you have. The spectra front end will set you back $27.Then you have the spectra, tracking, and split testing. That is the auto one.

It will cost you 37 dollars. You have spectra tracking. Auto ID 1DS is going to cost you 27 dollars as well. Spectra done for you, landers plus ads. That is the auto 2, which is going to cost you 67. Then you have spectra done for you light that is the auto 2ds 37 dollars. You have spectra, auto 3 advanced training and case study, plus private inner circle.

It will cost you $97. So what I advise you to do is first and foremost, get yourself the front end, which is going to cost you 27. Then you can choose any one of the rest of the autos which one you want to get access to. Then you can make the upgrade. Then I started enjoying your spectra platform, or software as you call it. So let’s go and see the bonuses.

So here you have bonuses. If you get your spectra today or before the offer runs out, which is going to last for five days, you get all the following bonuses: one you have to redo for your templates bonus two. You have cpa, bootcamp, premium, cpa, affiliate marketing courses covering Facebook as well as affiliate marketing. So you have three cpa: free, free, booter, premium, cpa, and affiliate marketing course. You have a bonus for real case studies, reviewed inside winning wickets and sources of my real life case studies.


Okay, okay, so if you find this product to be interesting, here is a click to get access and start enjoying your spectra. Okay, you also have all these things included in this software, so get an amazing discount when you act now. Okay, so that’s all. Thank you for watching my video again and I hope to bring another special product your way. And, as I previously stated, if you find this product interesting, make sure you get the link in the video’s description section.

SPECTRA OTO upgrades

So, if you scroll down in the description section of this video, you will find a link to our spectra, which will launch on August 19th, 2022 at 11am Eastern daylight time.So thank you for watching. If youSPECTRA OTO click on my link and you get to save spectra, I will say chess to your sources. That is all I want to say. Thank you.





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