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StockJam OTO

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StockJam OTO  –  What is StockJam?

The Demo

The World’s First Biggest Collection of Stock Images, Videos, Vectors and GIFS, and Audios +
Inbuilt Image/Video Editor on a Complete Searchable Platform

StockJam OTO – What about the OTOs’ Details?

Funnel Information 

StockJam ( FE )

  • Searchable Membership 
  • 2Million+ HD Stock Images 
  • 1Million+ Ultra HD Stock Videos 
  • 20K+ Vectors 
  • 8000+ HQ Royalty Free Audios
  • Preview Feature
  • Multiple Formats 
  • High-Quality Downloads
  • Unlimited Downloads & Use
  • Social Sharing Feature
  • Inbuilt Image Editor 
  • Commercial License


StockJam Pro + Unlimited Reseller License ( OTO1 )


    • Searchable Membership + Reseller License
    • 2Million+ HD Stock Images + Reseller License
    • 1Million+ Ultra HD Stock Videos + Reseller License
    • 20K+ Vectors + Reseller License
    • 8000+ HQ Royalty Free Audios + Reseller License
    • Inbuilt Video Editor + Reseller License
    • 550+ Quotes Images + Reseller License
    • 80+ Mobile Website Templates + Reseller License
    • 2000+ 4K Videos + Reseller License
    • 8000+ Gif & Animated Graphics + Reseller License
    • BG Images +  Reseller License
  • Ebook Mockup +  Reseller License
  • Product Box Templates +  Reseller License
  • Tshirt Mockup +  Reseller License
  • Visiting Card Mockups +  Reseller License
    • Preview Feature 
    • Multiple Formats 
    • High-Quality Downloads
    • Unlimited Downloads & Use
    • Social Sharing Feature
    • Inbuilt Image Editor 
  • Unlimited Reseller License


OTO2 StockJam Drive Edition (OTO2 )

  • Cloud-based storage & hosting – 250GB 
  • Sharing File preview 
  • Drag & drop 
  • End-to-end encryption Backup


OTO3 StockJam Host Edition (OTO3 )


    • Ad-Free Videos To Skyrocket Engagement
    • SEO Friendly 
    • Create Playlist/Channels
    • Unlimited Audience 
  • EXTRA 20000+ Stock Media Assets
  • Unlimited Views
  • Unlimited Lead Finds
  • 30GB Storage
  • Ultra-fast Bandwidth
  • Ultra-Light & Attractive Player that works on any Device
  • Lighting loading speed means more sales
  • 100% control on your traffic 
  • Embed anywhere with embed code
  • DFY HQ Video Templates 
  • Drag n Drop Image Editor
  • Support all types of videos format 
  • Fully SEO optimized videos & Video Pages
  • Go Viral With Social Sharing 
  • Step by Step Video Training 
  • 24*7 Ultra-Fast Dedicated Support 
  • Newbie friendly & Cloud-based software 
  • Commercial License 
  • Use for your clients 
  • No Buffering


OTO4 StockJam Enterprise (OTO4 )


  • All in one marketing suite
  • Automated social media sharing 
  • Full Analytics
  • Outsourcers License 


StockJam DFY Edition (OTO5 )


  • 50 DFY Products to Sell


StockJam WhiteLabel (OTO6 )


Wher StockJam OTO Bonuses?


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Stockham OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Stockham OTO Okay, so hi guys sulekh here, and we are back with another review video. So the product that I’ll be reviewing today is called stock jam, and it’s by Akshay, Gupta, and JD, and so um. Let’s. Get started, so um, before I actually get into what the product is about.

I will just be, um, talking through my impressive bonuses, the very powerful bonuses that I’m actually offering you right now, and so we’re actually now on the bonus page and um. Let me get on with it. So, first and foremost, what is um stock jam all about so? Stock jam is the world’s; first biggest collection of stock images, videos, vectors um, gifs, and uh, and audios with an inbuilt image video editor on a complete media platform.

It’s fully based on a cloud searchable system, has a complete designing suit, and has 2 million-plus HD stock images and 1 million-plus ultra HD stock videos. So you can then use these features to actually spice up your website, opt-in pages, and even sales pages, and so uh before I actually get into like the price and everything um.

StockJam OTO – where All upsell links?

All links above

StockJam OTO

Let me just go through my bonuses, so the first bonus that I will be providing you with is actually, um, access to the seven minutes sales system – and this is by Kieran, one of my my my great friends, and so um um.

The seven-minute sales system is actually where you will be learning how to make money through cp offers. So it’s. A very powerful tool that you do not want to miss out on, and bonus number two will actually be access to equinox pro.

So you know how I mentioned that you could actually StockJam OTO spice up your sales pages and your opt-in pages so equinox pro – and this is the pro version – not the normal version, so you can actually build unlimited, funnel pages in minutes, and so you know like um.

Usually, in a website, there will be many distractions for a customer, then they will actually not go to your demo video and instead they will go in a roundabout way. They will just go to like customer service what this product is about, but they don’t go to the section which you actually want to want them to go.

So this actually does it for you and you, it will be uh, making the process much more, simpler, and it can also be set up in minutes. So you know that is beneficial for you and also the customer.

StockJam OTO – is it have a refund policy?

It goes um both ways. So then, bonus number three will actually learn how to make an email capture, so um. The fact is that, um, stock jam is a very powerful product to like, actually just make your websites and your e-commerce store or your review videos more appealing, but then it’s.

It’s pointless without traffic. Right so so this is where you are actually going to make an email capture, and then you’re actually going to get emails, and then you will be sending your sites or your or even your review videos to to your email list.

So like that, you’ll be actually generating traffic. So just say you have like a thousand email subscribers. You’ll, be getting a thousand customers’ worth of uh of traffic. Definitely, so bonus number four will be the best Facebook heads, uh.

The best Facebook ads, and so many people StockJam OTO nowadays, are actually using social media platforms. Um, mainly Instagram and Facebook, and Facebook tend to be the better platform to actually um. You can do affiliate marketing and also like promoting your product.

So we will be um generating traffic from Facebook, and we just have to post a simple ad on our website or like our sales page, so that we will um actually get customers to them and then and then this will actually result in them.

Oh, clicking and then and then um. It also helps to improve the conversion rate. So this is very beneficial for you, and it will ensure that the people are actually buying your product, and you will be able to generate more buyers.

And if you also implement the email capture, you will also be able to bring them into your email capture. So so that it’s uh that’s almost like three births with one stone, I would say, and bonus number five will definitely be all of the vendor bonuses.

StockJam OTO – how many upsell links included?

So so what um, akshat and also JD, providing you with um? You will also be getting there and and and just to mention, this product will actually be launching on the 10th of July 2021, at 11 a.m, eastern standard time and so do make sure you actually check out the about the first link in the description box below, in order to get a copy of your uh of this um stock jam and also you can actually click on any of these buttons.

So click here to secure your copy and your bonuses, and I can click on any of these yellow buttons, and it will actually lead you to the sales page where I will be um bringing you in a second. But before that, I usually get a lot of questions.

How is it that um people can access my bonuses,StockJam OTO the bonuses that I’m, providing you with? So let me just go through that very quickly, so the green button is actually where you can access your pages so where you can access stock jam after you actually pay for it and then and then um uh the access affiliate bonus.

This blue button is actually where you can, um you can access the bonuses that I myself am providing you with. So the four bonuses that I’ve just mentioned, which I’ll, be showing you in a second and so um this.

This button, which is actually circled in red, is where you can actually find the bonuses that I’m, providing you with and so um. Let’s not delay any further and actually go to the sales page. So you just have to click on um any of these buttons, and the sales page will only be available when the product has launched.

So if you actually click on this now, because I’m, recording it a day before, and you can actually just um store it in your favorites so that later, on, then the sales page will actually pop up after the stock jam has Launched, so just click on any of these buttons, and you’ll be brought here, and so this is um stock gym.

So let me just show you: what is it that this video is all about and uh? This is the demo video, so it actually shows you. What is it that you can actually expect from structure? Hello, folks, akshat, Gupta here, and visual assets are the lifelines of any online business.

StockJam OTOs upsell links

The number one medium for getting traffic leads in sales. Investing in stock assets should be the number one priority of any business, both offline and online, but stocks assets can quickly turn into a headache for most entrepreneurs reason most platforms charge 10 to 50 dollars for a single stock image; several of them even charge 200 to 300 for single stock video, it can easily cost you 2000 to 2500 per month, even graphic designers charge a high fee and the list goes on and on.

Imagine if you’re able to get millions of stock images,Stockham OTO videos, gifs vectors, even an awesome image. Editor and video editor for all your design needs and that too, at a low one-time price. Well, I got good news for you folks after many months of hard work.

Once again, we did it by introducing stock jam. Is the world? First biggest collection of stock images, videos, vectors, gifs, and audio with an amazing inbuilt video and image editor along with one of a kind searchable platform with stock jam.

You are only three simple steps away from starting your own design and stock provider agency step 1 log. In and enter any key to find images, gifs, vectors, audios, and videos, step 2 select the ideal media size step three download and use it anywhere already over.


Stockham OTO