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Stomperrr OTO

Stomperrr OTO

OTO1:PRO Version

The “PRO Version” of Stomperrr remove all the limit of searching and creating campaigns


DONE FOR YOU PORTFOLIO – Allows the user to create professional web pages to boost credibility plus exclusive marketing material (swipes emails & graphics)


“DONE WITH YOU” – Private consultation calls

OTO4:Licence Rights 

Licence Rights to sell Stomperrr as your own product

Stomperrr OTO

What is Stomperrr ?

is a software and system that lets you earn by optimizing website performance for business owners & marketers by delivering multiple solutions to the biggest issues faced by website owners.

This is the easiest 2-in-1 income solution you’ve ever seen:

Part 1: DFY Solution

The automated software finds you unlimited clients with a specific website problem … one they’ll happily pay hundreds of dollars to fix

The same software gives you the contact info of these website owners … so you can email them from inside the system using included templates

Then [best part] the software fixes their website problem, and you keep 100% of the profits

Part 2: DFY Scaling

After fixing your client’s 1st website problem, the software then identifies up to 4 more major issues then generates a report you send to your clients using the included email templates

It’s easy to outsource the solutions for pennies on the dollar [they’ll show you how]. This is ‘Effortless’ arbitrage where you get paid while other people do the work!



2-In-1 Pure Income System
No skills required – 100% beginner friendly
UNLIMITED demand – the sofware sources MILLIONS of potential clients for you
Earn UPFRONT without risking ANY of your money or time
Built-in scaling can turn this into lifestyle income in MINUTES per day


Video review for Front End Only


Text from This Video

hey and welcome to my stomper review in this review you’re going to learn about what this software does and basically what you are gonna be providing people where the software is a simple solution for their problems because that’s basically it now tons of sites have problem you know they’re not loading fast enough and that is how you are actually gonna help them now everything is inside the software and I have some cool bonuses if you

check the link in the description you’re gonna find more information about my bonuses you’re also going to find access to the sales page and they also have a video here talking a little bit more about it and I’m gonna play this for you so you can see a little bit more about this ok so I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger I’m gonna play played right now okay so let’s get into it thank you so much for coming to ou

r page today and letting us share with you our software that we’re so pumped about it’s called the stomper now if you’d like the shortcut to making over a thousand dollar paydays it’s actually pretty easy guys it’s solving a problem the number one reason why people spend money online is to solve a problem so if you want to start making some really good money off the internet you just need to be on the solution side of this online equation

that makes sense right well that’s the reason why we created stomper what this does is it finds real people with real problems in a matter of a few seconds once it’s identified the people that have these problems it’s able to convert them into $1,000 paying customers with a legitimate push-button that automatically delivers the solutions

in the background now that sounds pretty easy right but you might be okay Brendan what exact problem can I actually fix here and is it really this easy well yes the stopper software is designed to take care of this whole process for you so let me explain exactly how this app works the first part of our software is to laser focus on just the people that have the real website issues now that could

be slow site speeds or no SSL Certificates or maybe even just some simple SEO errors now once it’s identified people that are having these problems the next part of the software is gonna automatically land these into customers that are gonna pay you for the solution but the really cool part is that the software actually does all of the work for you here including the

solution meaning that it solves your problems passively so that you get to focus on the most important part guys which I’m sure you know what that is it’s to find more people to pay you money okay and yes make no mistake about it many people will happily pay you to solve their problems and the bigger the problem that they have the bigger your Commission never before has any app been able to do what we are

talking about in this video our technology is designed to specifically target the websites that have these major problems collect the Commission’s and then solve the problems in seconds so do you see why we’re so pumped about stopper remember here that the demand is virtually unlimited there are literally hundreds of millions of websites that need your help and with stomper you become the provider and make

Bank in the process now below this video are more details about stomper including a full demo of the software in action I encourage you to check it out right now and see how simple easy and effective it is to use our software and if you do see the tremendous and ridiculous possibilities with this tool then be sure to grab it while there’s an exclusive launch special because right now during this launch week you can pick up stomper for a low one-time investment once this launch week ends we’re moving to a subscription model of two hundred and ninety seven dollars per month so if you are gonna pick this up just make sure that you do it now well the price is at an all time low of course this comes with a full money-back guarantees so there is no risk here

and the truth is our reputation is the most valuable currency that we have so feel confident in knowing that we expect you to love stomper and we even have our wallets ready to back you 100% if you try stomper and you do not make any money with this we are gonna send you double the money back guys how’s that for a guarantee for you so the choice is yours if you’d like try stomper for yourself today and whatever you decide I wish you all the best

and I hope you have an amazing day but I truly hope to see you inside that members area of stomper ok so that’s the video sales letter I’m gonna see if I can find a demo here to play for you so you can have a closer look at it I’m gonna scroll down the page a little bit here and let’s see if we can find it yeah here it is gonna play the demos you can see a little bit more about it and yeah here we go it’s Brennan here and in this video I want to show you how easy and effective and awesome it is to use our stomper system so here’s how it works guys the first thing you want to do is target the exact people that have website problems

because remember the easiest way to make money online is just to provide the solution to people that have problems so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna enter in whatever keyword you want now really does not matter what you enter here guys whatever you pick is gonna show you websites that have issues and websites that don’t have issues so really you could put in

whatever you want in any niche it’s really not going to matter as far as the location goes you could go wide and pick a country like the United States or you could pick a city that’s fairly well populated for example Miami Florida after we’ve done that we’re gonna click on the search button and this is where it’s going to take a little bit of time and as the time is running here it’s actually gonna go out and figure out the site speeds for all of the different websites on table-tennis coming out of Miami Florida now our best recommendation here is just open up your

favorite channel on YouTube open up huffington post go to facebook it really doesn’t matter whatever you would like to do just let this run in the background for a matter of a minute or two minutes and it’s gonna actually find the data for you so like I said you can see already this has been running for about 20 seconds and it’s already just about to finish this third result here and it only has to go through seven results here for Miami Florida now one thing to bear in mind is that Miami is just one city now how many cities are there in the

United States tons right there’s 50 states and every state has a bunch of cities in it now how many cities are there in the world right so you can imagine the amount of websites that you can actually analyze with the Salford app now you can see a run who’s all number five so there’s not pretty much our results left here you can see the first result is a site speed of 33 the second third and the fourth have results in the 80s so what we want to do here is we want to pick a website as slow site beats and here we go

again you can see the fifth result again has a slow site speed so now we actually have a couple of web sites in our first minute using the stomper app that we can actually specifically target to actually you know provide them the solution instantly with Stoffer so the next thing we’re gonna do is we are going to click on save results I’m just gonna wait for the seventh one I’ve sexually a pretty slow site speed as well Turner click on save results and we’re gonna enter in the campaign we want I’ve selected a campaign here that I designated specifically for this

keyword so now I can go searching in a bunch of different cities and put all of my leads in the exactly the same spot so once I’ve done that I can go down to the actual manage my campaigns and I can go into table-tennis here and now we can find all the websites view here with phone numbers and different contact information that I can use to actually reach out and

land these 1000 dollar commissions now the easiest way to do this guys we actually provide templates inside a stomper for email so if you take a look here you can see this one right here has 39% site speed coral hoax tennis and wellness we can just select on the email here and then go ahead and use the exact template that we provide

for you so the templates right in here you just elect the template it’s gonna automatically tell them what they need to know you know your website is not loading it’s not doing that well and it actually lets them know that you are there to provide the solution there’s a lot of other cool stuff you can do in this app as well like we said you know it’s not just about site speed you can also let them know about their SEO or their

SSL Certificates but the point is you’re gonna find professional solutions that need your help that have these problems and you’re gonna outreach to them instantly with our average click the send button and be able to land those nice one thousand dollar commissions now look at you guys an example if we go back to that table tennis one you can see for example this is floral Oaks tennis and wellness and this is a business that’s actually in Miami Florida of the United States here has the phone number you know

Facebook Instagram Twitter email all that stuff this is a professional website for a professional company that has a very bad sense be hey do you think that this professional company that’s relying on their website and online exposure they actually get business is gonna be willing to give you some money to actually solve this problem well of course they will guys these professional companies have tons

of money and they don’t even know why they have these problems they just want the solution no the stop trap you know they’re gonna find the people that need these solutions you’re not only going to outreach them with our templates automatically done for you but you’re also going to have the ability inside the app to provide them the solution instantly so everything is taken care of automatically by the store system just letting you focus on making the money now does that sound pretty cool guys do you like what we are doing here with stomper because this is a game-changing app in my opinion I’ve never seen anything else in the market d

o something like this and you can see how in a matter of 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes you can literally find different people to pay you thousands of dollars just by providing the solutions instantly and that’s why we’re so pumped and excited about this app and we’re excited to share it with you so I hope you enjoyed that demo and

I thank you guys so much for watching inside the actual members are you gonna find more features and stuff like that but in a general overview of how this works you just saw in this demo video the easiest way I’ve seen in a long time that you can possibly make money on the internet and it’s all by providing solutions to people that have with the problems thanks for watching and hope to see you inside the members area of stomper ok guys thank you for watching my stump review check the link below in the description leave any comments and thank you for watching this review video talk to you soon


Stomperrr OTO