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StoryPal OTO – There Is One Front End And Three OTOs . The StoryPal OTO 1 Is The Pro Version , The Story Pal OTO 2 IS The Deluxe Version  , The StoryPal OT3 Is The  WhiteLable Version. All OTOs Links And Details Bellow

StoryPal OTO

StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3


OTO1 :Pro Version

The PRO upgrade unlocks professional and advance features giving your subscribers the ability to do more with their StoryPal software;

Story analytics

Email story Stats Weekly

Standalone Story Blogs

Custom menus and sidebars

Add Tracking Pixels

Bookend CTA

Unlock Unlimited Stories

OTO2 :Deluxe Version

10 new premium templates added monthly

Accept external Ads within stories

Serve & create ads within stories

Get each ads analytics

Connect and auto-publish to social platforms

Story page attachment (Swipe Up)

Add team members

Connect 10 additional domains

Free access to new added “Future” features

OTO3 :WhiteLable Version

Brand StoryPal with your own custom branding (Domain) and sell to local businesses or websites.
Get a unique dashboard with your brand, logo, URL, favicon, emails, etc.

Create stories for clients

Clients can have team members

Create clients account

White label domain

Create a maximum of 100 client accounts

100 custom domain limits


What Is StoryPal?

The Demo

StoryPal is a visual storytelling SaaS software for the open web, that expanded the new Google AMP Stories Technology – which provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.

In the last couple of years, “Stories” has become wildly popular on Snapchat and Instagram, so much so that Facebook declared it’ll focus more on Stories than the news feed. Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can publish Instagram-like Stories on your own website – Powered By StoryPal!

Web stories score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that’s set to rule the web.

StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3


Video Review For front End Only


StoryPal OTO

hey everybody it is Wade with true
reviewer dot-com so Wow
thanks for watching this video on story
pal and the story palace brand-new
launch gonna come off on December 11th
at 10:00 a.m. that’s in one day in 14
hours if you see the timer right here
you’ll know when it is gone when it goes
to zero that’s exactly when it’s
probably the best time to buy this
because it’ll be the best price and the
most amount amount of bonuses because
Wade they do it is every few hours they
raise the price and then eventually they
pull the bonuses so let’s see what we’re
talking about here this is really
something totally totally new it is a
creator platform for stories web stories
that are shareable likable that you can
embed on any site and that and that you
can rank and can be found through Google
so this is the video that explains them
all and we’re gonna go ahead check that
out but first I just want to show you a
little more kind of get you an idea what
exactly we’re talking about it’s similar
to Instagram stories kind of deal but
this uses in the Google amp I think it’s
called and what we’re looking at is
creating beautiful stories there’s
hundreds of templates and like I said
you can put these things all over the
internet but they also Internet they
also rank on their own so it’s the
Google amp stories initiative is what
this works with its recently launched
and it allows you to create stories just
like you would on social media and the
amp stories are that you create will
stay there and last they don’t go away
in 24 hours like stories in Instagram so
and they rank in Google so there is a
lot of potential for this the amp story
thing is you know whenever Google puts
something out if you can get in there
beginning and and start laying into it
and laying your foundation that you’re
gonna be one of the leaders that’s just
how it is so this is the amp story
software for the open web first-ever
visual amp story production deal so this
is kind of what the dashboard looks like
right there so you can see you got all
these templates it’s going to be pretty
easy to use according to the 10th and so
what you can do is click on the link
below and come read all the stuff and
get studied up on it see if you think
it’s something for you we will be
playing that video here in a minute
there’s templates there’s um you know a
web-based software to create all these
there’s a giant library of images so
it’s all there they host your stories
for you but you can connect them to your
domain also if you’d like or sub domain
so there’s a lot going on there’s a lot
going on with this and it’s really
cutting edge I think that’s what the
exciting part is this thing could go off
because it’s got Google behind it it’s
Google’s platform you know Google pretty
much runs the internet right so here is
a big demo also you can click on the
link below come check out the demo video
and that’ll you know get you going on
this thing a little bit too there’s tons
of information here on this page I
really got everything I could off the
sales page and stuck it on here so I
mean this thing does everything you can
imagine you can go live you got all your
call the actions you got your social
media sharing I mean you know it’s all
there okay it’s just that simple
so yeah so without any further ado
you’ve got your full money-back
guarantee I just want you to know I put
in 50 internet marketing tutorial videos
right off the bat and then a ton of
different subjects here
all these bonuses are over 100 bonuses
here over a hundred bonuses for you all
you have to do is click anywhere on the
bonus page and that’ll take you to the
sales page and if you buy it there
you’ll be buying it through my link all
these bonuses will be waiting inside
your jvzoo portal so that’s that now
let’s go ahead and let’s watch this this
sales video and let’s just see if this
can’t quite you know get our we get our
head around what what exactly is going
on with this product so here we go
everywhere you turn you see stories in
the past couple of years stories have
become hugely popular on social
platforms like Facebook snapchat
whatsapp and Instagram and if you like
most people one of the first things you
do when you sign on to social media in
the morning so take a look at the news
stories from everyone that you follow
stories are ultra engaging and works so
well because people’s attention spans
are getting shorter and shorter most
people don’t have time to read an entire
article or watch all of the video they
want hard-hitting pieces of content and
stories they’re the answer have a
special offer you want to make sure your
followers see but post it as a story
putting out a great new piece of content
that you know everyone will love upload
it as a story to ensure it gets viewed
offering a new product to your audience
well again use the story feature that’s
a great way to engage your social
audience get them to take action there’s
no question that people love stories of
pride does it have to stop at social
media wouldn’t it be great to leverage
the power of stories all across the web
to help you boost engagement get free
traffic and make sales the good news is
you can with story pal story Pal
leverages am stories which is an
initiative put out by Google with amp
stories you’re able to create Instagram
like stories and have them on your
website giving you full control these
brand new Google amp web stories are the
wave of the future and people
love engaging with these stories that’s
why we created story pal story pal takes
everything that’s great about Google amp
stories and makes them better more
engaging and easier to create with a few
clicks of your mouse
because amp stories are an initiative of
Google all the stories you create with
story pal a search engine friendly which
means you can easily get free traffic
because your stories will rank quickly
in the search engines
unlike Instagram Facebook whatsapp and
snapchat stories that go away in 24
hours the stories you create with story
pal and stick and stay live as long as
you want them that’s a big deal
this means your web stories are more
likely to get shared and interacted with
which means more free traffic and
ultimately more engagement with your
contents story pal is loaded with
features that make it the premier
software tool for creating web stories
no technical skills or experience are
needed because creating web stories with
story pal is as easy as a click of your
mouse although multiple layout templates
are included you have the full
flexibility to edit your stories in any
way you wish the stories you create are
designed to get your results so they can
be in bit all right everybody so that’s
a nice little tease right there on the
video that’s located in the bonus page
click on the link below and come check
it out man you could read the video or
watch the video read all this
information also want you guys to know
that I also know just about finished
with a complete review post it true
reviewer TR you reviewer dot-com and
that way a lot of people like to read
about these things you can read about
all the facts you can read about all the
features and get your head around this
product by coming to you know my website
where I went ahead and put this together
for you guys so that’s going to be
available also and you’ll have a link
for that in the description see two
links in the description one for the
bonus page and one for the post oh I
hope that helps out and hey that’s it
man all I can say is you know I’m way
and if you think this is something that
worked for you I’ve got over 110 or 111
bonuses that I’m giving out so check it
out and that’s it man I’m way down over
and out

StoryPal OTO


StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3