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StoryPal OTO – There Is One Front End And Three OTOs . The StoryPal OTO 1 Is The Pro Version , The Story Pal OTO 2 IS The Deluxe Version  , The StoryPal OT3 Is The  WhiteLable Version. All OTOs Links And Details Bellow

StoryPal OTO

StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3


OTO1 :Pro Version

The PRO upgrade unlocks professional and advance features giving your subscribers the ability to do more with their StoryPal software;

Story analytics

Email story Stats Weekly

Standalone Story Blogs

Custom menus and sidebars

Add Tracking Pixels

Bookend CTA

Unlock Unlimited Stories

OTO2 :Deluxe Version

10 new premium templates added monthly

Accept external Ads within stories

Serve & create ads within stories

Get each ads analytics

Connect and auto-publish to social platforms

Story page attachment (Swipe Up)

Add team members

Connect 10 additional domains

Free access to new added “Future” features

OTO3 :WhiteLable Version

Brand StoryPal with your own custom branding (Domain) and sell to local businesses or websites.
Get a unique dashboard with your brand, logo, URL, favicon, emails, etc.

Create stories for clients

Clients can have team members

Create clients account

White label domain

Create a maximum of 100 client accounts

100 custom domain limits


What Is StoryPal?

The Demo

StoryPal is a visual storytelling SaaS software for the open web, that expanded the new Google AMP Stories Technology – which provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.

In the last couple of years, “Stories” has become wildly popular on Snapchat and Instagram, so much so that Facebook declared it’ll focus more on Stories than the news feed. Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can publish Instagram-like Stories on your own website – Powered By StoryPal!

Web stories score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that’s set to rule the web.

StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3


Video Review For front End Only


StoryPal OTO


hello everyone it is Wade with genuine

commentator website so Wow

a debt of gratitude is in order for watching this video on story

buddy and the story royal residence fresh out of the box new

dispatch going to fall off on December eleventh

at 10:00 a.m. that is in one day in 14

hours on the off chance that you see the clock directly here

you’ll know when it is gone when it goes

to zero that is actually when it’s

presumably the best time to purchase this

since it’ll be the best cost and the

most sum measure of rewards on the grounds that

Swim they do it is at regular intervals they

raise the cost and afterward in the end they

pull the rewards so how about we see what we’re

discussing here this is truly

something absolutely new it is a

maker stage for stories web stories

that are shareable amiable that you can

implant on any site and that and that you

can rank and can be found through Google

so this is the video that clarifies them

all and we’re going to proceed watch that

out however first I simply need to show you a

minimal increasingly sort of get you a thought what

precisely we’re discussing it’s comparative

to Instagram stories sort of arrangement however

this uses in the Google amp I believe it’s

called and what we’re taking a gander at is

making lovely stories there’s

several formats and like I said

you can put these things everywhere throughout the

web however they likewise Internet they

likewise rank without anyone else so it’s the

Google amp stories activity is the thing that

this works with its as of late propelled

also, it enables you to make stories just

like you would via web-based networking media and the

amp stories are that you make will

remain there and last they don’t leave

in 24 hours like stories in Instagram so

also, they rank in Google so there is a

parcel of potential for this the amp story

thing is you know at whatever point Google puts

something out in the event that you can get in there

what’s more,

starting and start laying into it

what’s more, establishing your framework that you’re

going to be one of the pioneers that is simply

how it is so this is the amp story

programming for the open web first-since forever

visual amp story creation bargain so this

is somewhat what the dashboard resembles

in that spot so you can see you got all

these layouts it will be beautiful

simple to use as per the tenth thus

what you can do is click on the connection

underneath and come read all the stuff and

get contemplated up on it check whether you think

it’s something for you we will be

playing that video here in a moment

there’s formats there’s um you know a

online programming to make all these


there’s a goliath library of pictures so

it’s everything there they have your accounts

for you yet you can associate them to your

space likewise in the event that you’d like or sub area

so there’s a ton going on there’s a great deal

going on with this and it’s truly

forefront I feel that is what the

energizing part is this thing could go off

since it has Google behind it’s

Google’s foundation you know Google beautiful

much runs the web right so here is

a major demo likewise you can tap on the

interface beneath come look at the demo video

furthermore, that will you know make you go on

this thing a smidgen too there’s tons

of data here on this page I

truly got all that I could off the

deals page and stuck it on here so I

mean this thing does all that you can

envision you can go live you got all your

call the activities you got your social

media sharing I mean you know it’s everything

there OK it’s simply that basic

no doubt about it so with no further ado

you have your full cash back

ensure I simply need you to realize I put

in 50 web advertising instructional exercise recordings

directly off the bat and afterward a huge amount of

various subjects here

all these rewards are more than 100 rewards

here over a hundred rewards for all of you

you need to do is click anyplace on the

reward page and that will take you to the

deals page and in the event that you get it there

you’ll be getting it through my connection all

these rewards will be holding up inside

your jvzoo entry with the goal that’s that now

how about we feel free to how about we watch this

deals video and allows simply check whether this

can’t exactly you know get our we get our

head around what precisely is going

on with this item so here we go

wherever you turn you see stories in

the recent years stories have

become gigantically prominent on social

stages like Facebook snapchat

whatsapp and Instagram and on the off chance that you like

a great many people one of the principal things you

do when you sign on to internet based life in

the morning so investigate the news

stories from everybody that you pursue

stories are ultra connecting with and works so

well since individuals’ abilities to focus

are getting shorter and shorter most

individuals don’t have the opportunity to peruse a whole

article or watch the entirety of the video they

need hard-hitting bits of substance and

stories they’re the appropriate response have a

uncommon offer you need to ensure your

devotees see yet post it as a story

putting out an extraordinary new bit of substance

that you realize everybody will cherish transfer

it as a story to guarantee it gets saw

offering another item to your group of spectators

well again utilize the story include that is

an extraordinary method to connect with your social

crowd get them to make a move there’s

no inquiry that individuals romantic tales of

pride does it need to stop at social

media wouldn’t it be incredible to use

the intensity of stories the whole way across the web

to assist you with boosting commitment get free

traffic and make deals the uplifting news is

you can with story buddy story Pal

influences am stories which is an

activity put out by Google with amp

stories you’re ready to make Instagram

like stories and have them on your

site giving you full control these

pristine Google amp web stories are the

wave of things to come and individuals

love drawing in with these accounts that is

why we made story buddy story buddy takes

everything that is extraordinary about Google amp

stories and improves them more

connecting with and simpler to make with a couple

snaps of your mouse

since amp stories are an activity of

Google every one of the narratives you make with

story buddy a web index neighborly which

implies you can without much of a stretch get free traffic

since your accounts will rank rapidly

in the web indexes

not at all like Instagram Facebook whatsapp and

snapchat stories that leave in 24

hours the tales you make with story

buddy and stick and remain live as long as

you need them that is a serious deal

this implies your web stories are more

prone to get shared and collaborated with

which implies all the more free traffic and

eventually greater commitment with your

substance story buddy is stacked with

highlights that make it the chief

programming instrument for making web stories

no specialized abilities or experience are

required on the grounds that making web stories with

story buddy is as simple as a tick of your

mouse albeit numerous design formats

are incorporated you have the full

adaptability to alter your accounts in any

way you wish the tales you make are

intended to get your outcomes so they can

be in bit good everyone so that is

a decent bother in that spot on the

video that is situated in the reward page

click on the connection beneath and come check

it out man you could peruse the video or

watch the video read this

data likewise need you all to know

that I likewise think pretty much wrapped up

with a total audit post it genuine

commentator TR you analyst website and

that way many individuals like to peruse

about these things you can find out about

every one of the realities you can find out pretty much all the

includes and get your head around this

item by coming to you know my site

where I felt free to assemble this

for you folks with the goal that will be

accessible additionally and you’ll have a connection

for that in the portrayal see two

interfaces in the depiction one for the

reward page and one for the post goodness I

trust that assists and hello that is it

man everything I can say is you know I’m way


also, on the off chance that you think this is something that

worked for you I have more than 110 or 111

rewards that I’m giving out so check it

out and that is it man I’m route down finished

what’s more, out


StoryPal OTO


StoryPal FE=>>StoryPal FE

OTO1 Pro=>>StoryPal OTO1

OTO2 Deluxe=>>StoryPal OTO2

OTO3 WhiteLable=>>StoryPal OTO3