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StoryPal Reloaded OTO Details

StoryPal Reloaded OTO


OTO1 :Pro version

Create Unlimited Stories And Get Your Hands On Powerful Add-Ons That Make It Even Easier To Make Money With StoryPa

Story analytics
Storypalfav 1
Email story Stats Weekly
Storypalfav 1
Standalone Story Blogs
Storypalfav 1
Custom menus and sidebars
Storypalfav 1
Add Tracking Pixels
Storypalfav 1
Bookend CTA
Storypalfav 1
Unlock Unlimited Stories

OTO2 :Deluxe version

Take Your Stories To The Next Level, Boost Engagement, Get More Viral Traffic, And Make More Money With Built-In Monetization Tools

10 new premium templates added monthly
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Accept external Ads within stories
Storypalfav 1
Serve & create ads within stories
Storypalfav 1
Get each ads analytics
Storypalfav 1
Connect and auto-publish to social platforms
Storypalfav 1
Story page attachment (Swipe Up)
Storypalfav 1
Add team members
Storypalfav 1
Connect 10 additional domains
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Free access to new added “Future” features

OTO3 :WhiteLable Version

Unlock Another Income Stream With StoryPal

When you get the StoryPal White Label upgrade, you’ll be able to make money creating stories for clients. Charge whatever you want and keep 100% of the profit for yourself!

Create stories for clients
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Clients can have team members
Storypalfav 1
Create clients account
Storypalfav 1
White label domain
Storypalfav 1
Create a maximum of 100 client accounts
Storypalfav 1
100 custom domain limits


StoryPal Reloaded OTO

What is StoryPal Reloaded ?

The Demo

StoryPal is a visual storytelling SaaS software for the open web, that expanded the new Google AMP Stories Technology – which provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories. 

In the last couple of years, “Stories” has become wildly popular on Snapchat and Instagram, so much so that Facebook declared it’ll focus more on Stories than the news feed. Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can publish Instagram-like Stories on your own website – Powered By StoryPal!

Web stories score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics and prove to be a futuristic content format that’s set to rule the web.


Video Review for front End only

Text from this video

hi larry team here with a review of story pal reloaded this is the second time that this product has come out it is a platform that creates stories it is get massive engagement free viral traffic and Bank easy profits with this brand new software that makes it easy to create Instagram like tappa bull stories for the web here we go with this software of the story pal here is the dashboard you have to set it up with

a domain whether you use theirs or choose your own you create bookends I think I skipped one Oh manage your stories these are examples of stories that this is a review copy and this is your typical graphic interface with a story so the the if you’re not familiar you’re creating a graphic with text to make a short version of whatever it is you’re trying to present and so that’s the whole thing is that they say people don’t have time to read a whole story so you give them some pictures and a little bit of text and they can get the idea I guess and that’s what this whole system is set up for let’s see wooden cubes what we got here not a whole lot see okay and then there are upgrades

there’s training anyway we see it you see it and this is the sales page there’s video there you can get that on your own time they the thing is it has a big sale for 32 bucks when this opens for I think the first six hours or so you can get it at a very good price and what I want to do now is instead of me trying to figure out how to use that thing I’m going to show you a video that really is a good example of what the story pal reloaded can do so hey guys welcome to the quick demonstration of our flagship product story pal when you log in to your story pal dashboard the first thing you’ll need to do is to add a sub domain if you plan to use your own custom domain or subdomain you’ll be able to integrate that once

you’re fully logged in to the dashboard I will call this directory demo and thereafter click on create as you already know story pal is powered by the new Google AM P stories technology which enables you to create Instagram snapchat and Facebook Lite stories for the open web to begin with let’s create a unique project for our stories I’ll name this my first story and the slug will be demo since we are on a demo account after adding your project if you have a custom or subdomain now is the time to add it please note that it’s not mandatory you must have your own domain in order to use story pal as a premium

user you can integrate and create up to three different projects and directories I will quickly link my demo subdomain now when you integrate your custom domains we host and secure it for free for you this will be the unique URL we’ll be using for our created stories and now I will click on next the last step is to add our IP address to your domain name server and click Save here is where to create stories from your uploaded media files are housed here and your account settings here also endeavour to take advantage of our training guides and email a support desk for any support questions I’ll also show you how

to quickly create a shareable storybook n click my stories to start creating stories next I’ll click to add story when you click on add stories there are four different story type options you can create a story from scratch from a website URL beat a blog post or any content from a website or you can create stories from RSS feeds of any websites or blogs and lastly is to take advantage of our already created story templates first from custom where we’ll try to create stories from scratch here is where you can add different story pages if we want to add another page we click to do so on our first page we’ll add a layer with options

to add content for header text backgrounds images videos icons custom contents link buttons and embed ads from Google or create our own ads but this add feature is for a deluxe user I’ll add content from the header layer let’s try to create stories from these blog posts I’ll go ahead and copy this this will be added through our layer options section and we can always style the content as we wish I’ll quickly do that now adding more contents to the page for this whole story page we can always add our chosen background which we can gradient background background image or video background let’s add a video background as you can see our story is looking a lot better we can also animate the layers add the animation delay duration let’s preview to see how our first story looks I will quickly add the next pages select a vertical image

background okay on to our final page let’s use our custom content editor this time I’ll select to add a video background let’s quickly preview our story now cool right next we’re going to save our created story to do this click on the general settings to fill in our general information field and to upload our logo and portrait image as required our story title goes here next is add publisher name and here is where you’ll select your story URL since our newly added domain is still propagating we’re going to use story scope which is free for all to use for SEO purposes you’ll be required to enter a unique description here let’s see how our newly-created story will look on the web

to create another story I’ll clicked that’s it guys and do take advantage of our well detailed guides on how to use story pal you see how easy it is to create web stories and yes you can add your own custom domains to have your stories on your website URL do click the button below now so that is story pal if you click the link right below this video it will bring you to this bonus page here you will find a recap of story pal and a look at the funnel for the product the story pal Lite is 27 his story pal premium commercial it starts out at 32 for the first few hours and it eventually goes to 67 the story pal Pro is 57 and the one-time offer number two the story pal deluxe is 69 to 97 and the one-time offer number three for a white label version that you can label as your own is 197 but if you use one

of these yellow buttons when you come to this page I have a special deal for you with some bonuses that are absolutely free the first of which is the fast content writers method each one of these is to help you develop your skills at creating stories so the is writing content the second one is effective content marketing its to improve your techniques in content marketing bonus number three is high profit blog secrets we want you to learn the secrets the

pros use to build high profit blogs every time and make real money you’re mining content with your stories and you can use them in your blog to help you create more income bonus number four is killer blogging conversion tips again we want to give you every opportunity to improve your conversions and earn more income and last our bonus number five is your content marketing guide we want to help you make more money with less effort by getting more tips and tricks for creating

your stories okay so if you use one of these blocks even if you just buy the front end the lowest price we will give you all of these bonuses to help you out you get your bonuses by clicking the blue bonus tab when you get your product and we’ll send you automatically send you an email with the links to all of your bonuses so there we have the story pal reloaded if you have any questions just put them in the comments below and I will be back soon with another review

StoryPal Reloaded OTO