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stuffmyinbox OTO


What is StuffMyInbox  ?

The Demo’

StuffMyInbox is an awesome new cloud-based APP that generates highly unique (NON funnel-based) web pages…

Think of them as “SUPER squeeze pages.” Not ONLY do they collect direct and autopilot (pass up) leads…

…They also generate multiple streams of affiliate income – including autopilot pass up commissions…

…AND built-in free traffic on autopilot…

In fact, we’ve integrated a means of getting PAID traffic for FREE into each page – something never done before.

But wait! It gets even better…

Each page features ongoing $400 XBOX game system giveaways, enabling SMI users to attract and engage visitors like never before.

Visitors do NOTHING in relation to the XBOX giveaways. We buy and deliver them to winning visitors on a quarterly schedule (every 90 days).

Our FE sales page is a masterpiece, and features over $1 million dollars of real income proof (with the proof pertaining to using giveaways and inexpensive lead gen products to make money online – i.e., the exact approach built into the SMI app).


OTO 1 – SMI’s Autopilot Commissions Rotator

This instant upgrade unlocks additional literal autopilot commissions of up to $102 a pop for SMI users.

Here’s how it works: The SMI system sends every 5th visitor to any page into

a special (fully disclosed) “visitor pool,” and our backend script automatically

distributes the results (leads and purchases) from this pool to OTO 1 and OTO 2 takers!

Expect ultra high conversions on this never-before-done upgrade.


OTO 2 – SMI’s Autopilot Leads Rotator

This upgrade works EXACTLY the same way as OTO 1 above, but in this case does it

with leads (email subscribers).

Here again you can expect insane conversions from users who want

 REAL autopilot leads delivered straight into their SMI

accounts on a daily ongoing basis.


OTO 3 – SMI’s Autopilot Reseller Machine

I haven’t yet mentioned that all of our OTO’s set up in mere seconds

by entering an affiliate link or two, and run on literal autopilot. SMI’s OTO 3 is no exception…

What this customization does is just as simple as it is powerful…

It utilizes the latest pop-up-on-exit technology to display the SMI PRO

offer (our WarriorPlus offer) to visitors who attempt to leave an SMI user’s SMI website…

We automatically hardcode users’ W+ affiliate links into the pop up window,

enabling them to make commissions of up to $312 a pop on all takers of the offer – with ZERO extra effort.


OTO 4 – SMI’s Instant Commission Blitz

This customization virtually guarantees its takers more income with SMI

We’ve placed 5 featured offers inside all SMI member areas

(what will quickly become thousands of pages)…

Our system automatically rotates users’ affiliate links

for these 5 offers across all SMI member areas –

which will result in literal autopilot traffic and commissions


OTO 5 – SMI’s $1000 Payday Machine

No income system is complete without a powerful high ticket backend. And with that

in mind, this upgrade instantly unlocks backend commission payouts

of $1000+ a pop on a built in auto webinar integrated into all SMI user apps/websites.

Customers have been loving our built-in webinar customizations,

and I like to mix things up by offering different webinars across

different launch products… This time around we’ve integrated

John Thornhill’s tried and true

“Ambassador Program” – which brought in over $70K in

revenue last month alone.




Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

instant commission blitz uh guarantees uh more income we’ve placed five featured offers inside all all smi members areas while we’ll quickly become thousands and thousands of pages our system automatically rotates users affiliates of these five offers across the smri members areas which will result literally autopilot trafficking commission is very very cool otf5 uh where are we let me bring that down a little bit um no inconsistencies without powerful high ticket back end this 197.97 downsell uh with that in mind this upgrade instantly unlocks back-end commission payouts of up to a thousand dollars plus a pop uh on a built-in auto webinar integrated in so the high ticket is where the real money is made so to be part of rotator flight is pretty cool as well so one nine seven ninety seven dollars on the down so again that down so you’re gonna be put on a lesser version of that pretty much so with that being said let’s jump into the members area um okay and if um one thing i’m going to do actually if you do buy any of the upgrades as well i will include one of my unreleased products did you print goldmines which is coming out maybe about three weeks uh completely unreleased there’s only about two or three people who got access to at the moment already making money with it which is very very cool to see so i will throw that in as well if you pick up one of the um the the upsells as well so very very cool bird stuff there so this is um this is your website right here this is what you’ll get essentially as your own so get your training here 15 minutes easy easy to very very easy to get going and you will

get your own individual link right here as well and these are then your traffic tools um email adverts you can use uh invite your friends over from facebook twitter banner adverts you can use with google ads etc facebook ads invite youtube subscribers and basically what’s going to happen is uh instantly unlock your choice of australia leads income and traffic here so basically because if you buy into this only this top one is going to be unlocked so as when you send traffic through your own version more and more of these are going to get unlocked and as your your own traffic comes into this they’ll be going okay i want to unlock this this and this as

well to get put into the you know to win an xbox or etc to get my own email list up and going so that’s one of the ways you can do it um so yeah i said because i’m one of the founding members i do have all these unlocked but um if you buy the front end you’ll be just provided with the leads and then more and more will unlock as you bring your friends family your own email list um cold traffic warm traffic whatever it is you’re through this system and of course you have your chance to make money win the xbox as well so very very cool so yeah it’s it’s a very it’s an awesome incentive based email list building program and the incentives are xboxes um cash giveaways and you know the the chance to build your own monetized email list as well and the saying is the money is in the list so if you’re building an email list if you know how to treat that list well are you not just going to spam them with offers every single day and you know people are going to get sick of it if you’re providing them with value providing them free training spreading them with hints and tips and tricks you know that those sorts of things you know people will appreciate that and that’s how you’re going to build a good audience and a buyer’s email list as well pardon me very very she knows um but yeah that’s how you do so

yeah very very cool i mean the sort of thing where this is going to work for you because again the these incentive-based systems work they really really work and i’ve never seen um the upsells done like this as well the oto 10202 where you’ve sort of put into the rotators as well so you know you could be you’re fast asleep and you know getting traffic getting leads getting cash prizes xboxes whatever so yeah pretty cool um yes sir this is stuff my inbox let me check the day again so july the

19th at 9 00 a.m and let me check i’ve covered everything i made some notes before um yeah so if you buy in you’ll get a carbon copy of this members area essentially and uh yeah it’s then yours to start getting the traffic in and you can start as easy as you want um inviting your friends and family etc or you can go straight into email ads and start you know actually paying for advertisements as well and of course if you’ve got your own traffic sources as well you know get this link out to them as well and uh start you know multiplying your email list that way so very very cool so yeah july the 19th at 9am so that’ll stuff my inbox by brian winters a great done for you um you know viral email list multiplier with multiple incentives as well so very very cool yeah so um go and pick this up and pick up my bonuses with it and will be delivered automatically into the warrior plus area where you actually access this product so again any point that you want to pick this up hit my first link down in the description that’s going to take you to my bonus page and you can just click on any of these red buttons on the bonus page or grab it up here as well and that’s going to take

you to the sales page and then just hit on the get stuff my inbox and then in the members area let me just go back to so when you access your products there will be um you’ll see a link like this access your product access your purchase sorry and if you want to pick up the bonuses there’ll be a blue button underneath it says access affiliate bonuses and that’s where you’ll be getting my bonuses as well links to my bonuses so yeah very very cool stuff my inbox pick it up it is july the 19th at 9 00 am so yeah um great training and i hope you’ve enjoyed the review and i will see you in the next video cheers guys bye

StuffMyInbox OTO