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Surge OTO

Surge OTO

OTO1 :Unlimited Edition

This upgrade lets you unlock additional TikTok features and also lets them run unlimited campaigns.

OTO2 :Automation Edition

This upgrade lets you unlock the automation module for automated traffic, leads and sales.

OTO3:Done-For-You Edition

In this  deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

OTO4 :Licence Edition

The Reseller edition gives you the rights to sell the products throughout the funnel and keep 100% of the profits.

As you know our funnel contains professional high grade sales copy, well engineered killer animated VSL’s throughout and no expense Is spared.

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3,000 to build but they can get it for just .

OTO5 :Diamond Edition

You experience a very individual custom funnel setup experience.

Now we actually setup a funnel for your customers on their hosting, with their accounts so they can build a list and make money.

Not only is the funnel completely setup for them, but we also include autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and additional traffic tutorials.


Surge OTO

What is Surge ?

The Demo

This App Lets Your Customers Leverage TikTok, Facebook & YouTube For Massive Traffic..First Of It’s Kind TikTok Traffic Software…
Comes Complete With Video Tutorials And More…A Proven Software Guaranteed To Get Great Results…

Video Review For Front End Only

Text From This Video

all right everybody welcome to my search review this is a gentleman up for example that P and W it is a pleasure to have you here know what is a search all about now first of all I have to remind you that and in fact search is it will be life actually on April 9 and 11 Eastern Standard Time okay now search combines the power of a brand this new social network that is has all over 1 billion users you hear me right 1 billion users and

a will over 800 million active users in fact and combined powers of tick-tock and also the YouTube so you can make it you don’t have to make the videos the videos are already there you just have to just grab the video and put it a little over all the resource which this program is all about and in fact get the traffic to your offer that you want to promote and sell ok so combine the power of theta without having a following and the power of as well as YouTube you will have a ton of a ton of traffic getting to your offer or service or what you are selling I am inside of a team member sorry on which these of program is all about you see you can choose a ticket are you two okay and let’s take example right now they say the key word thank you went to search is yet let’s

say here that you want to oh wait you can put what about the name that you want to in fact look for and you will see this a lot of videos okay that has they had to do with cat hey you can configure it then after a little while you see the video right here okay there’s a little trans and trans well it is in another language you can put campaigning everyone’s you can in fact put a terminal and that in which here you can go whether you go to I think but I fan page that you want to go and opposed a description and suggested hashtags okay that you want to add in fact a religion or here or here okay you can add here whatever the tax that you want to add and

you simply publish no you or if you want to you you actually have one typos you can have YouTube or tick-tock now I’m going to make money and the in fact this hour will search for a different videos okay on which you can configure as I did before okay now you can do as well ready director to a blog post you can also to a slideshow post and you can have an image search from pixabay and Flickr and you can do as well I can also post which is a you know numerous of images that went out or together now like I was saying search

combine the power of Facebook in fact it will connect to your account or to a fan page so well it comes with training as well which it will guide you how to do this step that I just show you here is the what in searches hurts it’s all about okay input your Facebook account introducing signal like I was saying is a new which new is so their network YouTube video pose how to do it just immense carousel pose and installation media pose and help suppose to h4 blog or website now if this compels to you getting free traffic from tik-tok okay and having the power of having a 800 million users without having a following ok so you offer what you’re selling stick around because I have a cool cool bonus potential for you that I will show you in just a little bit of a moment and it will come it will be congruent when you need it actually in fact it will help you get a more okay from this new program okay and it will help you get the most out of this new program remember what we live tomorrow April 9 11:00 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time and you can you feel free to shop around okay and I see what others are offering and you can come back whatever you want to and realize that actually my bonuses are the best race but you have to hurry because you have when this clock hits zero okay all this beta will come down and also the bonuses will on disappear okay now how you can get to these a bonus page and where you have to click the link down below this video if you’re watching on YouTube okay and later on I will tell you how to claim those total how to claim those the bonus is an offer you are obviously free of charge okay now starting with the

first one okay besides search ok is a tutorial okay on which it will get you how to make your first $100 from your smartphone okay you don’t need a website you don’t need a laptop to make this kind of money this another parameter you get I’m going to mean there’s no cells guarantee that you can make on $100 okay any but you can have a smartphone and a willingness to go and make money okay this is a great great ones on will actually guide you how to make those I mean those figures okay by tomorrow okay the bonus number one is actually when talking about Facebook okay if he is a great and a cool way to find traffic from Facebook as well through your offers and I can was saying okay this program actually has the ability to connect to the Facebook

page but with these bonus with this hack he will guide you to how to get even more quality traffic form Facebook okay and we’re not through yet because now our as the first step I told you how to make money okay in this guide you okay how to make your first dollar faster if you want to scale this up okay doing a pain traffic okay the solutions are in offering for you doesn’t have to do with paid traffic all of them are a little over I mean close to 100% okay probability and chance to in fact get traffic without using money okay and this is one of the co way a great way

to find a traffic as well and actually make your first dollar fast okay now the bonus number four in fact I will teach you how to get or how to promote first of all how to get how to promote Howie ticket offer this is I mean a good way I mean if you don’t have anything to promote okay here you will have a great way on which you will find okay great offer a high ticket offers for you to promote okay don’t forget that those offers are free of charge and you don’t find that okay if you click the link down below this video you’re watching

on YouTube and later on I will tell you how to get those bonuses and I’m not done yet because well to entice the buyers the the people that are watching the offer okay to entice and to make them buy you need to offer bonuses okay now with these bonus I’ll give you the opportunity to offer on to entice people to not actually get on just a peeler it doesn’t work that way I’m not giving you just a pill I’m and

giving you 100 percent high quality bones to give a way to entice people okay to tithe entice people to make them buy okay I’m not offering peelers okay I’m offering high quality bonuses on which you can offer to the people and entice them to buy okay the bonus number six okay you can I mean have a great and cool wait who get well over 10 X 10 times your commission it is a cool way to find great traffic to and these sticks of videos youtube videos enter your block okay I wouldn’t want to reveal

what it is but it will explode okay you or traffic okay people I mean will be a flood of traffic if you use this alone okay now the bonus number seven okay as I would say ders okay independence number three or how to find a high ticket products this will be sort of speak a complimentary okay bonus on you will be able to find the best programs and service to a promote okay okay I’m giving you a fine too and cool way to find high tier approach to promote and based programs and services to promote and also I’ve got our traffic and ways to get your first money during mobile or on laptop ASAP as soon as possible Porter forget these bonuses will disappear as these clock hits zero okay now I will tell you how to claim those bonuses after you buy okay the affronted product have actually these these bonuses are free of charge if you buy in just the front and product nothing else okay you going to your war + and – war and hover over and I think and you will see here when you go to the purchase history and it will take you to a list of products that you bought okay the first one

will be traffic search and in fact when you are here again let me come over here okay okay okay you will find a page that will look like this all right here on this green banner you will have you will find the products actually that you had but whether is there front and all the top cells I will talk to you in just a second what the audios are but more importantly if you click on this blue banner you will find all the policies that I been talking to you before okay this is a way to get my bonuses free of charge just for buying the front and Prada okay now talking about the prices okay and here we go okay the front end product it actually will be seventeen dollars but it will be on time so okay

because the price will increase every six minutes okay so you will have to hurry in order to get okay and the minimum price okay now on a limited version okay once it is $39 in which you will get an ability to unlock additional features from this problem call tick tock and also let them run on limiting campaigns actually with the front end okay you will have a limited amount on campaigns with this upgrade

$39 you will have the chance to unlock unlimited campaigns okay okay $39 is at the option number two it is automation Edition okay you have the chance all of the automation almost done for you modules for automatic leads traffic and cells okay this is more training on which you will have the chance to get more leads traffic to your offer but remember on the bonuses I will give you how to find traffic now the bonus number three is a value 10 will be surprised icon $197 okay you will actually the team for the programmer will have to deliver down for you traffic and sells to your customers okay down for your package we actually need a price that on $197 and

this search license addition it is price of $39 in fact it is a reseller edition which gives you the rights to serve the product throughout the funnels and get 100% of the copy okay if you have a following you can sell okay search and keep 100% of the profit as you know the funnel concern is professional high rate sales copy and we janilla kill animator to me yourself throughout and no expense is spared yourself

stands for video cells a lateral device basically had their hands of the same owner that would cost him $50,000 to bill but they will get it for just $39 to promote this product and have 100% Commission’s all right for $39 okay no Brittany now the option number five okay assertion Diamond Edition you will experience a fear individual custom funnel service payments that actually have to actually they will serve a funnel to the customers on their hosting with their counsel so actually they can build at least for you and make money not only does the funnel company

set up for you but also including autoresponder integration screech basis page setup we follow emails and additional traffic tutorials combined with license and rights okay and it also isn’t done for you solution you will get a sewers and a flood of traffic and automate cells okay here there is a demo on how the program works okay now actually a for taking advantage and psyphon all the traffic is coming from and tick-tock it is as a novelty there’s a great and cool way to siphon all the traffic there is okay but you have to hurry but when this page coming with Eastern Time come soon you will lose the ability to get all the impulses that I’ve been talking about a little over I go so this is where my take to this new program for a search and you will have to get

I mean in front end to in order to get my bonuses okay now stay at home take it easy okay you have plenty of time to test this program and to get great results okay so this is JP signing off for now take care bye bye for now ]

Surge OTO