Swarm OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 All Five OTOs’ Links +Discount>>>

Swarm OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you well get one front End and five Swarm OTO s Options . Swarm OTO all links and details bellow with discount . created by venkata Ramany -Mike Bishop

It Is Very Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

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Front End ==>Swarm FE

OTO1 ==>Swarm Unlimited

OTO2 ==>Swarm Automation

OTO3 ==>Swarm Instant Traffic

OTO4 ==>Agebcy Version

OTO5 ==>1k A Week

Swarm OTO

Swarm OTO

What is Swarm ?

The Demo

Cloud Based

Swarm Is A Brand New ‘Cloud Based’ Software Created To Unlock The Power Of Curiosity Driven Video Clip Compilations For Huge Traffic, Subscribers And Profit Without Selling A Thing   Zero Selling YouTube…

Comes Complete With Training

As Well As Training On How To Use The Software We Show Your Customers Which Niches To Target And How To Make Money From Utilizing Existing Videos Without Selling Anything… EVER!…

Easy to Use

Swarm Is Designed Specifically To Be ‘Low-Tech’ Easy To Understand And Apply…

It Has Been Designed And Created From Scratch To Work Within A Tried And Tested System For Generating Results.The Dashboard Is Simple And Easily Within The Scope Of Newbie Users…

Guaranteed to Get Results

Swarm Reveals A Unique System For 2020 That Your Customers Will Love… And It’s Guaranteed To Work. We Guarantee Swarm Works As We Say It Does. When Your Customers Follow The Instructions They Can Realistically Expect To Get Real Results…

Swarm – Core (Front End)

System unlocks ‘The SECRET ‘WEIRD’ Video System’ currently making $5k – $19k Per Month without selling a thing. Automation enables users to find existing videos, edit and compile new videos to fit the weird niche. Monetization requires zero selling

Swarm OTO

Swarm – Unlimited (OTO-1)

Removes all restrictions so users can create unlimited videos, longer videos and connect multiple accounts.

Auto Swarm (OTO-2)

Automate and schedule the Swarm system and software.

Swarm – Instant Traffic (OTO-3)

Pixel added to sales page

User Pixel is added to Swarm sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

Swarm – Agency (OTO-4)

Reseller package

Swarm OTO5

Name: 1k Week

1k Week video tutorial with Done-for-you products.

All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.

Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure.

Video r- eview for Front End only

Text From This video

hi i’d like to introduce you to the new product that will certainly make your life easier so let’s begin hi welcome to the demo video of swamp this is the software that allows you to create highly trending and viral youtube videos without having to show your face on camera or creating any video or rather without having any knowledge of video creation so let me show you how this software works right now i am in the dashboard of the swamp and here we have one option called create campaign so click on create campaign your campaign name so let’s put cued dark videos now you can search for the keywords so search for cubed cute dog videos and then software pull entire data and analysis of particular keywords in this niche so you can see it shows you keyword traffic source difficulty rank how many search

results for the particular keyword and entire analysis then you can choose on the basis of difficulty rank which keyword you would like to target so let’s go ahead with this one so here green means it’s very easy for you to rank the video so let’s go ahead and target this keyword q dog videos funny click here on search videos and now it will show you videos available on youtube that are ranked for the particular keywords now let’s say if you want to use this video so click here on select video for compilation then here is one that you want to add and this is the third one once that is done you can click here on create data meanwhile you will also be able to export entire video data analysis like how many views this saw video has got what how many likes what are the dislikes comments everything you can export and you can use this data while uploading your video on youtube so we’ll see that later but just go ahead and create video for now so here are these three videos that we have

already selected now we can select we can trim the video as per our requirement so let’s go ahead and trim this video so from here to say here i want to trim this video so i will click on trim video now software will go and trim the video now that is done let’s go ahead and trim the second video now let’s edit this second video so let’s edit it from here to here and click on trim so here you have second video and now let’s go ahead and edit the third one as well so i will go it edit it from here to here all right so we have edited all three videos now let’s go ahead and create a video so software will go and compile all these three trimmed part of different videos and create a complete video it takes some time once that is done you will get notification in your email or you can go and check out your video status in dashboard here so now it’s working on it once that is done it will show you so now you can see the video is ready now we have to add intro and outro so let’s create into an outro here so if you want to add into an outro you can do it from here or else you can skip this step so let’s add intro awesome cue dark video let’s change the background color let’s change the font size font

color you can also change the font family and everything basically that you want you can do here with the background color font color font size now let’s create outro similarly let’s say subscribe to my channel again let’s change you can change the background color if you want from here change the font color and you are done so you are done with the second step you can click on generate video once that is done again again system will let you know in the dashboard so you can see here the video is ready you now can add subtitle and audio so for audio you can choose our pre-loaded open source audio files you can select it from here okay or maybe this one so let’s add this one now that is done if you want to record your voiceover you can do it from here as well and you can add subtitles so say here you want to add subtitle till 10 second here again if you want to add it up to 30 seconds you can do that and similarly you can keep on adding it till your video ends now once that is

done you just have to click on generate video and your video is done so in three simple steps you have created a video using others existing videos you can now import your tags you can import other data like description and create your youtube video and you are ready to upload your video once the compilation of this entire video is done so now system is working in the background and it’s compiling the videos and adding subtitles and adding background music and everything once that is done you will get notification in your dashboard or in your email and you are ready to upload your video on youtube so i just want to show you the existing video demonstration this is the video this is how video looks like i have created one for q dot keyword now when your video is ready you can go here and upload on youtube or vimeo and when you are uploading it on youtube system will prompt you with the most relevant keywords and description you can upload your thumbnail from here as well so it’s a complete system right from doing research for highly trending videos on youtube it creates videos and it also adds relevant tags and it relevant description and you can upload the video right from the system on youtube so it’s a complete system in itself that is how swam works thank you thanks for watching don’t forget to visit the website


Swarm OTO