Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 (Final Season) Trailer – Official PV 3

If I should fall, and call your name
with the last of my strength, will you stand up
and draw that sword for me? After all, you… You’re the most powerful swordsman of all. I’ve grown tired of this. Begone. He’s in here, too, huh? It can’t be. There’s no way. Am I seeing a ghost? Now, let me drink more. Stop! Anything but that! If only there was one more person
who’d accumulated a strong mental image of him! “THE ALICIZATION ARC REACHES IT’S GRAND FINALE” I’ll never fall from wounds like these. “THOSE MEMORIES WILL SURELY GIVE YOU STRENGTH” Because I’m Kirito the Black Swordman’s little sister! “TO TAKE UP YOUR SWORD AGAIN” I’ll never give up.
I have to believe. In Hécate In Kirito. “THE STRENGTH TO FIGHT” Will I be able to see my loved ones again? Please, Kirito.
I’ll give you my heart, my life, my everything….



So open your eyes! Kirito! Big Brother. Kirito. Kirito. “THIS SORROWFUL WORLD” “ENVELOPE IT” “AS GENTLY AS” “THE NIGHT SKY” Now, Kirito….