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SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO – What is SyndBuddy 2.0  ?

The Demo

SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO  –  Getting Real Social Shares From Thousands Of Real People Located All Over The World To Rank On Page 1 Of Google And Youtube Fast Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Proven Platform with over 5,000 users and REAL testimonials
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The SyndBuddy is the NITROUS To our Social Syndication System. This is pretty much the next layer to our social syndication platforms and really takes things to the next level.

We’ve created a platform where THOUSANDS of REAL users, located ALL over the world, are ready to share YOUR content on THEIR social platforms to get ANY URL you Want Ranked On Page 1 of Google or YouTube, FAST, and for the LONG-TERM!

And this is by NO MEANS, a NEW platform..

As you saw the REAL-TIME stats above, we’ve got well over 5,000 users that have performed over 2,000,000 shares of each other’s content!



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Real Web 2.0 Posts

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey everyone uh this is shawan guru welcome to my youtube channel uh welcome to the review of uh synthetic 2.0 in this review i’m going to walk you through my review SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO

page uh hop into the sales page and also log into the members area and uh discuss about synbody 2.0 and what are its benefits and also discuss about prices SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO s

and upsells of synbody 2.0 so right now i’m in the same body a 2.0 dashboard as you can see is the basic version uh sorry members area uh this is this is the dashboard how it looks like guys so so basically symbody 2.0 is

a cloud-based software it lets you uh create the campaigns and those campaigns are shared by the real uh people there are over 5000 people uh

that are there in this symbody 2.0 that’s why the names in body so it’s a social syndication that happens through the real people and it gets shared multiple

multiple times and thus multiply your content or campaigns so it lets to reach to many people and also by that you get tons of traffic uh that is the power of uh it basically uses the power of auto sharing as well and also

the real people doing it that’s the interesting thing about and this outstanding future is like the real people helping your campaigns and these activities

are done by them so as you can see these are the sample campaigns that have been already created and these are literally created like minutes

ago and it was SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO already shared like 45 times so make money affiliate marketing these are the sample campaigns and doesn’t only work for just not

confined to affiliate marketing or internet marketing or any online uh thing it also works for like other niches or other uh platforms or other areas SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO

as well so see you can see there are some beauty campaigns as well there are some plumber electrician you can it works for every individual guys every type

of business as well so so what does this do right so as you can see you can create a campaign here so let me just uh show you how to do that so suppose

i’m interested in travel to create a travel campaign right so i’m just i’ll just do the travel uh for the sake of this demo i’m just giving the travel campaign

and let me just give you some you url like say okay as you can see it’s existing url so that’s good it’s not a dummy

one i just gave it randomly so www dot travel blogs dot com i know this is there i think it should be there yep that’s so you can you can give

multiple urls as you like so and you can also have the keywords travel blogger okay like that so and you can select the category of this let me say travel tourism

and i just entered one keyword you can enter multiple keywords guys so and and this is the field where you want to limit your number of shares

let me say at 4 000 shares okay so daily limit how SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO  many what is the daily limit you want to set so 50 or 49 okay that’s some minimum i can do 49 so what

is this submit to index all right once you check this so this indexer lets you it gets it ranks your video or your website or your campaign by this powe SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO s

of indexing to optimize it and show it on on the top searches so that’s the power of indexer right so basically it orders your content so you can also have

content generator acid reflux or anything like regarding to your area so select select the appropriate content generator this is another benefit that you get

and you you can also link your blog content titles and any other social media content as well and then submit the campaign that’s it guys so it will it literally

takes a few not even two minutes to create a campaign so uh please do check this out guys and interestingly there are uh so many campaigns that you can create and also there are uh basic tutorials you get this uh get

with this once you secure a copy through my link below and it will take you to my review page which i’m going to show you very shortly so please do

check this out these are done by joshua joshua zamara who is the creator of this in buddy 2.0 so it’s it’s a very promising uh product guys so please do

check this out so let me let me just hop into the this is my review page guys so so the timer here indicates that you should uh secure this copy of send body

SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO  2.0 before it it goes to zero otherwise you are not going to get my bonuses which i’m going to walk you through shortly so once you click there

click the link below it will take you to this page and you click here or on one of this yellow button it will take you to the sales page which is uh like SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO s

this guys this is a sales page of send buddy 2.0 so as you can see uh get free targeted traffic for any offer and there are over 541 members it’s a great

army guys so these are the people which help you to promote your campaigns and by by the means of sharing so that’s the power of social syndication

so and it lets you to rank page one in less than 48 hours so so it’s a hundred percent done for you social syndication real people do that so these are

this is one of the best feature of these guys and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well so it’s a very fast thing and you need not do anything

uh nothing no work so it’s and it’s also done very fastly uh as it promises here so get rankings get ranked very fastly so and it’s 100 legal and white hat

so and another best thing is you need not download any software it’s a cloud-based it’s social and cloud so that’s another best thing guys so these are

the new features in a 2.0 version so which is the auto share feature so you’re guaranteed to get hundreds of uh shares from uh per campaign and it’s

100 free guys so so and there are also some bonuses you get cindy uh agency license and also send creator once you get this so let me just walk you through

the bonuses right so sin body 2.0 these are the bonuses uh that you get with the same body and what first one is a lockdown formula so lockdown

formlight lets you uh it’s a high quality tutorial it teaches you how to get the traffic to your uh traffic route the traffic to your sales page or any

other videos guys so and this a bonus tutorial too which is for value 46.95 how to build your buyers list while profiting so this is to enhance your buyers list

guys so while making your uh corresponding profits as well so and also uh bonus number three which is bonus another bonus tutorial which is content

creation hacks so this tutorial teaches you how what are the hacks that uh that needs to be accounted while you create a content so this is a very

informational and uh very good tutorial guys so please do check this out and the bonus number four this is a huge one guys so it’s a super bundle

of 30 over 35 bonuses so as you can see it’s done by jonah armstrong as he lets me use his bonuses because i’m the member of his course so you also

get the same bonuses guys which is uh the last one which is of course the vendor bonus so as i showed you syn buddy license agency and and

also several other bonuses you get with this guys so make sure that you grab these bonuses before it hits zero the timer is zero otherwise they are SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO

going to expire so once you purchase this copy through by clicking on the link below and it will take you to this review page and clicking on this yellow

SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO  button it will take you to the sales page and you get this uh jvzoo receipt as it shows uh you can access your purchase and it shows up in your jvzoo SyndBuddy 2.0 Upsell

platform uh purchased products so so this is these are for the bonuses guys so and let me let me go through the sales page again and walk you through

some of the testimonials and some of the screenshots so as you can see it was already there are so many campaigns that have been done and promoted

by sin buddy so so these are some income screenshots as well which is from several people so he’s a here is a page one ranking for the youtube video once you use this in body so it lets you your video

on the top that is for youtube and this is for uh web your website any custom website so as i told previously it can be used for any not only like confined to internet or online marketing

it’s it works for every others as well right so all the categories so these are the testimonials and uh from several people so they are very happy

about it and these are the comments and appraisal box in body so it promises to be a great product guys please do check this out so please click on the link uh down

below this video it will take you to this uh page here my review page and once you click one on this yellow button uh you will take you to the sales page and you get all this vendor bonuses

even with the basic front-end purchase guys so that’s it for today guys so please do check the uh check this out this is a great product guys so i liked it too SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO

so thanks for watching this uh video guys so please do encourage me by your likes and shares and also subscribe to my channel which will motivate me nice thank you so much bye


SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO