The 7 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners (2019)

– Seven, count em, seven
of the very top affiliate marketing programs in
2019 that will help you make multiple six-figures,
even seven figures online if you get crackin' and take action. Hey, it's LeahRae from and I'm gonna lay out
for you seven of the top affiliate programs that you should learn, that you should use to
build an online affiliate marketing business. Several of these have contributed
hundreds of thousands of dollars into our business
so we can vouch for em. They are awesome. So what you wanna do right now,
get out your pen and paper. I'm gonna dive through all of this. I'll have links to all of
the websites right there, so you don't have to go search for em. I have em all listed
out but get ready, guys, because this is how you
create massive income online through affiliate marketing.

Plus, to get more thorough training of exactly how to do all
of this stuff step by step, grab access. Top link in the description, click on that as this video ends because you'll get amazing training that's gonna
help you set all of this up. Number seven, number seven is
actually a two for one, OK? I'm gonna throw these in together. Two sites, JVzoo and
ClickBank, JVZoo an ClickBank. Essentially, these are places
that people will provide usually digital products,
but also sometimes physical products to you to market
as affiliate marketer. Someone else creates the product. You come here, you find
what you wanna promote and then, you grab your
link and you promote it and then you get a cut of the commissions. Now, why is this so far down in the list? I know for a lot of people,
they would say this is big for them. Well, here's the thing, guys. There's a lot of junk, if
you will, on these sites.

It's not necessarily the
easiest place to find a solid offer that you
can really stand behind which is critical to the long-term
success of your business. So, be careful as you go through this. I would actually really
investigate any offers that you're putting in front of people that come from these places
and make sure, honestly, I'd buy it myself, check it out if it's something that you
actually really want to promote. And if it is, great! It can be a great offer. It can be a great fit for
you and your audience. A lot of stuff, ya know,
business marketing, health, fitness, there's a
very, very broad spectrum, even software stuff, all kinds
of stuff that they cover here so you can dive in to these two websites, dig around a bit but make sure
that it's really something that you can stand behind before you promote it to your audience.

Now, number six is called
share a sale, share a sale. This is really more
merchandise-based in general. So, if you can look at their site, you see what's up right
now and it's stuff. It's like name brand stuff. Jillian Micheal's got stuff
on here, NBA store, Gymboree. These are really big
brands that are looking to get a leg up to allow all of us amazing internet marketers to
promote their stuff for them. You can go in and sign up and there's an affiliate login right here. You can learn, ya know, if you're new to affiliate marketing, they'll
go through all the basics with you but you say you are building a YouTube channel all about fitness and you love Jillian
Michael and she's got, looks like probably some apparel
going on on this website.

So maybe she's got some nice sports bras, some leggings, whatever
and you can do a video in that clothing and tell people, "Hey guys, I love this new sports bra. "It's so supporting and these
leggings have great pockets," and blah blah blah. "They're by Jillian Michaels,
I absolutely love them. "Click the link in the
description to get your very own." It can be really that simple and so, there's already a level with your audience with some of these big brands.

They're gonna know who
Jillian Michaels is. They're gonna know who Gymboree is. They're gonna know. So, have some brand recognition already so it's a really referral for you to make to make some commissions with this. Number five is click
funnels, click funnels! Now, if you're into internet marketing, if you're on here to learn how
to build an online business, what's one tool that you need to have? You need to be able to
create your own customizable capture pages so you can generate leads, so you can make sales funnels. Click funnels is amazing for that. Super easy drag and drop
templates that you can use for building funnels, for
capturing your lead information to building out your entire sales process. So, if it's something that
you need to use anyway, it's often a very good
opportunity as an affiliate because if it's something
that you're using, you can easily do a review about it. You can easily stand behind it because you know what it's like. You're a customer yourself. And I always thing that's
key when you're looking for an affiliate program
that you're a customer as well so that you have
that level of credibility and you know what you're
putting your reputation on the line for.

You can trust click funnels
because you use them yourself. Todd and I refer a lot of
people to click funnels. It is a great system. Not only do they have
all the capture pages, which is their main thing
you can do membership sites with which is not a recommended method. It's definitely not, but
the funnels are amazing. They also have really,
really great training and Russell Bronson is,
he's honestly one of the very best in the industry, a
great person to learn from. Number four, Amazon associates,
super duper easy, guys. This is anything on Amazon. You sign up as an associate
and you can refer people to it whether it's an ebook, ya
know, actual published book, physical product, anything at all, you can grab a link and
promote it on our YouTube, Instagram, wherever you're
building your audience online, even to your email list. Now because we're talking mostly here about physical products with Amazon, you're not looking at
quite as high a commission.

So the percentage of commissions is less. So you're only looking at
typically five to seven percent of a sales price is what
you would be making. Now, I have it as number
four because it has an infinite number of
products that you can promote. It's huge, right? Amazon is like, I think
the biggest business, the biggest company in the world. It's amazing. So you can really promote anything and it could fit any industry, any niche. Click funnels is amazing. It has digital products
which has higher commissions but it's a more targeted audience that would be interested in purchasing and using the click funnels tool.

Number three is ActiveCampaign. This is our email auto-responder. Guess what. Anybody at all, no matter how techy or non-techy they are, if
they're looking to build an online business, what is the one thing that you need to successfully do that? You need an email auto-responder system. Our favorite one, we've had Aweber, we've had Infusionsoft and we've tried, I think Todd's played with GetResponse and a few of the other ones as well. ActiveCampaign, hands down,
best one that we've worked with. Has all the features and the functionality that you can do really, ya know, complicated stuff with if you want to but it's way more user-friendly and way easier to use than
something like Infusionsoft. It has a super simple user
interface that makes it just a breeze to use. Now, this is a great offer. Again, it's a digital product. It is a subscription offer,
so when people purchase, ya know, they sign up, they
wanna use active campaigns.

pexels photo 327540

Well, guess what. When someone starts
building an email list, it's a pain in the butt to
switch to a different service. So, if they wanna switch to Aweber, GetResponse or something
else, it's not easy. I mean, it's not hard, hard, but it's a pain in the butt to do. It takes time. Whenever you're looking at
something, like a tool like this, people often will have their subscriptions for a very long time because
they have an email list. They're building that and they
need somewhere to house it. It's just easier to keep
it in the same spot. So you can have long-term
members that signed up through you that you
keep getting paid from, which is awesome, and
it's a digital product, so you're definitely looking
at higher commissions than say, something with Amazon which
is just physical products and much, much less.

Number two, this one is
near and dear to our hearts. This is MyLeadSystemPRO,
MLSP, and it's where we got our start on internet marketing
and they really taught us how to do what we do. There's only one other
person beyond Todd and I who have reached the
very top leadership level in their company as an affiliate. So I've referred a lot of people here. Why, because I
wholeheartedly believe in it. They've got amazing training. Internet marketing training. They've got amazing tools on top of that or they'll host your blog for you. They have a customer relationship
management, CRM system.

They have done for you
funnels and giveaways for anyone in the home
business opportunity space and they've got
customizable capture pages, something like click funnels,
right, but it's all in the same program and now,
they even made it better by allowing you to
create your own and sell your own digital products
on membership types all through that same
membership in MyLeadSystemPRO. So, hands down, if you're
gonna build an online business, you need these tools anyway, so you can get it all in one
stop and a great training and a great community and guess what, you can be an affiliate for it. It just, it's a win/win. I can't tell you enough. Anyone who's in a flea marketing, who's doing this sort of industry and niche should be involved
with MyLeadSystemPRO and they should be an
affiliate so that you can refer your own people
to this amazing program.

So they have varying memberships and you'll make between 30 and 50% depending on what level you're at. Ya know, we're at the top,
so we make that top level. Now, if you're just starting out, you're still gonna make
30% and they give you a referral bonus for the very
first month which is like 70%, I think, of the actual
first month of membership. So, it is again, a membership site. That means you get month
after month commissions. We've had people that signed up as members with us years ago and are still paying their monthly subscriptions and that means we're still getting paid
for that one time job of referring them.

Now, on top of that, that
person is locked to us for life. That means if MLSP offers
a one off training program, they do a launch or something, great. They purchase, we make the commission. Just because we referred
them two years ago and they did a trial, they
might not be an active member now but they purchased a
training, we get paid for that. That's awesome. They also have some bigger programs, some higher ticket stuff
where they're doing one-on-one coachings
and done for you things that folks who really want
to go as fast as possible can invest in with them
and as an affiliate, that is sweet money, getting
that email that someone just made a big upgrade, they've
purchased this big thing. You don't even know who they are. You just referred em to the system and you're getting big
checks coming in because they love what they're
seeing and they want more help with it,
maybe some hand holding, some coaching, some done for
you stuff, whatever, awesome. You know, as an affiliate,
making that one time referral and getting all that money down the road, that's a win/win and
finally, drum roll please.

(drumming) The number one affiliate
program that we recommend for people looking to make
full-time income online is Legendary Marketer. Legendary Marketer, this is
an amazing training program that teaches people how
to be digital marketers, how to drive traffic,
how to build an audience, how to create your own digital products, how to hold live Masterminds,
how to do all this stuff, how to be a successful entrepreneur. I love it because not
only do they do a lot of the tactical stuff of like
what to do and how to do it, but they also work on the
head game which is the hang up for honestly 99% of the people out there that don't actually succeed. It's 'cause they got
their head game wrong. They're great at that as well. I love what they're doing. I love the direction of
the company and I love, as an affiliate, the huge
earning potential that they have. They have price points, ya know, starting off at $30 all the
way up to thousands of dollars. So it can fit whatever
customer base that you have but those high end
commissions, that allows you, as an affiliate, to have thousand dollar, 5,000, $10,000 days when just one or two or three big sales come in.

It's huge, huge earning potential. And I'm not just about making money for the sake of making money. I need to know and believe in a company, in an offer, and that
it's worth the price tag that they're putting on
it and I can tell you, I've been to some of
their higher level stuff, the things that cost quite a bit and they've made huge financial impacts in my business personally,
even as a leader, even as someone who's kinda been around and had a lot of success.

I just went to another live Masterminds, came home, made 16 grand. I had a mind shift, right? I learned something. I was taught something and so, I truly believe in what they're doing. I love the system, I love the training and I love the opportunity for those that wanna go out there and get it. Now, all of these programs,
each and every one of em, guys remember, links are
down in the description so that you can get access to them and our number one training to help you put this all together, top
link in the description. Please know I'm rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you deserve. If this is the very first
video you're seeing, why hello (laughs).

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