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The Crisis Code OTO  –  What is The Crisis Code?

The Crisis Code is a Done With You program that teaches you how to sell services to businesses that are just starting to open back up.

the vendors also use a very unique lead source that allows us to contact anyone who received money from the Government completely for free.

the vendor also gives away his #1 best-selling service so that your customer will know who to talk to, how to talk to them, what to sell them, and what to charge – making this one of the complete business systems ever offered on Warrior Plus.


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Video review for Front End only.

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Hi, there guys; johnny rose here, and welcome to my crisis code review. My crisis code review, which is a new training from the internet entrepreneur. Kenny cannon is going to be teaching you all about how you if you’re an agency owner or a service provider or someone who wants to become an agency owner or service provider, can basically we’re going to learn how he was able to have basically his best year. As an agency services provider, by basically working leads provided for free directly from the united states government, and he’s going to show you exactly how he did this and how he was able to turn these leads, which are completely free from the united states government. I know this sounds incredible into basically a 25 000 per month income stream in what, as it says here, one of the toughest economies of um his lifetime of our lifetime of everyone’s lifetime, and I think that’s what’s really incredible about the crisis code.

Even if you’re not an agency, only even if you’re not a service provider and even if you’re not providing SEO skills or you’re not a consultant or you’re not providing Facebook ads or management or whatever, which anyone can jump into and should be doing. But even if you’re not right now and you’re listening to this, I think this is profoundly interesting to pick up as a product just to look at the kind of ingenuity people are exercising and how people are thinking outside of the box in this time, because Kenny Was not did not know about this. This leads this stream of leads before you know before the covert hit, and then suddenly he had to think, you know, his agency was going downhill. He didn’t have any clients anymore, but then he discovered, as I said, these super qualified leads from the u.s government, which is still active now and increasing if anything, so you’re going to be learning all about this lead source all about how he was able to turn It and save his agency and turn it into a 25k a month, income stream.

Now it’s wonderful about this product, and in a moment, I’ll be taking you into the back end and showing you everything you’re getting. There’s a little bonus as well. If you pick it up through me, through my link below click, that link below to come through to this sales page and pick it up, you’ll get 90 off, which is wonderful, you’re. Also, gonna get a nice bonus from me for picking this up as it says, you’re gonna get results quickly, no email list, neither this isn’t like internet marketing or affiliate marketing, or anything like that. This is just really good for some if you have a skill or an agency service, like I said, SEO or visual designs or video marketing, or anything like that, 100 free super qualified leads.

This is what’s really sweet: you’re not going to have to be doing outreach or cold calling or sending emails or running Facebook ads to get people to know about your services. There is a stream of leads straight from our government, and anyone can get involved. You don’t need to be from us, you don’t need to be, you know, necessarily English speaking per se, you can be from England or Australia or wherever or India, but this is servicing uh us businesses and the leads are just there for you to take up. It’S incredible: no hard selling. You don’t even need a website to make this work.

Us government will send you buyers who are super qualified and who have the money ready for you. This is incredible training for you. So if that sounds interesting to you, I really encourage you to jump in actually just pick this up just for your own learnings, even if you aren’t an agency or services or consultant generally, something really interesting for you now before we jumps in and actually look at The sales page and jump in and actually show you what’s in the back, and let me show you the bonus you’ll get from me today. If you pick up the crisis code for me, because what I want to give to you, as you can see here – are 6 000 done for you, social media posts now you’ll see why this is pertinent at the moment. Basically, these are picture pose picture quotes.

You’Ve saw these on Instagram or Pinterest, or Snapchat. These are motivational posts, six thousand of them, which have quotes which kind of inspirational motivational. You know these are the kind of quotes. You see these accounts on Instagram. They usually have millions of followers because people love subscribing to and following accounts that have these kinds of posts because they find these they’re inspiring.

They make them feel, you know, kind of hyped up. So if you are a business or a business owner or an agency owner or a consultant or a one-man band, who provides a service, you should be posting these to your social media account because your clients, your prospects, will love them. You’Ll get tens of thousands of followers on social media. If you post my six thousand posts, he who conquers you angers, you never mistake activity for achievement. The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be captive to the environment in which you first find yourself mark Kane.

You understand these. These picture posters are just super popular. Anyone who posts on their social media accounts will get tens of thousands of followers liking them, commenting, saying retweeting; they love it. This is a great way to build your social media presence as an entrepreneur, as an agency owner, as a service provider, or just in general. If you need content, I’m now saving you hundreds of hours because you do not need to create your own content design, your own pictures, or pay for them; you’ll get 6 000 of these ready and done and sent to you.

If you pick up the crisis code through my link below today, so keep that in your head; if you’re an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial or if you’re into local marketing or a local business, which is all that the crisis code is about, you can have 6000 posts. To just add and automatically update your Twitter feed, your Instagram feed, your Pinterest posts, wherever your blog to build up an incredible audience. So, let’s get back to this now the crisis code, how Kenny got the united states government to send him super qualified leads for free that have to buy his services, and how he turned that into a 25k per month income stream, one of the toughest economies of our Lifetime, so here’s Kenny cannon himself he’s a known guy. You can google him, an incredible person, really well known. Watch live as I reveal a 3 500 check.

I received from a client that we got using the crisis code, business model. This is what you’ll be learning here: how to provide really valuable services to businesses who really need businesses who are suffering during covet. Look at all the money that went into Kenny’s account, and you can click the link below to come through to the sales page. Twenty-two thousand dollars: fourteen thousand dollars look at all these recurring payments that came in eight hundred dollars: seven. Fifty-five, 750, 500.

The Crisis Code OTO