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Thriive OTO  –  What is Thriive ?

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Thriive Zero’s in on small under-served super targeted niche market’s avoiding competition while still enabling users to generate real evergreen and passive results from their own micro businesses without barriers

… We call them…Tiny Evergreen Super Businesses because Thriive is ‘Self Contained’ and Instead of a few short term bucks here and there the formula builds users a sustainable micro business…

Minimal Competition: Thriive works by avoiding competition and targeting underserved, often hidden audiences.

Proven Formula: Triive semi automates a proven formula enabling users to quickly create little under the radar businesses which continue to scale and generate results

Real Results… Thriive is all about the audience… users use Thriive to target and serve specific audiences for maximum results

In a nutshell… Thriive users get to plug into a proven yet underused low competition formula without needing any experience, tech know-how or cost.

Thriive capitalises on a little known minimal competition formula which targets audience sub-sectors for maximum impact.

The software finds the profitable sectors (most people will never know about these hidden audiences) and builds a hub around core triggers so users can generate passive and evergreen results.

Minimal Competition – Underserved Sub-Sector Audience – Massive Profit Potential

Unique . Powerful . Simple

Thriive is designed specifically to be ‘Low-Tech’, easy to understand and apply…

We’ve designed and created this clever but simple system from scratch to work within a tried and tested model for generating income from tiny underserved audiences

It’s an easy to understand and implement formula which means absolutely anyone can use it and succeed.

Suitable for Complete Newbies through to Seasoned Pros

Activate In 3 Steps

1: Goldmine: Use Thriive to mine (reveal) a profitable sub-sector & zero in on 6-7 core triggers. Thriive verifies potential before you do another thing.

2: Thriive ‘TESB’: Create your Thriive ‘T.E.S.B’ (Tiny Evergreen Super Business) hub

3: Multiple Income Streams: Plug in one, two, three, or all of the Thriive income generators

4: Activate: activate your T.E.S.B hub

Guaranteed to Get Results

Thriive uses a clever but simple ‘minimal competition’ formula which pinpoints specific sub-sector audiences

Resulting in easier to achieve passive results and an evergreen business which grows instead of die’s

Guaranteed Results!

When your customers follow the system detailed in Thriive and use the software they can realistically expect to generate real ongoing results… And they really are ongoing!

Front End Features: (Thriive – CORE – $16.93)

1 THRIIVE site creation
Keyword/ Niche finder tool: – Generate profitable Ideas
Drill Down: your niche using our Niche/keyword finder tool
Validate idea using our built in validation tool (Available products/ enough reviews/ Gravity) – Make sure the idea / niche will work before you start!
Finalize idea with 1 main keyword and 6-7 allied keywords
Create site with optimal on page optimization for organic placement
Content generation (Restriction: 90 per month 3 per day)…
Discover site targeted article ideas based on targeted problems and solutions
Find and add targeted / related RSS Feeds
Create extract unique content from YouTube video closed captions
Banners ads/clickbank/amazon ads option included
Full hosting

Thriive PRO – OTO 1 (Price: $67)

Same features as FE with the addition of:

3 Sites Creation – so users can target additional niches
Create amazon shops in sites – adding targeted Amazon products for an additional revenue stream
Unlimited Content generation (No Restriction)…
Addition: Discover and repurpose targeted PLR Content
Cname mapping – Users can add their own domain so their niche sites are unique to them (we continue to host)

Thriive Gold – OTO2 (Price: $37)

Same features as FE with the addition of:

10 Sites Creation – so users can target additional niches
Amazon + ebay shop integration (Ebay is the addition)
Cname mapping (same as OTO1)
Automation – THRIIVE auto-builds niche targeted stores via users own Amazon / Ebay API Key (training / instructions on API Keys included)

Thriive Instant Traffic – OTO3 (Price: $97)

User Pixel is added to Thriive sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

Thriive Agency Unlimited – OTO4 (Price – $67)

Reseller package – Unlimited Sales
Full suite of DFY affiliate tools included
2x Traffic Training

Thriive 1k Week V3 – OTO5 (Price: $127)

1k Week V3 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 7 Products
Reseller commission on all 7 products
All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure and high reseller commission percentage for all products.




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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

uh hi so here is a quick demonstration of uh thrive software uh thrive software is nothing but a software that builds tiny little affiliate sites so you don’t have to buy domains don’t you don’t have to buy

hosting you don’t have to write articles you just have to put the products or your affiliate links and you are good to go so the biggest hurdle for any newbie uh in our niche is like how to create sites that converts really well or how to write

articles i don’t have time for that i don’t have money to outsource all those sort of problems they are having so just to solve these issues uh including the traffic free traffic uh issue they are facing uh we have created this software so this is how it works you

can see here this is a dashboard and we have uh tabs over here so dashboard users settings tutorials uh instant traffic and our upsells and bonuses so it all starts with the settings so here you have to put your amazon keys ebay keys

[Music] it all starts with this one okay and here we have all the tutorials that shows you how software works and how to uh use each and every functionality now let’s go ahead and create our first try website so here we have option called create site so click on create site and pick your domain name so let’s go ahead with the doc food niche maybe

and this is the domain name it’s available so we can [Music] put our seo meta tags and site description over here so i’m keeping it doc food only so this is kind of on page optimization you can put your all meta keywords over here [Music] and click on generate site alright so our site is ready though it will not show up immediately

it will take four to five minutes uh meanwhile we can edit the content of the site so here you can see good dog food uh dot thrive it’s ready so let’s go ahead and start adding articles so it all starts with the research module so click here and click on doc food okay let’s select the country say united states

if you want you can select the category and the time range as well here i will put say google shopping so we have four different filters but let’s start with the google shopping and here you can see the results so what kind of search uh people this this particular term has got and what

are the important keywords in our niche so you can see here some of the ideas of the keywords that you can use and some relevant long long tail keywords as well [Music] okay so [Music] maybe let’s start with this one create article okay here we have options search through

rss or if you want to spin the content you can do that so maybe we will do this we will search on these all are free plr articles and here we have some dog related articles okay so let’s pick this article if we want to use this we will

simply copy it okay and we will go to want to spin content tab post paste it over here and spin content so now software will automatically spin the content so it will not be the exact same content that you have got in plr article and paste it here so this is how

you can use others article or other plr articles uh another way of finding out articles good articles is from keywords so let’s add here dog food this is the keyword or from rss url you can directly put the url so let’s start searching from the keyword now it will take some time but it will

show you some of the articles or trending articles in uh dog food niche and you can use those articles so you can see we have got few articles that we can use [Music] okay so maybe let’s use this use this article [Music] okay and you can see it appears over here or if you want you can use this article it’s appearing over

here okay so 15 page four brands and let’s pick this article so this is how it looks now if you want to add a content more content or if you want to add link this is how you can do it [Music] here we have various options you can format it as you want and here you can insert link so you just have to put the url uh your affiliate link basically and you

have to set up [Music] okay and save [Music] so basically you can edit article like this from here you can edit font size you can insert image you can format uh you can add images from here so basically whatever you want you can do using this easy to use editor okay so once that is

done click on submit and your first article is ready if you want to change this image you can do that now if you want to add new article let’s click on create new article [Music] okay dog food [Music] okay and let’s again use the [Music] article from so uh let’s go ahead and [Music] again say use this article the first one [Music] i will simply copy it spin the content [Music] and i’m done

just paste it over here all right so this is how i will add my another article and like this i can keep on adding different articles so once that is done uh one more feature we have got is you can add products okay so you can add products manually as well uh if you have provided all the details if you have got api keys off amazon and ebay then

automatically relevant products will get populated over here this is the appearance tab so you can decide how this website or webspec page should look like whether you want a sidebar or not you can decide it from here you can choose the body color header color you can customize every single thing that you want okay so you can put your pixel tracking code course over here now one more functionality

we have got over here [Music] that is configuring the cname so if someone wants to [Music] use their own domain name they just have to put their domain details over here and configure cname we have added tutorial over here and just have to uh configure

the site so that thrive won’t be showing up instead of that it’s it’s going to be the domain name of the customer so that also we have got over here and from here you can manage privacy policy pages and terms of service pages you can edit it from here okay so these are

the important features we have got and this is very simple and easy to use software in marketing tools you can add banner and opt-in forms as you want so here you can see you can add image link if you have

got banner image or else you can add banner code or you can add opt-in form okay you can decide the position where you want or else you can directly put your auto respo autoresponder

code or your script code over here and you can put banners with your affiliate link so that there is one extra avenue for making money with thrive sites so this is how basically thrive uh site looks like or type software works if you have any questions

uh mark please let us know we are still working on some finishing uh touches and i guess it would be ready very soon but almost the functionality wise software is ready so this is how it works and let us know if you have any questions thanks yo


Thriive OTO