Ticwatch 2 Review: Buy It Before Fitbit Does

if you're still interested in a SmartWatch at this point bless your soul Android wear is on hold pending its next big update pebble is dead and the Apple watch is women didn't I just record this intro I sure did other me a few weeks back when Joshua Vergara and I were lining up our favorite wearables in the wake of the pebble acquisition by Fitbit but things have changed since then my leading contender for a pebble replacement got gobbled up by Fitbit of course so I thought well Josh and I often agree on things why don't I take a closer look at his choice I'm mr. mobile and I spent about a week with the tick watch to the SmartWatch you tickle [Music] okay the tickling bit sounds like a gimmick and maybe it is a little bit but it's also really useful rather than a digital crown or a smart bezel the tick watch resurrects an old idea that I always found underrated a touch sensitive strip that lets you control some of the interface without obstructing the display with your finger it works well on the tick watch too though the strip here isn't where you might expect it's on the lower portion of the casing closer to your wrist while we're here let's make something else clear this watch is pretty thick you need to be ready for that looking at it head-on though it's pretty attractive I have the more expensive onyx trim for review with sapphire cover glass and metal band and it's minimalist restraint is refreshing and Android is what's powering the on screen experience here is specifically version 5.1 with a custom interface called tick we're riding on top it's almost a blend of apples watch OS and Android wear I know that sounds like kind of a nightmare but it's actually very usable notifications arrived with a buzz and a ding and gather in a list you swipe up to see you swipe down for widget versions of settings health weather and other apps and swipe left for a very simple app launcher this all comes up on a fully round OLED screen that's plenty sharp and saturated though I wish it got brighter outdoors swipe right and you open up the watch's biggest standout natural language search ask the watch to show you a local restaurant and it gives you a few options the highlights of which you can save to your widget list so you remember them later reminders alarms dictated replies it's all here and it works very well this isn't surprising when you consider that the maker of the tick watch isn't just another anonymous company it has deep ties to Google having been founded by X Gogol errs and partially funded by Google as well I should mention that I only used the tick watch to with Android phones the iPhone does such a good job of crippling anything that's not an Apple watch that I honestly didn't even bother other highlights range from the expected built-in heart rate sensor and health tracking to the delightful built-in GPS and a pre-loaded memo function for quick voice notes voice calls through Bluetooth are also supported through the somewhat thin and tinny speakerphone and yes other low points exist – battery life and nothing special about a day and a half between recharges and the so called volcano charging pedestal looks and feels pretty chintzy also the ecosystem is predictably thin and the fact that you need to sideload an apk to shop the App Store feels yeah finally the watch is rated for ip65 ingress protection which means it's completely sealed against dust but only splash proof you can't take it swimming the tick watch – starts at $1.99 for the active Edition and goes up to 249 or $2.99 for the classic oak and onyx versions you can look at that pricing in two ways if you're not sold on smart watches this one isn't going to change your stance you'll probably want to wait to the next generation of wearables or whenever that comes if on the other hand you're already on board with the conveniences that smart watches bring however minor they may appear to skeptics they do exist and I like them quite a lot then honestly your options for an entry-level device are slimming by the day the tick watch too with its minimalist looks novel interface and excellent voice commands brings a lot of bang and performance for the buck buy it before Fitbit does the Samsung gear s 3 Apple watch series 2 and 2 versions of Cassio's and monster SmartWatch one thing they all have in common is that I've worn every one of them check out the mr.

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