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The Tocked is a complete money-making system that creates stunning ‘Done For You’ Viral Video Sites that gets you FREE viral traffic by exploiting a secret TikTok algorithm hack,

and there are multiple ‘done for you’ campaigns included, so you can create multiple streams of income with easy a few clicks.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, guys Richard here so, in this video, I want to talk to you about top now. Topped is due to be released on Tuesday, May 25th at 9 a.m eastern, and it comes from Jason, Fulton, and Shaun. Now, in essence, guys, this is going to be an application, allows you to take tick-tock videos and then put them on your own site and then apparently get viral traffic over to those sites so that you can advertise your own products and services. So we’re going to go through the actual application itself, I’m going to show you an example of these sites, and I’m going to kind of share it with you.

What I think about these types of tactics, especially the type of traffic that you’re expected to get over to these types of sites, so guys, these reviews are based, on my own opinion, based on many, many years online. Buying products just like this one and the aim of these reviews is you just get a little bit more information before you go ahead and decide to purchase any types of products online. So guys, if you haven’t been over to my channel before, just taking two seconds to go ahead and hit that subscriber notification bell –

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and I can let you know whenever I release new videos – I do product reviews. I show you the real way to build a business online, and hopefully, you can get great value; and guys, if you’re really serious about building a long-term affiliate marketing business online. You can go ahead and pick up our free training today, you’ll see the link in the description below over to the school of nomads, and you can get started straight away, so guys, let’s go straight into the member’s area here.

This is a cloud-based application. The very, very simple layout here: there’s got a dashboard here. You’Ve got your video sites area here, and you’ve got done few sites here that are going to actually give you to start with. You’Ve got an ads builder here, which is a very, very simple graphics builder. Some training here, some done for you creators here, then you’ve got support here now.

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I want to show you an example of this site just to kick it off, so I’ve already done one of these sites. This is the site you’re actually going to produce. So basically, what you’re doing is taking other people’s tic to videos they’ve got nothing to do with you and pasting them on a site, so you’re kind of using other people’s work to try and make money with now. The other thing on these sites, which is kind of super simple and pretty, um,

pretty cheap looking, is you can make these banners, which you can see, look absolutely appalling, very, very low quality. All squashed in this is a very, very poor interface.

All around there’s. The title of your site there talked, and basically, the only good thing on here is the videos that you’re taking from TikTok. So that’s the idea of the overall site, and basically, that’s it. If somebody comes along and clicks on this, they can watch the video. But when they double click on it, they immediately get bounced out to tick-tock, and you’ve lost them.

Tocked OTO upsell

Okay, guys! So that’s one problem with the overall traffic areas. It’s very easy to come straight out of the site because it’s not your traffic. At the end of the day, it’s their videos, so it does go ahead, and it does build these little sites for you if you want to build tick-tock-related sites. But there are some massive drawbacks here.

So, just before I come over and actually talk about the traffic itself, I’ll go for you and show you some more of these done-for-you sites. Just so you know, I haven’t built one, and it’s actually really poor. So let me just look at this one meme, um again, it comes over to this weird interface. Very squashed see all these adverts here. Very squashed sponsored ads are very squashed, and these are all adverse.

If you put your affiliate links in here, you’ll end up going over to those adverts, but again you’ve got the same type of site. So you can see that you know whatever you actually try here. These are going to be pretty low-quality. Um, go to ads builder here. You can actually go ahead and build the ads and build the graphics for the ads. But it’s a super simple editor.

You can do this on any type of site like um canvas, and it’s going to be 20 times the quality, and you got it done for you, creators here, and these are going to be um. Look at some of these are really squished, not very nice. At all, so that’s kind of what you’ve got, guys, um. If you come over to your video sites, you can make a new site here from scratch, and then there’s just a website: titled description, your website, footer.

Tocked OTO upgrade

You choose a logo; you can search by hashtags or search by trending videos for search by training videos. You can go ahead and look at which of the trending videos at the moment, no idea how it’s come up with this, what niche, they’re in or anything and again when you talk about niches guys when you lose using kind of sites like this um, they got. No real congruency with any kind of offers,

so I don’t know what you’re going to actually show to people to kind of get them interested in an affiliate offer. You’Ve got, but there you are that’s kind of what they um want you to do, or I can do a hashtag here. I can put hashtag sports or something, see what it comes up with, see what actually works, uh.


Let me just make one very quickly: I’ve done the color done everything else. Let me just pop right down: create the video site see what it comes up with, so that was the one I just came up with, and if I want to have a look at that, then it’s not actually brought anything back. So you can see it’s not even working properly. This is a pretty poor product, and if you come here and you look at the traffic, I will actually put a video, and I’ll post it to the top right-hand corner I’ll post.

Tocked OTO discoutn


In the description below, a video where I discuss social media traffic and the truth about it, and again, if you come along here and you open up this, this is called add to any all of the products have got this at the moment.


You can just click on this and go over to add to any. This is a social media sharing site. This site itself is great. You can actually go ahead. You’Ve got proper products and used this to actually share your various posts, so you can get other people to share, but the problem is: if you’ve got no traffic on all of these sites, you’re not going to get any kind of people over to these sites.

Even if they did want to come and look at them and a lot of these links are pretty random, you’ve got a print button here.

Tocked OTO