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Tools Mojo OTO This is my new favourite keyboard. I love typing on it. It sounds pretty good. It has such a unique look for RGB fans. It offers a lot of customization, and the most unique part, the escape button, is a monster.

This is the Melgeek Mojo68 Monster. Mechanical Keyboard, Hey, I’m Chris. About two months ago, Melgeek kindly contacted me and asked if I would like to review this Mojo68 keyboard. After various back-and-forth emails, it finally came out last week, and I absolutely love it. Tools Mojo OTO It’s available in several colours and designs, but I opted for the Monster version with Gasteron Pro White switches. I think dark blue suits my setup and has helped it stand out in the past. I’ve always opted for red or brown switches, so going with the Gateron Pro Whites seemed like a nice change.

This setting will cost you $229 when you record, which brings me to tears and is almost as frustrating as seeing over 95% of your audience not subscribed, but consider this:Let’s take a look at what’s good about the keyboard and everything that I think could be improved. First, I want to talk about how they advertise this keyboard. I didn’t know it had these cool Godzilla-style keycaps. They weren’t mentioned on the website or shown in the listing.

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So it was a pleasant surprise when I found them in the box. You have a Godzilla monster escape button and a King Ghidorah enter button. There’s even a nice little message engraved on the board that reads: “Need a Keyboard, Not a Friend.” I have both. The packaging it arrived in is also very nice and professional. I like the look of it and the keyboard itself.

It’s made of a hard plastic, clear shell with a gasket mounting system. It’s surrounded by silicone and poured for a more comfortable, resilient feel while dampening sound. Yep, I just ripped it straight from the description. All I can tell you is that typing feels amazing and the sound is really good. Even though it’s made of plastic, it’s actually quite heavy; I ditched it so it still works in the box. You get a very handy booklet that walks you through all the functions of the keyboard and how to set it up.

There is a key extractor.A couple of spare keys and the most boring of USB cables; I know Melgeek sells braided cables, so I’d love to see one of those. Since it’s a pretty expensive keyboard, the keyboard can be used with Bluetooth 5.2, a USB C cable, or with their own supplied receiver. It supports up to eight device profiles, which is pretty crazy.

So, if you have a lot of devices like me, you can connect it to your Mac, PC, iPad, phone, TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and whatever else you have.Best of all, it’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. So pretty much anything you could do with a keyboard is covered.It’s a 68-key layout, Tools Mojo OTO which means there are no numbers, keypads, or function rows. You have programmable RGB lighting with multiple modes and colours to choose from and a function button that controls media keys, print screen, and more. The battery life I’ve been using for the past week has been spectacular.

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I usually turn off the RGB on my keyboard, as it really drains the battery quite badly. Surprisingly, though, after a week of average daily usage of about 10 hours a day, I still have about 80 percent of the battery left, so I really believe this will last another 240 hours if I turn off the RGB. But we all know why you are here. Let’s talk about that sweet, sultry key. Are you ready for ASMR? Here’s a quick keyboard test: “Those Gateron Whites” sound good, don’t they? I really like it. So now. Let’s do a quick back-and-forth comparison. I have Gateron Red on my Keychron K2. Melgeek sounds much better to me. It’s not as loud and loose, but you can let me know what you think sounds best in the comments below. It doesn’t just sound good.

The keyboard itself is set at a very comfortable typing angle, even with a broken wrist. I have no problem typing for long periods of time. But you’re locked into that angle and can’t adjust it. So make sure you know this before considering buying one for yourself. The keyboard is fully customizable using KBTools software, which you can download from their website. The software lets you control individual keys, lighting power, and more. It’s a smart and easy-to-use program, but it did take me a while to discover how to change the language, since the current released version is set to Chinese by default.

I don’t speak Chinese, so I went to that Discord channel to find out how to change it. Still. There are plenty of handy features using software like the Firmware Update Tool, like the ability to control when the keyboard goes to sleep, see your battery level, and even rename the keyboard itself. When it comes to key positions, you can change them in KBTools. I immediately switch the command and option buttons because they are not in the correct position when using a Mac.

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It’s easy to do, but I hope it’s the right way to do it. Since the beginning, common shortcut keys for the Mac OS, like Expose Launchpad and Media keys, have been hidden due to the lack of a function row combined with function keys and right control keystrokes. I couldn’t find these options for controlling keystrokes for exposure in the software. So I stuck with the keyboard default macros. Speaking of RGB, not the brightest, and there is no way to adjust the brightness of this keyboard. You can only turn it on and off and adjust the colours. There are many customizations to choose from. Like individual keys can be programmed to certain colors, I think they missed a neat trick on his keyboard by not illuminating the entire outer edge of it.

Yes, it lights up sometimes, but it has to be You’ll notice it’s dim, and even then it’s not the brightest; I’ll show it on camera. But if it looks bad, it’s probably my camera technique that makes it look worse, even though I say it’s heavy. The case is plastic and has a lot of flex, but luckily the flex isn’t translated when you lay it flat on a desk to type. Surprisingly, the keyboard is only slightly smaller than my Keychron K2, which also features a full-size input, a function row, and an aluminium frame, despite lacking the right features: That’s because the frame around the keys does protrude a lot. There are these three handy LEDs on the bottom left corner of the keyboard to indicate which connection you’re using. when caps lock is on and the battery is dying.But seeing this highlights how temperamental my Caps Lock Key is; it feels like you have to hold it down for it to work consistently. Now I don’t use this keyboard exclusively for my Mac.

I also use it for my PC, which I like to use for gaming. That’s a handy feature. I want to highlight that it’s built into the keyboard when you switch the Bluetooth profile to your PC. It automatically detects what system you’re using and switches your keyboard layout to match. However, just like on a Mac, the key and left Alt are set incorrectly in Windows; fortunately, there is a quick fix in KBtools.

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One problem that KBTools does have is that it only detects your keyboard when it’s connected to your PC or Mac with a USB cable or using the dongle provided. for some reason. It doesn’t work with Bluetooth. So I hope they fix this in a future update. All good and bad are now out.The question is: do I think this keyboard is worth $229?

Yes, it’s more expensive than my old Keychron K2, and it’s made of plastic, but I like this layout because it’s easy to type on, it sounds good, Tools Mojo OTO and I like the customization that KBTools provides.My friend Robbie did just that last year for about $500. Even so, he went the budget route. Some welding was involved, and he even had to grease each key by hand. So this begs the question: How much do you value your time?

Do you think you can build your own, or would you rather buy an off-the-shelf product? It’s entirely up to you. And if you think $229 is a small price to pay for a premium mechanical keyboard, all I know is that I don’t have the patience to build my own, which will definitely replace my Keychron K2. So if you happen to find this review helpful, I’d love it. If you hit that thumbs up button, it really helps the channel, Tools Mojo OTO and if you haven’t already subscribed and enjoy this content, please consider subscribing as I post it frequently, and leave a comment below letting me know what you think of the keyboard.

Thank you so much for watching and caring.