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This trader offers a great way to enhance short-term profits and maintain sale value in the long term. It includes a built-in ticker with a wide range of stocks that lets your visitors watch in real-time. The price of stocks from the Nasdaq a table, a central widget that allows you to show information about multiple stocks. A few of these real-time stock data are the symbol: price company, the 24-hour chart, opening price, closing price, the 24-hour high and low, 24-hour change percentage, change, volume, market,

capitalization, 52-week, high 52-week, low dividend, yield, dividend rate shares, etc. We also integrate a category built in about the company behind stock information to attract even more traffic contains the portfolio of each company, such as apple inc, is displayed to show a description of the company under the general tab, as well as the status sector, industry, Symbol exchange and the number of employees, the name of the exchange its stock is listed on the company’s address sector, industry, phone number and its website a completely professional real-time system.

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