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Video review for Front End only

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Traffic 100k OTO hi everyone, I’m Paula Marie, and today I’m doing a product review on traffic 100k, which I’m super excited about because I’m going to be able to take you over to the member’s area, right um what’s so cool about this right is that I get excited about new products when they come out when

they are about videos now. There is a thing at the moment with short videos, and what this platform actually does is it uses these um it takes videos right and you might already have videos that you want to use your own, or you can just get videos from youtube right and the niche that you want to sort of like target or the niche that your um

offers that you’re offering are actually in, so basically you can go to youtube you can get the video, and then you can traffic 100k OTO break it down into like five or ten small mini micro-videos that are kind of fun right and then what you can do is that you can then put all your call to actions and stuff on there which I really really love now I wanted to just quickly show you something because I’m too excited about this um and you can kind of see here maybe I can make this

a little bit bigger for you you can put all your call to action sort of like on here right just try to skip through this is the actual training that’s inside the dashboard, ah here we go right so you can do stuff like this right you can put all the call-to-

actions on, and then you put it out um onto your Facebook or your Instagram or even out onto google, and then you’re able to get traffic and leads from that to your offers, right so I really love this because it is going to be able to really get

you that free traffic, which is super cool, so let me take you through my bonus page. What I’ve done is Traffic 100k OTO that I’ve popped a link down below so that you can click on my bonus page, and then you can see all the information on there as well as my bonuses which I’m going to take you through shortly now any of the orange links that are throughout

Traffic 100k OTOTraffic 100k OTO

On my page, you just click on those, and they’re actually just going to take you over to the sales page right where you’re going to be able to watch the video. You’re going to be able to see also some results from visitors that are going on

there I’m a little bit early with the sales page that is not quite finished um so these are the sort of um little micro-videos Traffic 100k OTO that you’re going to be able to create right, and so this is what I’m kind of a little bit excited about because these are kind of fun right and also you know you’re going to be able to like connect with the people who actually really need the help and need to learn a new skill and so this is a sales page here, so you’re going to be able to see more

of those micro-videos on a show, no doubt there’ll be some testimonials that will be added there too, but hey, I wanted to show you my bonuses now. The reason for that is that bonus number one, right is that I’ve popped in here as Cleopatra

the whole course, including the software basically I love this because this is LinkedIn and you’re going to be able to put these micro-videos on LinkedIn and just imagine how they’re going to explode now there’s software included in this which

is going to automate the process of getting traffic to your videos which then you know it’s like traffic to traffic to your offer, so it’s quite exciting so I’ve popped that in there because you know this is another platform that you can put these videos on that you can get some really good results from because you know everybody who’s on

LinkedIn is thinking about business stuff and how they can make money right, so this is a no-brainer. Bonus number two is how to get 100k sales every day with this offer, so what I wanted to do was give you some free training. It goes it’s

like a webinar, it goes for a couple of hours uh what it’s going to do is it’s going to show you an offer that you’re going to be able to use inside your videos right, and you might have seen actually in training um that yeah it was in

the training here that it’s how to make 10k a month, right well this offer actually is how to make 10k a month right because every sale that you make, you make a thousand dollars, so i pop this in here because this totally makes sense, and i think that

this is a great offer, so i wanted to just give you, um the heads up on that just in case you want to take advantage of Traffic 100k OTO that also, bonus number three is google discovery ads course have which is the latest launch of the digital Danes and i have done, and this is going to show you exactly how you’ll be able to then take those videos to put them on youtube

Traffic 100k OTO

and also into the Gmail email and also onto google because those are the three platforms you can actually traffic 100k OTO kill um three birds with one stone with one ad and so I really like these videos because they’re sort of really interactive and you’re going to be able to use uh the ads training that’s inside of this to promote those bonus number four is

I’m going to give you the front end as well as the pro version of email marketing secrets, which is really going toTraffic 100k OTO to help you to then connect with those buyers who are purchasing from you so that you can make sure that you’re doing some really cool email marketing with them this actually also has an autoresponder and built-in it although I actually

totally recommend using get a response because that’s what I use to love it, trust it, and it’s been working really well for me, so bonus number five are all the vendor bonuses as well. Now what I’ve done is I’ve already popped it into your account

, so when you go to pick up traffic 100k here, then you’ll be able to access all of those bonuses that I’ve just told Traffic 100k OTO you about, so let’s head on over so this is actually the dashboard, so this is the member’s area so when you purchase traffic 100k this is what you’re getting access to I’m pretty sure traffic 100k is actually selling to selling for about 17 so you’re going to get access to this straight away now you can create your campaigns here view posted links. The training is here, which is what this video is here. It’s pretty straightforward actually, it was really easy to watch, easy to understand, and basically you put these call to action on these videos right, and then

you can duplicate it, so if you’ve taken one video split it into like 10 videos, then all you have to do is put all Traffic 100k OTO the call to actions on one and then you can spread it over the others and then if you want to go through each one you can edit it as well, so it’s pretty cool you’ve got your help button you’ve got join us on Facebook create the campaign here

Traffic 100k OTO