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Traffic Cloud OTO – 1st, 2nd, .1( Traffic Cloud Pro), Traffic Cloud OTO  2(TrafficCloud – Resell Rights). All Links With discount Bellow

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Traffic Cloud OTO

Traffic Cloud OTO

Front End ==>Traffic Cloud FE

OTO1 ==>Traffic Cloud Pro

OTO2 ==>TrafficCloud – Resell Rights


Traffic Cloud OTO

OTO1 ==>Traffic Cloud Pro

2 Billion+ Additional Searchable Images
1200+ Searchable Viral Quotes in 13 different categories
1-Click Instant sharing on 3 Additional Social Platforms – Tumblr, Imgur & pinterest
Advanced Automation using Keywords
And so much more

With 7 Fast-Action Bonuses

OTO2 ==>TrafficCloud – Resell Rights

Resell Rights allows one to sell TrafficCloud as their own and keep 100% of the profits.

With 7 Fast-Action Bonuses


Traffic Cloud OTO

What is Traffic Cloud ?

The Demo


  • Get unlimited FREE traffic from Red-hot Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Imgur
  • User-friendly Social Post Creator to create/edit ultra-engaging visuals in minutes
  • Choose from the massive collection of 4 Billion+ viral images, 1200+ viral quotes and 20K+ GIFs for your traffic magnets
  • Embed links and drive 100% free viral traffic to your website or offers in 5 minutes flat
  • Share unlimited post instantly across social networks or schedule to share later to receive traffic anytime you want
  • Get detailed analytics reports – know what works and what not
  • Tested and Proven Product Delivers Guaranteed Results
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly, Absolutely No Tech-Skills required
  • Step-by-step training and 24*7 Customer Support Availability


Video review for Front End only 

Text from This Video

is a Jeremy from Red Rock and today I’ve got a traffic cloud review for you so basically what is traffic cloud well traffic cloud is it’s a software that makes gifs and images and stuff like that for social media so it gets traffic from social media sites you can set up automations and all kinds of stuff build your own gif ah you’re sorry your own gifts your own images and stuff and it makes your own posts so that you can put them on your own social media sites and you can sing this traffic anywhere you want to affiliate offers econ products whatever you guys are doing so yeah if that’s something you guys are interested in or something that you guys would like to check out more stick with me because I’ve also got some pretty awesome bonuses that I put together for you so

if you guys are interested in it if you click on the link in the description below this video it will take you through to this page you see right here and this page is my bonus page what I’ve put together some pretty awesome bonuses for you guys that I think will complement this traffic cloud awesome like I said traffic cloud it’s it’s a good software for social media sites and stuff like that so you can you know you can automate all your stuff for your social media and stuff but it’s got a few little things that that it was you know a little little odds and ends that was missing so I hope I made up for it in my bonuses so anyway

this is my bonus page guys it says your web traffic problems are solved to breakthrough software that drives unlimited free traffic to any site any niche just three simple steps so here’s the demo video guys if you guys want to go through this all you go through this on your own time I’m not gonna go through right now but I did put it on here so you guys if you guys want to check out a demo of the software in action you can do that but I’m out absolutely as soon as I show you my bonuses here I’m gonna show you a little demo of it anyway so this is the timer guys so this is how long you got when this timer hits zero my bonuses are gone and you will not get these awesome bonuses and nobody else has these custom bonuses you guys because I put these together myself and I spent a lot of time on them so anyway so what is traffic cloud is all about

traffic cloud is a breakthrough software that solves major traffic problems by driving a hundred percent free viral traffic from six different social media Giants Twitter Linkedin blogger tumblr pinterest in I am dirt or however you see that one I don’t even know how you say that it allows users to create or at an unlimited post from its massive collection of visual assets images quotes and gifts makes them clickable by embedding your links and sharing them across all six social network platforms with just a few clicks those engaging clickable posts act as traffic magnets that stand out and get the desire get the desired clicks effectively driving users

to your sites offers and turn them into potential customers along with instant sharing you can also schedule your posts to post anytime in the future as well as we have detailed analytics feature to give you clear sites of likes comments you are receiving post wise thus solving your major traffic issues so guys also I was going to mention it also it’s got I think something like 2 billion images you guys can search through so it’s got a a massive array of images and it’s got twenty thousand gifts that you can go through so you guys keeping your content pretty original you know you don’t have to worry about them having like just a couple hundred you know images on there and then everybody’s gonna buy this software it’s going to post the same images and all that stuff and it’s not really gonna be that effective well these guys have two billion images so I don’t think you guys are gonna have to worry about that duplicate content so anyway prices and upsells guys so these are this is kind of whether they’re going for you can get the personal or the agency license your personal license is 27 and that’s just for personal use with the agency rights of course you can start your own heck you can even start your own agency where you can you know charge people to drive traffic and your traffic you know traffic agency or you can actually be your own social media manager and you can charge people monthly recurring payments to run their social media because with this software you can do that guys you can run multiple accounts and all that stuff if you get the agency license so I would recommend you pick up the agency but if you just plan on using it for personal use you know that one’s just fine but if you do want to plan you know

making money off your inbox these images over running social media you’re gonna want to get the agency license which is $10 more for 37 and I think there’s actually a $2 coupon or four dollar coupon one of those two that you get when you go through the site so anyway that’s the front end your OTO one’s gonna be your agency right so C what does this say personal use with 50% Commission’s personal use with 50% Commission’s not sure exactly what they’re getting at here you’ll have to go through the sales video if you guys want to know more about this one I’m not really sure they’re saying the 37 and 47 for the agency and personal because this is the same here so oh never mind okay I know what it is sorry guys this is this one here if you get this when you get just I think three of the six social media sites and if you buy this OTO but right here then you get all six of them so I think the front end comes with LinkedIn Twitter and bloggers and then I think to get to upgrade you’re going to get twitter or to get I am ger and the other ones you’re gonna have to do the upgrade so if that’s how that goes so and then of course you got your resale rights 497 which means you can take this software and you can you know we repackage it and resell it and sell this as your own and collect the Commission so and then it looks like they got a down sell so if you don’t want that you

just click through if you do and you say ten bucks so anyway then the product creation services is right here for the I guess the upsell three though they’re kind of fun it’s really a little funky but anyway this is upsell three it’s product creation this this is where they’ll help you do product creation and then create your own product so it’s and I put some keys you know some more benefits to it it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you guys don’t like it you know there you can get your money back no questions asked so it’s you know feel free to give it a whirl if you guys don’t like it you know you can always bring it back and the good thing is there is if you don’t like it you still get to keep my bonuses so let’s get into those what these bonuses are it’s like I said guys if you do want to click on the link in the description below it will take you through to this page where you can click on any of these buttons here and it will take you through the sales page where you can purchase this awesome product and get these cool bonuses that I put together for you guys so anyway the first one you guys there’s a lot of value in these bonuses this first one I put together for you this is urgency Suites Pro so this is will allow you it’s a software actually that will allow you to put urgency timers and urgency bars and stuff on you guys’s sites and web web pages and stuff so that’s pretty cool I’ve got that for you guys bonus number two since this

is social media I threw in some a couple trainings for some Facebook this is an awesome Facebook training that will take you through and show you how to really scale what you guys are doing and it just you can use this software that’ll really boost it so I threw that in there for you bonus number three is cash magnets this is a whole bunch of already done pages that we put together for you guys that you can just throw your links on and go their cache magnets or little sites that you guys can just throw a bunch of them out there and make some quick cash on so those are cool I thought you guys would like those you can you know throw a bunch of these little cash magnets out and and I use this software to you you know you drive your social media to

these pages so these are really cool these are awesome magnets so you guys just easy to set up and you guys can throw out there and then make your own cells so bonus number four we got how I made two thousand dollars in twenty minutes with a little hack from Facebook this is awesome – this will show you how to get even more traffic for Facebook it’s just a little hack on how so – how you going it has to do with groups and stuff and it’s a cool little hack with a little case study that shows you how that mean 22000 are gonna not twenty two thousand dollars in twenty minutes so that’s a cool one I hope you guys will like that one it’ll teach you how to get a lot more traffic and then of course we got your vendor bonuses which are going to include C I think your vendor bonuses are these right here you got turbo econ 100 so for creation ideas unplug video

upgrade WP list up plug in 25 proven traffic methods for 2016 how to work to WordPress plugins upgrade your own private cloud service for free soft soft cumulus secrets and cloud computing secrets so this is all the vendor bonuses guys so this is right here is probably with all the other people out that are going to be offering you for bonus wise or just ease but I’m gonna go ahead and throw them in as well as the bonuses I’ve showed you guys plus we have some more exclusive yeah I’m not done yet guys got some more bonuses for you like I said I really worked hard to put some bonuses together that you guys would really like and this one is another one I’ll show you how to hack another hack on how to explode your

YouTube channel this will show you how you can really explode that channel real fast if you are interested in YouTube this one here is simple marketing on Instagram so yeah this is this will teach you everything you need to know about marketing on I’m like a pro so I threw that in there just so since this being a social media software and stuff guys this will teach you how to do it also if you really want to get into social media it is awesome for driving traffic and this this course right here will really teach you how to do it with Instagram so it’s it’s awesome guys I’m telling you these bonuses are just kill for it about you another one on how to how to build a buyer’s list so that when you do get those pages going and you do get running traffic and stuff we teach you this will teach you how to build a list of buyers you’re not just tired kickers people that actually will buy from you so this is really valuable training here then we got

Facebook traffic this will show you how to get more traffic a bunch of tips there on how to how to drive traffic so with this and the software that you guys have I mean you guys will kill it on social media with what I’d give you and this software this software will really get these these bonuses rockin for you so and then another bonus we got facebook ninja these are some just ninja hacks i’ve put together for you guys they’ll teach you just bunch of other stuff about social media and Facebook and some little cool ninja hacks so I hope you guys like them I’ve worked really hard on these bonuses if you guys do like I said if you’re interested click on the link below it will take you through and when this timer runs out my bonuses are gone so if you guys like these bonuses and are interested in them you just click these buttons i’ll take you through where you can purchase it and the bonuses so anyway let’s get back into the software guys gonna see so like I said before your web chat traffic problem solved the breakthrough software that drives unlimited free traffic any site any niche just three simple steps this here’s the sales video I’ll let you guys go through that on your own time he just kind of goes through on what it is how it works there’s some more key benefits you get unlimited free traffic completely newbie

friendly social pulse creator choose from a massive like I said massive collection of 2 billion images guys Wow 2 billion images and twenty thousand gift gifts so you got plenty of photos and stuff dude and to create some pretty engaging post so anyway like I said guys with dis dis many images at your fingertips you can start your own agency and you can you could sell this stuff so um hundred percent free viral traffic to your websites or offers in five minutes advanced automation using keywords to target any niche that the easy way so yeah just putting it in a keyword and it will target for you guys this is a sales page we just kind of run through it I’ll let you guys go through this on your own time it just shows some studies here on before they started running this and then after they use traffic

cloud just some their own websites that they used social case studies here for you some more proof kind of tells you more about it you know you create engaging visuals securely hosted on the cloud it’s super easy blah blah blah all this good stuff all you guys go through all this stuff the mystery is how to get traffic that’s a million dollar question how do i generate web traffic what are the methods so yeah here you go guys I’ll let you guys go through all this on your own time it is a pretty cool software if you guys are into social media stuff I would recommend getting this it wouldn’t really make it easy for you guys but let’s get into the software not for this let’s see what this is all about shall we so here’s a dashboard guys fine so this right here like I said this is just another demo video show you guys how to work the software how it works we’re in the dashboard right now you can do campaigns you can set up full automation you have some

bonuses they threw in there for you guys training they they provided you training and all that so while it’ll teach you how to do all this if you guys ain’t familiar with it but we’re gonna go through that right now and it’s pretty easy guys so what you can do you just go to your campaigns push me I want to set up a new campaign so we’ll start there with campaigns and then you notice you got three different categories you can choose from you can do it give you can do an image or you can do your own so you can do your own images your own custom campaigns right now let’s just let’s just do it a gift how about it okay so we’ll click you a gift maybe you will pick a gif and better let me

I hope you don’t do this now there we go okay so you got your campaign name you just name it demo for now keyword I like pitbulls so we’ll put in people I like dogs pitbulls so I have a pitbull so we’ll just throw that in just for this study also it looks like it’s gonna bring up the pimple the rapper some more pitbull pictures there we go here we go if you want to see more you just click load more down here and you can load more a little more for you mmm pitbull dancing if you’re into that there we go let’s see here so yeah anyway you can just hit load more if you guys want to see more just click a little more and keep clicking a little little more but then you can just pick one I’ll pick this cute little puppy here then you click tumblr LinkedIn it’s gonna ask you what platforms post to and then you can either do post immediately or you can post a specific time so you’ll click that then you can hit date right here and if you click on it’s gonna bring up the calendar where you guys can you know you can set it for a different time date time whatever you guys want so you can automate this stuff I’ll just do post now and it’s that easy guys published so it’s that

easy these are just test accounts so you just set up like not my account these are demo accounts so I can’t go through and show you but trust me guys they’re in there so yeah that’s that’s kind of yeah you got your campaigns your training down here you guys you can automate it do your own campaigns let’s go back here real quick and then we’ll show you how you can do a custom one so you can see some of the peoples done here so yeah if we go down here see let’s see it’ll show us I want to be alone yeah okay so I see wearing – a custom on here if we can same type of stuff guys you just click on your ad custom campaign see the custom campaign you got your campaign name upload an image there you just do your redirect URL here and then save them preview so let’s see do it Jimmy okay we’ll just shoot a father see if we got one milk with brandy well look perfectly just do a traffic cloud logo and read your a it was just put see the preview see if it’s gonna show Jewish you no but yeah it’s just it’s being slow my Internet’s really slow guys sorry I’m Oh up in the canyon right now my Internet’s not working out great but that’s how it is guys you pretty much see how it works just add your own you me and stuff like that and then you’re gonna select it see what that does yeah okay then you can you know once again scan ask you who you which ones you guys want to click through which ones you want to post to sorry tumblr LinkedIn I am here or whatever guys so that’s it that’s my traffic cloud review like I said guys if you do like this and you are interested in it you can click on the link in the description below and it’ll take you through to my bonus page right here where you can get these awesome bonuses guys like I said if you guys really want to learn social media and you want to blow up your social media with this software and these bonuses this this will do anything you guys need it to do and it’ll teach you a lot about social media so it’ll really blow up your channels so anyway guys I hope you liked it if you did if you liked it please give me a like below and if you guys do like this or you guys want to be notified of any more software’s coming out I review software’s all the time so you can please subscribe and you’ll be notified when I do my next review of the software so alright guys until next time see ya


Traffic Cloud OTO