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TrafficMate OTO  -1,2,3,4 – You well get one Front End and four OTOs Options . the TrafficMate OTO 1 is the  Pro, the TrafficMate OTO 2 is the DFY, the TrafficMate OTO 3 is the Reseller, the TrafficMate OTO 4 is the IMX Club . all links and details Bellow . The Vendors ” Radu Hahaianu – Luan Hinreque – Mike MCkay ” . All links and details bellow .


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TrafficMate OTO

TrafficMate OTO

OTO1:Pro Version

With  TRAFFICMATE PRO Upgrade, You Get…

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In-Depth Training
Learn the quickest way to setup a thriving SEO business that works without you 100% on autopilot so you sit back and relax with a fully automated money making stream.

OTO2:DFY Version

TrafficMate Gives You Readymade Products To Sell And Automates Traffic For You In A Simple Way That Works:
It lets you put up instant offer pages where you sell your own products

it sends daily targeted visitors to any site or offer

it’s passive and easy to scale

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TrafficMate OTO

What is TrafficMate ?

The Demo

-It’s A Powerful All-in-One Traffic Suite!
-Allows You To Generate 1000s Of Visitors Fast!
-Utilise 3 Different Ways To Generate Viral Traffic For Any Site!
-Instantly Creates Backlinks & SEO Optimisation!
-Built-In 1-Click Social Media Traffic Generation!
-Create Unlimited Unique Content On Total Autopilot!
-Commercial License Included: Offer This As A Service To Clients!
-100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!



Video Review For Front End Only 


hey what’s up guys this is arts from art
– marketing and this is my
traffic mate reviewing demo now I have a
well over $3,000 worth of bonuses for
you I’m going to show you the bonuses in
the end of this video but first of all
let me tell you what traffic mate is it

is a brand new app released by Mike luan
and radu free amazing markers and they
always do a very very cool thing because
they include a developer’s license with
the main product which means that you
can actually use it for your clients or
even if you just want to sell services
of fiber so what it does it will
generate traffic for you in three
different ways I’m going to show you
exactly how and it also generates
reports which you can sell as well so
again a developer’s license is included
with this so if you are totally new to
all this you don’t know where to send it
traffic you to know what to do with you
don’t have a website etc you can just
use this piece of software to sell gigs

on Fiverr to sell a traffic or just
traffic services to your local clients
to your offline clients to anywhere you
want okay so again these kind of gigs on
Fiverr are selling from anywhere
anywhere from $25 like $500 so we’re
gonna jump into it let me share my
screen and let’s jump into this traffic
mate review and just to show you a few
gigs on Fiverr okay I typed in social
media traffic which is one of the ways
you can generate traffic with traffic
mate and as you can see you know these
gigs first of all are selling in the
hundreds and second of all people are
charging a lot of money for these gigs
so again you can generate traffic for
yourself and send it anywhere you want
to affiliate offers cpa offers to your
ecommerce store wherever you want or you

can just start selling a gig on Fiverr
just like these guys 70 euro was like
$80 an hour 70 euro which is another $80
right here so you can see these gigs are
essentially selling social media traffic
and this guy sold 200 this guy sold 98
this guy sold 180 you know you get the
point you can just go to Fiverr and look
this up yourself these gigs are selling
in the hundreds and that just one gig
you can actually
sell with this piece of software and
averageg is writing blog post okay so
this piece of software will actually
create a unique pieces of content for
you so obviously you can use it on your
blog you can use it on your website or
you can just sell it as a service and
again as you can see people are charging
anywhere from five dollars for like 50
to 100 words to depending on how long
the article is you know up to two
hundred dollars so as you can see we
have twenty dollars twenty five one
hundred twenty-five thirty eighteen

fourteen ten twenty five again so again
depending on how long the texts actually
is you can search much more money and
obviously it doesn’t really matter to
you because you won’t be writing
anything this is automatically created
for you so all the content is done for
you and you can just sell it on Fiverr
super super easily and obviously writing
blog post is just one thing you can
write articles you can write SEO content
a bunch of different things and actually
one of my bonuses will show exactly how
to do it and so how to sell on fire okay
and the third gig SEO traffic now this
is a huge category and actually I just
found out that SEO is an 80 billion
dollar industry so you know people with
blogs people owning any kind of an
offline business they are all spending
money on SEO on sites like Fiverr or
anywhere else you know they go to

freelancer that comes they go to up work
they hire local agencies for SEO so
obviously every single one every single
person that owns the website or owns the
business must be on the first page of
Google and you can cash in on this trend
as you can see you know these gigs again
sell for $20 $10 here you know 20 25 as
you can see you know just type an SEO
traffic into Fiverr or any other
freelancing website and you can see how
much the how many gigs that these people
are selling and you know this person
right here five dollars just for keyword
research and you know keyword research
is something that you can actually
generate with a simple report in under a
minute so with that being said let’s
check out the sales
and the sales page is will be looking
like this so as you can see the first

thing they say warning commercial
license for early adopters only so the
commercial license is included which
means you don’t have to pay extra for it
and you can use this software to again
sell SEO services traffic to your
clients or on sites like fibre but keep
in mind you have to get in early on this
to get the commercial license for free
now sell SEO services viral traffic and
unique content using game-changing
software that gets you visitors
on-demand the easiest way to start your
own online business and get unlimited
targeted visitors to any site on earth
so again you could obviously use this
piece of software for yourself if you
need traffic if you want to boost your
SEO but you can also do this for your
clients number one rankings did no time
for you or your clients you can sell

backlinks keyword research viral social
media traffic and also 100% unique
content on sites like Fiverr or anywhere
else you can drive unlimited visitors to
any niche obviously no monthly fees
that’s the big one and one hump sent you
be friendly and you know we can very
very easily make five hundred two
thousand dollars per day in profit and
again free commercials free commercial
license will be included but just for
the early bird adopters so as always you
can go through the whole sales page in
your own time I’m just going to hit on
some key points so again three steps
these guys have some massive processes
you can see the first page on Google
right here not only the first page but
the first position in some cases first
position right here you know massive

massive proof you know both traffic and
also profits because obviously you know
you can flip these services you can use
it for affiliate marketing or against
cpa marketing or anything else you
really want and again take a look at
these gigs you know $440 per gig for an
SEO audit and on-page optimization
another gig on conquer $1,000 you know
pretty crazy right and keep in mind
people are actually buying these
services because they don’t know how to
do it themselves they don’t have the
time they are busy running their
businesses and they just
want someone else to do it for them
again SEO services is an 80 billion
dollar industry you can get a piece of
that pie and traffic mate that’s the
name of this new product a completely
done for you business so these guys will
have a little demo right here and I’m
going to have the same demo on my blog
and on my youtube channel and I’m
actually going to show you how this
works in this video as well
scrolling down again you can go through

all of this in your own time some more
proof right here some testimonials and a
little sum up right here and obviously
gonna get 30 days money back guarantee
Mike and low on these are the three guys
behind this product you probably know
them and that’s it so let me show you
the training that is included first and
then I’m going to show you the installed
software okay so as you can see you get
the social media traffic overview right
here auto content creation so does the
second thing you can do SEO traffic does
the first thing so this software does
free things again you’ll be able to
generate social media traffic you can
get Auto content created for you and you
can get SEO traffic obviously so free
gigs and you also have cron job set up

TrafficMate OTO