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TweetX OTO  –  What is TweetX?

The Demo

It’s The ULTIMATE turn-key Business In A Box software for you that combines.
FREE traffic from Twitter…

Together with The DFY monetization.

Include Five offers a which people simply need to send the
Twitter traffic to in order to make money…


A high ticket funnel that is proven to convert time and time again.


Front End – TweetX PRICE: $12.95
sweet has been created to provide INSANE value on the front end and will give any newbie access to a Google Chrome extension which will allow them to target, interact and follow specific audiences on Twitter.

This will, in turn, allow them to:

1. Build up their OWN audience on Twitter that they can then go on to the market.

2. Send out targeted tweets to potential buyers.

3. Send DM’s automatically to laser-targeted business leads.

We have also included 5x Done For You offers (hosted for you) on the front-end along with step by step training PLUS x1 DFY High Ticket offer.

Product Bump $7.97: Private access to our VIP group, where you will get exclusive support and guidance from 3 of the TweetX team.


TweetX OTO  –  What About OTOs?

OTO 1 – TweetX Unlimited PRICE: 
This upgrade lets your customers supercharge their TweetX extension with unlimited features, the ability to run unlimited campaigns, and gain massive results.

OTO 2 – TweetX DFY PRICE: 
This upgrade allows your customers a hands-free experience where we set up everything for them, including DFY products and campaigns.
DFY Campaigns (copy & paste)
DFY Products To Sell
DFY Scripts to get traffic and maximise conversions
Simply copy and paste; no technical skills required

OTO 3 – TweetX Reseller Bundle PRICE: $147 DOWNSELL: 
This upgrade gives your customers reseller rights to Bill, Saurabh, and Sid’s previous best-converting products!

Takers of this upgrade will also get to sell TweetX as if it was their own product and take away 100% commissions on the WHOLE FUNNEL + 100% commissions on the entire funnel for 2 of Bill Saurabh & Sid’s future products.

OTO 4 – TweetX 30 Days Personal Coaching PRICE: $197 DOWNSELL: 
Get a MONTHS worth of Personal Coaching (LIVE Calls) with the TweetX team to learn everything about making Affiliate Commissions online.

This is the perfect opportunity to regularly pick their brains to set you on the right path with your online business.

OTO 5 – Limitless Traffic + Advanced Traffic PRICE: $197 DOWNSELL: 
The ultimate traffic solution for your customers that want to scale fast.

Users get direct access to our huge ad words audience by having their pixels placed on all our sales pages for 365 days.

This is a hands-free way for them to grow a MASSIVE traffic source of targeted prospects.

Users will also be shown the exact high ROI traffic tactics mastered by Jono Armstrong.

Jono invested $50,000 in personal training, and over 7 figures in ad spend to perfect these advanced strategies that have made him millions.

Almost like having Jono coach them personally, for a fraction of the price.


TweetX OTO Bonuses


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TweetX OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

TweetX OTO Hey guys Richard here, so in this room, I want to talk to you about tweet text. Now, tweets is an application that allows you to follow, to send messages, and to send tweets to people on autopilot using a google extension.

I’ll. Take you through the product itself, we’ll go into the member’s area and I ‘ Ll, show you how the extension actually works and then I ‘ Ll discuss this strategy in a little bit more detail so that you.’

Ve got a good idea of what the pros and cons of using these types of strategies are for your own business, so guys, my name is Richard dobby. This is the school of nomads. If you haven’t been over to my channel before, don’t forget to hit that subscribe notification bell, and I can let you know whenever I release new videos and guys if you’re really serious and you really Want to build a business online using affiliate marketing, go out and check out our free training.

You’ll see the link in the description below over to the school of nomads, and we’ll. Take you through the whole process completely for free step by step, so let’s jump straight into tweet text. Now, this is from Jono Armstrong.

It’s due to be released on Tuesday 29th at 9 a.m. Eastern, so guys, we jumped inside now. The first thing you’ll see is an invite over to the ministry of freedom workshop. Now, this is uh john Armstrong’s kind of standalone, high ticket course, which teaches you how to do launch.

TweetX OTO  –  All The Links Above

TweetX OTO


Jacking, and which is kind of similar to the type of TweetX OTO thing that I do want to do these types of videos. The only thing is to me. They seem to be promoting absolutely anything and just throwing loads of bonuses at it to get you to buy and make a few dollars here and there and most of the stuff they promote, I think, is very, very low quality.

But apart from that, I’m just going to leave it at that. I’m just going to do this product in isolation because that’s my view only you guys might want to go ahead and join that it’s up to you, so the um, the product itself, is called tweets And basically, the first thing you’ll see is how to go ahead and download the chrome extension.

Now, once you’ve done that you’ll, have the chrome extension in your chrome bar, and all you need to do is come along, click on the extension, and then you can actually click on the tree text extension. This is what it looks like now.

The only kind of irritating thing is that every time I change tabs, this thing seems to turn off and on, um, so it’s a little bit irritating, but essentially what it’s supposed to do. It does so far when I’ve been testing it, so I’m going to go through that a little bit more detail, so this is uh.

TweetX OTO  –  What About The Bonuses?

The second thing is kind of gets into twitter, then how to create a Twitter profile. The extension itself how it actually goes about follows people how you can get it to tweet, uh, random people, and how you can get it to direct message.

The folks that you’ve followed, and then there’s some done for you campaigns here now I will go through the upsells, but there’s more done for you campaigns in the upsells. What there is here is a way to enable a page creator.

So basically, you’ve got a bonus page generator here, where you put the name of the page in there. You go ahead and get the affiliate link for the relevant network and put it in here, and then you go ahead and pick a template for these done for your campaigns now.

TweetX OTO

These are products that I’m. Not a fan of I can put reviews of these products underneath, but basically, they are products that have been sold on warrior plus, and I’m. Not going to tell you guys what to promote.

I’m going to tell you the type of things that I would promote, but it’s up to you, so this is a face-off crypto profit, optimized done for your suite and rapid commission sites, and basically, there are done a few Pages now I’ve, actually tried to make this work for some reason.

It’s not opening. This could be an early version of this, but let me show you exactly what this is supposed to look like once it opens. So these are actually the kind of bonus pages that it’ll generate once you go ahead and create it up, so that’s kind of what you get with the done for you stuff and really, the um high ticket done for You campaign is exactly the same: there’s, a video here that takes you through how to go off to Clickbank and how to go ahead and set up high ticket campaigns here now.

TweetX OTO  –  What The Discount Heve?

Essentially, you could use this software theoretically to promote anything you don’t usually have to do for your campaigns, but obviously, they put these in there too, you know, give you something to start off with.

So let me go off and show you how the actual software works before I go into some of the kind of more concerning things around this type of method. Basically, you’ll. Have your Twitter connected up here, and if I go and have a look at the extension again, it keeps closing which is a bit irritating.

Um, you’ll see that it allows me to follow people. TweetX OTO It allows me to follow a hundred people a day and tweet a hundred people a day and message a hundred people a day. Now the reason it’s doing that at a basic level, and there may be an upsell that makes this uh increased Limit one thing you will find on this because it’s automated. You are skirting very close to getting your account banned at any point.

If the Twitter algorithm recognizes the fact, you’re gaming, the system your Twitter account will be banned. So this is kind of one of the big risks with something like this. I’m going to show you the terms and conditions in a minute, so this is only allowing me to do a hundred at the top.

At the moment, when I go into the otos, let’s, see if there’s something that allows me to do more. The big risk is here once you start using these automated systems of any kind. You are quite likely to get your account banned, so the idea here is basically, I would just put affiliate marketing in here or something, and it would go ahead, and it would follow certain folks on here for the term affiliate marketing, and once I hit start it Would go off to Twitter and start following people and if I just go back to my other Twitter account where I’ve already tested this um just go to the home and go to my own account um at the moment, I’m Following 51 people look um it doesn’t seem to be following any more at the moment, even though I pressed it a second ago.

TweetX OTOs Upsell Upgrade

So this is kind of um all the people. I’m following over here, follow on here anything that’s, got the keyword, affiliate marketing in it’s, gone ahead and followed, so this is really random. I’ve got no control over what follows.

Apart from those keywords, so it could be absolutely any kind of affiliate marketing here, but the same would work if you put something like dog training, it should go ahead and pick up dog training profiles and follow them now, of course, the aim is that these Folks will like your stuff so much that they’ll, follow you back.

So the aim is that they come TweetX OTO along here, and you would have more followers so that you could direct message these folks. I think the reality is that only a very, very small section of people on here will actually follow you and be even interested in what you’ve got to do as far as marketing is concerned, but that’s.

The way it’s supposed to work now, if I go back to the software again keeps closing, and I’ll open it up again. There is a way here that I can go ahead then and tweet people. So then, what this will do is it will tweet random people for me because there’s no control over who it tweets with um again in certain sections of Twitter.

So I put affiliate marketing is here and I’m – not actually going to send this tweet because I don’t want to spam. Anybody and you put a comment in here, and then you can tweet that, and it’ll go off and tweak that to random people in the affiliate marketing niche.

Again it’s all very kind of uncontrolled and random. Here you’re, not getting any kind of relationship with these folks. All you’re. Doing, is kind of throwing out random tweets, hoping that they ‘

TweetX OTO