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TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

What is TXTVideo 2.0  ?

The Demo

TxtVideo 2.0 is a cutting-edge video making tool that gives you access to this viral marketing potential. This is still considered to be the New 1st to Market fun and unique way to create TEXT/SMS conversation style videos that are engaging, viral in nature, and are taking the marketing space by storm and we are 1st To Market for you to profit and bring your customers an amazing video software that they will LOVE!


The Funnel

Front End

Lifetime access to software
Access to two skins (Facebook and iPhone/iMessage)
With new five niche specific scripts that can be used instantly
With three bubble backgrounds that can be used instantly and make the conversation more lively and engaging
Ability to add image and gif
Ability to add emoji
Profile customization – person’s image, signal strength, Wifi strength, Battery Life, Clock & Mobile Provider
Create up to 60 seconds of video
Conversation speed selector
Dynamic typing and message deletion and replacement
Font size selector
MP4 video download
Preview – Check your work before you render (create a video). Save time & headaches of having to redo work after you render
Super fast rendering times
Access to exclusive FB group
Full support by dedicated and praised support team

OTO1: Recurring

Unlock more and more pre made specific scripts that can be used instantly
Unlock more bubble backgrounds instantly
Access brand new niche scripts delivered monthly
Access brand new bubble backgrounds delivered monthly
Ability to create – 180 seconds video
Can add unlimited images
Can add unlimited gifs
Can add unlimited emojis
Ability to add video to the conversation
Ability to add Voice Messages
MP4 and GIF video download
Monthly TXTVideo Creation Contest
With the possibility of adding new skins per quarter
Ability to have group conversation




OTO2 – EXCLUSIVE!!! Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds –

I can not emphasize to you how unbelievably AMAZING this is!
I will bo sending out samples in the next day or so.

Trust me, EVERYONE is going to want to create one of these…
Yes, that includes YOU!

Hold onto your hats kids, this is REMARKABLE!

OTO3 – Business Toolkit: and Extensive Bootcamp Training 

Three day session on how to Monetize with TxtVideo
TxtVideo Assications FREE downloadable PDF
Certified TXTVideo Expert Document Signed


Additional seven niches script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Apparel, Lawyer, Real Estate)
Additional five bubble backgrounds
Email scripts
Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Proposal letters
Pricing Sheets
Phone Scripts
Social Media Post
Day by day – Step by Step Success outline
Professional DFY webinar (training and PDF download)



TXTVideo 2.0 OTO Bonuses


TXTVideo 2.0 OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

[Music] it’s time now to mark your calendars for TXTVideo 2.0 OTO the 11th of october for the biggest video launch of the year so far okay we are live and we are going to be doing a demo of text

video 2.0 for all you kids right now here let me just verify everything is going smooth over here on facebook as we dive into it yep this is perfect so TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

what i’m gonna do guys is i’m enlarging my screen for you and feel free if you’re jumping on you have any comments or any questions feel free to

let me know you TXTVideo 2.0 OTO are here and i’ll answer any questions for you but i’m going to be doing a demo real quick here of text video 2.0 and all its glory uh most of you that have connected with us through simon or however you

TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

have your you should have your login credentials you should be able to get into text video right now and start playing around we are redoing all of the

videos angelo on our team is actually finalizing all of the training videos right now so i wanted to do a demo to just educate you guys on the system and what

you’re playing with and some of the things i think you should really dive into so let’s go ahead and do that real quick here let me go ahead and share my screen and we are going to jump right into this all right so you should

see my screen now and let me verify over here as well that we’re good with the screen going and uh looks like we’re good all right so basically what TXTVideo 2.0 OTOs

we’re gonna do here is i’m gonna show you how to actually navigate through here uh this is let me let me just say something to you guys this is

spectacular you’re gonna TXTVideo 2.0 OTO love this and i’m pitching uh the team on right now of and you guys tell me if you’re up for this i want to hold a contest for you

guys to get in there and use this tool and create a text video and post it out there if you guys would be interested in putting together a contest TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

if you’ll get in there and use this i want you to use this and test it and just pound on it and have some fun with it because the more you get engrained

how awesome this tool is the more you’re going to want to let your customers know about it so that being said let’s go ahead and dive right into

text video 2.0 right now here’s here’s what you need to understand right away all the navigation you need to do and you’ll see like verizon’s cut off it’s

only because i i zoomed in on my screen here so you guys can see it right is where you start your new messages okay all the time if you want to start

a new message you click right there so let’s go back anytime you want to start a new message you click right here right away what you want to do is

click the i and that lets you first name your chat so let’s just say this is um uh i’m working on one for simon right now simon myself so i would do simon all

right okay and i want to do uh on facebook i want to use verizon and i want to say the time is 1204 pm whatever time i want the font size to be large

i want the chat speed to be pretty fast okay and i’m going to save that all right so now what i can do is i can come down here and i can start typing now you’ll see TXTVideo 2.0 OTO it says who is sending right now this is the actual

person with the phone sending but you can click here and it’ll say other let’s go ahead and change that so right here we’re going to come and we’re going to say simon’s going to be texting me okay so i’ll put jamie oller all right

and i’m going to click browse so i can get an image and i like this cartoon image that i’ve been using jamie cartoon and that one should pop up here TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

there we go cartoon and i’m going to drop that one in there and click save so now you’ll see my image will pop up as the cartoon and my name so now

simon can start typing hey jamie have you seen my new profile pic right and simon will send that just like that all right and then he can come here and he

can go ahead and upload his profile pic so let me come here and it’s this one this one simon there it is okay click open all right and now it’s it’s sending

right so now i’m going to click this and i’m going to say you handsome devil right and i’m going to post that out to him okay there we go devil now

let’s just say i wanted to do a gif now they can upload any gifs that they want but if they get oto one we actually have it to where they can search giphy okay so let me do um i don’t know smile and we search okay that’s

cool let’s see here uh let’s do this one all right i send that to him and uh if i wanted to do an emoji all right so let me just i sent that to him so now he wants to

send me an emoji okay uh and he’ll do a thumbs up or you know something like that so let’s just send thumbs up right so simon sending that to me then um you know come back here and i can do a sticker we have all

the stickers as well all of this is uh integrated into the into the system so let me switch this over like that click on giphy just like that very simple to create

your text video okay but the emojis and all the other fancy stuff are new so now what we have in here is you’ll see preview chat now i want you guys to

understand something that’s going on here this is this is where the the technology kicks in all right i want you to watch this i’m going to preview the chat and

our system is automatically going to render this thing okay so watch our system is currently rendering that and boom that video is ready it’s done now you see how it’s texting it pretty hot right and look it’s

searching for the photo that he wants to use boom dang dude now look i’m typing all that good stuff all right so and that’s your conversation so now all i need

to do is come here and i can download the video or i can download it as a gif now okay right from the system it’s that simple ladies and gentlemen for you to come in here and utilize text video now i want to take you to

the next level so let me just let me bring up my ecam see if anything’s going on here if you guys have any questions or comments uh doesn’t look like

any comments are coming in so now let me go ahead and uh over here let me show you real quick the what i think is first off the best feature of the whole

system and they get this on the front end okay this is video backgrounds TXTVideo 2.0 OTO okay now you guys know we have a video team that uh we actually go out there

we hire the actors actresses we go on location we pay for the location and we film our own content okay we’ve been doing it since the beginning five

years now every single month actually this year it’s kind of been a little bit chaotic but you get the point so what we have are these video backgrounds TXTVideo 2.0 OTOs

that you can do these bubbles up in and i’m going to get to the important part of that in just a second so let’s go over here now and i’m going to come back

into the app and i’m going to go back here right to the to the chat all right and i want you to see here see this add video background i’m going to go

ahead and click on add video background all right and you’ll see what’s happening right now and we’re going to have a thing you’ll see that the video pops up with the video background and then the bubbles start

to pop up in the conversation nobody else nobody has this guys it’s us we have this and it’s awesome it’s spectacular now here’s where it goes to the next

level now i don’t think they have any loaded in here yet but let me just look it’s probably not it’s okay it’s not loaded in yet anybody that takes oto2 that’s

where they’re able to upload their own custom video okay where they can personalize it so it’s custom personalized video backgrounds so it can be a video of you which i highly recommend all of you doing we’re working

on one for simon we’re working on one from uh martin our support guy we’re gonna one for me right now it’s amazing your customers are going

to be able to upload their own video background of them or their customers and create these bubble text videos with them in the video it’s unreal

guys so it’s pretty simple to use the platform your customer’s gonna absolutely love it get in there create a text video for yourself i’m telling

you it’ll help with your promotion get in there create one download it and then post it out there to people it’s gonna be spectacular guys um you

can add links as well and our system will automatically pop up the image of the link very very cool just really really cool stuff hopefully you guys uh get in

there and use it that’s the key here this this software is absolutely amazing i love it so much uh let me come over here real quick and bring this up right

here give me one second just like that but uh listen i appreciate each and every one of you just wanted to do this quick demo to show you get in there

you have your accounts uh you guys should be able to just log in create if you have any questions hit us in the skype group if you haven’t set up a skype

group with us yet just hit me or our um simon we’ll get you set up with the skype group so our team can handle everything during the launch it’s an TXTVideo 2.0 OTO

exciting time guys we got some fantastic stuff happening i appreciate each and every one of you and i’ll see you tomorrow on our next video take care everyone


TXT Video 2.0 OTO